COTE DE TEXAS: Two Trends: One Good, One Horrid

Two Trends: One Good, One Horrid


One quick comment, after many years – you may notice I have a new blog design!   Whitney English designed it for me and I think it really expresses my aesthetic.  There are still a few tweaks to be worked out, so excuse me until I get it all finished!


This week I went on Zinio and looked at several months worth of design magazines, screencapping all the photographs I really liked.  By reading so many magazines at one sitting, two trends really stood out.

And at the same time, an old design adage proved more true than ever.   Basically – that classic design is always a good thing.  Trendy decorating is tricky and should be left to only the best and even then… it’s still tricky.

If an interior is classic – it will get better with age and will be in style for ages.  For example:



Michael Taylor’s 1960s design – 55 years of looking great.



Rose Tarlow’s London apartment circa 1989 was designed using classic elements that still look great today.  If you choose antique and traditional furniture and accessories, the interior will continue to look great through the years.

  While a classic design is timeless, the trendy ones come on strong and then tend to die out fast.   Of the two trends I noticed this week – one I loved and one left me crazy.

Most striking is how drastically lighting fixtures have changed in the past few years.   For many years – we all made classic lighting choices – crystal chandeliers and lanterns and Italian candlestick styled fixtures to name a few:



Classic crystal chandeliers.  You can never go wrong with one.



This fixture is so pretty and it will always look good.



From John Saladino’s dining room.

I love this quote from Saladino:

“I think a lot of modern chandeliers are hideous. They look like Sputniks and throw light on your head and not on the table, where you need it.”

He said it – hideous.   I love this man!!!!!



We all used these - antique styled French lanterns.   How bad can a design be when it’s a few centuries old?

And then, it all changed.  Overnight.

50s styled Sputnik chandeliers invaded the states like the Russians were in South Florida.  I mean…what????

OK --- I like a good sputnik.  I do.



This looks good.  It makes sense.  I like the crystal Sputniks.  Of course.  Crystal.



And this is nice – truly.  I get it.  And I like it.



I actually love this one – from Restoration Hardware.  It’s a great look.  And it makes sense here.



But then, what is this – and on the cover?  It’s vintage 50s.  Honestly, it looks like bowling pins.  Restoration Hardware has a copy of this in dark bronze.  I don’t get this.  I think it’s awful.



Lord.  Is this pretty? A pyramid of upside down Q-Tips.   In Elle Décor.   I think Saladino would call this one hideous.



Is it me???  It looks like a white beehive.  This trend just went on and on, page after page.




If one is good, then two must be better – especially when one is too big to begin with .    The scale is so off here.




Honestly, what is going???  I wouldn’t even care if Picasso designed this.  It looks like a breast with extra nipples.  Gross, I know.   But besides that – the proportion is off.




And these are top designers in these examples.  Top.   Some are even my favorite designers. 




And another.   I don’t understand.  Magazine after magazine,  the same thing – over and over again.




I like this house – a lot.  But I just don’t understand this choice.   I think the fixture over the dining room is so important – it should be timeless – not something that you will have to sell in a few years. 





This room is a beauty.  Until you look up at the ceiling.   Am I just too old for this?  The fixture looks out of focus for some reason.  Maybe I AM too old – hand me my glasses!




Maybe not, because I like this.  I get this.  It’s original, from the 20s.    It’s cool.  OK.  WHEW!!!  I’m NOT too old!!!!




  I just prefer this.   I love this.  It’s pretty.  Is that so awful – to like pretty rooms?




And this….it’s classic.




And another room at Furlow Gatewood’s glorious estate.




World of Interiors had this English gem this month.



And this one.  Antique tole chandelier.   Could the wallpaper be any prettier?



How perfect is this?   Christopher Spitzmiller.  Another tole.




Jane Scott Hodges.   Another perfection. 



Corsica.  This house is new.  World of Interiors.  It looks 200 years old.  All I could think is thank God there wasn’t a Sputnik!




And then there was Traditional Home.  I really like this showhouse room – but don’t look up!!! 




And the dining room at the Traditional Home showhouse.   OK, this one looks like blown bubbles  It’s all the more awful when you see something beautiful:




Like this.  Emma Jane Pilkington.  Stunning.   The light fixture in the entrance hall is a beautiful antique.  Notice the mantel.  The hall chair.   Did you notice all the round elements?   The table.  The mantel.  The chair back.  The lantern.  It’s not an accident there are all these circular motifs.



Even the doors have the circular motif.



And this room.  This is such a perfect space – a living room, a dining room, and a library – all in one.  Matching crystal chandeliers – a classic choice which will keep this room looking great and current decades from now.  It’s so beautiful.   I love the antique Swedish chairs.  And then – there is the second part of this story – the trend that I love – light wood floors. 

No one loves dark hardwoods with white walls more than me.  But lately,  I’m loving the floors of limed oak or bleached oak or unfinished wood – whatever you want to call it – so much.  The floors like these. 

There.  I said it.  I’m over dark hardwoods. 



In Emma Jane’s family room.  More gorgeousness.  I love the Chelsea Editions linen curtains.




And there is that limed oak again.  Old planks on the floor that match the cabinetry.  I’m obsessing over this wood.  I finally admitted this to myself this weekend.  It was traumatic though.   These floors aren’t cheap.  Or easy.   It’s like saying out loud that you like Cashmere and not scratchy wool.  Or you prefer a Range Rover and not a Ford pickup.  It’s even scarier when you can only afford the pickup.

But reading so many magazines at one sitting, I finally realized – dark floors are done with.  For now.





Another photo of the bathroom where the beautiful light-stained floors continue.




Are dark hardwoods really over for the next decade?   Are they finally out?  This is painful to admit.




But, it’s hard to avoid the truth.  This room just looks so fresh.  And new.  All light woods.  There are no dark accents here – it’s all light woods and light fabrics.  It is so perfect.   Though it looks like might be easy to design – it’s not.   I could write a book on all the correct choices that Ginger Barber made in her living room. 




And in this room – again – light floors, light beams, light fabrics, and light stones.  The difference here is the black iron is repeated throughout the décor – it gives it the right amount of pop.  Again, perfection.



And here – I love how the Swedish antique chairs blend with the light French chairs and how the light wood table blends with the antique mirror.




All light – including the linen curtains.  The rug is just the right tone.




But this is the story that really got me admitting the love affair with dark hardwoods was over. 

In the summer issue of Milieu – this Californian house renovated by Tim Clarke is done in all limed woods – including the front door.



The entry shows the decor right away.  I love the way the sight line from the front door goes right out through the window to the beach.



The living room introduces touches of dusky blues that bring the ocean view inside.  The stain on the wood represents the driftwood from the beach.  The colors in this house completely blend in with the views found outside. 




I think I stared at this picture for 30 minutes.  I love the way the table’s stain blends in with the floors and the beams.    The blues continue in this room.




The kitchen has a backsplash that looks like the beach shells in the tide.  It is gorgeous!




The bedroom continues the décor of blues and creams and driftwood.

It was this house that sealed it.  Suddenly dark woods looked a bit dated.  Not to worry, they’ll be back again soon.  But still…




What if you don’t have wood – here the light stone creates the same look, while the doors and beams are limed in this house.  




This house in Milieu is all light woods with accents of dark brown.




Another beach house – with the colors of the sea – blues and sand.




These floors look whitewashed here.   Even though all the woods are light – you can still do a bright punch of color like the pinks.




Do you have dark hardwoods – large expanses of inexpensive seagrass changes it completely.  Instead of dark – there are big areas of light. 



Another choice to get the light look for not a huge amount of expense – wall to wall seagrass.


And so – two major trends have taken over our houses.   Crazy, artistic light fixtures and beautifully limed, light woods.   

Agree – yes or no?



  1. YES...I thought that Elle Decor cover was disappointingly unattractive. Love the new blog design!

    1. It isn't just the light fixtures that are awful on that cover. The "art" is downright creepy!

  2. Interestingly in the UK pendant lighting has increased by a quarter in the last few years and one must remember that is even with having to involve an electrician which in most cases in London means a few days waiting around so the pain must be worth it for some. I think it's just an exploration of different ways of lighting. However I think vintage 1950's lights are probably the most flexible light fixture there is so I must disagree with you there. I have seen it in many different architectural settings and once I saw it in a cathedral in delft and it managed to hold its own there. There will always be a return to a classic proportion of a crystal chandelier but it seems sometimes one wants to be different and try something new only to revert to a tried and true formula.

  3. I agree with you on all counts!

  4. lovely new blog design, joni. such a clean and refreshing change.

    wonderful piece, today, too. you have helped me hone my eye more than any other person/blog/magazine.

    thanks for all you do for us design and decor junkies.


  5. Like the new design, classic, pretty and organized. There are so many blogs that have become difficult to read because they are so busy. I guess I'm going to have to be out of style for I still love a pretty lantern. The picture in your post from the feature you did on the Houston home that was bought and updated in a month is still my favorite. Those are my favorite stories... so relatable.

  6. Love the new blog design! You had me laughing with your lighting descriptions! I love the lighter hardwoods and know they are "in" now. But, I'm actually getting ready to add more dark hardwoods to match my existing ones. I'll just have to wait for them to come back in vogue :)

  7. I have to agree - but then I'm a classicist at heart. I do like a little modern thrown in to clean things up and not look too stodgy but I do love the light floors (I never could get behind the DARK floors though) and the 'statement' fixtures are SO awful. However I do actually like the modern sort of 'cubist' fixture in the Veere Grenney project. In my eyes he can do no wrong but I think the scale is perfect and the lines suitable for the architecture - I also like how it reflects the glossy lacquered paint fixture and sort of blends in. But otherwise I'm on board 100%

  8. Stunning new design. Love it! You always have very informative and creative writing.

  9. The new blog look wonderful Joni! Totally agree regarding the light fixtures. I do like a good Sputnik and many of the modern fixtures but some are just plain ugly and as we used to say back in the day: cheap-o. The bowling pin lighting you refer to, for instance---it was ugly then and is even uglier now. It seems that anything mid century modern is in whether it was good design, well manufactured or not.
    The examples you showed of light floors are lust-worthy! I still love both dark and light floors tho Depends on your decor style.

  10. Love your new blog design. I'm just old enough to decorate with what I love, what brings me joy. I enjoy seeing the trends and some of them are show stoppers, but those chandeliers made me think that maybe the designer wanted to make a statement...a statement that didn't work! :-)

  11. I guess you would call me an average home owner who loves to have a beautiful home. I am drawn to more traditional styles. I was glad to see your review of light fixtures as I am seeking new ones for my 5 year old home. How can it already be time to replace these? Which brings me to a point. I have worked very hard over the past two years to create a pretty home. I never liked the chandeliers and have just worked around them. I have had custom draperies made, rooms painted, purchased new furniture pieces to better suite the rooms and worked on landscaping. We have spent a good deal of money and time and are content. I have dark wood floors in every single room. At what point do you stop chasing the latest trend? How do you balance having an updated pretty home with the speed of interior design trends?

  12. love the new blog happy that now the images load properly! much much easier to read. agree 100% on the ridiculous lighting.

  13. I enjoy the new blog design very much. My only gripe is how small the font on the comments are.

  14. Love the new design of your blog. I just replaced 3 very contemporary (goofy) light fixtures in our new home with more traditional styles, and the difference is amazing. You gave us some great examples of the good, bad and ugly. I pinned almost every picture of the good rooms! Thanks Joni!!

  15. Hi Joni, Iove the new blog design. Classics will never date!

  16. I agree in your trend spotting, however I feel the limewashed floors will not have lasting power, IMHO. I looked an bleached wide plank/unfinished looking flooring for my new build home and it is too design specific for my taste. I like the more classics for my base surroundings. I had natural white oak in my last home with the 3in. wide planks, in our new house I specifically chose a flooring I thought would have longevity. I went more casual with varied widths and the stain is not overly dark or light and nice soothing medium value that I feel will stand the time, flooring is very rarely replaced once you install a hardwood. i was never a big fine of the very dark espresso stained woods, they felt trendy to me as well. Loved reading your opinions, always do and I think you are spot-on on what you think are two very pronounced trends. The lighting, i am like you, love a good sputnik in the right setting, but when they get bazaar, then I can not appreciate their supposed merits. Great post, loved reading it with my morning coffee.

  17. Hi Joni, love the new blog...were on the same page..some of these lighting fixtures are embarrassing.

  18. Love John Saladino and Michael Taylor's work is always beautiful. I hate sputniks. Hate them! Hate them! Hate them! With so many beautiful fixtures why put up something that looks ugly and rather creepy! I agree with Kathysue about the limed floors. In my remodel I used 5" planks of quarter sawn white oak stained black in Rubiomonocoat. The result is a warm walnut color: no orange and red tones. I love it. More forgiving that the dust magnet black floors of the dirt magnet pale floors. As always your vision and your writing sparkles.

  19. Had to smile at your comment "I think I stared at this picture for 30 minutes." I find myself doing the same thing. Like a good painting, a well balanced, pretty room is a thing of beauty. The new design is great, easier to read. Thank you.

  20. I don't chime in often, but just had to on this one. You are so right, Joni! If you look at those rooms with unattractive or odd light fixtures and picture something more classical in them, they would read totally differently! Renoir said, "Why shouldn't art be pretty? There is enough unpleasantness in the world." I feel the same way about interior design.
    And Joni, nobody does a blog post like you do! So thorough and inspiring!

  21. The new blog design is perfect! The commentary on the chandeliers you do not like -- bowling pins, Qtips, beehives -- had me laughing out loud!!
    Of course, you make excellent points about lighting and flooring!! xo Leslie

  22. Love the new design Joni... it's perfect and the header is so beautiful... :) xv

  23. Those crazy light fixtures always appear like the designer's "easy way out" to express their originality.
    Your new blog design is very nice!

  24. Ultimately I think good design is one in which all the elements of the space work well together. When you have one element that wants to be the star of the show, IE a beehive or q tip, you fail to see the other elements in the room.
    Your new header is classically elegant!

  25. Love the new blog Joni! Great article and I love your points made. Totally agree on the light fixtures - too trendy for most and they will be replaced at some point. As for the limed oak floors - just installing some for a client and they are stunning. Very European. I'm from the UK but live here in the States and there are a lot of the lighter woods back home that have been around for years, used on a lot of doors, trim, floors etc. It's easier to go with other woods whether dark or light and more of a natural look all around.

  26. I also liked the new design of your blog. It is not easy to find traditional fixtures -chandeliers or pendants -in smaller sizes that fit one story-small houses that are being constructed recently. Joni, I want to respectfully suggest a theme for your blog about Wrought Iron Doors. I am planning to buy one, because the weather has damaged the stain on my wood front door, and to substitute the back patio door, just for security. I have found there are ugly ones, and also I am not so sure about privacy issues and if these doors with all those glasses will withstand wind forces. Are you interested in this theme?

  27. Joni the new look is amazing and very classic! I agree with you Totally. So much of it IS that the modern fixtures are way out of scale and then there are the ones that just look awful. Love light floors, wood, stone, or seagrass. A great post my friend!!

    The Arts by Karena

  28. Classy new blog design. Agree about the light fixtures, though designers and artists are always wanting to stir things up and try new looks instead of feeling boxed in by the tried and true. I think the light limed floors depend on context, too. Reminds me of the California look of the early 90's. (And remember, too, pickled oak floors and cabinets that looked peachy pink and didn't work with any other wood tones?) I don't think it would look right in a New England colonial or other older homes, especially on the east coast. I do prefer the limed oak to the grayer tones, especially mixed with some browns.

    1. P.S. I never cared for the espresso or deep mahogany or black floors. Too trendy and shows everything. To me the ideal wood floors look like the true antiques, with a worn warm finish best described as a light chestnut or fruitwood color, with wide planks.

  29. I too like the beautiful and clean design of your blog. I agree on the lighting also.
    It is nice to see that people are putting in lighter toned floors. We bought lighter floors in February and had them installed.
    We are still not over how much we enjoy them!

    Keep up the good work!!


  30. Love your new blog design-classy! And yes, I agree with your take on both trends. Nothing dates a home like ugly lighting- either interior or exterior. Classic is always the way to go. Thank you , as always for all the beautiful detail of your post. I always learn something from each post.

  31. finally, someone agrees with me + light fixtures are terrible + there I have said it..whew!

  32. Great blog - glad I'm not alone not liking some of the fixtures that are so over scaled and a little too modern. I like to mix old and new but, like you, thought because I was older just couldn't see some of these fixtures as attractive.

  33. I am giggling, Joni! The light fixtures! I love classic and traditional. Seriously. The beehives and the q-tips!!! I'm crying! The web design is gorgeous! I love Whitney! As for the floors, they will be dark again next year. Do what you love... that's my motto! xox, Emily

  34. The light fixture in Serene Scene looks like a giant spider! I love your new blog design. When will you ever make it possible to pin the photos to Pinterest?

  35. Seeing how fast trendy comes and goes in decorating, why would anyone do trendy with lighting or flooring? Way too expensive.

  36. All the 'bubble'-type fixtures - a nightmare to clean! You would have to disassemble the entire thing to reach some of the globes.

  37. What a hoot about the q-tips and bowling pin lighting. Absolutely agree! While some of the mid-century stuff is fabulous, there's also a lot of hideous!! As many others commented, the scale of the lightening in many of your photos was "off" and it's like the designers are trying to hard to be original. I get trying to make an impact or having a statement piece, as you said, it can be very tricky to pull off.
    Love your new blog design and the only thing I'm not liking is that the print on the comments is so small. Would guess that many of your readers are of a certain age and can't read it either without expanding it?!

    1. I take my glasses off to read and I find the font too small in the comments section.

    2. Agree. Love the blog but the reply font and size are not conducive for reading. Esp on my mobile. And I'm not of a certain age.

  38. We have dark oak floors. Not ebony, but a fairly dark oak. I won't be changing a thing. All wood floors are wonderful, simply because they are not "wall to wall carpet." Sputniks; chevron; dizzy metallics, mucho malachite...all very Kelly Wearstler, all very not me. We can all be happy mixing our woods, can we not? I recently did a tour of the antique stores on and off the Katy Freeway between Loop 610 and the Beltway, and found a lot more furniture pieces in their original wood tones. Not everything was painted or limed: a very pleasant change from just a year ago. Linda Klinger

    1. I just moved to the Houston area and would love suggests for those antique stores!

  39. While we're at it, let's get rid of those chandeliers with the fake large candles on a dark metal frame. Ugh.
    I spy one here.
    Sheila in Port Townsend

  40. Joni,
    Your new blog design is beautiful! Congrats! Like me, you lean toward 18th-19th century European's the younger people that don't want what the parents pictures of rooms are not the same as actual rooms...
    Chandeliers and floors are subject to the whims of fashion just like everything else. It goes in circles and cycles. But, I do agree with you that classical inspirations never date, while the later periods can do so and even become a self-parody, or a builder's cliché...I have a very rich, old money client who would not let me install the English brass chandelier I had ordered- since it was a trophy room for her husband, she wanted an antler one...but she did not realize that I was aiming for a colonial Brit in Africa vibe, as per her request to make it like the film "Out of Africa"...too bad I could not have had access to the Ralph Lauren antler/crystal chandelier that runs around $45,000.00 As it was, the one I had planned to install in the huge vaulted ceiling room was only $10,000.00 ! C'est la vie !
    Dean Farris

  41. Dear Joni,

    I am in complete agreement with you about these odd light fixtures. I think they are terrible. In fact, I am so tired of all this uber modern stuff. To me it just sits there looking like an unfurnished room. You think people would tire of it, but maybe it's just me. I am not a modern. I love the pale softer looking woods, though. Perhaps I find the lighter colors soothing.

    Lisa D.

  42. I agree with you, Joni. Purchases like chandeliers are a big deal. Some simple modern ones made from the best materials can be good, but an investment in a classic will give me something that I love seeing day after day. Thanks for gleaning thru those magazines for me.

  43. That blue bubble chandelier made me laugh out loud.

  44. can any one suggest where to look for wide plan oak ? I can t find it in california, i need to get of the ugly carpet !

  45. I run from trendy ! I hate those light fixtures. I do like some of the light floors, but dark will always be in with main stream. I do think the floors in some of the photos are getting a bit too " matchy matchy", that too will go out of favor. I think the kitchen with the matching floors and cabinets would look so much better with a black and white marble floor, it would have given a nod to that wonderful black stove. Thanks for another great post ! Vicky Darnell

  46. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the new blog design! Your blog is so well-written and of such high quality that it deserves an upgraded technical site. Reading the blog on the old site was sometimes torturous, but I stayed with it because of the fabulous content. One suggestion -- please index your older posts by date and title and let readers go directly to them. I have spent hours scrolling through to find the ones that I wanted. Thank you for your contributions through this blog! Rebecca Perkins

  47. I'm loving the new look of your blog and so wish mine was already under way! I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it's been to find someone to help with our entire website. Anyway, you are always spot on with your design decisions and I have always trusted you! Still trusting you now, especially! I thought it was just me about the chandeliers, etc! We have so many beautiful, classic and timeless light fixtures in the shop….I keep thinking maybe I should branch out and I have to a minor extent…but all in all…still sticking with the tried and true! You can't go wrong with that! Can't wait to start catching up more on your blog posts since my daughter is finally in Houston. Thanks again for offering up any help…wish I could still find your number! May have to message you soon! Anyway, thanks for such a great post!

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  49. These rooms all used the shiny, eye-catching beauty of metallic in some very unexpected places.

  50. I absolutely agree, Joni – and hate the use of these odd, modern light fixtures that don't seem to relate to the other objects in the rooms. Don't get me wrong, some modern fixtures can be exquisite. I recently bought a designer showhouse, sold almost everything out to the walls, and completely remodeled and redecorated it including moving doorways and changing out tile for Onyx in one of the baths. The style is what I would call updated traditional with a twist – including the new 108 inch Serpentine sofa by Celerie Campbell for Henredon in the great room, for example. The renovation included the addition of 20 new chandeliers and other light fixtures. There are some wonderful vintage French and Italian crystal chandeliers here that have been rewired. But I've also included a contemporary two-tier chandelier that resembles two tree branches with hanging crystals, as if the branches had been preserved in a glorious ice storm. Another chandelier – this one in the formal dining room – is a large seashell and coral encrusted work of art in a traditional shape, but with nontraditional materials. All of the art in the dining room consists of underwater photography in gilded frames -- while the room houses custom-made Louis XVI style chairs that have gilded frames and reef-patterned fabric on the inside backs, mahogany English Hepplewhite sideboards, a mahogany dining table with carved shells and lion feet. Interestingly, the floor of the dining room is in a light-toned, rough-hewn bamboo, and the floors in most of the rest of the house are light, hand-chiseled travertine. My home is on an island near Key West, Florida, and the highlight of the 24 foot-high vaulted ceiling in the great room, which is covered with bamboo, is a gilded gold and glass bead chandelier that's as tall as I am. It has 16 arms and sprays of glass beads coming out the top that resemble coral branches on a reef. Once again, a traditional shape that has been exaggerated and blown out in a nontraditional way. And the coral motif ties in with the 70 yards of tone-on-tone coral-reef satin draperies that hang nearly floor to ceiling and can cover the three sets of French doors leading out to the waterfront veranda. For me, whether contemporary or antique, light fixtures must work in the vernacular of the overall room design.

  51. Great posts today Joni. I totally agree that the light fixtures you showed us were too trendy and not very attractive. I love the traditional ones in other photos. I think the light floors are lovely,, but as others have said, ANY real wood floors (don't like the refinished and engineered floors) are usually very attractive as well.

    LARGER PRINT for the comments would help immensely. Could that be arranged?

  52. Love the updated appearance of your blog! It's much cleaner and very attractive. Great post today, as well!

  53. Light colored pine and oak floors turn orange over time. Is there any way to prevent that? How is the liming done? I know it isn't the original way, which is very toxic. Joni, it would be so helpful if you could do a post on wood floors.

  54. I live in a mid century modern house in Santa Barbara and recently replaced the bamboo, wall to wall, and linoleum with wide plank light oak floors throughout. The house is made up of a lot of glass and the light floors just add to the clean beachy look. I agree with you on the light fixtures although a crystal chandelier wouldn't work in my case. So many of the choices today seem odd and instead of enhancing a beautiful room, the fixtures become a focal point....and not in a good way!
    By the way, Milieu magazine is my absolute favorite publication. It never disappoints! I really enjoy your blog,
    Best, Elizabeth

  55. I agree...a very interesting trend in lighting. What you said about this being a piece you don't want to replace as frequently as these would demand, I totally agree!

  56. While I appreciate the look of lighter wood floors, I am a traditionalist and prefer walnut colored , varied width plank floors. I have noticed when touring showcase homes in pasadena California, you often see a mix of wood floors , widths etc. it's like the home just evolved.

  57. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  58. Joni, Congratulations on your new website, it's gorgeous! And the post is amazing as always! All the best, Rié

  59. Beautiful new design, Joni. Well Done You!

  60. I left a comment but it somehow disappeared - anyway, I love the new look of your blog. Light fixtures, flooring - its all personal, what appeals to us. I like the light floors in some spaces and I'm not opposed to seeing a artistic light fixture if the space calls for it although personally I prefer traditional looks. In mainstream home building light fixtures are the last to go in and most people don't budget enough - they end up a Lowes or Home Depo where the selection is pretty awful builder special stuff. For a little more money and some research homeowner could do so much better!

  61. Love your new blog design! I too, love classic light fixtures, but I can appreciate a spectacular modern design. Light floors work in many situations and dark floors are also a classic. Who doesn't love BM White Dove against a super dark floor with ebony railings? Every installation is unique; the floors and the lighting are to be chosen to work best with the design plan.
    Paula ~ Mise en Scène

  62. Joni, I couldn't agree more with you on the trend for ugly light fixtures. I can't stand it when I walk into a house that has timeless millwork and they think they are bringing their space into this century by throwing up a horrid fixture. I'm a traditional/classic girl at heart, so seeing this trend really irritates me. And, I think you are right about the dark hardwoods. I love, love, love them, but I think a space looks lighter and brighter with lighter floors. We moved into a new to us Colonial that has light oak hardwoods and smallish rooms with 9ft ceilings. Most of our furniture is dark walnut, so you can imagine the clash going on there. In order to brighten the space up, we are looking into refinishing the existing hardwoods with a something akin to whitewashed pine. It's such a big project since 85% of the downstairs has hardwoods, we are carefully weighing our options. The next house will have larger rooms and higher ceilings that will be able to handle the dark hardwoods. Maybe by the time we move, dark hardwoods will be back on trend. LOL. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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