Corny, I know!  But forgive me!!   I love that movie – “When Harry Met Sally” – it was one of my favorites, way back when, with that famous line “I’ll have whatever she’s having…”   And funny enough, the movie starred a Meg. Meg Ryan.
It’s still a cute movie today, all these years later and Prince Harry and his Meg are just about as adorable as their Hollywood counterparts.

The world went crazy the day it was announced that Prince Harry was engaged to American actress Meghan Markle.  Twitter exploded with the news - it was as if everyone was so excited and so happy for the couple.  Who knew that Harry was so well liked?   But apparently, the Prince is one of the most beloved of all the Royals. 

As the younger brother to the future King of England, Harry was always a bit overshadowed by his older, more mature brother William. 

But the world fell in love with him when Diana died, and as just a young child, he walked the entire route behind her coffin, the image of grief, strength, and courage.

William and Harry took different paths in  adulthood.   William married his college sweetheart and quickly settled down, but Harry seemed to struggle.  He joined the military and did two stints in Afghanistan.  He played a lot of polo – he is said to be an incredibly talented athlete.  He was known to have a good time and he seemed to find trouble – a lot of it, especially when compared to William, who didn’t.  Lately, though, he has matured.  A few years ago Harry started the Invictus Games where injured vets compete in world wide sporting events.

And then, on the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, he and William gave a series of heart-wrenching interviews.  Harry confessed that he suffered greatly from his mother’s death – that he didn’t grieve properly and it wasn’t until he was an adult that he allowed himself to open his heart up to his loss, with the help of therapy.  

It was the first time that the Royal Family had revealed so much of their private life to the public and it solidified the love everyone had for the once little boy who had walked all those long miles behind his mother’s cortege.


Prince Harry was fixed up on a blind date with the L.A. born actress, Meghan, by a mutual friend, whom they refused to name.  Both hinted it was love at first sight.  After just a few dates they traveled to Botswana, camping out under the stars – and it was there that their relationship was sealed.  

The “tent” in Botswana where the couple “roughed it” under the stars.

The world didn’t know about the couple for six months – during which they spent the time mostly alone and at home, which further strengthened their new partnership.


During their courtship, Harry and Meghan mostly stayed under the radar, but they were spotted out together a few times.  Once was at a friend’s wedding in Jamaica last March, when the paparazzi caught them sharing some PDA.  But, it wasn’t until this past September at the Invictus Games that the couple made their first public appearance together.   They looked so cute and so in love – their happiness was infectious.

It was whispered that they couple would become engaged in November and so it wasn’t a huge surprise when it was announced they were to marry.

It’s hard to believe how much the royal family has changed in just a few generations.  King Edward was forced to give up his throne because he wanted to marry a divorcee!   The Queen Mother never accepted Edward’s wife, Wallis Simpson, and she hated her to the day Wallis finally died.  Later, Princess Margaret was forced to give up the love of her life because he was also divorced.  Years later, Margaret herself would become the divorcee.

Meghan will be the first American to marry into the royal family since Wallis Simpson.  And she is a divorcee.  She was married to Trevor Engelson for two years, having dated him for seven.  They divorced in 2013. 

Meghan and her ex husband, producer Trevor Engelson. 
Trevor is Jewish and there were reports that Meghan was also Jewish, which would make her the first Jew to marry into the Royal Family – but that rumor was proved not to be true.   Meghan is Protestant.  And, it was announced she will be baptized and confirmed in the Church of England before her marriage.

But who IS Rachel Meghan Markle?

At 36, Meghan is three years older than her intended, Prince Harry.  She was born in L.A. to a white father and a black mother.  An only child, her parents divorced when she was just two, but the three remained a close and loving unit.  Her father was the lighting director on Married With Children and Meghan says she grew up on that set.   Her mother is a free spirit who teaches yoga and is a travel agent.   Her father has other children by another woman – and some of those half siblings have been leaking photos and stories to the press.  One half sister is currently writing a tell-all book about Meghan.  Ouch!

Thomas Markle – Meghan’s father.

Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother.

Meghan as a cute little girl.

A foreshadowing of things to come?  Years ago, a 15 year old Meghan and her best friend pose in front of Buckingham Palace.

This friend shown here happens to be her life long best friend – from toddler to marriage.   The friends are now estranged and their breakup story isn’t a pretty one.  The friends parted ways after Meghan chose to divorce her husband.  Her former friend doesn’t speak highly of Meghan now and she sold her story to the tabloids.  It does make you stop and wonder –  they were best friends for almost 30 years, and the ex-friend has the photos to prove it. 

Meghan went to Northwestern and after she graduated, she worked as a calligrapher to help pay the bills between acting jobs.

She was a briefcase model on “Deal or No Deal,” believe it or not. 

Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” said that if Meghan Markle could fake so much enthusiasm for a suitcase filled with $25 – Harry might need to be suspicious.  Very funny,  Andy.

I was surprised to read that Meghan’s ex-husband produced the movie “Remember Me” starring Rob Pattinson and that she actually had a small part in the movie.  It is said that her ex is currently writing a movie about about an American marrying a prince.  Not sure if this is true or fake reporting.

It’s this show that brought Meghan all her fame, up until she met Harry that is.  For the past seven years, Meghan has starred on Suits – which recently filmed their 100th episode.  Now that she is engaged, Meghan will no longer be acting.  Suits filmed in Toronto and it was said that was probably the cause of her divorce.  Her husband stayed in L.A., while she lived mostly in Canada.   There were rumors of affairs.    For the past three years, Meghan wrote the popular lifestyle blog “The Tig” – something that she also recently gave up, along with  her once popular Instagram.

Last summer – Meghan wrote on her blog that she and good friend, fashion designer Misha Nonoo would be traveling to London and Spain for three weeks.  Misha’s ex husband, Alexander Gilkes, went to Eton with both Prince Harry and Prince William and the couple remained close friends with them.   At Harry and Meghan’s first televised interview, the couple confirmed a mutual friend had set them up on their blind date – but they refused to name the friend in order to protect her privacy.  It is thought that friend is Misha.  Their first and second dates were in July – right when Meghan and Misha were in London to see their other friend, Serena Williams play at Wimbledon.

At their engagement interview, Meghan said she knew nothing about Prince Harry before their blind date and asked only – “is he nice?” – but honestly, I found this strange and had trouble believing it.  What young girl doesn’t know who Prince Harry is?!?!?  I thought it sounded like a case of the lady doth protest too much.  Also, apparently Harry’s first cousins, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice both attended Misha’s wedding in 2012.   Misha was at Prince William and Kate’s wedding.  The royal connection gets even deeper:

Pippa Middleton & ex boyfriend:  Misha’s brother-in-law!

Kate’s sister Pippa actually stayed at Misha and her husband’s townhouse in NYC.  And Misha’s ex brother-in-law Charlie Gilkes once dated Pippa.  Later, Princess Eugenie worked for Misha’s husband’s art auction house in New York.

Meghan’s bestie Misha with Harry’s first cousin Princess Beatrice

In the engagement interview, Meghan says “I didn't know a lot about him, everything that I've learned about him, I learned through him as opposed to having grown up around different news stories or tabloids or whatever else... anything I've learned about him and his family was what he would share with me and vice versa, so for both of us it was just a really authentic and organic way to get to know each other.”


Misha Gilkes and Meghan call each other “sisters”  - so it’s hard to reconcile what Meghan said about not knowing anything about Harry or the Royals before their blind date.  I’m not the only skeptical one – it’s being mentioned in the tabloids.   Perhaps Meghan should not have stressed that fact during her interview, it just doesn’t ring true.

But, it’s obvious who the matchmaker was, despite all the secrecy.    Misha has long been thought to be the matchmaker, but when asked to confirm it, Misha stays loyal and has said in the past “I really can’t answer that.”  

Meghan is equally loyal to Misha.  In fact, the white shirt Meghan wore to her first public appearance with Prince Harry was the “Husband” shirt from Misha Nonoo’s clothing line.

To see this shirt and more of Misha’s line, go HERE

It’s good that many of Meghan’s friends are loyal and discrete – she will need that now that she will be chased by the English tabloids, who can be brutal.

In fact, last year Harry issued a plea to the media to leave Meghan alone.  He mentioned the racial undertones of news articles and how Meghan and her mother had been stalked by photographers.  Other disturbing stories were not even been published,  because of threatened lawsuits.  Dating a royal can’t be worth all that, or can it? 

Now that the engagement has been announced, more news is coming daily.  Meghan, it was said, will become an English citizen and she will make her permanent home in England.  The couple are to be married next May, at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.  Windsor was chosen because it is a place “close to the couple’s hearts.”  While they were secretly courting, Harry and Meghan spent a lot of time at Windsor and it was there that Harry was based with his Army regiment – the Blues and Royals.   Prince Charles and Camilla were blessed there after their own marriage and also in 1999, Harry’s uncle, Prince Edward, married his bride Sophie Rhys-Jones at St. George’s.  It was announced that the royal family would pay for the wedding, the music, the flowers, and the reception.   Nice. 

Meghan’s parents will attend the wedding, but it was not clear if her father will walk her down the aisle.  Harry has met her mother several times and she was with the couple at the Invictus Games.  Her father lives in Mexico and Harry has not yet met him. 

In their engagement interview, Meghan said that her charity work was something the couple had in common.  But, now that she will be in the royal family – she will no longer work with the United Nations as she had been doing.  Instead, Meghan will be doing charity work both with Harry and on her own.   Her first engagement was this week with the Prince at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham where the couple got a very enthusiastic welcome!

Her wedding ring was designed by Harry – with the main diamond from Botswana, where they cemented their love.  The other two diamonds were Diana’s. 

What Will Meghan’s Title Be?

Most likely she will be called - HRH the Duchess of Sussex – IF Queen Elizabeth bestows the Duke of Sussex title on Harry the morning of his wedding, as tradition has it.  But, that has not yet been announced and it won’t be until the wedding day. 

The Queen met Meghan at tea at Buckingham Palace in October.  Apparently she was a hit with her pack of corgi dogs.   They have been with William and Kate several times and both are very supportive of the match. 

The couple will remain living at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace, or NottCott as it is popularly called.

To make their announcement, the couple left NottCott at Kensington Palace and walked through the private door to where all the photographers were waiting.

It’s a shame it was a dreary, wintry day and all the flowers and greenery was not at their prettiest, but no one seemed to notice.

The couple weren’t miked and it was hard to make out what they said, but their long, taped engagement interview was released right after this appearance.

After a few minutes,  they headed back to their cottage in Kensington.

I’ve written on Kensington Palace a few times, HERE and HERE, most notably.

But, here you can see the original Palace where Queen Victoria was born and lived at the far left, bottom.  The red circled A = William & Kate’s very large apartment.   B = Princess Diana’s/Now Office Space.   C = Harry & Megan’s Nottingham Cottage

This is another photo of Kensington Palace from a different direction.  The original palace is at the top left portion of the photo.  Behind the original palace is William & Kate’s apartment.  Princess Margaret had lived in that apartment until her death.  Across the courtyard is Diana’s apartment where William and Harry grew up.  Today that apartment has been remodeled and is used by the boys for their charity work and royal duties.  Most interviews take place at Diana’s old apartment, as do most of their receptions and events.

And across the driveway from Harry’s childhood home is the tiny Nottingham Cottage, where he now lives.

And one more view from the back side.  The original castle is at the top right.  A is William & Kate.  B is Diana/Office and C is Harry & Meghan.   One of the other smaller cottages by NottCott is Wren Cottage.

One of the very, very few photos of Nottingham Cottage – which looks absolutely adorable!  Pink roses grow up the red brick walls.  A white picket fence hides the tiny garden that comes with the cottage.  It looks like there is a room on the second floor.  Utterly charming.

But, as cute as it is,  the house will not be suitable for the family once Harry & Meghan have children.  It is too small.  

The sign at Nottingham Cottage also points the way to Kent Cottage

NottCott has had a few other famous tenants.  While their own extremely large apartment was being renovated, William & Kate lived here while in London. 

Other well known inhabitants of the cottage were Diana’s sister, Lady Jane and her husband Sir Robert Fellowes who at the time was the private secretary to the Queen.  Prince Philip’s private secretary, Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, and his wife Gay also lived in NottCott.

The cottage is said to have two bedrooms, two small reception rooms, a kitchen, and the small garden towards the front of the cottage.  Kate had the walls painted before she moved in there and she brought candles to get rid of its musty odor.    For the first five months that Harry and Meghan dated, when their relationship was a guarded secret,  they spent all their time at home at NottCott cooking, instead of going out to trendy nightspots which would have exposed their courtship to the world.  They were roasting a chicken at home on the night that Harry popped the question.   It is said one personal touch is the hammock that Harry has placed out in the garden.  Other reports say that it was William installed the hammock. 

One possible future move for the couple might be right next door to William and  Kate’s apartment – to 1A.  That 21 room apartment is said to be even larger than William and Kate’s 20 rooms.  But I doubt that Harry and Meghan’s living spaces will ever rival those of William whose apartment renovation has cost the taxpayers over 4.5 million pounds!!!!    After all,  William will be the King of England one day and after the new baby is born, Prince Harry will fall down to sixth in line to the throne.    Actually Nottingham  Cottage is a step up for Harry.  After he left Claridge House for good and went out on his own, he lived in a small one bedroom flat at Kensington Palace where he stayed for a year.   He has lived at NottCott for four years now. 

Joining the young royals at Kensington  Palace will be their cousin, Princess Eugenie, who is said to be moving into Ivy Cottage at Kensington.  While her engagement has not been announced, it is rumored that she and her longtime boyfriend are indeed engaged and she will be moving to KP from St. James Palace.  Ivy  Cottage needs extensive renovation and the problem of who will pay the bill has delayed Eugenie moving in.   There are reports that Prince Charles wants to curtail the royal duties of Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice.  Their father Prince Andrew was so aghast at this suggestion that he wrote a letter protesting this move and released it publically.   No wonder no one is hurrying to pay poor Eugenie’s renovation costs!

That’s not all that’s going on at Kensington Palace.  William and Kate are building a huge 2 story “iceberg” basement underneath the original 18th century Orangery.  This addition will be for 100 person staff and volunteers that work for Kensington  Palace.  It will also house the ceremonial dress collection.  Iceberg basements are no longer legal in the Kensington neighborhood, but apparently William received special permission!!

What Will Nottingham Cottage Look Like?

Unfortunately,  there are no photos at all of Nottingham Cottage’s interiors BUT we do have a few years worth of Instagram photos of Meghan’s own house in Toronto.


It’s very cute, just like she is.  And it might give us an idea of how she will be decorating NottCott.  It is reported that while all her personal belongings have been shipped from Toronto, her furniture is being put into storage.

No idea who her decorator will be.  Will he/she be classic or contemporary?  It will be very interesting to see who they hire.

Here’s a look at Meghan’s personal style:

Meghan rented this townhouse in a trendy area of Toronto.  Two stories with a basement - a fashion designer who now lives in NYC owns the house.  It’s only 20’ wide, but it’s been valued at over $1 million.

There’s a cute backyard – that in the summer is so sunny, it must have reminded Meghan of L.A.   Meghan loves peonies and used the pastel flowers to further bring the Southern California vibe to Canada.

It’s hard to believe this is Toronto!

Well…..maybe not?   This is one of her two dogs. Both were adopted from shelters.  The internet went crazy when she announced that only her beagle is living with her in London.  Friends have adopted this dog - who she says is happier living in Toronto. 

Or so she says.  No one asked her dog if he would rather stay in Toronto or not!!!

White walls and light wood floors bring that California vibe inside.  Painted white stairs.  Along the back is the dining room where the wall is painted a trendy black.   The big antique gilt mirror is one piece that would probably look great in London!

To the right of the front door is this wood console with peonies, of course.

Later,  there were white flowers.

White slipcovered sectional covered with throws to keep the sofa clean from the dogs.

Boy can I relate!!   Behind the sofa is the black wall and antique mirror.

Meghan used Turkish throws to protect her sofas HERE.

I love all her throws and rugs. 

This is the lucky dog that made the cut and got to move to London!

Her coffee table is an old black trunk with a rattan tray on top.  And flowers.

Her table is a fabulous marble top oval Saarinen tulip table.  Stairs, up and down to the basement.  More peonies and Linda McCartney’s book.

The antique mirror on the black wall and white marble table.  This is a contemporary classic – marble tulip table,  black walls, antique gilt mirror, sheepskin throws.

A mix of trendy chairs with sheepskin.  At one time she had this Moroccan rug, but later she placed a white cowskin there.

Hanging on the wall is her prized photograph by Gray Malin.

Here is the photograph of the beach by Malin.  She also has another piece by Gray – from his Prada Marfa Collection.

To see more of Gray’s work,  go HERE.

Looking in the antique mirror.  You can see the new cowskin rug here.  Cute rattan accent chairs – another trendy item.   And near the front door is a cow skull hanging.

Similar chairs – HERE

Awww. The lucky one!

In the guest room,  Meghan happily announced the arrival of her newest art work.  Hotel styled sheets.


And another bedroom with books arranged by color.

California Dreaming.

I have to say I love Meghan’s style.  It’s young and chic.  I like the mix of contemporary and antique and the layers of textiles.

But, will her style look good in Nottingham Cottage?

Meghan’s look is certainly nothing like Prince William and Kate’s.  Their Kensington Palace apartment is very traditional and very elegant.  I’m completely in love with their new apartment!!!

But, what kind of design style does Prince Harry have?

The only clue we have is from his room at Eton!!!   Well….I have to say, I do think this particular style will blend in with Meghan’s style judging from his hanging textile.

And then, there was this:

The most exciting news was right after the engagement announcement -

a certain estate was quietly taken off the market!!

A house in the Cotswold – very close to Prince Charles’ Highgrove – was for sale, the first time in over 70 years.


It’s in the heart of polo country and Harry loves to play.  Rumor is that it is not a coincidence that the house was pulled off the market just as the engagement was announced. 

The house is also located near Harry’s cousin, Zara Tindall who lives on her mother Princess Anne’s estate. 

Look at the map – Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Zara Tindall and Harry’s rumored new house are all clustered together.  The other blue bullet on the right – way over there alone is William & Kate’s Anmer Hall which is near the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.  But, I wonder why they wanted to live all the way over there where it’s so cold and windy? 

The house that Harry is rumored to have bought is 10.5 million dollars.  It’s a lot of house and property for the money, even though it’s a lot of money.  But I think about houses in Houston that cost 2 & 3 million which are on very small lots.   This house itself is almost 10,000 sq. ft.  so it’s very large – plus there are over five cottages on the property, and stables, and other buildings.

Harry can afford it.   When he turned 30, he inherited $13 million from his mother’s estate.  His father may have put up some money for the house or Meghan could.  She earned 1/2 million each season of Suits – she probably has a nice egg nest built up. 

The estate, Luckington Court, is found in Luckington Village.    The gravel drive leads up to the estate.  Notice the Cedar of Lebanon trees – the same kind found on nearby Highgrove.  The largest cedar is over 400 years old and it is said to be the widest specimen in England.

The house is Grade II Listed from the 11th Century.  Remodeling was done first in the 16th century and again in 1921 when the north service wing was added.  There are five buildings, including a 17th century dovecote, on the 157 acre estate, which has a stone fence that rings the property which sits on the River Avon.   The church is not part of the estate.

The main house has 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms – large enough for a growing family and lots and lots of weekend guests.

The front gate through the stone fence that surrounds the house.   Hmm.  The first thing I would do is paint that blue!!!     The area is known for the Battle of Hastings which was fought there and where King Harold II was killed in 1066.

A garden element.

The front door is actually at the side of the house, which faces the church across the courtyard.    At the front,  far left, you can see a loggia addition with French doors, that was added – probably to open access to the front garden from the house.

The addition – with the slate terrace – that overlooks the front garden.   This is an earlier photo – it looks like the house has recently been painted a more cream than yellow color.

The house at the turn of the century.  Before, the ivy was allowed to grow wildly on the façade.    You can see here, that the addition at the left front of the façade is missing.  Notice the urns at the corners of the roof are still visible today.

But, it’s the Jane Austen connection that has made the house a very popular tourist stop.

Luckington Court’s exterior and interiors were used in the 1995 BBC production of Sense and Sensibility.   It was a several episode series that starred Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.   The estate was used as the Bennett family home.    After the series, the house was modernized in 2003. 

This book was written about the filming of the six episodes of Pride & Prejudice.  If you are a fan of filming or Jane Austen – you might enjoy this little book.  I assume Meghan will buy a copy to keep on the house’s entry hall table!

The filming at the house.

Another earlier photo before it painted or perhaps a new skim coat of stucco was applied.    The Queen Anne portico is attributed to Grinling Gibbons.

Close up of the carved front door.  Love the lantern!

And in an opening scene – Luckington Court plays a huge part in this production of Pride & Prejudice.  It’s perfect as Longbourn – pretty, but not so excessively extravagant.   You believed that a gentleman owned the estate, but had trouble taking care of five daughters, all in need of suitable mates.  

The owner of the house had lived here for 40 years and she said that when filming was over, she truly missed the 70 person crew – they had become like family.    The saving grace was that she now had enough money to reroof the west wing.

Today, the house looks like this.  It could just be the photography, but the house looks much lighter here. 

The church across the lane was also used in the movie.

The floor plans show how large the house is.  I love the Loggia and the Study – two smaller rooms that were probably added on at a later date.

The foyer is large with limestone floor and a bolection moulded fireplace.    Beautiful antique screen.

The large Drawing Room has decorative woodwork, a stone open fireplace and doors through into the Music Room with a French door into the garden.


For Pride & Prejudice – the drawing room had antique Georgian styled furniture.  It was all rather sparse, as was intended by the director.

Next to the living room is the Music Room.  Next to the Music Room is the Loggia – the addition that overlooks the front yard and terrace.  No photos, though.  The cellar trap door is located here in the Music Room.

The Dining Room.   Such a pretty room.   It needs a wonderful interior designer – but it will be so pretty when Harry & Meghan move in!!!


Before, the dining room  was wallpapered.   When the owner died a few years ago, her daughter remodeled the house – stripping off the wallpaper and painting, which makes the house look so much nicer.   

And how it looked for Pride & Prejudice.

The kitchen is charming with Saltillo tile and a windowseat, Aga and large farm sink.

The master bedroom has paneled walls painted blue.  Again, it needs decorating.

The master bath was been remodeled and is quite nice with NO carpet!  Hooray!!!

This is my favorite room – the wide planked original wood floors are exposed and there is a darling corner fireplace.  This would make a cute nursery.

Besides the house, there is a tennis court and rose garden, fruit trees, a fountain and a 19th century stable block, which will be wonderful for Harry’s horses.  There is also a 17th century, Grade II listed Dovecote, an unused enclosed school, assorted farm buildings, and a Cotswold stone shed. 

The stables.

Plus there are these small cottages across from the stables and garden: 

The Rose Garden Cottage (a former potting shed with one bedroom and Cotswold stone, spiral staircase, rafters and large inglenook fireplace and wood burning stove – DARLING!!) the Dovecote is also shown above.

Plus these other cottages:

The Coach House (two bedrooms, Cotswold stone, beams, tiled roof.)

The Courtyard (4 bedrooms, Cotswold stone, staircase and garden)

The Studio (one bedroom, Cotswold stone, beams, kitchen, garden)

Court Farm Cottage (3 bedrooms, Cotswold stone, garden)

The stable block and garden.  The Rose Cottage is on the left, out of site.

The house is charming and beautiful – not too fancy.  It’s actually cozy and inviting for such a large place.  I hope they did buy it.


The wedding will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor.   The chapel dates back  to the 14th century.

Windsor Castle is a huge complex – but it’s considered the Queen’s country home.  The Queen’s  quarters are at the very right of this photograph and they overlook the gardens – while the church is at the very left. 

The chapel is beautiful and very dramatic with its soaring  ceiling and black and white marble floor.

In 1863, the Prince of Wales (later, King Edward VII) married Princess Alexandra of Denmark captured in this famous painting.

Prince Charles and Camilla received the blessing of their marriage at St. George’s.

I love this photo showing Prince Harry giving his father the stink eye.  I’m sure there is no way he was thinking that “in 12 years, I will be back here – getting married myself!!!”

BTW, I loved Camilla’s coat and hat and thought she look beautiful here on her wedding day!

Soul mates.  They should have married each other first. 

Charles & Camilla leaving the church – there wasn’t much decoration here, not that you really need much.

Another Royal wedding at Windsor was The Duke and Duchess of Wessex, aka Prince Edward and Sophie.   I loved their wedding and thought she looked gorgeous in her jeweled veil and tiara and simple but elegant dress.   Sophie is a true beauty – she is often compared to Diana, but she is so beautiful in her own way.

Edward and Sophie decorated the steps leading from St. George – with accent trees and white flowers.  I love the red uniforms and the white horses.  Very beautiful.

My favorite though is the Queen’s grandson and Princess Anne’s son – Peter Phillips who married Autumn Kelly at St. George’s.   I loved her celadon theme and thought the flowers at the doors of the church were gorgeous and made such a statement.

They even had the greenery arrangements at the altar.

Notice the groomsmen who also wore green ties with their morning suits.

Their wedding was severely criticized in the British Tabloids because the couple sold the photo rights to Hello Magazine.  It was said that the Queen was furious!  I doubt that.  The Queen doesn’t get involved with petty family issues and I can’t imagine it was such a sin to sell the photos.  After all, Phillip probably needed the money to help him buy a house for his bride.

All eyes are going to be on Harry & Meghan’s wedding – even though it will not be a National Holiday in Britain.  People will be tuning in to watch the guests arrive and see who is wearing what.

These sisters will hopefully not cause as big a stir as they did at Prince William and Kate’s wedding when they both wore these horrid hats!   Beatrice’s hat probably is the all-time ugliest hat ever made.

I still don’t understand why Beatrice chose that hat!   !!!!!   Twitter erupted that day over her hat.  Princess Eugenie’s hat wasn’t much better, although it wasn’t quite as bad.

Recently, the tabloids praised Beatrice for hiring actress Emma Watson’s stylist.   The papers reported how beautiful Beatrice looked in this fabulous dress.  And I agree, she does look beautiful.   For some reason, I think she is just adorable!

These three cousins made quite the stir at William & Kate’s wedding.  They are the gorgeous blonde daughters of Diana’s brother Earl Spencer.   I hope all seven of the Earl’s children are at the wedding.   In fact, his youngest baby girl Lady Charlotte could even be a bridesmaid.

These two are definitely in the wedding – the cutest!

Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte – they will steal the show for sure. 

Last Friday, the happy couple did their first charity work together.  They dressed like twins – both in navy wool coats.   Meghan can’t take a bad photograph – she is truly so beautiful.

Underneath she wore a darling khaki long skirt with a black turtleneck.  Much better than her engagement outfit which I didn’t think looked that good with the white coat.

Side note:  Meghan looks like just my niece!  It’s amazing how much she looks like Brooke (for those who know her!) 

OK.  That’s NOT Meghan.  It’s my niece Brooke and her darling daughter Blake Ivy.

I’m telling you the resemblance is amazing.

Critiquing the outfit!  Well – the coat was pretty, but I didn’t like that her green dress was peeking through.  Not sure how you handle that since we don’t really wear coats in Houston.    Also I think she has very tiny feet and her shoes looked a little big.  SOOOO critical!  I know!!  

But she has “big shoes” to fill – Kate is always impeccable and so is her mother-in-law Camilla – both always look perfect. 

Here is Kate wearing a white coat – no dress hanging out.

I think the trick is to wear a coat like a dress.

This is perfect.  Black hose, black turtleneck, fitted coat.

Again,  perfection.  Fitted blue coat, black suede boots.  Does this woman ever look bad?

And, a fun fur color on this coat dress.

Meghan will become a fashion icon soon enough.  Her white coat sold out right after she wore it.  On Friday, she took a large purse with her – a Strathberry – and it also sold out immediately.  Kate rarely takes large bags with her and this is something Meghan will probably not do in the future. 

To see more Strathberry purses, go HERE

I’m so excited about the wedding.   I was obsessed with Diana for her entire life and after she passed away, I was so upset, I just turned my back on everything royalty. 

But the younger ones have caught my attention again and I’m having so much fun following their babies, their homes and their fashions!

Meghan will be a great addition to the Royals.  I wish them all the best!!!

All that talk about coats made me look at some coats for sale, to see what I like and what I would wear if I was a Royal!  LOL!!!

Beautiful, long beige cashmere HERE

Military style coat.  Cute with tights or jeans.   HERE

Black double breasted HERE

I adore this one!   Pink coat HERE.

Darling with pants or jeans.  Short leopard coat HERE

Prefect Dress, long white coat HERE

Another cute one!  Long leopard coat HERE

Ralph Lauren double breasted long coat HERE

Eileen Fisher black velvet jacket HERE

AND here are some real furs, not expensive, but luxe looking.  I’m loving all the faux fur this season. 

Infinity Sable real fur HERE

Real Fox Stole – GORGEOUS!!!! HERE

Real fox wrap HERE


  1. Questions niggling for me:
    Who is the guy sitting next to MM at the wedding she went to with Harry?
    Are Charles and Camilla really soul mates? I keep reading that they live in separate houses.
    Who will get that wonderful country estate at the end of all this?
    Why are real furs being promoted here?
    P.S. William didn't really settle down all that quickly. He and Kate dated for like 9 years with several breakups during that time.

    1. no clue who the guy is you mean. Well - Charles and Camilla dated before they both married and then they rekindled it and he divorced because he loved Camilla and she too - and they married after all that. So, yeah - i'd say they are soul mates who went through hell to be together. Not that I used to be able to stand her!! I hated her! But, lately I"m ok with it - they were soul mates. It just infuriates me that he used Diana. Kate and William only broke up once during that time, irrc. Why can't we show real fur? I usually don't but - I thought these were pretty. Do you not wear leather?

    2. I read that Kate and William broke up several times, albeit only for a few days at least one of those times. My point was that I feel like they really knew they were meant to be together after the long relationship they had. They still look at each other with smiley eyes after having been together around 15 years. It will be interesting to see MM and Harry in 15 years. I will book mark this page.
      I do wear leather. I don't feel totally bad about cow leather, but I do feel sick about thinking of a fox being skinned. Am I hypocritical? I've wondered about that before. I read an article recently about imported fur being tested and sometimes turning out to be dog or cat. Google it. Is there a difference between King Charles Spaniel fur and fox?
      Are we really that evolved as a society, or do we just feel we are superior because we only skin certain animals that we have deemed appropriate? And if that is the case, where does the little fox that used to come to my friends' back porch for treats fit in?

    3. Kate and William broke up every year that they dated for months at a time. The 2007 breakup became world famous because it was thought they would never get back together and Kate courted the press to show William what he was missing to quote the daily mail online. Seriously, this shy, retiring woman who had been so discreet was suddenly in the papers at nightclubs in tiny skirts, shorts and dresses every night in pap-filled bars, restaurants and clubs and every morning in all our tabloids for months until he took her back. And the minute he did that, she stopped going to those places and went back to being shy, retiring, demurely dressed.

      9yrs of watching their relationship play out, better than a soap opera without the wattage of the Diana vs the royal family media war of the 80s and 90s.

      At the engagement, their history was reinvented to remove the inconvenient parts except for that 2007 breakup which had been too public to erase. This is the privilege of every one that marries a royal worldwide, and will happen to Meghan too.

      Camilla has turned out to be a very good royal. She tackles quite difficult aspects of society eg Osteoporosis, sexual violence, domestic violence, suicide. She is also a very strong advocate for children reading programmes. And to cap of each year, she throws a christmas party for disabled children at Clarence House. The theme is the nutcracker and going by the released pictures, the children have a fabulous time.


    4. I don't believe Kate had anything too terribly awful to "erase." Things are not easily erased these days anyway.
      There is nasty stuff out there about a few of the royals and it can be found online easily enough. If there's anything about M that's really bad, I'm sure it will come out; it wont be erased because we will already know about it then....My brain is like a steel trap and doesn't erase stuff...ha!

    5. Of course Kate doesn't have anything awful in her past, but she's still been whitewashed to present her as a demure, perfect bride for William. Everything from how and where she met William, the strategies employed to place herself in his orbit, the drinking and partying and falling out of clubs. Even the 9yr refusal to work and wait him out to propose have all been re-positioned into perfectly plausible explanations. And alot of it has been erased from the internet. And not just Kate, but William's poor behaviour too.


    6. Kate's nights out can be found in words and pics in about 2 seconds all over the internet. Nothing has been "erased."

    7. Oh yes it has. I have a friend who works as a news researcher for a company that is a resource to news agencies and bookmarks articles as a matter of routine. At the time of engagement, her Kate and William online files were intact as far as published articles. 6yrs after the wedding and that same file has only one quarter of the published articles still on the internet. The rest have a 404 error message.

      To be clear, i'm not accusing Kate of partying like Lindsay Lohan, but still many articles and pictures on her that were freely available are not there anymore. And those that are left are mild in the extreme so that one is left with impression of a mildly mild person who has rarely put a foot wrong, a latter day Doris day so to speak.

      The whitewashing of Kate's reputation is nothing compared to William's whitewashing. Reporters openly say that they are not allowed to write anything negative about the Queen, Charles or William which extends to their wives. From time to time, an article might appear, but it disappears very quickly and doesn't gain traction. Charles is unique in that Diana was willing to talk to the press and give them the dirt which created a market that was lucrative to report on.

      If not for that, the fiction of the fairytale marriage would have been maintained as indeed it was for ten years until Diana started talking.


    8. Kate didn't really have anything to "whitewash." She went out to some clubs after her boyfriend broke up with her. Big freakin' deal.

    9. William and Kate did not break up every year they were dating "for months at a time." They spent summers apart during university, as do many couples who date during college.

    10. Lol. I'm sure you lot also believed the fairytale marriage of Diana and Charles for the ten years the establishment PR sold that tale.

      There is convincing proof that they broke up every year and the ladies William was seeing during those breaks, but it's amazing how easilyy the public is deceived. Kate better pray that she is not divorced because then the media will publish the truth even if it's to paint Kate in a bad light because the establishment ALWAYS protects the heir.

    11. This sounds like you are in an anti Kate fandom.

  2. Oh that was an interesting post about Where the royals live and the future couple. Looks like the house in the Cotswold is charming. Beautiful pictures of weddings past at Windsor.

  3. Another tour de force, Joni. You don't miss any details! I feel kind of bad for the royals--up to Charles the marriages were arranged, they were under intense public scrutiny all the time. Actors and politicians choose to put themselves in the limelight. Somebody like Harry was born into it--no choice of his own. So his period of stupid antics was blood for the tabloid sharks. Now he seems to be on the straight and narrow and using his position for good. I wish him and Meghan Markle all the best.
    Meghan's mother looks fantastic.
    The half-siblings sound bitter out of jealousy. They might have outsize ideas about what she should be doing for them.
    I love all the property porn. Will have to pore over it again with another cup of coffee.
    Re Kate's coats--the one with little belts at the cuffs looks just like the one with the fur collar. Same coat with a fur addition? If so, bravo to her--one versatile coat is even better than two separate ones.

  4. "Stink eye"

    You go girl !

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    1. That was funny! I actually thought their expressions looked so sad and dour like the way they looked at Diana's funeral :~(

  5. This was just a beautiful PBS documentary....they should take notes!! franki

  6. Another great article, so much to digest! I want to know more about MM’s estranged “best friend”. Surely it’s more than M got divorced? During the engagement interview my thoughts turned to Harry’s former girlfriends...Cressida? And one other with whole he seemed to have long (if not on-again-off-again) relationships. I wondered what they were thinking by Harry being so quickly swept off his feet with Meghan. Do you have any dish on the timelines of the two former girlfriends?

    1. That estranged 'friend' was allegedly paid £100K by the tabloids which is all i need to know about the so-called friend. The British tabloids are currently offerring £100K to anyone who is willing to talk about Meghan. Look to these stories as people making a buck as opposed to being genuine friends.

      Chelsy and Harry were together 2004-2010, Cressida and Harry were together 2012-2014.


  7. Thanks for the brilliant summation!!! That estate is really lovely and the Royals are excellent stewards of historic properties (mostly because of Prince Charles) so I'm glad it ended up in safe hands. Lovely jackets and furs you selected - now ladies will know what to wear to the upcoming wedding ;-)

    1. Yes, the "ladies" can wear the eviscerated shells of lovely animals that have been murdered for profit.
      And a wink with a smiley face? Really?

  8. Love this epic post, Joni!!! Pedantic point about Megan Markle being a divorcee. Yes she is and yes this is 2017 BUT Mrs Simpson was still married Mr Simpson when she started her affair with Edward VIII + just saw a documentary (PBS? Netflix?) where they quoted recently released classified files revealing Winston Churchill + others in government were aware of her fascist sympathies (along with his) and did whatever they could to prevent the marriage, knowing war with Germany was likely. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor famously met Adolf Hitler in 1937.

  9. I'm finding the whole matter of her being American and marrying a Brit very interesting. I am American and married a Brit who is the product of the upper class, public school (like Eton) and Oxbridge education and social system. He was raised in London and at their country home in Buckinghamshire. Harold Wilson (former PM) was their neighbor. We live in the states but spend a fair amount of time in the UK. All of this to say that we may speak the same language, but culturally, Brits are VERY different. I'm going to speculate that she will have an adjustment period. There are so many aspects of their social and emotional world that Americans just don't get. And vice versa.

    1. This is so true. I did it in reverse. Brit married to an American, moved to USA. We might speak the same language in theory, but i had huge culture shock. Even the language was different. English, but with different grammer, nuances, pronounciations and interpretations of the same word sometimes. Culturally, i may as well have moved to China. I don't know why i expected Americans to be like the English, but i was very surprised that they were not.


  10. Holy cow your niece does look like Meghan! Like your niece might start getting harassed with people thinking she's Meghan. Your niece's mouth also resembles Julia's Roberts. As far as Meghan saying she didn't really know of Harry before... maybe she's dingy. If not, then I think Harry should be a little concerned about her honesty. : - ) But, what a fun post and I think Meghan will be fun to watch.

  11. If the author of this blog is "loving all the faux fur this season" so much, why are the real furs shown for sale then? What decade/century are we living in anyway?
    There must be other expensive items that could be put up for readers to buy that do not involve cruelty to innocent creatures. These animal skins are bought by women who have more money than sense (or compassion), and who need to show off. They are clueless and are living in an era past. They have little real self-esteem, and their confidence is low so they need to wrap dead animals around their bodies to try to lift themselves in the eyes of others. It only however serves to lift themselves up in the eyes of others who are as shallow, heartless, and ill-informed as themselves.

    1. Your assumptions about women whom you don't know are asinine. Get over yourself. Humans use animals for food, clothing, and much more, and have for thousands of years. Fur is just leather with the hair left on. Grow up. Animals eat other animals, or haven't you heard. Who are you to decide which animal someone uses and for what purpose. Are you one of those people who feeds your dog vegetarian food? Really, get some psychiatric help, you seem to need it.

    2. Jon tx,
      Calm down. It's not good for your health.
      There was a campaign years ago to get people to stop killing animals for fashion. Remember "I'd rather go naked than wear fur"?
      Now people really are pretty much naked, but they don't care about the inhumanity of killing animals for clothing anymore.
      I thought that certain groups were for animal rights; just goes to show to not make assumptions; when you do, people will surprise you and let you down. Loving and caring about animals just isn't in fashion right now I guess.
      Would you, Jon tx, kill a dog for fur or just buy pre-killed, blood cleaned off, and lined in satin fur from a department store?

    3. First of all, I don't think anyone that has half a brain would endorse cruelty to animals or endorse the unmanaged killing of endangered animals. BUT... I'm always curious as to how far people that criticize others for having an opinion contrary to theirs, just lhow far they walk the talk... in this case, I wonder if Anonymous wears leather belts or shoes, or ever sits on leather furniture? ... or does Anonymous eat meat, or dare say chicken or seafood. Or does Anonymous wear silk scarves... after all, think about all those poor abused silk worms that are worked to death. Maybe Anonymous doesn't realize that the fur trade is as highly controlled or ranched an industry as the meat for your next burger. Or is it a case for Anonymous that as long as everyone else stays within the parameters of how he/she chooses to live and think, then they meet with approval.

    4. Country,
      If you care enough to check it out, you might do more research about the fur trade. From what you said, you don't understand at all what really goes on.

    5. If you had any credibility you wouldn't be hiding behind a cloak of anonymity...

    6. "Cloak of anonymity" Ha! I'm not on Wordpress or Blogger or any of the other platforms offered here as a means to comment, so I comment under the anonymous option. If I made up a phony, bloated, egotistical bio about myself and put it on Blogger, would that mean anything? Of course not. It doesn't really matter who I am.
      Now, have you bothered doing any research about what really goes on in the fur trade? That was the real subject at hand here.

    7. Lol, no this was not the subject for this posting of Joni's. If you are so passionate about your concern, then why don't you start your own blog and try to make a difference that way. But, I'm doubtful that you do walk the talk... more likely a holier than thou hypocrite. I'm willing to bet that you eat meat and seafood, maybe wear leather belts and shoes, sit on leather furniture, and probably buy products through free trade that have been produced in 3rd world countries that have deplorable child slave labor conditions. You are still a discredited troll. Anonymous... this is my final reply to you.

    8. Join the club, Country. Apparently you have as much spare time on your hands as I do!
      I'm not any more discredited than anyone else putting in their 2 cents.
      Merry Christmas.

  12. She does look JUST like Brooke- same beautiful twinkle in their eyes!! Love that Brooke!!

  13. I always thought of you as the Hedda Hopper of the interior design industry...but you have really spread yourself... and always with a real knack for research and detail!

    1. omg! that's terrible!!! LOL. Hedda Hopper???? lol. Thanks, I guess?

  14. Love reading this. I find it interesting that both William and Harry chose to marry outside their “social circles”. I follow three “royal” blogs because I love to see what they are wearing. The first blog is: The second blog is: The third blog is:

  15. Another great blog post! I must admit I have some misgivings about Mehgan--she seemed pushy in their engagement interview and the whole "I didn't know who he was!" just seems disingenuous to me. However, if he loves her that's all that counts and I hope they are happy together. Looking forward to the wedding--I hope the ceremony is televised but since Harry is so far down the pecking order I wonder if they'll just cover the entrance and exit to the chapel? Time will tell.

    1. Joni,
      Please rethink your position on promoting the sale of murdered animals to be used as accessories for "humans."
      It's an outdated, cruel concept.
      Thank you.

    2. Take tour bully pulpit elsewhere like to Vogue and Anna Wintour. She’s more a proponent of fur in the fashion industry. We’ve heard you enough here, this is about the royal wedding for gods sake

    3. It seems to also be about hawking animal skins.

  16. I am surprised you didn't mention how Meghan was living with someone (Canadian chef Cory Vitiello) in that cute Toronto house at the same time she started dating Harry. Something about her strikes me as very phony and as the ultimate social climber. I hope, for Harry's sake, that I am wrong.

    1. You're not wrong. Poor Harry. Well, he should be old enough to figure this stuff out but I still feel badly for him.

    2. "Like a lamb to the slaughter" as the Brits say!

    3. yeah, well. I tried to be nice about. But did say that I thought her denials about knowing about Harry was a lie. Calculated lie. Makes me wonder. Plus her best friend of 30 years doesn't talk to her any longer and has said some awful things about her character. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

    4. Correct on all points. M is quite calculated, her interview with H on the couch is so hard to watch. She plays with her hair so much, that "sweet" voice, so smug. I'd like to think that M looks like your beautiful niece! Right...M didn't have any idea that H existed when she perched on that fence outside of the palace...and that engagement coat/bathrobe thing is abysmal, trying too hard on all points. When Diana passed, the world stopped shining so brightly. She was in the news every single day. Love her or hate her, you had to admit she had something very special that wouldn't be easily duplicated.


  17. Ummmm ...Sorry Joni .... but the Battle of Hastings was held at Senlac Hill ...about 7 miles outside of Hastings, East Sussex ... The Battle of Hastings was NOT held in the Cotswolds.... !!!!!!

    1. Lol.

      I was momentarily confused by that too. Had to google to make sure!!


    2. lol. I have not idea WHAT it is!! But that was a talking point about the sale of the house. I didn't make that up lol.

    3. .ok - I found out what i did. The area was OWNED by King Harold II who was killed in the battle of Hastings.

  18. Sorry Joni, Meghan isn't the first divorcee to marry into the royal family. That would be Princess Michael of Kent in 1978. And the second would be Camilla in 2005.

    She's also not the first person with a question mark over religion. That would be Princess Marina in 1934 and Prince Philip in 1947, both Greek Orthodox before they converted in order to marry their respective British royals.

    Is Canada not an American country? Because Peter Philips, Son of Princess Anne, has been married to a canadian since 2008.

    Most of the publicly assumed barriers to joining the british royals eg religion, nationality, marital status, race, occupation etc haven't existed for many years. Across the wider family, social progress has been made. The Queen has been very accepting and tolerant of this progress. The last remaining barrier which was gender primogenature and barring of Catholics was removed in 2015.


    1. right. well, i wasn't counting minor royals like Princess Michael. Also, when Camilla married - it was both their second marriage and it was promised that Camilla would never be Queen. About religion, I didn't say there was an issue with her religion at all. It was just stated that she would baptized in the Church of England. Canada is not part of the United States.

  19. I think Meghan has a type! Her ex is very similar to Harry. Great article! I wish them well.

  20. Excellent article and pictures. Appreciate the information and think the couple deserves a chance no matter what. I do think Harry is in love completely and hope that Meghan is the same.

    1. Would it be "love" after he's only had a handful of dates with her and she lived 5000 miles away for the majority of their courtship?
      I have a bad feeling about this, but certainly hope that I'm wrong.

    2. Hi Sheila, the unconscious is very powerful. The little I have read about Harry's interviews tells me that he probably strongly resent how his mom was treated by the royal family, including his father, of course, not to mention the dislike of his grandmother for Diana. When considering, in addition, that many members of this family tends to make derogatory comments about people who are, let's say, different from them (if you know what I mean) Meghan Markle is payback. Thus who she is, her social station, roots, etc., makes her extremely attractive to him.

    3. I am beside my mom who is dying at this wonderful hospice house, Sheila, so at times I write in very much of a hurry or do not finish my thoughts. I just now truly saw what you so well said: "Would it be "love" after only a handful of dates..." Of cours NOT! They seem to be "in love." The "in love" feeling lasts at most 2 years. They will know what LOVE is perhaps after 20 years. I used to like a song that goes "I wanna know what love is..." Well, the singer/writer might know after a couple of decades spent with a companion. I really know what love is "now"!

    4. Letty,
      Oh, so sorry about your mom. It's so hard. Sending my best for her and you.

    5. Hi Letty,

      Last year at this time I was where you are now. My mother was not expected to last past Christmas day, so my sister and I more or less lived in her palliative care room from December 19th until she passed away on January 18th. We slept on the floor in her room, put up a Christmas tree, hung stockings, bought flowers, put her presents under the tree, brought her favourite stuffed animals and her favourite blanket, listened to carols on her little stereo and watched Christmas specials on her TV. We took turns walking the quarter mile to the nearest restaurant to buy meals and to the grocery store to buy popsicles, which were all she could/would eat.

      Losing someone you love is incredibly hard. Losing someone you love at Christmas is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you Letty. I'm thinking of you and your mom. Hugs.

    6. Hi Avery, who would know that this interior design blog would be doing double duty. I first came across it when I was recovering from a bad flu. I practice self-care so I intentionally engage in activities I enjoy when not feeling well or sad -- both conditions are rare with me. I don't have a sibling so my husband does what he can for he developed shingles and is now undergoing acupuncture tx to see if it helps with the pain which is going on for 2 months. I am glad you mentioned what you did for your mom. I did not think of asking her what she wants for Christmas but I do play her favorite music for her. I am so tired I am not thinking anymore for at the hospital she would not allow treatment unless I was present which made me pretty much live there. I am so thankful for your suggestions and it is fun for me reading the blog and the comments about design and this week the comments on people who by accident of birth make a living out of tax payers obligatory "contributions." Leticia

  21. I love the way your detective mind works!

  22. Joni...
    Thank you for your incrediable research on each topic.
    I L.O.V.E. reading your blog posts!
    Thank you.

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  25. Dear Monica and Mirian,
    Your comments have nothing to do with the wonderfully researched article we have ALL enjoyed reading. CONGRATULATIONS Joni. Mirian and Monica, please start your own blog elsewhere. With kindest regards, Laura.