COTE DE TEXAS: Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta



Look for our upcoming interview with the iconic Mario Buatta on The Skirted Roundtable, coming in September.

In case you think I have lost my mind with this post – I had to secure this web page in order to link it to a story about our interview coming up in the premier issue of Milieu, the new design magazine that everyone is anxiously waiting on!

You may remember I wrote about Milieu a few months ago HERE




So you don’t miss out on the premier issue,  secure your subscription to Milieu HERE.


I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with the second  installment of Royal Houses.  That is, if I can ever stop researching it!!


  1. Can't wait for Milieu! I subscribed the day you posted it!

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  3. I have my subscription in, in fact I think I subscribed I can't wait!


  4. I had almost forgotten about it until I found my announcement card they sent out. It will be nice to have a new magazine to drool over :)

  5. You know your stuff! I'm always waiting on your posts! So, thanks for doing all the work!!

  6. Major coup! Brava on getting Mario Buatta to your roundtable! Can't wait.

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  8. i am crazy about Buatta and would like to see more of his current stuff

  9. I absolutely admire Mario Buatta. When I was a young lad, I remember coming across some of his work and fell in love with interior decorating. I now am almost finished with my degree and will be working for a big interior decorator company where I live. Oh how I wish I could meet Mario Buatta and talk decorating with him. That would be fabulous. Cannot wait to read the interview.

    George Puzo |