I don’t take many paper magazines anymore.    I get 99% of my magazines online, from Zinio.  I highly recommend Zinio if you enjoy reading on your computer or your iphone – the advantage is that there is no paper waste, no trash at all, and no stacks of year-old magazines collecting dust around your house.

There are a few magazines that still in my mail – and they remind me of how great the home décor magazines once were, how important they were to those of us who love interior designs, and also, how influential they were.   Remember how great a day was when Veranda and Southern Accents came in the mail.  It would take a while to read those magazines.  Now, it seems I am through reading it in just a few minutes.

Today, I still subscribe to Veranda, House Beautiful, and Southern Living.   All other design magazines I take through Zinio.    A few weeks the new Southern Living arrived in the mail I just stopped in my tracks.   The cover was so pretty and enticing I didn’t want to put it down.   How long had it been since that had happened?   A long time, I can assure you. 

There was just something about the room on the cover that attracted me.  It was casual, not fancy.  Accessible,  a beach house.   In fact, if I could – I thought – I would love this room for myself.    I put the magazine down and just kept glancing at the cover for a while.  Finally I opened it, ready for another big disappointment.  Hah!  What a surprise awaited me!!!

A quick look inside told me that Heather Chadduck was behind the photo and that it came from the new Southern Living Idea House.


I hear you!!!

You hate Show Houses now.  Right?   There are a few that are still good, like Kips Bay in New York.  But on the whole, I don’t care for those Show Houses where a million decorators show up and everyone gets one room to decorate.  I just think those don’t work out.  There are too many egos involved and there is always just one or two rooms that are fabulous while the rest of the house doesn’t make sense to an average homeowner.

But this showhouse was totally different.  It was designed by one person and luckily that one person was Heather Chadduck.   She is just too good.

The Southern Idea House is located on Amelia Island at Crane Island and it’s open until December 8th, 2019.  Go HERE for tickets.  

I know a lot of you have already seen bloggers talking about the house but I couldn’t resist showing it too, just in case you don’t follow those bloggers. 

A word about Heather Chadduck Hillegas first.

She is an interior decorator, a fabric designer (!) and she is a media darling, published in magazines and books and more.  She’s from the south and she lives in Birmingham, Alabama which accounts for her excellent taste.   She was an editor at Cottage Living and Coastal Living and then Southern Living.  Her own house was in House Beautiful and it was a smash hit when it was shown last October. 

Remember her dining room from this House Beautiful?  She had the walls painted in a mural instead of wallpapered.   The slips are made out of her fabric.

Her living room is bathed in blue and white – a forecast of how her tastes has evolved through the years. 

Heather designed this powder room for a client, and the internet went crazy over it when she posted it on her Instagram.  Raphael paper by Sandberg. So many people have used this paper now, thanks to Heather.

But for many, it was her house in Dallas that was our introduction to Heather many years ago.  Remember this house?


Do you remember it?   It was in Cottage Living which she worked for.  I was obsessed with it!  It was a house I could imagine living in or at least decorating.  I loved the way she used the floral brown and cream curtains!   I still love this today, over a decade later. 

But, Heather’s shining glory is going to be this new showhouse for Southern Living.  It’s the cutest!!!    There are so many great ideas and what I love about it is - it’s traditional!  Not modern at all, but also, not dated in any sense of the word.  It’s a nice compromise between new and old and Heather shows how to do it in every room. 


I’m so in love with this show house!!!! 

Let’s look at the house and discuss Heather’s choices together and hopefully we will all learn from the master!!

Interior designer Jennifer Schoenberger visited the Idea House and took lots of photos which she kindly let me use.  They are sprinkled throughout the story.  Other photos came from the magazine, Instagram and Pinterest.

Through white picket fences, the driveway leads up to the house.  The house is rambling with wings and a main center section.

The main section of the house  - the entire back faces the water.  A bright blue door pops out from all the white, giving a hint of what is inside.

The garage is to the right of the house with a mother in law suite above.  Over to left of the house is the master bedroom wing.

The front of the garage with two carriage doors and a cute side door for the golf carts.  All the doors and shutters are in the same blue. 

The back side of the house.   There is a screened porch and two open areas on the first level.  Upstairs is another porch, with two swinging benches installed there.

An aerial view of the house.  At the left is the master suite wing, separated from the rest of the house by a long hall.  To the right is the garage with the mother in law suite above it. 

The plans for the first floor.    The second floor is shown further down.  The master bedroom was designed to look like an add on that was built decades ago.   Wait until you see the walls of the master suite.

Notice the pattern above the porch.  From afar, to me, it looks like eyelet lace.  It adds a feminine, southern touch to this southern house.  The patterned trim circles around the house upstairs and down.  Love!!!

The front door opens to a series of columns that separate the great room from the foyer.  The hall runs from the master bedroom suite on the left to the kitchen area on the right.   Mercury glass lanterns light the foyer.

Notice on the left – you will see a high pedestal holding a blue & white jar.  It’s these little details in this large house where Heather just excels.  I love this vignette, up close, below:

Also notice throughout the house, there is no sheetrock.  Instead there are different sorts of paneling and shiplap used.


Through the columns is the great room – which looks out to the open porch.  Now, something that is NOT shown anywhere in any photos from the magazine is that behind this cream sofa, the wall is open to the kitchen!!!

The main room is filled with creams and blues, anchored by a striped rug.  Love that the coffee table is high.  And no TV over the fireplace.   Love the velvet chairs – tufted.  They are such classic shapes.  To the left is an antique sofa.  At the right in front of the windows is a skirted table.

The fireplace!!!   Crazy about how Heather styled the fireplace and love these chairs.  I want one!!!  Or two!!

In this mirror, you can see the kitchen lights over the island.

The antique settee – Heather says you should add at least one antique piece in a room and I couldn’t agree more!!!!!   Antiques add so much warmth, patina, and a certain gravitas to any design.  Notice the rug was layered over a textured coir rug. 

AND – in order to avoid nail holes everywhere and to add a certain antique English touch – Heather added a brass rod from which prints can be easily added.

Looking back towards the front door.

Close up of the antique settee – and you can see the old fashioned rug here, it’s a nostalgic nod to the coir rugs that were used in old beach houses. 

The skirted table  - this fabric by Galbraith and Paul was the anchor that decided the blue & white décor.  Notice that Heather put a lantern over the skirted table.

And, notice the triangle shaped stools!!!!!!  Too cute!!!

Through the left is one porch, off the bedroom suite, and straight ahead is another porch.

The back of the settee is really striking.

As you can imagine, I love the skirted table piled high with books and a jar filled with clippings from outdoors.

The great room opens onto this porch.    

Beyond the porch, a retractable shade adds more shade. 

Now, lets see how the kitchen attaches to the great room:

Behind the sofa is a console table and lamps and benches.  Past this is the kitchen.

Here you can see how the kitchen is open to the great room.   To the left of the kitchen through that opening is the dining room.   Not sure why the magazine never showed this image?! 

And one more.   Normally the two openings on each side of the cabinets are closed which makes it look less busy.

To the right of the kitchen are two sets of stairs.  This one leads to the mother in law suite above the garage.    Back in the hallway is the mud room and the laundry room.

Here, past the island is the view into the living room.

 The kitchen.  The backsplash is another totally unique Heather touch.   It’s a handpainted mural wallpaper panel…

… protected behind a sheet of glass!!!!

With the door on the right closed, this looks like one long bank of cabinets.

Notice cabinet doors on the left actually lead to the butler’s pantry.

Almost all lighting fixtures are from Circa Lighting.  If you see something you like, go HERE to source it.

The pantry doors open – notice the slate floors inside.  They are repeated in other hard working rooms. 

Inside the pantry.

A close up of the wallpaper behind glass.  Genius!

To the right side of the kitchen are the freezer/refrigerators and in between is another panel of wallpaper behind glass.

Off the kitchen and the back porch, through the glass doors, is the dining room.   The proportions in this room are extra large so that Heather could place a big 72” round table here.

  The fabric is from Heather’s fabric line.

Looking back towards the living room and kitchen through the open doorway.  The porch is through the glass doors.

Back in the kitchen area, towards the garage area is the mud room and laundry,  which are just darling:

In the mud room, is storage behind chalkboard cabinets.  Across the room:

Another genius idea from Heather – a pot filler was installed to make filling the dog’s water bowl that much easier! 

Who thinks of all these details?!?!?!

Heather, that’s who!!

With the double washers built into the cabinet, they don’t seem so over scaled like they usually do.  Slate floor and counters.  Shades match the wallpaper.

Let’s go back to the other side of the house, down the main hall – to the master bedroom suite.

First:  the powder room:

Right past the living room, the powder room picks up the blue and white theme. 

Down the front hall, past the powder room and elevator is the master suite – off in a wing of its own.

An alcove before the master sitting room.

The master suite sitting room is my favorite in the house.  Those chairs!!!!!  The room overlooks the river.

The sitting area faces the bed.  Notice the wall treatments.  Two different types of treatment were used to make it seem like the bedroom area was added on later.

More Heather Chadduck fabric on the bed’s canopy and curtains. 

The view of the river.  LOVE!!!

Can’t get enough.

Look at this arrangement on the floorplan.   On the left of the bed is a huge walk in closet with a door that connects to the bathroom on the right side of the bed.  That’s a really great arrangement with the closet and bathroom, side by side but separate.  Notice the 2x4 wall treatment which is how the house would have been constructed hundreds of years before.

Michael Smith fabric on the walls.  The tub looks like it was painted green in this photo, but in others, it looks dark green or black. 

Again, I like this arrangement – two vanities, the tub and shower in between.  The toilet is closed off and to the left of the shower is another door that leads to the closet.

The metal doors on the shower give a nod to contemporary – one of the few.  LOL!  LOVE that!  Also, I like that garden seat.  It’s useful for shampoo bottles, etc.  And it’s cute!

And the view towards the bedroom.  You can see the door to the closet right past the shower.

Leaving the bedroom, you go back down the main hall.   Take a quick left before you reach the living room to get to the screened porch:

The screened porch shares the fireplace chimney with the living room behind it.  And leaving the screened porch you reach the outside dining room – which is the same size as the indoor dining room.

One of the cutest vignettes.  Poor Heather!  I can’t imagine how hard she worked on this house.   I hope they paid her properly.  Judging by the internet buzz, this is one of the most popular show houses in a long while, thanks to Heather.

She deserves a raise!!!!  LOL.  Seriously, what an effort this was!

The outdoor dining area, right off the screened porch.

And here, the outdoor dining area leads to the sitting area off the living room and on to the interior dining room.

Notice the vase the plant is in.  I love that.

Off the main hall, past the kitchen, let’s go upstairs.

The upstairs hall matches the downstairs in size.  Something I haven’t mentioned – but they are both upstairs and down – the transoms above the doors and along the walls!  Love that feature!

And looking the opposite direction, the blue door leads to the upstairs front porch.  At the end of the hall is the bunk room’s bathroom and at the middle – opposite the blue door - is the game room:

Again, Heather works her magic.  A simple hallway. 


How many upstairs hallways have we seen, where the hall has worn, dirty carpet and nothing on the walls.  It’s not decorated, it’s just ignored. 

Here – is an alternative.  The wood floor, the rug, the consoles in wicker which aren’t that expensive, the pedestals, the shades, the lanterns.  Even hanging shiplap paneling isn’t pricey, but it adds so much texture!

With just a bit of effort, any neglected upstairs hallway can be just as beautiful!

Through the door at the right is the Rec Room.  Love those bird prints that Heather chose.  Also, notice the width of the consoles, they are small enough so as not to block the walkway.

The Rec Room is really darling thanks to the blue striped wallpaper placed sideways.   The room has two odd shaped corners, which to work around, Heather used banquettes.    I love the greens mixed with the blues.  The botanicals are wonderful.  LOVE!!!!   Notice first – the hallway that leads to the front door – to the right is the tiny bunkroom.  The bunk room is a jewelry box and is everyone’s favorite room.  You can just make out the barn doors that close off the bunk room.


Backgammon tables with acrylic tops so they can be used to eat off them too.

One bedroom sits off each side of the Rec Room.  The other side is the door that opens to the back patio with the large swings.

                                                                                                                                     The doors in the Rec Room lead to the back porch.

I love the table with those cute chairs.  Another great choice by Heather!

Look at the floor plan.   In the short hall to the Rec Room is a closet shaped room, that was probably supposed to be a closet – that is now a bunk room.  A great idea to sleep four extra guests, preferably younger ones!

The bunk room beds are closed off with curtains.  Light comes from the transoms that connect to the main hall.  Each bunk has a light for reading.

Notice the same fabric on the ceiling!  Another great Heather touch.  Not sure I would have ever thought of that, but it adds so much to this tiny room, just like the shiplap does - all charm and texture.  Notice the trim on the curtains too. The fabric is Schumacher Santa Barbara Ikat, fabric and wallpaper!

Inside one of the bunks – so cozy!!!

What is not seen is there is a compartment for luggage at the foot of each bed and an additional space for tote bags. 

The bathroom to this room is down the hall:

The bunk room bathroom has penny tiles in blue and white stripes.  Darling sink makes it easy for two kids to wash up at the same time,

And – there’s a hook for each of the bunk room guest’s towels. 

Each of the two bedrooms lead off the Rec Room.  The first is this blue and white room with a canopy bed.  The rug is a finer grade sisal than the coir found elsewhere downstairs. 

A close up of the bed with the monogrammed pillows – with Heather’s initials!  It would be nice if they let her keep this bedding, she deserves it!!!  And more!!! 

All the wood trim is painted blue and it looks like she painted the window’s panes too!

The adjoining bathroom has two sinks inset in a marble counter.  Wood vanity.  Look at the window shade – it’s fabric covered over the textured shade.  Another detail from Heather.

The last bedroom on the second floor – this one has two twin beds.

And an antique.  One in every room is a great motto.

One of the few rooms that is not blue and white.

Close up.

I love this bathroom!  Skirted vanity, marble top.  Cute sconces.  Beautiful mirror.

Another view.

And the shower are toilet area.  Again, garden seats in the shower.

For elderly or soon to be elderly couples – don’t put a step between the floor and the shower.  They could more easily roll in a wheel chair without the step.   For drainage just slightly angle the floor down.

Past the main stairs, off the laundry room is another set of stairs that led above the garage – to the mother in law suite. 


A four poster bed.

The ceiling is wallpapered.  This room has the best views – it’s like in a private treehouse!!!

The bathroom to the mother in law suite. 

   Interesting photo – there is a window where the vanity is.  So, where do you put the mirror??? 

  Hang it off the window.

And here she is, the woman of the year - Heather Chadduck Hillegas.  Of course she is beautiful too!!!

She has a wonderful wonderful fabric line.  Go HERE. 

Go HERE for information, address, and tickets to the Idea House.


Get Heather’s look – click on each:

Etsy sells pillows and curtains in the beautiful Schumacher fabric Pyne Hollyhock found in the master bedroom:


This Etsy shop sells pillows in Heather’s blue fabric seen in the dining room. HERE

Porch swing in different colors HERE


One King’s Lane upholstered chair HERE

Cute wicker accent chairs HERE

Chinoiserie antique styled table HERE

Cute wicker tables HERE

Heather used a lot of mirrors, mostly round over beds.  But this is a great one.  Good price.  It’s a copy of a French antique – a lot of look.  Perfect if you buy two and put them over a double vanity.   HERE


Clam shell, great for accessorizing.   HERE

GARDEN SEAT JUST $64 – opened box!!!!!  HERE 

How cute is this?  It’s not overly large – two would be darling in front of a longer sofa.  And the price?  Wow!!!  HERE






Hope you enjoyed this!  Be back asap!!!


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