COTE DE TEXAS: Michael Smith and Lori Loughlin

Michael Smith and Lori Loughlin

I last wrote about a collaboration that interior decorator Michael S. Smith had with one family.   During the last two decades, Smith and his clients have built over a dozen houses and offices that remain some of his best work.   That story was a revelation to me because before I wrote it, I had no idea that so many of these homes were done for this one, charitable, upstanding, and admirable family.

Cut to earlier last week when the college scandal broke.  One name stood out from the others:

Lori Loughlin

While I was writing the story about Michael Smith and his clients and their destination wedding at the Rothschild Villa, there was another client who also had a long relationship with Smith – one that was, in the end, broken. 

Over the years, Smith had decorated many houses for the Full House actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli – many beautiful homes.  But their two most recent houses were designed by someone else.   And it is one of those two houses that the couple put up as collateral to get out of jail.

Now…I know this blog is a politics-free zone, but the college admission scandal is not about politics.  I dare say, the guilty are probably both democrats and republicans.

Let’s just say this, the guilty are a prime example of bad parenting.

Apparently,  many of the children weren’t even aware of what their parents had done for them.

This all makes me remember the time when our own daughter, Elisabeth, was preparing to go to college.   With two different learning disabilities, it wasn’t easy for her and she didn’t have a lot of collegiate options.  Thank God for Lynn University which took her with open arms, on her own merits. But remembering how hard Elisabeth worked and how emotional the process was…all the rejections she had to endure...we were thrilled when she graduated and even made the Dean’s List a few times!

I’m know you all have your own stories where you helped your children, legally and legitimately.   And you are welcome to share your story in the comment section – of how hard your child worked to get what they deserved!!! 

That’s why this story resonated with so many of us, those of us whose children got what they wanted and those who didn’t – no matter how hard they worked.   How many children were rejected so that a cheater could take their place?

So, seeing the name Lori Loughlin tied up in the school scandal surprised me.   Michael Smith had designed houses for her and her husband Mossimo during the same time period as the other couple from last week.  I kept seeing photos of Lori’s houses while researching that other couple. 

In particular, one house of Lori’s stuck out more than the others.  I remembered it so well – it was one of my favorite Michael Smith houses. 

THAT Lori was the college admission cheat?  That one?

It just didn’t fit with her perky, wholesome persona.

Lori & Mossimo. 

Those fillers!!  Oy!!!

Besides the fact that Lori & Mossimo are now in the news – their real estate history is a story in and of itself.

So, let’s look at Michael Smith’s collaboration with this couple and then let’s look at their houses without Smith.   Maybe if they had just stayed with Michael…..

I.   Emerald Bay Beach House:

One of the first times Michael Smith and Lori & Mossimo were shown in a design magazine together was for this beach house in the gated community of Emerald Bay at Laguna Beach. 

It is not said how Smith originally met Lori & Mossimo.  But Michael is from Newport Beach – maybe that was the connection.   Michael had graduated from Otis College of Design in L.A. and had studied at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum in London.  Back home, he worked for Gep Durenberger, the famed antiques dealer and later he worked with the great John Saladino!

However the introduction was made, Smith and Lori & Mossimo had a strong partnership for a number of years.

Before Mossimo had married, he had built another beach house in Laguna, a modern version, and with these two beach houses the couple started on a roller coaster of buying and selling real estate at such a dizzying pace, they became known for it.

They bought the rose covered beach house in 1997 for $1,360,000. In 1999, noted architect Lynn Pries renovated the 1931 cabin. Just 1,268 sq ft, it was the perfect weekend house for the young couple who soon would have two daughters. 

But, there was big money to make in the Los Angeles real estate market, so the couple sold this perfect family retreat in 2010 for around 4 million, after it had languished on the market for a few years at 8+ million.  Snort.   A Houston hedge fund manager finally took the perfect weekend house off their hands.

Green painted wood floors.  It’s cute for a beach house, something different than the more typical beachy Shabby Chic.  Love the pink chaise.  This house was photographed for a magazine – the first of many magazine spreads for Lori and Mossimo.

Thanks to Style Court for these old, old scans!

More old scans from the magazine:   The bedroom, with a metal four poster bed and more green in the bath, with a crystal chandelier.

More from the magazine – the kitchen.

And still more from the unnamed magazine – the outside with pink and green cushions and pillows.

With the beach house for sale, you can see how cute it was with its white roses and ivy.  Look how charming the garage is!  It must now be part of the house – no driveway.  Arched carriage doors and a round window above!


Another view from the real estate photos shows the same furniture as seen in the magazine.  Not much is changed except for what Smith used for the photoshoot.

One room living.   The island divides the two areas.

Mossimo made his fortune in clothing.  He sold his label and name and brand to Target – but his stock took a nosedive in 1998 and overnight he lost half a billion dollars.  When that happens, you sell your property.  Besides his modern beach house and this rose covered beach house, Moss also owned a five acre plot of land near Newport Beach which he was lucky to sell for $12 million.  Maybe the real estate roller coaster wasn’t just because it was his “passion” as Lori would say.   The press ate up all the real estate news the couple made.

Here’s a quick look at his modern beach house that he built in 1993 before his marriage.  It was designed by Mark Singer.


This beach house was pre-Lori.  It’s very modern and large – it was built on three lots.  It has a very sophisticated inside-outside feel but is lacking in the charm that the other beach house has. The gardens are beautiful.  I would love to see Michael decorate this house!   Still, this style is a hint of things to come when their Michael Smith collaboration ends. 

Besides these two beach houses, there was yet another family playcation house – in Aspen’s west end, where the original cute Victorians are located.  In other words, the exact place you want to be in Aspen.

Their Aspen house was built in 1888, but in 2007 Lori & Moss hired Derek Skalko of F1 Friday Design to update it.  By 2014, it was on the market for $8.9 million.  Some were put off by their renovation which had stripped away much of the original detailing, like old creaking stairways instead of modern, see through stairs.

The glass staircase in Aspen.  Notice the yellow wood, it will pop up again later, as will the glass see-through staircase.

Go HERE to see more photos of the Aspen house.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Lori & Mossimo started on that frantic roller coaster ride, buying and selling multi million dollar mansions – seemingly overnight.

Below:  The couple turned up in Elle Decor Magazine in 2000, showing off their newly renovated house on Chalon.  It was a huge(!) house with quite a history and it was hard for real estate blog writers to understand why the family would spend so much money and time to renovate the house and then turnaround and sell it so quickly. 

II. Chalon Street

Here, in 2000, Lori and Moss posed for Elle Decor in their new house on Chalon, just renovated.

This early purchase was an important house.  Built in the 1920s in Bel Air, its architect Gordon Kaufmann also built Hoover Dam and Greystone, one of the more famous houses in Los Angeles.  The house was almost 9,000 sq ft. with 23 rooms.  The actor Brian Keith and his wife Victoria Young once lived there and later the house was sold to J. Paul Getty’s son George.  Getty died there suddenly in 1973 after falling and hitting his head during a bbq party in his backyard.  His widow sold the Chalon house four years later to the owners of Rodeo Collection.  After a subsequent earthquake, those new owners, the Mahboubi Fardis, spent $1.5 million taking the house’s facade apart and then putting it back together, brick by brick.  

Eventually the Fardis sold their house to Lori and Mossimo in 1996, who embarked on, yes, a total renovation of the interiors by Ferguson & Shamamian.   After the renovation, it was decorated by Michael Smith and this house remains the pinnacle of their partnership.

When the couple bought the house on Chalon, it did not appeal to them at first – it was all bright white with tract lighting (the horror!)  Later, they would prefer bright white houses like this one on Chalon Street.

The back.  Notice the brick color.

A view of downtown L.A.

The Smith decor was shown in the 2000 Elle Decor and also in Michael’s books.  This photo came from the book – showing the main hall.

Do you remember this house?  I do.  It was my favorite Michael Smith house for many a year.

The stairwell – with the collection of antique globes, which will follow the couple around for a few more houses. 

Another view.

The view at the end of the hall into the living room.

This painting is one of the few items from this house that the couple still owns today.

A gorgeous corner.  Even today, this makes my heart stop.

Those curtains!!  Green with blue liners – and this was a decade before blue and green together was chic.  That stripe banquette.

That stool!!!!

That chinoiserie chest!!!


There are ZERO good photos of this house!!!!!!  Sorry – it’s only all old, bad scans.

Another view of the room – shows the settee which we will see again later.

A larger view.  Green lampshades.  Miles!!!  Is there where you got your love of green lampshades?

The fireplace view.

Another terrible scan, but it’s a bigger view from book – it shows the desk behind the settee.

Glass chandeliers everywhere.  The dining room has typical Michael Smith chairs in red leather. 

From Elle Decor, the family room.

Another view from the family room shows a gorgeous antique hall chair.

The kitchen and breakfast room with lots of fabrics.  The unseen sofa was covered in the blue and white check.

Another view of the happy family with their first born.

Years later, this serene scene will all be shattered.

The house was sold a year after this photoshoot, in 2001.  David Murdock, a billionaire several times over, bought it for $10 million.  Murdock owed Dole Pineapple, and as such owned almost an entire island in Hawaii. 

Murdock completely redecorated the Chalon house:

The house on Chalon under Murdock.  The hall is now covered in hand painted wallpaper.  Beautiful!

The living room is now yellow and filled with French antiques. 

The family room.

It looks as if Lori & Mossimo left all the chandeliers in the house for the Murdocks. 

For some reason the stairhall looks Italian now??

The pine office in the rotunda.

Murdock lived here for over ten years until his late 80s when he sold the Chalon house for $30 million. 

And today the house is for sale yet again for $35 million – but this time the house got a restoration for the younger set.  See if you like it better now or under the Murdocks or under Lori & Mossimo:

An aerial view of the house today.  It’s a beautiful estate.

The house is now painted white, which I think is an improvement. 

Since there was no MLS when Lori & Mossimo sold this house in a private arrangement, we never got to see the real estate photos from the Michael Smith decor.

A closer view.

The owners of Chalon today are a power couple.  He is a manager with clients such as Warren Beatty.  She has her own CPA firm with power clients such as the likes of Warren Beatty.  Low profile.  Even if  I told you their name, it wouldn’t ring a bell.

So, forget I never told you!!!!

Well, it’s just beyond horrible.    Beyond horrible if that is possible?

That rug?  

Please tell me this was staged.  But I don’t think so.

What IS this?!?!?!?!

Compare this to:

Even the terrible scan looks so much better!!!! 

I can’t even discuss it.

Oh, I’m speechless.  Truly speechless. 

At least the power couple did not change the stairs or the molding.

Moving on from the Chalon House which the couple owned for just a few years, we come to Santa Monica.

Besides the beach house, an early collaboration between Lori and Mossimo was just an “interim house.”


III. Santa Monica

In Style:  The Santa Monica House

You probably remember this house – shown in In Style magazine in 2004.

By now, the couple were well known in real estate circles for buying houses, renovating them, then selling them soon after – for major profits.  Flipping their personal houses, in other words.

This house in Santa Monica was just an “interim” home – after they had sold the fabulous house on Chalon in Bel Air and purchased another house in Bel Air, which they were waiting to be renovated. 

This interview has dark meaning today, knowing what we know about this couple.  Three major houses in just a few years time – all renovated.

The house was 3,000 square feet, but Lori said that she and her husband were “small people,” so why did they need a big house? 

How funny. 


There was more.

The couple also “discovered” they liked small houses, their intimacy – “I just find it very romantic”  Lori told In Style.

She must not have liked it too much.  This Santa Monica house was quickly sold and they have renovated and sold half a dozen different houses since.

And more…  

“This house has been a lesson in restraint…but we’ve learned that living in a small space is kind of nice.”

Could you be any more obnoxious and condescending?

As if 3,000 sq. feet is equivalent to living in a dog house!!!!

And although they claimed this house was just an interim residence while their NEW, BIGGER house was being renovated – they also took this 1920s house down to the studs and redid it too.  Huh???

The interview in In Style reads as an apology to her fans as to why they are living in such a “small” house.   Knowing what I know now – it should be no surprise.  It’s obvious this is someone who greatly cares what others think of her.  The size of the house is mentioned too many times for it not to be an embarrassment. 

And yet, the house is gorgeous.

The “so small” house in Santa Monica – the interim house that Ferguson & Shamamian renovated for the couple, down to the studs.

Michael Smith did the interiors.

The house is built around a courtyard with a pool house.

The Michael Smith living room is beautiful.  That fireplace!   I have loved this room for so long, never realizing whose house it was, until I wrote last week’s story.

The tiled stairs – with a collection of antique globes – love the globes!  Those are LONG gone now – but the couple reused them in all their Michael Smith houses.

The kitchen with more tiles – in green this time.

And a huge family room, off the kitchen – in this “so small house!”  Notice how well that sofa is made – the plump, soft cushions.  Love!

The master suite with restored ceiling.

The pool house.

The colorful pool house with green striped sofa.

The couple sold their interim house in 2006 for $5.5 million to Laura Dern and Ben Harper who sold it when they divorced in 2012 for $6.5 million.  Ben Harper is shown below in front of the house.

I guess A List star Laura Dern didn’t find it embarrassing to live in such a small house.
Now that the interim house was sold they were ready to move into their Bel-Air house.  It was smaller than their former house on Chalon, but not by much.

IV  Bel-Air

This house, also in Bel Air was bought in 2002 for $8+ million and sold in May, 2011 for $16+ million.   Doubled their money, minus the renovation costs.  They sold this house to actress Alexandra Dwek.   The house is 4928 sq ft and was built in 1942.  BUT, there are several other buildings on the beautiful property.  There’s a cute carriage house and a full pool house which is like a third house – sq. footage is increased to 10,000 when counting these three houses.

Michael Smith did the decorating and Ferguson Shamamian did the restoration, yet again.

This would be the last house they all worked on together.


The house is charming, a true Ozzie & Harriet type of house, which fits the owners persona exactly, NOT.

The foyer leads to the stairhall.  Through the door is the master bedroom suite.  Notice the collection of antique globes from their two previous houses. 

And another view.

The view from the entry hall to the living room.

The living room uses the French settee from the Chalon house in the Michael Smith fabric.   This painting will go from house to house to house and it is still one of the very few things still with the couple today.

Another view of the living room, off the main hall.  Double height ceiling, painted green.

Another view with the color slightly off.

This is a pretty house and I love the way they reused the furniture. 

The dining room with Tree of Life fabric on the walls.  Through the door is the main hall.

All the chairs from the old house are gone – Smith probably bought them back and used them for another client.    But the rectangular table would never have worked here.

Off the foyer, the master suite.

At first, there was no wallpaper in this room, but later it was added and it looks so pretty.  I will never tire of this look!!


Before the room was wallpapered.  I assume all the molding on the walls had to come down?

Kitchen, breakfast and sitting area.  One thing I hate – those lights mixed with the pendants.  That’s awful.

Another thing I don’t care for?  The dark blue foyer/staircase.

Look how pretty the breakfast room looks here.  Love those mantels seen in this area.

And again, the sitting room.

The back of the main house.  Notice the gate at the far right!  Charming!!!

Close up of the gate door.

And at the far left is the carriage house with guest rooms and staff rooms.  That’s what it said, not me!

The carriage house – notice the clock over the door!  Too cute!!!

IF Lori & Moss had not sold this house, the carriage house would have been a great place for her daughters to live after college – instead of being in an apartment, alone. 

But, we don’t think alike, I suppose.

The tent where Lori exercised.   This is made like the Swedish metal tents and I do wonder what it is made out of?

A little research (see!!!  this is why my stories are so slow coming out!!!!!!!!!  I can’t quit researching!!!)

Here’s a metal tent at Drottningholm Palace Gardens in Stockholm.  There are many of these follies that were made and more that were just designed and were never built.  I wrote a story about these years ago HERE. (A few pics are missing.)

But I found a few photos of L&M’s tent looking very different:

Here you can see it’s actually pink and white stripes – which looks like the sun faded the paint.

I’m willing to guess this was the girls’ playhouse and when they outgrew it, it became an exercise room.

And a closer view.  Is it metal?  The awning scallops are so cute and so are the windows!!

The pool house.  Again, so charming.

Inside the pool house.  

Well it WAS a great family house for a few years. 

In 2011, the couple sold this family house for $16+ million to actress/socialite Alexandra Dwek. 

Alexandra Dwek and her elderly husband turned around and sold the house for a cool $40 million.

This was a HUGE profit for Dwek.  I can imagine Lori & Moss realized they sold too quickly.  Should have waited a few years. 

The overpaying buyers?  H. Ross Perot, Jr.

This cute house, decorated by Smith, with the carriage house and the pool house, was the one house that Lori & Moss lived in the longest.  It’s probably the house that the daughters feel is home.

But, that house was sold and now a new one had to be bought:

V.   N. Palm

lori laughlin Beverly Hills Mansion

Apparently Mossimo found their new house in the real estate section one Sunday while looking for a new place to renovate.  As it is with almost any house in Los Angeles, this one came with a Hollywood pedigree. On a Hollywood Stars map, the house is listed as one Marlene Dietrich lived in.   Johnny Hyde – famous for being the talent agent who discovered Marilyn Monroe - lived right next door.  Monroe lived in that house while he made her a star.    She loved the house and after moving nearby she would walk N. Palm saying she wished she had never moved.

MM next door!

Built in 1929, Lori and Moss’s new  house came with a 2 1/2 story domed entrance, stained glass skylight, and a speakeasy – something that many houses in L.A. had during the age of prohibition.  

With this house, the Smith/Ferguson Shamamian collaboration was officially over.   In came The Maine Group.  Jason Maine had been the studio director for Michael Smith and when he quit, he formed The Maine Group with his wife.   Lori & Moss became their first clients.   But who would do the architectural work now that Ferguson Shamamian was no longer working with the couple.  He then found Ruard Veltman online.

Moss told Elle Decor in 2015, that he was craving a departure from the traditional style of Smith’s, although he didn’t mention Michael by his name.  He said in his European travels he noted a trend of updating historic spaces with contemporary elements and he wanted the same.  Once the new Bel-Air house was completed, it was quickly shown in Elle Decor and then even quicker, put up for sale, yet again.

In retrospect, it is obvious that Lori & Moss were using Elle Decor as their own personal PR/real estate agent whether Elle Decor knew or even cared.  All their stories in Elle Decor were quickly followed by a For Sale sign.  This house on N. Palm was bought for 7.5 million and sold five years later for $18+ million.

The BEFORE photos are not to be believed – once you see the AFTER photos.   The house looks like a madman who idolizes Tony Duquette did the interiors.  Needless to say – it’s all gone, including the indoor swimming pool:

A recap of the BEFORE interiors.  Bizarre!

The indoor pool must have been filled in – which is kind of sad, it look salvageable.

Before:   The facade.  Notice the orange corbel and pediment above the door.  That is the one thing that made me believe these BEFORE photos matched the AFTER photos.  I thought the addresses were wrong. 

After:  All the extras were taken away.

See the corbel now in white?   It took me a few days to notice the corbel and prove to myself that they were one and the same house.


A google photo of the house BEFORE.   The only thing recognizable today are the trees out front.

During – all the landscaping is gone so that now you can see the house without all the fru-fru.

And after – a new stucco fence.


Before:   The entry

After:  Black floors and a glass staircase – just like in their Aspen house.


All gray, gray, gray,  with touches of teal.  Sorry, but this is just so very boring especially compared to a Michael Smith interior.   Notice the ceiling was kept but edited.

I mean, it just doesn’t compare to their living room by Michael Smith.

That table.  The light fixture.

Hard to believe this is the same house.  Not sure if it’s the same exact room but does that matter?

The new family room.

Moss’s office with his silver surfboard and macho motorcycle.

I do really like this  - an added passthrough that they leave open most of the time.  Maybe this was once the indoor pool?  I really like this room.

And this – I really like this section too.  The windows are beautiful.  Really pretty.    The kitchen and sitting room are newly added on.  Do you see the kitchen behind the sofa and barstools?   It’s all hidden back there.  Not exactly a cozy, warm friendly family kitchen.

The office is seen on the left and the passageway is on the right with its door closed.  The flooring is basalt stone.

The same backyard BEFORE!!!

In the Elle Decor article it said that Moss was already itching for a new house.  Of course!

VI.  Country Club

By June, 2017, Mossimo struck again.  He bought a house that borders the Bel-Air Country Club for $14 million.  The list of their property purchases was staggering and showed a couple whose house was obviously just a commodity, not a home for the family.  Does that mean anything?   I’m not sure.

Before:   the facade was later streamlined for Lori & Mossimo.

This Bel-Air house on the golf course was most famous for being Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson’s house where they lived with all their children.  They also had a house in Malibu and another one in Vermont.

After the renovation.

It doesn’t state who did the remodeling or decorating, but most of the furnishings came from their previous house by The Maine Group.

After – on the golf course, right in the middle of Los Angeles.   Interesting, UCLA is right across the road.  The family picked USC for their girls which is much farther away.

From the front side.  Double garages.  The pool is in the courtyard.  There’s another smaller pool at the front on the golf course side.              

BEFORE:  I have to say I like the before front facade better than the After.  I think it’s so pretty and romantic.

AFTER:   It’s nice, contemporary.  But I prefer the BEFORE front facade. 

Here, the front door is now two story, pine colored – yellow wood mixed with white.

Inside the pine colored stain continues.  I really hate this color of wood!   It’s not dark or light, it’s just yellow.  This is an interesting space – that opens to the golf course.  I hate that piece of art.   I’m so negative, but I just don’t like this at all.

Before:  Big changes to this area.  The side wall was opened to the outside.

AFTER:   All the living room furniture family came from the last home. 

Notice the painting over the fireplace – that was from many houses ago, by Michael Smith.

AFTER:  The room behind the living room is a marble topped bar with a mirrored island.

BEFORE:   The living room.  Instead of a sitting room in the back, now there is the marble bar.

The family room.  I like this more than any other room – the furnishings are more traditional. 


BEFORE:   The family room.  I miss that mantel.  Instead there is now a marble slab.  I do much prefer the arched entrance rather than the columns seen here.

After:  The dining room.  Again, just awful!  That light fixture!

The room is pretty though and the view is wonderful, but the furnishings are just b-a-d.

Before:  As in most room, doorways are shut off and moved.  Windows are now arched throughout the house.

AFTER:  Another invisible kitchen like the previous house. 

From the other side.  Another warm and friendly family kitchen.

Right outside the kitchen is this outdoor eating area, which is very nice.

After:  Another bland spot – Moss’s office that looks like a doctor’s office.  Just boring.

After:  A master suite.  More yellow wood and white walls.

BEFORE   The same room.  I know this house needed updating, but just not THAT much!  And no yellow wood!!!  Gray wood would have been so much prettier!!!

AFTER:   I just can’t – each new room is worse than the next.

BEFORE:    Even this color of wood is nicer than the yellow wood.


AFTER:  What is THIS?   That looks so uncomfortable!

The pool area is beautiful and the house is very pretty.  It’s the furnishings and the finishes – inside, it’s the white paint and the yellow wood, it’s just a bad combination.

Gray floors and white walls would have been beautiful.  But the yellow?  Why????

The new smaller tub by the golf course with those long steps that are so architectural.  I like this a lot.

The house was for sale for $35,000 until Lori and Mossimo’s arrest.  They used their house as collateral to get out of jail.   Good thing that they hadn’t sold this house or else they would have had to put up cash instead of collateral.

Which leaves us to today.

Both of the daughters are out of school for now.

The youngest daughter Olivia Jade is an internet influencer - which means by her just recommending something, she influences her fans to buy it.  And she has a lot of fans, almost 2,000,000 of them.

Being an influencer is not easy.  It’s a lot of hard work.  It’s not hard labor, but it takes determination and dedication and discipline.  These are good qualities, perhaps instilled by her parents. Perhaps not.

Besides a good work ethic, to be a successful influencer you must have something else.  You must have that undefinable “it factor.”   You have to be so charismatic that people want to buy what you buy and dress like you dress.   Not many people make it at being a successful influencer but that’s not to say they don’t try.  The few at the top are exactly that – the few – and Olivia Jade was on her way to the top.   That was, before her parents ruined it for her, probably forever. 

If, Olivia Jade is truly innocent and did not know that her parents cheated to get her into college, I truly feel very badly for her.  They have ruined her life. 

I suppose the girls knew they weren’t on the crewe, but it’s possible they didn’t realize the extent of what that meant.

Who knows?   

All I know is two very successful people, with two obviously talented daughters, have ruined their lives. 

Amazon furnished Olivia Jade’s college room – down to the makeup brushes.  All part of her being a spokesman for Amazon.

In one article Lori bragged about Olivia Jade’s YouTube channel which she started when she was 14.  

LORI:  "She started a YouTube channel around makeup and beauty and now she's an ambassador for Sephora and she wants to have her own makeup line one day and she's totally moving in that direction, but she started that channel on her own.  She did it all herself. I laugh. She's a one-woman production company. She hosts the show. She edits the show. She adds the music. She does the graphics. She comes up with the content. She produces the whole thing."

I suppose it’s true that she did it all on her own.  But, see?  You don’t believe anything her mother says now. 

If she did it all on her own, it’s hard work.  It’s a job.  It’s a career.  Kylie Jenner became the first teen billionaire being an influencer – selling her own brand of lipstick.  She’s an anomaly, but there are many waiting in the wings. 

Olivia Jade’s contracts with Sephora and Tresemme have been broken.  She was launching her own clothing line in the coming months – that’s all dust in the wind now, thanks to Mommy and Daddy.  

I have such rage thinking about what they did.  It’s just unconscionable and if the two daughters are innocent, I can’t imagine how they could right this with their two girls.   What a tragic mess!

Lori was fired from the Hallmark Channel which has been her major source of work.  She probably will not be allowed to return to the Full House series.   Her career is over now, but for her children, it just seems unfair. 

Her parents have hired a high price attorney who prosecuted the Enron hot shots.  The head honcho, Jeff Skilling, was just released from prison this year – that’s how good this attorney is.  Skilling was in prison a long time.  Now, his prosecutor, Sean Berkowitz, is on the other team, representing the cheaters, not the cheated.  Wow.

Think only rich people try to cheat and get in better schools?   This story below makes my blood boil – the inequality.

Ohio resident Kelly Williams Boyar wanted her kids to go to a better, safer school but she didn’t live in its district.  Her father did, and although her kids spent half their time with him, Kelley was arrested and convicted for sending her kids to the better school.  The district demanded $30,000 in tuition since she didn’t pay taxes in that district.  When she refused, they arrested her and she was sentenced to 10 days in prison, three years on probation and commanded to prefer community service.  Kelley said the district didn’t want the money, they just wanted to use her as an example.   The judge agreed:

"I felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the various school districts," the judge declared. 

Kelley had this to say:  "It's overwhelming. I'm exhausted, I did this for them, so there it is. I did this for them."

I’ll be curious to see if Lori and Moss get even this much of a sentence with their high priced attorney.


  1. The college admissions cheating makes my blood boil. I think the kids should be kicked out of school--they are taking the spots of more-qualified people. And I hope the parents and coaches end up in prison for quite a while. As a deterrent.
    As for the houses, the Michael Smith versions are the ones I like, especially the Chalon house. What did they do with the huge marble table in the foyer? I expected to see that show up again, like the piano. I noticed it because I have the same marble, from Caunes in the south of France, in my kitchen (small kitchen in a small house, but it's nice enough). I really don't like the very modern interiors--I like modern but not these--yet the worst by far was the overdone opulence of the "before" house with the indoor pool. Like a cartoon of what a rich person's house would be.


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  2. I won't comment on the admissions scandal, except to agree that it is a scandal, and a big deal in terms of honesty and transparency in our country today.
    The houses - I, of course prefer the Smith houses. My question, what happened to all the moldings, rails and grand staircases that were stripped out of the later house? Is it preserved and sold as salvage, or it it just so much more landfill the community must deal with? With moneyed people continually redoing perfectly good, and handsome homes from scratch, that must be alot of wasted materials...

  3. The opulence of these homes is astounding. Your comments about the homes are a hoot and right on target. I wouldn't follow your blog if my taste in design didn't fall in line with yours, so I'm in agreement with your comments. I know it's unchristian-like to be joyful in someone else's sorrow, but I have been totally joyful to read all that these parents are losing over this cheating scandal. To those of us who have sweated and stayed awake at night during the college admissions process then prayed and sweater even more helping to pay for college, this brings joy to my heart. I hope the parents go to prison and lose every dime they have.

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  5. I have a hard time believing the girls didn't know what their parents were doing as far as their college admission went. The 'influencer' was on her YouTube channel talking about how she didn't bother going to her classes during high school! I think they were raised believing that they could get and do anything they wanted because they were rich and famous.

  6. Just another of the "one percenter" family's showing off that she & her family are wealthy, gorgeous, and smart. Her daughters are so smart that they got into USC. I hope the parents rot in jail.

  7. This cheating scandal is the tip of the iceberg in regard to college admissions for the extremely wealthy. If it is not an right out pay off to coaches or admissions personnel, or hiring another person to take the SAT exam, there are other ways to secure those coveted acceptance an enormous "donation" to the university that coincides with the application of the potential student. Failing to play by the rules has been going on a long time and these college bribes are partially responsible for the ridiculous increase in tuition, especially at "elite" universities.

  8. Seriously DOUBT that the offspring weren't fully aware of their parents "pulling the strings." They are all entitled and came to expect that manipulation growing up. Mom and Dad will "make it happen." As far as Olivia Jade is concerned, she speaks like she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so forgive me if I do not believe that she created her own success. PLEASE! (I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy either."

  9. What a house historian you are ! Always look forward to my inbox having an email from you ! I had never heard of Lori before this arrest although I have bought Moss’ s clothing at Target. It’s a shame that entitled greed has destroyed this family. I really enjoyed seeing Michael Smith’s wonderful work.

  10. Totally agree with your opinion and thanks for sharing. It is beyond bad parenting to think some are way above the law unlike we common people.

  11. Joni, your posts are always a revelation- so informative and well-researched! What I find fascinating is that the couple had no consistent style whatsoever. Most people grow and change and their style and homes reflect that, but these two were all over the design map! The Michael Smith-decorated homes were, in my opinion, far more beautiful than the subsequent homes, which seem to lack any soul. And it also comes across that they were never satisfied, which I think is reflected in current events. It wasn’t enough that Olivia Jade was a successful influencer making tens of thousands of dollars per sponsored vlog; for some reason her parents insisted that she had to have the undeserved USC experience as well. All in all, very interesting and very sad for all involved, but even more sad for those students they cheated out of a deserved college experience. Thanks for another wonderful post!

  12. Huge layer ignored. Interior foliage. Some fab, some not.

    Would love your take.

    Wonder how many college cheating parents worried sick their kids going to jail too, a mess.

    Michael Smith all the way, love.

    Interior foliage.....don't forget !

    Garden & Be Well, XoTara

  13. The admissions scandal infuriates me. My son made an almost perfect score on the ACT, on his own, has a 4.5 GPA and does Christian mission work on his breaks from school. We're waiting to hear from several schools including USC but he didn't get into 2 top schools with early admission. This scandal has really influenced whether he even wants to go to USC or any of the top schools. Many people succeed just fine without going to the top schools. It's truly amazing how some people will sell their souls for money and prestige. I'll take integrity and character in a second tier school any day of the week!
    BTW- I like the Cholon house too.

    1. I hope he gets what he wants. He sounds fabulous to me! 4.5! Perfect ACT!! wow.

  14. "a couple whose house was obviously just a commodity, not a home for the family. Does that mean anything? I’m not sure."

    I am. I think growing up without a home, whether literally or figuratively, or a home/house that changes so frequently you can't set down roots, causes people to grow up rootless and look for other ways to root themselves. I think for most if not all of the members of this family, without the bonds of home, they've substituted consumerism and commodities. Literally so, in the youngest daughter's case as an influencer who started selling sponsored products when she was only 14. It does occur to me that the recent bland houses make the perfect backdrop for Instagrammers who want to highlight the products, and not be overshadowed by interiors such as Michael Smith's.

    Also, where for so many of us the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen in their last few houses is hidden. Telling.


    1. Yep, exactly. That was what I was trying to convey. lol. No kitchen?????? why????

      their house was just a money maker to them.


    2. It's not sad if your house is a moneymaker if that's what you are trying to do with it and it is a business. Personally I love fixing up houses and I also love moving to a different one and starting the whole process over. It's fun for me.

  15. As a retired L.A. County prosecutor, I usually hate what the Feds do to intimidate and bankrupt defendants. It is typical that they gave the deal to the main perpetrator, Singer, to get the consumers of his crime. BUT this time, I was thrilled to hear that my neighbor, the USC athletic woman, was taken down by AK47-toting FBI agents. Plus, I'm sure she'll have to sell her oft-remodleed house to pay for a fancy criminal defense lawyer.
    USC is often referred to as the University of Spoiled Children. I should know, as I had to go there for law school as my scores were not good enough to get into UCLA. I have never been proud of having gone there, perhaps even less-so now.
    I thought the SAT and ACT exams were cheat-proof! Silly me. Of course the students knew they were cheating, the proctor changed their answers! This whole story is sickening, but not really surprising. Rich kids have been getting into Harvard and Yale for years without the appropriate scores, but with the appropriate last names.

    1. The whole proctor in the room while taking a test should be reserved for only those with extreme issues of anxiety, etc. Not girls who sit in front of their camera and sell merchandise by the millions.

    2. Proctor in the room for poor snowflakes with anxiety...ha! Everyone has anxiety at test time. Get over it, you poor little dears.
      "Back in my day" we all took the SAT together in the high school cafeteria. There was not special treatment for anyone. That's how it should be. If you can't cut it, you aren't going to make it in college anyway.

  16. The Michael Smith homes still look fab even after all these years. Or am I just old? When reading this article I am reminded of Ellen Degeneres's constant buying and selling of her homes for massive profit. Funny nobody has disparaged her for it. Now that said,these two clowns are everything that is wrong with the entitled 1% crowd. I doubt there will be more than a slap on the wrist for them because money does the talking. I know I'm blabbing on here but when did USC become a be all end all University? I got in and turned them down. We used to call it University of Spoiled Children. Only loser rich kids went there.

    1. I thought of Ellen too, but they don't have children and honestly - they seem ridiculous moving so much. It's so wasteful.

      This couple is unreal. I always thought UCLA was the better school? Texans can't get into either one.

    2. Who are you saying seem ridiculous moving so much...Ellen or Lori and husband? They both do it.
      I understand how it may not be the best for children to move a lot, but the comment '..ridiculous moving so much. It's so wasteful.'
      How is it wasteful moving? It's a business that makes good money and enjoyable for someone who is into that.
      The churning does cause the prices to rise to a certain extent, but they also rise and fall with the economy, so there is still risk involved if you are not planning on staying in the home for a long time.

    3. "The churning does cause prices to rise to a certain extent.." LOL from 10 million to 40 million. And we wonder why Millenials can't afford to buy a home. That and the stinking college debt these kids who aren't rich and don't know how to GAME THE SYSTEM will incur years after that oh so needed college degree. Back in the day before Prop 13 a UC education cost maybe $600.00 bucks a semester. My have times changed.

    4. The churning is just a small part of what has caused property prices to rise so steeply in L.A. The influx of foreign buyers with big money is huge in the desirable areas. There aren't enough expensive homes in the best neighborhoods for everybody who wants one. That's a big reason. There's way more to it than people flipping, and as long as people have enough money to pay more for a house than the last guy and the economy remains this good, prices will continue to rise. There are people who don't make a big profit when they sell, sometimes because they overpaid in the first place.

    5. My whole point is - do you have children? Children need a secure home to feel secure. I can't imagine how is affects a child to move every two years. Putting down roots must be good for something or else families wouldn't do it. It was just about the money imo. good for them, but don't come crying when you get caught cheating.

  17. First of all it is so reassuring to read what you say about decorating. Taste not money is the message. And the sorrowful tale of these cheating families you have dealt wth on the same level: it's about being honorable not about the money. In the many years you have kept up this level of commentary on your blog I have come to admire you. I hope the rest of your readers feel as strongly as I do that you are a voice of reason in an increasingly chaotic world. My thanks. And my blessings on your daughter. Clearly you raised her the right way. Ann

    1. Thank you so much Ann! So sweet.

      I just was sickened by this family and what they did. And then to have just admired their home the week before and to realize they didn't even like it. Too much!!!!

      Thanks again, Ann.

    2. For me personally, I didn't really care for the snarky tone of comments inserted through this post even though I am disgusted by what these people and so many others have done. It could have been written on a bit higher plane; everyone reading it would still have been able to see the disgusting aspect of it all. This is the way you always write, your style, as it were, I do understand that, but a few lines seemed unnecessary, for me anyway. We all get that this was wrong. The top of the food chain is the schools who allowed this nonsense.

  18. Wow...a lot to think about in this post, Joni.

    Michael Smith's designs are just gorgeous, and I adore the Emerald Bay Beach House. So much charm! I love the ivy and roses covering the outside, but whenever I see a house covered with climbing plants, I can't help but ask myself how the heck do the owners keep invaders away? (You know, the unwelcome four legged kind.)

    This entire college cheating thing sickens me, as it does everyone. One would have to live under a rock to be ignorant of the fact that the playing field is not level to begin with, but this is beyond the pale. There are so many young people who work their tales off and play by the rules, and so many parents who sacrifice so much, in an honest way, so that their children can have a better life. This will only stop if the guilty parties experience consequences. One thing that stands out to me, (which I read in my local paper), was a parent who expressed concern about getting caught to the person helping his child to "get in though the side door". The reply was no one had been caught in 24 years!

    Thank you, as always, for a thoughtful and thorough post.

    1. It'll be fun if they go back 24 years. Where's my popcorn?

  19. Much prefer the Michael Smith incarnations. He can do no wrong in my mind. Don't care for any of the others but painting that busy brick was sur an improvement. Interesting post in light of the cheating scandal. They obviously had no style of their own as every house completely different ....interesting..very interesting...

  20. What surprises me most about the whole college cheating scandal is that people are shocked by it. Money talks every time and every place. As for the houses, the Santa Monica "so small" house is my favorite. The antique globes are gorgeous and three seems to be the perfect number for a display. Insert smiley face. Hope you are enjoying this perfect spring day!

    1. Perfect spring day for you. Not so much for everyone however FYI.

    2. Me too! I love that Santa Monica house. Love it!

    3. Santa Monica is just chock full of wonderful houses from tiny to big.

  21. What happens to these entitled, under achieving darlings when they do get into a top tier school? If they can't get in through good grades and good test scores, how are they able to function in an academically competitive environment?

    1. If a child is underachieving, it is the parents fault most of the time.

    2. To finish that thought, children can, in some instances, surpass the (low) expectations and support they have been given.

    3. I don't know. We had such issues with Elisabeth. She had two learning disabilities and just struggled through two tutors five days a week. Her schools - high and middle were private and too hard for her, but they were our religious schools and we felt it was better for her to be there. but it was hard. We found a college that had a special program for learning disabilities and enrolled her there and she flourished. She still has the same issues in life - ADD and auditory processing. She excels visually which makes perfect sense for her being in clothing. Parenting never ends!

    4. I was in a private Catholic school as a high school freshman in the 'A track' (most difficult) classes. It was where I had shown I should be from testing, but it was so difficult that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I was then allowed to go to public school for rest of high school, and it was so easy from then out; everything in those last three years of high school I had already learned in the previous 9 years at Catholic school. I'm not sure which was the correct route.

  22. It all starts as a small child in first grade and sooner, not high school. They must be nurtured and disciplined to do their school work and homework. Parents must be a serious part of that, and if the child isn't doing well, they need help at a much younger age, including tutors and that all important parental involvement. High-achieving children are molded at a young age.

  23. Perhaps if they had spent a little less time and energy chasing the dragon of the next design trend or bucks from a flip, and focused on their children’s stability and future they wouldn’t be in such a pickle. This sordid tale and horrid visual display just shows, enough was never enough for this vapid duo. Feel sorry for the kids, looks like they have been uprooted and overemded countless times in their short life’s, and this is just an extension of that. Buying your way into happiness just paves the way to a new fresh hell. As we say in the South, Bless them!

    1. They should have still had time to nurture their childrens' education; they had architects and designers. Whether or not you think they are vapid or made too much money, plenty of people work long hours, regardless of their income level, and still put time into helping children with their studies, tutors, etc. These people did wrong by trying to buy their way through the system, absolutely, but I also believe that it's not a bad thing to be rich. Not everyone is bad who has worked their way up.

    2. No one is saying it. I'm only alluding to it because they felt they had to buy their admission to college. Maybe if they had spent more time with the girls doing homework and studying, they would have performed better. or not. I realize they are an easy target being rich, but - they basically are thieves. Their lives will never be the same. It's just sad at this point.

    3. After the legalities get worked through, and they've come up with their excuses and apologies, they will probably have a reality show.

  24. Totally agree with your take on the college scandal.

  25. I detest the last house after they redid it. Just ugh. Wasn't my favorite before either really.
    The other houses were all still fine for me after because there was shown a certain level of respect for the original architecture in these great old houses when they redid them. I don't really care that much about anyone's furniture choices; anyone moving in can furnish a house the way they choose, but it makes me sad when people destroy the original bones, plasterwork, beautiful ceilings, etc. in these L.A. Grande Dames.

  26. As always, Joni, you provide extensive research and this post doesn't disappoint. I also prefer Michael Smith's design aesthetic and the more recent houses remind me of doctors' offices and/or business settings.

    As an ex-Californian, I have to laugh at paying $500K for admission to USC. Shows that Lori Loughlin is also a few sandwiches short of a picnic. USC is nowhere near being a top California university. UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego...not to mention Stanford, Cal Poly, or CalTech are all WAY ahead of USC.

    I put 100% blame on Lori Loughlin. She's the one who raised her daughters and apparently never taught them any values. It will be interesting to see what her defense will be.

    Gina from The Midwest

    1. I"m sure it's a good school but come on. I think they had other ties. The day her mother was arrested Olivia was on the yacht of the head trustee of USC. So, go figure.

  27. I'm not here to judge someone else's parenting. I know awful parents whose kids turned out great and wonderful parents whose children are all a hot mess. But right is right and wrong is wrong. They knew it when they did it now they must deal with the consequences. I think it is a lesson to all of us, do not envy someone and all their fabulousness. It may be just a front. We don't know these people and we only see what they promote and want us to see or believe. It is such a sad pitiful story, would rather have the fairy tale of the beautiful family in the beautiful home. Michael Smith is divine but it takes more than gorgeous fabrics and one of a kind antiques and accessories to make a home that one can be proud of.

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  29. Joni, Great post as always. As someone who has kids the same ages about, you can see what these parents were doing all the time the kids were growing up. Even if you love houses and redecorating, there is something strange about never settling in one. Kids thrive when they have consistency and stability especially when they are young. How odd the kitchens were too. As an Italian, you think he would cook, but maybe they ordered out all the time. Those were not cook's kitchens..

    I also find it super wasteful, and stupid to buy some of these perfectly gorgeous homes, like Charles Bronson's - so pretty, and tear it all apart make it generic and then sell. They could have found homes that did need fixing. I did love the Palm House. Just amazing they kept moving and maybe that is the message they instilled on the daughters, work the system and it's all about making money, not unlike the Kardashians.

    As a Californian we know USC has always had that reputation, even black in the 80s when I went to school. I would bet this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sadly they didn't see value in what the girls could get into themselves..And how odd that they felt they needed to pay to get them into college when they didn't seem the least interested, especially the influencer. The first day of USC she was in Fiji! It was almost like some sham. The oddest thing as it was like it was more for the parents than the girls. I have thought a lot about this and these elite schools are slowly losing their luster. People are coming around to the idea that smaller and state schools are actually a better experience and education than these inflated institutions. The kids who do end up there are often parented within and inch of their lives and cannot even cope. How were these girls to do their term papers when they couldn't even apply to college by themselves? Lots to think about here. Thanks again Joni for this interesting post. Kim

  30. The 'disappearing' kitchen is a Euro thing; I've seen them in France and Italy. They're popular, of course, with people who like the clean lines. They have everything (and more) of any traditional kitchen, just with everything behind doors. They are very cleverly done.

  31. The "influencer " comes off as a spoiled elite kid. I doubt she did it on her own.

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  35. Absolutely Michael Smith, the newer homes appear cold, stark, unimaginative in comparison to the warm, inviting interiors of Smith.

    I agree with you and believe as well that stability in growing up in one or two homes is important to the development of a child. I believe there's a certain security in that. If you are able to provide that opportunity, it's a positive experience for a child.

    In reference to the college scandal; as a Mom of an adult child with learning differences I find myself angry. We endured a great deal as a family, including moving at a substantial financial loss to place our son in a school district that offered Special Education programs to teach him how to become successful as a square peg. I'm not disclosing this information in an effort to "toot my horn". Many parents have done the same and more. As a parent you set an example to your children. We tried to teach him to be honest, trustworthy, to do the right thing and play by the rules. We took the steps we did, we played by the rules, we got him the assistance, also training that he needed to be successful because we are his parents, we are supposed to support our child. Luckily we were in a position to be able to make the move. We went from being in an upper position in the original neighborhood to being the poorer family in the new district who had the programs he needed. In the district we moved him too, I witnessed parents who paid Kinko's to create projects for school and admitted it, then turned them in. There reasoning was that thier son was an athlete who devoted so much time to practice he didn't have time to complete the project. While we sat for hours creating subpar projects with our son's hand written labels, often written backward because he is dyslexic. He turned them in all the same. We were proud of his B, because he did the best he could. I've often wondered what happen to that boy who's parents cheated for him. What type of adults do these children become? How will these privileged people influence our future society? Our son is currently working on a degree, he's in city college, he's almost completed his basic studies, which have taken three years, not two. We couldn't be prouder as he slowly moves forward toward his goals. Ironically, he's quite the writer.

  36. Love the Michael Smith work. The house they're in now, not so much. Reading this makes me so happy we only moved once during our son's life (he's 23) and proud that he's still in college even if it took an extra year and a half. He did it all on his own. Well, we paid the tuition ;) Cathy

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