COTE DE TEXAS: Jackye in Charleston!

Jackye in Charleston!

I have always loved Atlanta interior designer Jacquelynne aka Jackye Lanham’s style.  I love her use of fine antiques mixed with casual fabrics.  And I love how she displays antique accessory collections, especially the plates on the wall.   Jackye has always been a bit under the radar – there’s no coffee table book with all her designs in it, although I wish there was!  Hint, hint!!!    But, several of her projects have made a lasting effect on design, in my opinion

1992 - Southern Accents featured Jackye’s own beach house all in blue and white years before blue & white became so on trend, as it is today.  And look!  Shiplap – years before Joanna Gaines made shiplap so hip.


This magazine cover of a bedroom by Jackye became an instant classic.  Her fabulous set of intaglios was universally loved.

Jackye’s house with her scalloped curtains and wonderful slips – filled with antiques and old portraits - was another much loved project of hers.

This cover showed a breakfast room by Jackye.  It has to be in the Top Ten Most Memorable covers of Southern Accents.

Everyone remembers this cover which showed a collection of brown and white transferware mixed with a bold check fabric.  To DIE for!!

Architectural Digest published this beach house in South Carolina with its pale slips and a striped dhurri.

This bedroom by Jackye had a painted Swedish antique chest – long before everyone started reproducing them.  LOVE!!!!

Everyone uses this tub…now.  Jackye used it years ago.

Her kitchens are some of her more beautiful rooms.  Here, these two brown shuttered cabinets look more like furniture.  I love the open shelving on the bank of cabinets at the left.

This beauty mixes a pewter collection with a pewter-look hood and pendants.  LOVE!!!!

A more recent design, this house by Jackye was in Atlanta Homes.  Notice how she treated the asymmetrical door – by balancing it with a chest and a print.  And love this – instead of a large coffee table, she used two garden seats.

A feminine living room in soft colors – her trademark.  I adore this room!!

Here, in another recent project, Jackye used antiques and a printed fabric, mixed with collections of old bottles and creamware – with touches of black.


At this year’s much lauded Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens, Jackye received the high praise of being named Honorary Chair.  She and her assistant designed the foyer.

And there was also this.

Do you remember the story in Southern Accents – back in 2006 – about Jackye’s house in Charleston??

Jackye, based in Atlanta, would come to Charleston to shop for clients.  She and her husband fell in love, hard, with the city and they decided to look for a small house there to combine business with pleasure.  After a two day search, they found a three story original built in 1778 – small enough that they called it a pied a terre.   In 2006, Southern Accents featured the pied a terre and the pictorial made a lasting impression, judging from the number of pins taken from the story.  

Recently, the Lanham’s Charleston house was put up for sale and I spotted it while perusing South Carolina real estate listings, a new favorite pastime of mine.   The house is notable for its original mantels, pine floor and cypress paneling.  Jackye had fully restored the house with new wiring, plumbing and HVAC, along with a new kitchen.  There is also a private garden ala Charleston.

The house was originally built for a cooper, or a barrel maker (what is that?!?!) and he used it as both his private home and the shop where he met with clients. 

The tiny brick house is attached to a pink stucco beauty.  Notice the large stone step at the front door.  This is the door used by the original owner’s customers.  It was placed high off the sidewalk so that clients could enter right from their carriages.

Jackye added the curved brick wall to provide privacy to the garden and front door.  The front door is actually at the side of the house.

2006:  As seen in Southern Accents’ 2006 Christmas issue, the newly built curved privacy wall is not landscaped.  Nor is there the stone step at the front door.  Nor is there a window box.  Notice that today – the shutters on the front windows are closed for a reason you will see inside.

The long ago history of the house is posted out front.

The gate at the curved wall leads toward the front door and the private garden.

Behind the curved wall that Jackye installed is the side/front door.

And opened.

The front door opens to the center stairhall.  The kitchen/dining room is on the right and the living room is on the left.  Ahead is the powder room, down the half stairs.

The powder room.

The view from the stairs looking down at the foyer.  Jackye hung her large collection of antique prints and silhouettes on the paneled walls.

A glimpse into the living room from the entry hall.  Look familiar?

2006:  The pictorial was a Christmas story.  The living room as seen in Southern Accents.  Jackye used ticking for the curtains to make the 10’ ceilinged room seem less formal.  Ticking slips cover the sofa.  Her trademark antique trunks double as a coffee table.  Beautiful antique chandelier and mirror.

I remember this photoshoot so well.  It seems like yesterday, not over 11 years ago!

2006:  Across from the sofa are these two gorgeous leather chairs.  Not a pair, though.  The portrait is circa 1810!  LOVE!

2006:  Jackye bought this desk in Charleston.

Today:  The room looks almost exactly as it did, just a bit more lived in with books added.   The two French doors lead to the back garden.

Today:  The leather chairs.  This is what you call Patina!

Today:   The view from the living room to the dining/kitchen.

Today.   The French doors in the living room – lead out to the back garden.

Today.  The shutters are actually operational – and they can close off the doors.

The garden with the antique trough/fountain along the back wall.

Another view.

2006:  Across from the living room is the original shop from the 18th century, which is now the kitchen/dining room.  Here the chairs were slipped in a gray toile.

2006:  The galley kitchen.  I think I would have installed a small range instead of those stacked ovens which would make the counter all one height.  Remember the two shutters at the front windows which were open in 2006 and closed in 2017?   Here you can see the shutters are open behind the cabinets which lets in extra light.

2006:  By the door, the bar.

Today:  The kitchen.  Here you can see the original front door that opened to the former shop.  OK.  I don’t care for those rugs!!!   I”m sorry!!!    They seem a bit too busy here.  The slips on the chairs are different now.

Today:  The galley kitchen.  Perfect for a small vacation house.  But, still, a small range would take up so much less space and the counter would be longer.  And here, you can see that the shutters are now closed.

Another view of the updated slips.

Today:  You can really tell that someone loves to cook and eat in this family!

Today:  The view of the bar and into the living room.   The cabinets seen here are original to the house.   Such a cute house!!!

2006:  From Southern Accents, the stairs with all the art work.  Notice the risers are painted gray.

Today:  The second floor landing.  The master bathroom is seen down the landing.

2006:  The Southern Accents photoshoot in the master bedroom.

2006:  Southern Accents,  the chest across from the bed.  Gorgeous, antique mirror.

Today:   The master bedroom.  The original hearth on the fireplace is interesting – it is brick. 

2006:  As seen in Southern Accents.  The master bath was created out of a room.

Today:  The bathroom was added to the small house.  Two armoires divide the dressing room from the tub room.

Today – looking at the vanity from the bath area.

Between the two armoires is the bath area where the original fireplace is located.

Today:  the marble shower.

The landing on the third floor – shows one of the guest rooms.

This guest room has another canopy bed with a chest and fireplace.

Today:  The two bedrooms on this floor each have sinks in their bedroom, as seen here.

A view of the sink vanity and the door with its original hardware.

The view of the landing up to the 4th floor loft and into the second guest room on the third floor.

The guest room and bathroom.

Today:  The guest room has it’s own fireplace with the brick hearth.

And it has its sink in the corner. 

Today:  Lots of curtains.

BEFORE:  From Southern Accents, 2006.  The guest room was shown, with the antique hanging corner cabinet in focus.  Jackye said since the guest room had only a small bed, the curtains were more dramatic.

2006:  The nightstand got its own photo with part of Jackye’s salt glaze pitcher collection.

The 4th floor attic loft has room for more fun.  The rough floor boards were painted gray.

The laundry room doubles as another bathroom.

Laundry & bathroom.

                                                                                                                                            The attic bedroom is not furnished.   Love the painted wood floors.  If needed, this room would make a great bunk room for grandkids or extra guests.

This darling house is for sale HERE for $1,795,000.

And like all the antiques Jackye has?  Many are now on sale:


Like a natural rug like Jackye uses?

Stark’s natural fiber rugs on sale HERE.

Incredible Stark area rugs at great prices!!!  HERE.


  1. Joni, thank you for sharing this wonderful home. I could very happily live here. Ms.Lanham’s style is utterly fabulous. I so appreciate how she stayed true to wonderful original features of the home and enhanced them beautifully.

  2. I love the designers of the south....they use antiques and collections to decorate with. It is a lot more cozy feeling than the minimalists!

  3. Excellent post, Joni. The attention to detail in Ms. Lanham's homes is amazing. I am bookmarking this post, so I can reread it from time to time. What a treat! Thank you.

  4. Wow why is she selling? Too many stairs? Love her taste I remember the southern accents features of her work so nice to see

  5. I agree with Daphne. What struck me while reading this (mostly salivating over the photos) was how cozy and liveable it seems. Also, the style has legs--nothing from the first photo shoots looks dated.
    The only thing I find odd are the kitchen windows. I cannot fathom covering windows, especially in a kitchen!

  6. That was really beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  7. Every single week you astonish me with the depth of your blogs. I so appreciate what you do. I don't always take the trouble of leaving comments. I just wanted you to know I think you are just terrific. Ann

  8. Wonderful! And it helped me feel a little better about the sinks being in my bedroom.

  9. I love how Jackye Lanham approachs design and have for a while now. This home is simply lovely, livable and I loved the post. I particularly like how her choices remain current, that the colors she chooses are classic. One question the kitchen, where is the stove? I see the dishwasher has a cabinet door front, but can't seem to find a stovetop. Thanks again for such a delightful post.

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  11. I totally get why you want a book filled with her designs, they're really amazing! I love the dining room-kitchen blend in on photo 9!

  12. What a treat for the eyes! I loved so many of those photos- just didn't realize Jackye did them. Thanks for blogging- your blog is THE BEST!

  13. Loved this post! She is one of my favorites and so fashion forward. I have almost all of those clippings. Thank you again for such great posts.

  14. O Joni, I remember every single one of these images from Southern Accents. How I do miss that magazine! Thanks for showing the additional guest bedroom in Charleston; that room wasn't featured in the original article in SA. Jackye Lanham continues the legacy of a gracious southern style: comfortable, relatable, ineffably charming. Best wishes!

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  16. She has always been one of my favorite designers. Thank you so much for this great post and all the great work you do!

  17. Beautiful and cozy but where is the stove? I always look forward to your posts.

  18. I loved every inch of this post. She is one of my favs. I adore all of the lovely slipcover details. Can't wait to pin them for my slipcover gal!!

  19. Wouldn't you know...and in Charleston...gorgeous!! franki

  20. Love the way each woman brought in a little bit of New York City to the mix.

  21. Love Jackye Lanham's work. I remember so many favorite Southern Accents features on her. I had the privilege to hear Jackye and Yong Pak speak at this years Atlanta Designer Showhouse. She is just so charming and down-to-earth. Thanks for a great post, Joni, as always! Carol

  22. Wow, wow, wow! Love it ALL! These rooms are about as close to my ideal aesthetic as you can get. Just gorgeous!

  23. Thank you so much for all you do to expose us all to various decorating styles and people in the art. It is fascinating to me to read and look at all these beautiful places and imagine what they must have done to put it all together. I do wonder how anyone cooked in this kitchen, however; I don't see a stove top anywhere. One can go a long time without baking but not without cooking over heat...

  24. wouldn't you know...and in Charleston...gorgeous!! franki

  25. ok I was so fixated on the Nancy Meyers story, getting it written - I"m late to answer. BUT if you look at the 2006 photo of the kitchen - next to the oven, you can see the cooktop. It's one of those flat electric cooktop - with the glass top. It's easiest to see in the Southern Accents photo.

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