I love using sconces in my designs. Nothing says romance more to me. I just finished a bedroom yesterday where I added a pair of sconces over the headboard. The room is so dreamy and seductive - without those sconces, I'm not sure I would be able to say that. These sconces shown to the left are from Tara Shaw of New Orleans, and now Houston, fame. French, antique, though I'm not sure they are period. Probably not, but I don't care. When I bought them, they weren't wired and were missing one of the bigger, hanging crystals, which I had to go to great lengths to get replaced. At my home I presently have 4 pairs of sconces lit at all times. I only use the silicone tipped bulbs which are either 5 or 8 watts. Presently I have two more pairs being wired in the shop right now. I wonder, can you use two pairs of sconces in one bedroom???? hmmmm, probably not, but still I WANT to!!!!

When I want to use sconces in a design and the client is stylishly naive, I usually don't tell them about it before the installation. They just magically appear with the help of two excellent electrician brothers (whom I secretly call Daryl and his brother Daryl - you probably have to be around 50 to understand that!). I've never yet had a client ask me to remove them and I probably won't because nothing adds more atmosphere than dimly lit sconces.

Here's a picture from Charlotte Moss' New York apartment with a pair flanking her fireplace. Dreamy.

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