COTE DE TEXAS: Obsessed with Restored & Thoughts About Fixer Upper

Obsessed with Restored & Thoughts About Fixer Upper

I’ve been thinking about HGTV lately, mostly because I’ve been watching their shows along with shows from the DIY channel on my phone, through Amazon Prime Videos.  It’s a great way to watch old episodes of shows that you’ve missed or new shows that you’ve never seen before.   I like to watch while I’m getting ready to go to sleep or I don’t want to watch football or baseball or any other ball that Ben loves to watch!!!
The biggest show on HGTV is of course Fixer Upper, the one starring Joanna and Chip Gaines restoring decrepit houses and turning them into really nice houses. 

One of the first houses that the Gaines redid in Waco. 
When Fixer Upper started, no one had heard of the Gaines or Waco.  But, that all changed, incredibly so.  As their popularity grew, Waco grew with them and all the businesses they created around the Fixer Upper show.  There was the store, the bakery, the restaurant, the B&B, and a new district in town called The Silos.   In addition to all this retail activity, there were the wholesale contracts with Target, Pier One, furniture companies, rug companies - their reach was endless.
After five  years, the Gaines announced they were leaving HGTV, giving it all up.  It was a stunning announcement, but really, how much does one family need?    Giving up their TV presence meant they could focus on their retail and wholesale endeavors and spend quiet time at home.  It made perfect sense.   Shortly after that, an announcement came that they were expecting a new baby which then made even more sense why they were quitting their popular and lucrative television show.   Except, it wasn’t all that it seemed. 
The Gaines were never quitting TV, they were just moving on to bigger TV with an even bigger presence.   The company that owns HGTV and DIY Network announced that they were handing over the DIY Network to the Gaines which will be rebranded as the Joanna and Chip Gaines Channel - not sure what the actual title will be but, it will be their network.   The couple will produce all the content on their new network which they say will revolve around family, food, home, and whatever else they want it to be.

BIG TEXAS FIX – a new DIY show featuring houses renovated in Galveston.   This is a GREAT, new, DIY show on the DIY channel.

So, what happens to all those wonderful shows on the DIY Network?   You know, the shows that have been on the channel forever and are well liked – shows like Nicole Curtis’ Rehab Addict.   Nicole has announced she will not be on the new and improved Gaines TV Channel.    Or what about shows like Holmes On Holmes, or Stone House Revival (a personal favorite) or First Time Flippers, or Lauren Liess’ Best House on the Block?
When the Gaines first announced they were leaving Fixer Upper, Joanna wrote this:  “With our little ones getting bigger, we had this gut feeling that it was time to step back and focus on them and our businesses here in Waco, Texas. And although that’s why we thought we decided to step away from the show, we now realize with this little one on the way that there was a bigger plan in place for us all along.”   
With the big announcement in April that the DIY Channel is now going to be the Joanna and Chip All Day Long Channel, it makes one wonder why they no longer are “stepping away”  to focus on family and their Waco business, but instead are in reality taking on an entire network.   Makes me think….hmmmm.   Something just doesn’t sound kosher in Waco considering what the public was first told and what we were told later.  Why not just say, we're negotiating for a bigger and better contract?   I don’t know about you but I kind of like upfront honesty like – “we’re leaving our show to reassess our options.”  Not – we’re leaving to be with our family, and then a while later admit, but oh yeah, we’re going to be running an entire network.    
I’m just being selfish because I LIKE my DIY Network and have for years.   I LIKE that it’s rough around the edges and Holmes On Holmes aren’t the most righteous father and son in the church pew.   I LIKE to see Nicole Curtis buy a house for $1 and improve the neighborhood.  And I’m going to miss the newer shows like Lauren’s or the totally hokey Texas Flippers (what a hoot those sisters are!) Or, what about Stone House Revival which taught me so much about houses from the revolutionary war times that I never even knew existed before. 

Brett Waterman - "Restored"

And then, there is my newest DIY Network favorite – RESTORED with Brett Waterman.   Have you seen it?
I first watched one episode awhile ago and then stumbled on the show again.   I binged watched all three seasons on Amazon and HGTV On Demand.    BTW, it’s worth the extra dollars to purchase TV shows on Amazon because you don’t get the commercials!!!   Praise God!!!

RESTORED's Brett Waterman has taught me so much, it’s worth 18 hours of college credit for sure.  It’s filmed in southern California and the host might just be the nicest man to walk this earth.  And it’s all real.  You can just tell.  If you are his friend in real life - lucky you! 
Brett grew up in southern California and he restores old houses in those neighborhoods back to what they were when they were first built.   Was there once rolled linoleum in that kitchen, hidden under layers of newer tile?   Well, Bucko, you’re going to get that rolled linoleum in your new restored kitchen.  And hey, it’s going to be fabulous too.   Who knew rolled lino was so fabulous?

Rolled linoleum – here in a restored kitchen, Brett laid the lino in a modern pattern, to fit the aesthetic of the hip owners. 
The concept of RESTORED is this – each episode shows one house in terrible shape.  The owners welcome Brett to their property to look around.   He then goes outside and sketches what he wants to do to the house.  The owners agree to the work  and they then move out for six weeks while the restoration, not a renovation, takes place.   At some point, he takes the owners to a completed house of the same vintage, to show them what their own house can be when restored.   The drama comes from the discoveries which are hidden under the layers of restorations.   No fireplace?   Well, just let Brett loose and he’s going to find a covered up fireplace which he will then replace. Got that Bucko????  Or maybe there’s a hidden passthrough to the kitchen that Brett will find, for sure.

It’s all kind of hokey because you know the budget was worked out long before Brett “sketches” the changes on the front porch.  And the “eureka” discovery scenes when he uncovers some hidden decorative gem like sconces, always looks a little fake.  You just know Brett had already discovered those missing wood beams.   But he has such charisma and when he screams “Hey Bucko you won’t believe what I just found under the sheetrock!!!” you are cheering him on even more.

 Brett in front of a refrigerator with a vintage façade.  Brett loves to put a faux front on new refrigerators. 

At 6'4" in a tall, white cowboy hat with boots and shorts, Brett Waterman, age 53, cuts quite a figure.  It doesn’t hurt that he probably should star in the movies, he is that attractive, with a wide grin full of sparkling white teeth.  But, it’s the knowledge that he shares with his viewers that makes his show irresistible.  I’ve learned more about Mission Revival or Mediterranean Revival than I ever learned anywhere else, that’s for sure.  His knowledge is infectious and even if you didn't particularly care for Arts & Crafts Bungalows before, you probably will before the episode is over.

This 1909 Hancock Park house known as the O'Melveny House was once owned by Brett, who restored it to its former beauty.  This house brought wide attention to Brett's work as a restorer, as opposed to a renovator.   Later, the actor David Arquette bought the house, although he just recently sold it.

Today, Brett owns the 1908 Phelps-Stokes mansion in Redlands, shown decades earlier,  surrounded by an orange grove instead of houses as it is today.

And today, a Google image shows the beauty in the throes of a Brett Waterman restoration.

Two photos of a farmhouse kitchen restored.
NOTE:  Brett’s kitchens and bathrooms are incredible restorations and I find them all very attractive.  In his living and dining rooms, he uses a lot of stained wood and if you aren't a fan of that look, you might not care for the show.  BUT, I'm not a fan of stained wood either and I am still OBSESSED with the show!

There is this one issue, though.   Brett isn’t an interior designer and I’m not usually impressed with the décor in his finished reveals (of course I could do SO much better of a job!!!! LOL)  So, if you are looking for Joanna Gaines interiors you won’t find that here.   Think more like this:  Nicole Curtis interiors.    Brett’s décor is all very affordable looking and period looking with lots of  antiques mixed in.  With all that said, I do wish the show would step up the interiors a bit – it would be perfect then. 

This was an interior that I did like, even though I’m not an Arts and Crafts fan at all.  But this, I like!!!

It was just announced that RESTORED is now interviewing homeowners for Season 4.   Season 4 on what?  DIY Network before it becomes Gaines Network in 2020?   Or will he now be on HGTV?   I hope RESTORED is going to be on HGTV,  Brett will be a huge star there.   

Let’s take a look at some of Brett's magic!!!

There have been 32 restorations on Restored.  A few stand out above the others.

The first episode I saw and the one that got me hooked was this stunner below.  The house is a 1930 Spanish Revival.

The house sits high on a hill so that there are fabulous views inside on both sides of the house.

This is a BEFORE photo.   Even then, the house was so beautiful.   But notice the balcony with its metal railing.  That was a newer addition that will have to go.  All the awnings too will have to be removed.

BEFORE:   That large awning will be removed as will all the metal rails on the façade used to train vines.  The owner, a surgeon, did not want those removed but she was overruled!

AFTER:   The view with the original wood spindles replaced on the balcony, along with the new authentic corbels returned to underneath the balcony.  The metal is now removed, along with all the awnings.  Fresh landscape and a coat of paint makes for a beautiful façade!

AFTER:   Another view showing the Juliet balcony.

During the show, someone who used to live in the house brought this photograph for Brett to examine.   It was from this photo that he was able to reproduce the original wood spindles and corbels.    

This part of the show is in each episode.  A photo of the original house shows up either in the library or a relative and that helps Brett with his restorations.

AFTER:   A view from the back shows how the kitchen connects to the terrace above the garage. 

BEFORE:  The entry with the living room on the right.  Carpet covered all the rooms and metal mini blinds covered the beautiful windows.

Looking at the opposite side in the living room – at this side is the back porch.  Across the foyer is the dining room.

AFTER:   The living room now with wood floors restored, along with the fireplace.  All the wood trim was also restored – as were the windows, the baseboards, and even the niches.  The sconces are original – but the evidence of their connections were hidden under the stucco.  Brett exposed the old connections and restored all the sconces to the original places.

The view to the fireplace.  The master bedroom is through the doors.

Much of the antique furniture in this reveal was the owners – such as this bench!

Another view.

Here you can see how the views are seen on both sides of the house.  It must be amazing to see all those mountains from every window.

As you can see by now, the décor of the show is a bit lacking.   It’s the one aspect that really needs to taken more seriously.   I think everyone (including me) gives the show a forgiving break because its revolves around learning from Brett Waterman about architectural style and restoration and less about décor.  But, if the show does move permanently to HGTV I think they need to hire a talented decorator and pump up the staging aspect of the show.   IMO.  LOL!! 
I just want the show to be PERFECT!  It’s almost perfect, but the staging needs a bit more talent.

The dining room as it was before.  All the wood around the windows was restored, as were the baseboards.  And the floors. The stenciling on the crown molding was also improved upon with paint.

After.  Again, views on both sides of the rooms.  Wood trim, baseboards stripped and restored.  The stencil was painted to bring out its beauty.  Why would anyone carpet this room???????  Why????

Through the door is the butler’s pantry and kitchen.  Much of this furniture, if not all, was the owners which suits that house completely.

Before.  From the dining room is this butlers pantry that had been completely redone.  It was a terrible 80s granite mishmash.   This is actually two rooms.   The owner told Brett she wanted to display her grandmother’s crystal.  Notice that original swinging door.

AFTER:   I absolutely love this and gasped when it was revealed!!  This is new cabinetry which is modeled after the original cabinets.   The countertop is wood – which is what was usually used in butler’s pantries so that the crystal wouldn’t break as easily if dropped.   The wood was carried up to the ceiling.

The sink was also chosen to be soft on the crystal.  Isn’t it beautiful?

A larger view.

Brett created an arched opening to the kitchen from the butler’s pantry and he had it stenciled to blend in with the dining room’s stencils.  Here is the view from the arched opening through to the dining room and the staircase in the foyer.

And the view into the kitchen.

The pantry is actually two rooms – the second one got a new glass front cabinet with a wood counter to match the other side of the pantry.

A glimpse through the arch back into the butler’s pantry.

And into the kitchen.   I absolutely love the butler’s pantry and the stenciled arch.

Before:   The 80s kitchen and breakfast room.    Notice at the far right, next to the oven there is a short side wall, hiding a beam or pipe of some sort.

AFTER:   The new kitchen which is just gorgeous!   The windows are in the same space but appliances were moved around.  The owner bought antique tiles which were placed behind the stove.
Notice where the permanent post was before – Brett created a wood post but in order to not block the view, he added double arches carved in the wood.

A birds eye view – shows the refrigerator at the left with its vintage styled doors.  Rolled linoleum floors with dark gray borders.  The colors of the lino picks up the cabinet and countertop colors.  See that?

Before & After.    Here you can see that Brett added the two arches to create interest and also to mimic the arches around the house and on the patios.

And another view before and after.  This is a good view of the post and how Brett created the arch to allow more of a view of the mountains to come through.

Just love this kitchen!!
In the series Restored, there are usually just a few rooms that are done by Brett – the façade, the living room/dining room and the kitchen with maybe a bathroom.
BUT, in reality,many times Brett does the entire house, but time and budgets do not allow it to be shown.   Sometimes when the camera is filming the kitchen being redone – you can see the crew working on another room in the house that isn’t shown on Restored. 
So, while all the bathrooms in this house are PINK, we only saw Brett restoring the master bathroom:
Bright pink master bathroom.

In a different light – pink walls, pink tiles and pink and black floors.  Brett removed all the paint from the wood door and the dressing table.  The tile floor had to be removed and replaced due to termite damage. 

AFTER:   The walls were painted white which toned down the pink tiles.  Black marble on the new vanity. 

View from the opposite direction. 

Notice how the sink vanity, which is brand new, looks exactly like the dressing table, which is original to the 1920s house!

The vanity table now has its restored wood top, covered in clear glass.  Isn’t this pretty?? 
This house restoration won an award from the Redlands Area Historical Society!!!

The next house was another beautiful older home:

On most houses he takes on for his show Restored, Brett will have someone from the Historical Society or a former member of the family who once owned the restored house come on the show to talk about the history of the house.  For this next house, Brett discovered that G. Stanley Wilson, the famed architect of the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside (above) had also designed this 1913 Mission Revival mansion.
And this is a large part of the charm of the show.  Discovering a house’s history, talking to people who actually lived in the house, and looking at old photos of the house gives dramatic clues to how the house once looked.  Many times Brett will use these old photos to restore a replaced porch railing or a missing fireplace.

Besides looking at old photos, Brett will also take the family on a field trip to see a similar house to the one he is restoring.  Here, he takes his family to see the Mission Inn and its architectural details.  See Brett in his shorts and white cowboy hat?

BEFORE:  And here is the beautiful 1913 Mission Revival mansion that will be restored.  The family had just recently moved in and asked Brett to restore the kitchen, bathroom, and the dining room.

After:     Here is the house after it was restored, painted a soft earthy color with a green trim to match the original green colored roof.

Before:   The original door and surrounds were painted white.

After:   Brett restored the door and sidelights by removing all the white paint.

And the porch was refurnished and landscaped.

The house, minus the kitchen and bathrooms, was in excellent shape.  There really wasn’t much for Brett to do in the public rooms – yet, he did redo this room! 
See below:

Brett first removed all the window coverings and then he had a mural of the area painted on the walls.  This really was SO beautiful at the reveal!  

Another view of the two walls showing the valley before it was settled.

A close up of the mural.  Look at the new light fixture Brett added.

I just love this dining room.  The mix of the more modern table and chair juxtaposed against the period room is just beautiful!!

BEFORE:  The kitchen was a time warp, but the owners did love the range and wanted to reuse it after it was completely restored.  Another big moment happened when Brett discovered the original rolled linoleum under the floor.  He restored it and today, the original lino is in the room – and the kitchen was restored to look how it did, originally.   Notice the stained glass window – that was removed, restored, and placed on the stairway landing.

       And here is how the kitchen looked after it was restored with the original lino and the restored range.   With the stained glass window removed, there is now much more light in the kitchen. 

The rehabbed range.  Notice the salt and pepper flanking the clock.  Too cute!!!!!!!

And here, Brett shows the owners where the refrigerator now is – behind the vintage wood door.

The original stained glass window moved to the landing where it looks like is was always there.

BEFORE:  Finally, a small half bath downstairs was turned into a much needed full bath.

AFTER:   Brett installed a beautiful bath with vintage touches.

Brett even added a restored vintage toilet to match the age of the house.

The family got a real gem when they bought this house designed by the noted architect, G. Stanley Wilson.

The next house restored by Brett is famous in its own right!

There are a few gnome villages in California and one is in Redlands where Brett filmed many of his episodes.  This village is on Normandie Court between 800 and 1200 sq. ft.  Most have since been remodeled and updated.  In the cul de sac, two houses are duplexes.   Originally the properties were all rentals but were later sold for personal use.  There is one empty lot where the house burned down.  In order to rebuild there, the house would have to conform to the others – which accounts for the lot being empty for a few decades now.
As for this house on the corner that Brett restored, it also won an award from the Redlands Area Historical Society, just as the first house shown did.AFTER:   A coat of paint and new landscape turned the house around.    The brick planters were removed.  You can see they once blocked the side front door that leads to the garden.  Brett added a new front door to the small courtyard and he created a private garden in the front yard which will one day be screened by the newly planted bushes.
Between the two tall cypress on the left, a new gate and pergola were added.   Love the stone bench.

This house is one the corner of Normandie Court.  Here Brett takes the owners to their reveal.
                                                                                                                                                               To the back yard, with the new gate.

Here you can see the side entrance to the garden and how it was blocked off by the brick planters which made no sense at all.  Brett removed all those planters to open the front door to the garden.

The new landscaping without the brick planters.   A stone path leads to the now enclosed front entrance with its new second front door.  How charming is this?!?!?!?!   Totally loved this episode.
And after.  Brett added a front door to the porch, along with a bench.  To the left is the original front door.  Now, the owners can close the new front door and open the house to the open air.

Brett added shelves along the new door to hold plants – this mimics the row of shelves on each side of the true front door.

Before:   the front door with the shelves on both sides.   There is a faux fireplace and faux wood floors.

Another view of the living room.

Here Brett talks over his plans with the owners in the small living room. 

After – Brett decorated it in a French style, which I just love, of course.   He installed a new faux fireplace with antique tile surround.   The faux wood floor was removed and the original wood floor was restored. 

And another view, a bit wider.  Love the lilac curtains.

Another view.

The fireplace with the vintage tiles that bring out the blues and lilacs.

Showing the front door with the two glass fronted shelving units

So pretty. 

Before:   The bathroom was a complete mess.

And after!   Room for the new toilet which was moved from the sink area was gained by taking in space from a neighboring closet.

The vanity looks old,it’s completely new.  Love that air vent detailing.  New sink, counter, but the windows are original.

A passthrough window brings light into the bathtub area.

The new toilet area makes the bathroom seem much larger.

Love the bathroom tiles! 

The guest room is teeny tiny!!!

After:   You can see you can barely walk around the bed.

More French design, cute.  We don’t get to see the master bedroom.

The kitchen is actually three small rooms including the utility room and the breakfast room.   

Brett added arches on both sides of the kitchen.  Through this arch is the utility room and it is where Brett moved the refrigerator. 

Here, Brett hid the refrigerator behind a wood vintage door.

The breakfast room is behind another arch.   It is so cute with its rolled lino floor with a cream border and black middle – matching the colors of the kitchen.

The windows look out to the gardens and the wallpaper is by William Morris.

This house also won an award from the Redlands Area Historical Society!!!
A few notes about the show Restored.

Brett usually restores the façade, the landscaping, the kitchen, and a bathroom.  In the main room, he usually removes painted over wood and restores fireplaces.  While he is there, the owners move out for six weeks.  When the house is finished, he furnishes it and brings the owners back to see it all.  I’ve been wondering about the furniture, do they get to keep it?  Do they pay for it or is it included in the fee?
I found some proof that the family keeps their own furniture – not the furniture that Brett places in the restored house.

Here is an example of what I mean.   Above is an original 1895 Victorian Farmhouse in Redlands, California.  The front porch had been enclosed and the house was really falling down.   Brett shored up the foundation and removed the enclosed front porch.   A photo from the 1940s showed him what the front porch once looked like – from that photo he copied the railings with their distinctive look.

Now that the porch is exposed, the house looks so different, so much better.

Here is the finished inside.  He moved the kitchen into what was once the bedroom!   And he opened the wall between the new kitchen and the dining room.   When the homeowner saw the reveal, she exclaimed that she “loves this table.”   And she liked the benches too.  So do I.  So, do they really get to keep the furniture used for the reveal????

And notice the light fixture that Brett put in the house.   He always puts new light fixtures for the reveal.   Look at the rug too.

After the couple were settled in their restored house, Redlands held a fund raiser there to celebrate all their restored houses.   You can see that the French table and bench are long gone.   This table is the home owners original table and chairs.  AND notice the fixture!   Brett always puts new or antique fixtures in the restored houses but you can plainly see here, that the homeowners took it down and put their own rather modern fixture there instead. 
I like that though.  It’s their house and if the owners want a modern fixture, dag nab it, let them have it!   And the rug is not the one Brett placed.

Brett Waterman is gaining a big following since his stint on the  DIY network.    HGTV is now showing Restored on their station and DIY  is advertising for homeowners in the area for a season four!!!  YES!!!!!
So hopefully, after DIY becomes the All Gaines All The Time network, Restored will land on HGTV.

Finally,  Brett has a series on architecture on the internet that is fascinating, if you like restored architecture!!! 
Its called Unlocking History HERE.  
If you get hooked on his show and need an extra fix, I highly recommend Unlocking History!!!!


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  2. I agree! I love Restored - it’s the perfect mix of educational, beautiful, charming, and real. And no, Brett is not a decorator - but that can always be added later! I hope this new channel doesn’t become the Goop of television.

  3. Maybe nobody had heard of the Gaines family but they certainly had heard of Waco, and not in an "I'd love to move there" way. The city should be grateful that Waco is now known for homes instead of for wacko militias. And as far as the whole DIY/renovation/restoration trend goes, I'm just glad somebody is fixing these places up and making that idea cool, instead of tearing them down for a new monstrosity.
    As for those awnings, it's too bad there wasn't a way to make new ones work. They probably kept the rooms from heating up in direct sun, while still letting in light. I have a big east window and am looking for a retractable awning to cut the sun on summer mornings but to let it in in winter.
    The renovation bug is only starting to bite here. We are getting more McMansions, and I was just complaining in my last post about some of the atrocious décor.

  4. I love Restored also, can't get enough of it. Truly a history lesson show.

  5. Soooo many wonderful "old" homes sitting is truly an American tragedy. franki

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  8. I was not aware of this show. It sounds fascinating. 24 hrs of Chip and Joe sounds like a lot!

  9. I applaud your skepticism about the Gainseses taking over DIY. They are outspoken evangelical Christians, and I am suspicious that they will not introduce some "old-time religion" into their programming!

  10. I like Chip and Joanna Gaines as much as the next guy, BUT I LOVE many of the shows on DIY that are not coming back, particularly Holmes on Homes which was so educational. There are design shows and blogs aplenty, but what I value are the construction and maintenance tips that help me buy and upgrade my own home. I'm so disappointed with this broadcast news.

  11. Oh Joni this blog post was a treat! I absolutely love the DIY show Restored and I too have learned a lot about the style of old homes that Brett brings back glory. He has a lot of charisma. I'm hoping the new and improved DIY channel will add even better shows, but Restored is one that is a must keep on either HGTV or DIY because it is truly wonderful. More restoration is needed across the country and these shows help home owners and potential buyers realize that restoration jobs or fixer uppers may take a lot of work but are very rewarding in the end. The one HGTV show I can't stand is the California divorced couple's Flip or Flop, because every home they flip is filled with cookie cutter materials in similar boring color schemes and the couple has always seemed cold and off. Texas Flip and Move is always hilarious.

  12. How have I never heard of these shows (except darling Lauren's of course!) - don't get me started on chip and joanna...but this other show looks amazing - I'm looking Brett up!

  13. Your posts are always so informative. I love watching Brett too and I am always thinking that if he just had a bandana around his neck he would look just like the guy in the Curious George books!

  14. When I think of Chip and Joanna Gaines, I remember the moment I turned on Rachael Ray. I was at the grocery store and saw her face yet again but this time on a BOX OF RITZ CRACKERS. Too much. I know these people "strike while their (fame) iron is hot", but they should have the good grace not to inundate our lives completely. Should we expect to see a Joanna Gaines home pregnancy test soon? Where does it end? I start to hate these types of people and I turn the channel whenever they appear, the Gaines included. So if the Gaines network includes their faces everywhere, I will not be watching. That said, DIY channel has always had great programming. I didn't realize that Restored had so many episodes, I must have missed quite a few. My favorite episode was a mid-century modern in Palm Springs -- it was amazing! I watch Vanilla Ice for the hilariously tacky interiors but they also have some creative ideas. The Texas home flipping sisters are awesome and I love the home flippers in Galveston. I'm glad to hear that we can get episodes on Amazon -- who knows what will happen with the new network? Thanks Joni for your amazingly thorough research and work!

    1. Good comment and funny! I'm sick of her too, and her damn ship lap everywhere. She built a whole empire on that stupid ship lap. It was interesting at first, and now it's shoved down our throats at every turn with these two.
      And will she pop out another sprog to promote their new network? Tune in...

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    3. well there were the Branch Davidians.

    4. The point was that everyone HAD heard of Waco.

  16. OK, first of all great post! Poor Joanna,I feel bad for her when she gets bashed for shiplap LOL. I was happy when she did a fantastic job on the mid-century modern that showed everyone she is not really a one trick farmhouse pony. Her true talent shines through in her ability to change floorplans for better. I LOVE Stone House Revival! I also enjoy that Brett Waterman talks about the budget and I am amazed at how much his homeowners get for their $! Did anyone else spot him in the crowd with that big hat on at Drew Scott's wedding in Italy, wonder how they know each other? Thanks as always for the back story, you are the premeire sleuth of the design world!

    1. I would bet that "poor Joanna" now has a team of designers that do the real designing these days. She was probably told that something besides shiplap needed to be done, hence the mid-century house.

    2. He worked with drew on their shows. Not sure which ones. Now in need to watch him at the wedding!! I’m obsessed with the man.

  17. Finally some houses that are being taken care of properly. I love them, and I love that he saves great old homes and doesn't screw them up.
    I don't care about the furniture he puts in there for the reveal. I don't like a lot of the furniture shown in other re-dos you have shown here either, but the furniture isn't important and I don't care about it. The house, the bones, the restoration, are the important part. I will put in my own taste in furniture.

  18. joni, i live in redlands and several of the homes brett has renovated are right in my neighborhood. he does such a fabulous job. he even counsels buys of new old homes here to preserve rather than gut them. and normandie court is like a gem of a street. i believe there are 18 tiny homes there. i did a post on it way back in 2009. redlands is such a darling town full of rich character and street after street of gorgeous homes. thanks for posting this.

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  21. I enjoyed the first few Chip and Joanna shows but quickly grew tired of them. All the interiors look the same!

    1. Yes.
      And they will look dated very soon.

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  23. After my dad died, his banker told me a story about him coming into the bank on a Saturday morning. Saying hi to everyone by name, walking towards her office, wearing his ivory felt Stetson, collared golf shirt, pen in pocket, kaki shorts, white athletic socks, and his cowboy boots.

    Totally my Texas dad on a weekend. Surprised he didn't bring his white rescue poodle into the bank. Completing the ensemble.

    That Stetson now resides on my hall tree. Along with his straw gardening Stetson.

    Of course I adore you pointing out Brett's attire !

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    1. I adore him. Like a crazy person. Obsessed. He is so funny on this one tape of his own show. Playful and a bit like a naughty brother. I need to find the link.

    2. J.,
      I think maybe he tickles your fancy as you sit on the sofa snacking, drinking your beverage of choice, and watching him on your "device", whatever that may be...

    3. lol. He DOES!!!! I have a major crush on him!!!! But I don't sit on my sofa snacking. I'm a chair person.

    4. Sofa, chair whichever. The posterior is still in a horizontal position.

  24. If I'm not mistaken, this is the second time you've posted negative reviews about Chip and Joanna. I still love watching their show, along with many others. I just hope you and the other critics will wait until the change-over and judge the station on it's merit instead of speculation about what it might be.
    As far as their decision to quit their show and now going in a new direction, when was the last time y'all changed your minds about something? Sometimes an opportunity presents itself when you least expect it and just can't pass it up. Cut them some slack people!

    1. The thing is though I believe that they were just being sly and using their "quitting" as a negotiating tool. You may be a bit naïve Nashville Lady although that's sometimes a cute trait.

    2. Not naive. I prefer to think of myself as giving people the benefit of the doubt, that people have good intentions unless shown to be otherwise. Glass half full.

    3. That's called naïve.

    4. I have trouble believing they just changed their mind a year later. I don’t. And I hate when I feel used. I could be wrong but they quit to be with their kids. Then have another baby and take in a new network? What happened to being with their family? The new baby doesn’t count? It just seems very false to me.

    5. perhaps this new opportunity frees them from the day-to-day renovation business, and instead allows them to have more administrative roles and thereby have more normal hours and family life? I really don't understand the contempt so many of you have for them. I think they started a trend and, although their style is usually farmhouse, so many viewers love the work they do. They don't claim to "restore", they usually "update" to what their clients want. Greedy? They've done so much to put Waco on the map and make it a destination for tourists and boost the local economy. If you're tired of their show, don't watch it. But don't slam what they do. And why so personal? "I feel used"? Just let it be and don't watch if you dislike them so much. That's the wonderful thing about TV. Choose what you like. You don't have to buy all the goods. I didn't like the end of Game of Thrones but didn't take it personally.

    6. To Anon 8:25 AM
      Some people are more bitter as they get old and realize that their lives did not go in the exact direction they would have hoped for.

  25. I’m not a fan of many HGTV and DIY network shows. I have a select few that I watch when I’m available and, NO, they’re not all “Fixer Upper” shows. I’m particular about those also. Just like this blog, some articles I really enjoy and others are just not for me. But that doesn’t mean I want to stop subscribing. I just pick and choose my interests.

    The news the Gaines family announced to the pubic was information they chose to share based on what was happening with their family at that point in time. Just because they did not divulge every nitty-gritty detail of their future plans—Really? We’ve all been there, in the public eye or not.

  26. Joni, for the love of heaven, please install Akismet or some other free anti-spam plugin. There is so much spam here. And Joanna Gaines has never understood anything about design. She and her husband are perfectly awful, greedy people. Her bland, soulless interiors are dreadful. No REAL designer would have anything to do with interiors like that, and the greed factor with those two is out of sight. They tried to control the people who bought their houses after they had sold them. Very distasteful. And they renovate - they never restore. They know nothing about period design. So glad there is finally someone like Brett, who understands and RESPECTS old houses. He doesn't make a cookie cutter job of it like the Gainses.

    1. Agree with you, Cynthia, on a certain level, but you never fail to deliver the snark.
      You remind me of a certain Housewife of Orange County.
      The thing about greedy though, is that this is America and we still have a system where people have the right to use their prowess to become successful and earn as much money as they can. Sometimes less successful people brand go-getters as greedy because they are jealous on some level. Being successful alone does not make one greedy and people need to strike while the iron is hot.

    2. I have as much success as I could possibly want. There is no envy in me. I just don't like it when people are controlling, and religious fanaticism irks the hell out of me, and it is always accompanied by hypocrisy. She's a one trick pony when it comes to interiors and they have ruined many a period kitchen and bathroom, which is unforgivable. No talent, and people with as little taste as they have love them. Insipidness reigns. And if that is snark, then so be it. It's truthful snark. And I don't watch idiotic housewife shows, as they are a complete waste of time. Scripted "reality" is not entertainment.

    3. One trick pony=yes.
      Ruined period houses=yes. (Although most of the ones I've seen on their show weren't much to start with.)
      But do they have religion on their show? I've watched a number of them and I don't remember religion being on them.

    4. Not yet. But I’m sure the new Gaines channel will
      Have it. One thing. They have no TVs. Kids can’t watch tv. But tv made them. They would be nothing without tv. Seems hypocritical. We’re too good for tv but give us your money watching it.

    5. Spam on blogger is not fixable. I try to erase it. Sometimes I forget for a day and all hell
      Breaks loose!!! Sorry. I’ll do better

    6. Seriously Joni? "I'm sure they'll have it"? And the no TV thing, unreal! A lot of young parents don't want their children sitting like zombies in front of the TV being babysat instead of interacting with them. Fixer Upper is not for "designers" but rather for most people who get great ideas from the show. Apples and Oranges.

    7. To Anon 9:07
      People who are of certain religious or political persuasions set this blogger off. She just can't help herself, even though she has said before that she will be non-biased. But it's her blog and she can say whatever she feels. I find it entertaining as an observer.

  27. I love, love, Restored and Bret Waterman!! I streamed everyone of his episodes earlier this year and have really missed seeing him on the DIY network... Yes, the Gaines's are getting worn out... most loved their fixer upper shows and watched them over and over again (since that's all we saw on HGTV every day and Saturdays as well) until we could duplicate their style without even trying...Let's hope they just had a change of plans when they announced they were leaving TV. Thank Ms. Joni for a wonderful post and bringing less famous design shows to our attention!

  28. While I love the Gaines family, I truly hope they will jump out of the cookie cutter look they have plagued all the millennials with; black,white, gray...ugh!
    I’m not sure if they are qualified as designers but I feel sure they can hire some talent to take us to a place of color and tradition! Out with the dormitory farmhouse overdone look, please!

    1. Good comment. Oh, but this: If the Gaines would be hiring people, well, why have them at all? Just hire the talented designers directly because the Gaines' won't be needed anymore. They've played it out as far as they can at this point; time to go.

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  31. Hi Joni, fantastic post as usual and that pink bathroom might be one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Quit watching Chip and Joanna a long time ago because, I'm tired of them... Every interior Joanna does looks the same to me. No imagination, and I don't learn anything from her or Chip. I I the only one who feels that way. Just got to call it as I see it.

  32. No, you're not the only one.

    1. How about they now will be running an entire network in their vision. Can’t wait. Snort.

    2. J.,
      Don't be jealous. And there is plenty of programming out there for you to enjoy; you don't have to watch them.

  33. omg, I'm so glad someone posted the mushroom spam over and over and over and over and over...I never knew! LOL I like the Gaines. I think their baby, Crew, is almost 2. Most of us made decisions, mistakes, and kept trying until we got it right for our family. I was certain I'd keep working, have a nanny; work from home with a nanny, and then decided to take a long sabbatical. I need grace, so I offer grace. We never know what is around the corner, or that the detour we take will be long or short. I'm glad you highlighted some of those shows as I've never seen them. I love to watch YouTube - Studio McGee and At Home with AD, and Quintessence. Do you watch them Joni?

    1. I’m removing the dope spam as fast as I can!!!! It’s horrible !!!!!

  34. I'm with you Nashville Lady! I was thinking the exact same thing!!

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  36. Like so many, I have had enough of Gaines. I am a designer in California, and so much of their look does not translate here. And, as for their reasons to leave HGTV, give me a break! JoAnna is in completion with her sisters to see who can have the most babies!!! What I will give to Chip and Jo is they hit the payload, and they hired a good manager. Will I watch DIY Nestwork with their takeover.........NO.

    1. A lot of their remodel ideas ARE being done by younger people in California on the tract-style houses that they can afford.
      It's really no one's business how many babies either she or her sister have. Mean. She can afford them, and won't be on the dole.
      I think you meant to say competition by the way.

  37. I also quickly lost interest in Fixer Upper, it is not my style, and the interiors all look the same. However, I wish them the best, as they have worked very hard and seem to be excellent parents to those darling children. Many people love them and that is the beauty of America. If you produce something that people want, then you can be successful! Yay free market! As a native Texan, I had always heard of Waco, and in fact thought it was quite a metropolis when I arrived there as a college freshman at Baylor University, my dear alma mater. Now, having lived in Dallas for 30+ years, it seems funny. Love your blog Joni, thank you!

    1. Certain people don't like the American idea of a free market and the ideal that individuals can and should work to achieve success.

    2. Yes you are right, and what a shame!

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  40. Is there a reason I can't see the pictures? I LOVE the visuals! I'm wondering if something is blocked? Thanks!

  41. Cannot see the pictures either!

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. NO photos???? What is going on?

  44. Hello, I would love to see the pictures you posted! Is there something wrong with my iPad settings? I’m getting pictures on your other blog stories....
    Thank you for an explanation

  45. Thanks for letting me know about the Galveston shows. I saw the pilot on HGTV several years ago and loved it, and never found it again. Didn't know that they were on DIY, so I will be bingeing that one. While I love restoring old homes, I am not a fan of Brett. His laugh is annoying to me and sounds so fake, and I don't find him attractive like you do. His laugh on TV is almost as bad as the mother on that redheaded mother and daughter show, which I can't remember the name of. It's another one to miss, in my opinion. And really, does it matter when the Gaines' made the decision to take over a network? So I can't imagine why HGTV did that, to tell you the truth. They have no experience in running a media Network, they were home builders and remodelers. It sounds quite risky for the network. However, if any station would bring back some true designer shows, rather than demo and remodel shows, I would watch it no matter who owned it.

  46. I have so enjoyed this blog and the well researched written stories on beautiful homes and decor for years however Joni, surely there are more designs and homes and other delights to post about than the critique involved in this one about the Gaines family and their success. It comes across as Texans hating on fellow Texans and distracts from the content of the blog subject. I too agree with the Nashville lady and I also wish the anonymous responder who is sarcastic and condescending to almost everyone had something better to do besides belch out her not so subtle sour skittle comments. What Susie says about Sally sometimes says more about Susie. Virginia Lady

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