24 April 2008

Stalking the Wheats

sallywheat 163

As most of my friends know, I have a slight (well, ok - it's not so slight) addiction to Starbucks coffee.  Two or three (sometimes four or five -  I can't lie) times a day I go to the drive-through Starbucks in my neighborhood, West University.  Instead of driving there on the main streets, I drive down the side streets, admiring the homes on my way.    I have a few favorite houses on my route and one,  in particular, caught my attention as it was being built.   At first it was the white stucco exterior with its stone foundation that I noticed.   As time went on and the building progressed, each detail the owners added made it seem like a special home, one that I would love:   they added gray, french wood shutters to the  windows, and then they added a most charming wooden gate for the driveway.   Next - the owners put in French styled landscaping - all green - with box woods.   After they had moved in, whenever I drove by the house, I would slow my car to a crawl, craning my neck to try to see inside the white stuccoed home that had so captured my imagination.  Through their windows, I could make out some of their furnishings -  first, there was a screen in the living room, and then I could see an oversized mirror.  Next - I noticed the dining room's antique light fixture which furthered my suspicions that this was a house I would love - inside and out.  By the time the sheer, linen curtains were hung - the deal was sealed - I was an official stalker and somehow, I had to finagle my way into the home to see it first hand.

As luck would have it, Anthea, my sister-in-law's sister (Cote de Texas readers may remember her house featured here) lived almost across the street from my stalk-ees.  One day, Anthea casually mentioned to me that her new neighbor read my blog and wanted to meet me.  Emails were exchanged and we set a date - finally,  after stalking these poor people and their house for over a year, they were actually going to invite me inside.  I'm sure had they known of my obsession with their white stuccoed home, the invitation would have been rescinded.

And so this is how I came to be in Sally Wheat's home:  me - a total weirdo taking pictures of a stranger's house.  I can't imagine what her husband thought when he came home and walked into the scene.   Sally was delightful and claimed to be excited that I was going to put her in my blog;  but truthfully, I'm not convinced she meant it.     Her 7 year old daughter couldn't have been more friendly, even offering to show me the toilets.  As pathetic as it must sound, I was actually interested in seeing those, too.     Sally, an interior designer, furnished her own house, of course.   After such a build up on my part, the house could have been a disappointment, but it wasn't.   In fact, it was more charming than I had imagined.  Bathed in grays and creams and taupes, with gleaming white walls, and antique painted furniture - the interiors lean towards the ever-growing-in-popularity Belgian style of design.   The Wheats also own a beach house on Boliver Island which Sally admitted was "really cute."  Unfortunately, Boliver Island is a little out of the way for drive-by stalking, but Sally promised me we would get together this summer so that I could bring you pictures from their beach house.  Below, I hope you enjoy the Wheat's home in West University:


sallywheat 171

The Object of My Obsession:  The stucco exterior of the Wheat's house which first caught my attention.  I love the stacked stone foundation, the stone walkway, the boxwoods, the wisteria, the paneled wood door, and the gas lanterns. - all details which make the exterior special.

sallywheat 161 

  When these french styled shutters were installed, I knew the house was going to be unique - not your typical, everyday, West University stucco house.

sallywheat 167

The clincher:  the driveway gate.  Most West University homes have iron gates on their driveways.  This wooden gate is utterly charming.   A matching gate on the opposite side of the house leads to the back yard.

sallywheat 037

The stalker is actually allowed inside!  The front room - instead of a sofa, Sally has four chairs.  The rug (probably seagrass) is on hold until the puppy is housetrained.  The drapes throughout the house are unlined Belgian linen which were purchased at Indulge Decor in Houston.

sallywheat 017

The antique screen which is visible from the front window.  I would drive by and see the screen and know that I would love the interiors!  This screen was purchased at Thompson + Hanson in Houston.   I actually remember this screen from when it was for sale there.

sallywheat 025

An iron table sits between two white chairs.  A trendy crown shares space with pottery.

sallywheat 028

The French lantern in the entry hall was purchased from Chateau Domingue.  The dining room is to the right of the front door when you walk in.

sallywheat 033 

A vignette in the entry hall - antique bench, pottery, and mirror.

sallywheat 039

The dining table was custom made, copied from a picture found in The World of Interiors.  French mouton leg chairs are slipcovered.

sallywheat 042

The large mirror that caught my eye as I did my drive-bys.  The darling puppy looks out the front window - maybe guarding against other stalkers driving by with craned necks?  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        sallywheat 047 

The beautiful antique chandelier is the focal point of the dining room.

sallywheat 056

A wall of framed botanicals in the dining room.

sallywheat 057

Two vintage starburst mirrors are layered over the larger mirror.

 sallywheat 075

The kitchen:  honed, statuary marble counter tops with white subway tiles for the backsplash.  The two pendant lights are from Belgium, via Brown, a fabulous Houston shop that specializes in light fixtures.  

sallywheat 060 

The kitchen shelves are without doors. 

sallywheat 065

I love this faucet and the farm sink with it's single bowl.

sallywheat 084

The breakfast room has another light fixture from Brown.

sallywheat 072

Painted furniture and horns in this vignette.

sallywheat 088 

The iron staircase was fauxed to resemble pewter.

sallywheat 089

Another vignette:  this one features a wall of portraits of strangers, not family!

sallywheat 160

A view of the family room overlooking the back yard.  The two slipcovered sofas are extra long, again reminiscent of the popular Belgian style.

sallywheat 096

The family room:  the two sets of doors are antique shutters from Bill Gardner of Houston.  The cross on the coffee table was designed by Sally Wheat using driftwood she collects on Boliver Island.

sallywheat 078

View of the family room looking towards the staircase.

sallywheat 177

The TV is hidden behind the antique shutters.  Also housed there is Sally's butterfly collection.

sallywheat 109

The backyard is mostly a patio.

sallywheat 114

The powder room is tiny, but there's room for a Louis Phillipe antique mirror, a chandelier, and antique tiles from Chateau Domingue.

sallywheat 113

The charming powder room sink is made of stone.  The faucets are installed in the wall instead of the counter.

sallywheat 118

The upstairs guest room, all in greens and reds.  All bedrooms upstairs have wall to wall seagrass in the basket weave pattern.

sallywheat 126

Sally's darling daughter's bedroom.  The chest was painted by James Farmer, from Houston.

sallywheat 137

The master bedroom is, like the rest of the house, all in cream, mushroom and taupe.  The headboard is tufted and upholstered.   Curtains here, as in the rest of the house, are from Indulge Decor of Houston.

sallywheat 140

Sally's painted white desk and Ghost chair.

sallywheat 149

The bathroom is all white carrara marble and mirrors.  I love how the doors are mirrored in this built in chest.

sallywheat 156

The cabinet doors in the vanities are screened.

sallywheat 157

The children's playroom over the garage connects through the master bedroom closet.  A work in progress, the carpet is the trendy antelope print.


I hope you enjoyed Sally's house as much as I did!  Besides being an interior designer (and if you are interested in contacting Sally, email me and I'll forward it on to Sally)  she has recently opened a booth selling antiques and decorative items at Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy.  Below, are a few items from her booth:

sallywheat 002

A pair of beautiful antique, gilt arm chairs, upholstered in while muslin.

sallywheat 003

A Wheat designed cross, make from Boliver Island driftwood.

sallywheat 005

Painted white chest, assorted statutes and artwork.

sallywheat 010

Gilt bench, covered in linen.

sallywheat 011

A pair of vintage chairs newly upholstered in a trendy trellis fabric.

sallywheat 012

One of a pair of driftwood lamps, designed by Sally Wheat.

sallywheat 001 

Finally, a standing lamp, made of driftwood, designed by Sally Wheat.

Looking around at other booths at Antiques and Interiors on Dunlavy, I spotted several items that reminded me of Sally's home:

sallywheat 023

Antique shutters - these are similar to the shutters found in Sally's family room.

sallywheat 026 

A pair of candlesticks similar to those found on Sally's dining room table.

sallywheat 054

One of Houston's favorite antique dealers, Annette Schatte also recently opened a booth here.    Here, Schatte sells mirrors that are similar to the antique mirrors found in Sally's home.   The iron candelabra is similar to the one found in the Wheats' family room.

sallywheat 041

Schatte is selling this French lantern, similar to the one hanging in Sally's entry hall.

sallywheat 062

A dark wood dining room table with a hand planed table top is reminiscent of the one in Sally's dining room.

sallywheat 056

And lastly, one more lantern from Annette Schatte.

To learn more about Belgian style interior design, the web site www.beta-plus.com has a large library of coffee table  books for sale.  Published in Belgium, the books are gorgeous with page after page of interiors in the Belgian style that is rapidly gaining in popularity, giving rise to the saying "Belgian is the new Sweden."


  1. Oh my goodness, simply beautiful! I love everything about that house, I felt like I just went on one of those Street of Dreams tours and I didn't have to leave the couch. Thanks!

  2. What a stunner!! I love so many aspects about her home.

    Thanks for all the inspiring and beautiful posts. I'm a design student at the New York School of Interior Design and just love to see what other designers are up to. Your blog is just beautiful and a joy to read!

  3. Very nice overall. Just wish the wood floors didn't have that "straight-from-the-showroom" newness. They'll look better with some age on them.

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  5. WOW! Can I just dig it all up and transplant it here to Colorado???? What a warm, comfortable home that must be to live in. Joni, your blog is such inspiration to me and I covet everything you have in it. I only wish you lived closer and could assist in my redesign on my little home. You have such an eye!

  6. O-M-G!!! I don't think there is one single thing I don't love about her house!!! I could move right in and feel instantly right at home....I'll take the cute little puppy too :o)I can see why you have been stalking this house....it is absolutely stunning! Be sure to tell her we appreciate her generosity in letting you share the wonderful pics of her home with us! I only wish I lived closer so I could pick up a few of the goodies she has for sale!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us girlie!

  7. What a perfectly charming house.
    Thank you (and Sally) so much for letting us see it.

  8. Lucky you! Such a treat to visit Ms. Wheat's stunning home.

  9. Wow!!!! This house is too good to be true. I'd love to move right in. Thank you to the Wheats for sharing it through your wonderful blog ( which I might add I am addicted to).
    Did you know the May issue of Southern Accents has a whole section on Houston? Mine came yesterday and I am ready to move there!!!!

  10. Ha, ha. I too have been guilty of stalking a house, but never have I been fortunate enough to actually get inside. I love how the color scheme is carried from room to room. I am curious as to how the room with the antelope carpet will turn out since that is one of my favorite carpets.

    Also, I see that all her furniture is an off-white. I am always afraid of upholstering a fitted piece (as opposed to slip cover) in such a light color b/c of my dogs, does she have any recommendations for a durable off-white fabric?

  11. P.S. I thought that the carpet was Couristan's Antelope, but I see that it is slightly different. Do you know the maker of Sally's antelope carpet?

  12. so super cool! i LOVE your blog. i work at domino mag and have just started my own design blog, www.urbanfleadesign.com. i linked to your site, and would be forever indebted to you if you did the same for mine! in the meantime, keep up the awesome work and cheers!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea

  13. Hi Joni~
    Well, It looks like Sally Wheat's home was well worth the wait! I love it, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. Her booth at Dunlavy looks quite charming also and I think the driftwood pieces are beautiful! My favorite element was the espalier-type circles and trellis patterns on the fence - ingenious!

    1. Ditto! My favorite part is the espaliered circles and trellis, too! I'd love to know what material she used to keep the circles perfectly round, yet substantial enough to hold the plants. Love to know what plants, too. It's lovely!

  14. What gorgeous house! That kitchen is to die for! Do you know who their builder was? I'm going to have to store that for my "someday when I'm rich file". The landscaping, the lighting, the powder room sink, those antique doors...all gorgeous and perfect.

  15. What a fabulous and amazing house. I wish I could move right in. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful detailed pictures. The kitchen is breathtaking, well pretty much the whole house is.
    PS- your blog is great...I've been reading it for awhile now.

  16. I completely relate to the joy of going in a home that has been admired from afar. I have quite a few homes in Atlanta that I always drive by slowly, as I love them so much. On occasion, one of these homes will be on a tour of homes (there are many showhouses and tours of homes in Atlanta, particularly in the spring), or it will be for sale and I will get to see pictures on the internet. I love it when that happens!

    This home is beautiful, and clearly the owner has a great eye. The details are amazing. GREAT post!

  17. Beautiful Joni!! This house is so lovely. What a nice surprise for you to find out it was as lovely on the inside as the out!

    Now, I have a mission for you. You MUST find out who did their kitchen cabinets because I swear - they are identical in craftsmanship, hardware, everything as mine.

    We are thinking of getting a larger fridge and it would require work done on our cabinets to fit. I would love to know if they know who made these. I'm sure they're custom.

  18. It's great to see a brand new house that has character!

  19. Holy Cow, girl. And inside drive by stalking dream come true!!! Now i am going to be stalking this post as I saw many lovely things I must covet and absorb.

    Thank you to the Wheats for letting you inside!!!! I'm in Drive By Heaven!!!


  20. Now this is a dream for me...to be asked to come into one of the homes I find myself stalking! Thank you for sharing it in so much wonderful detail and thank the Wheats for allowing us to see it.
    This has been such fun. I loved every element of the home but adore that kitchen sink and that powder room the most! Then there is that amazing driveway gate and those incredible vines on the fence! Wow!

    Great style and so inspiring.

    Thanks again dear Joni!


  21. Joni,

    It's fabulous! What an amazing "stalking" story. The photos of this gorgeous home are breathtaking!


  22. Oh my gosh! I think this is my favorite home that you've featured thus far. Thanks to both the Stalker and the Home Owner for befriending the said Stalker. Tee hee

  23. Beautiful home. The look is like a marriage of Domino and Veranda (my two favorites). And I am in love with the trained circular vines on the patio. That went right into the idea file. (I am sure there is some design term for this that I have yet to learn). Thanks for stalking on our behalf.

  24. GAWWWD! I need a cigarette. (and I don't smoke) That house! No wonder you nearly got arrested for galking. But it's perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. That style and the pale colors are very perfect. The X shutters, the mirror, the master...BUT....the kitchen......SWOOOOOOON. Honed marble and gray. Thank you for stalking Joni. That's a home not a house.

  25. Oh so good,Joni,love the "need a cigarette" comment,too funny,count me in the Voyeurs Club,now I really cannot sleep!

  26. Joni-
    Now that is what I call getting the chaff from the Wheat. Do the Wheats have a restraining order on you?
    I think it must have been very hard for you to leave, with your starbucks, camera and all.
    I would have locked myself inside.

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  28. Wow, Joni, what a wonderful home - THANK YOU for being a home stalker! :-)

    I actually just got a new job at a store that is yet to open (I am the same who worked for a store and was asking about the location of the master bedroom ;-) and it is all Dutch/Belgian style, very high-end, absolutely beautiful stuff, all imported from Europe!!!!

    I also had a post on two books by Wim Pauwels who is the editor of books for Beta Plus and I have a couple more posts coming up. I love the relaxed feeling you get from Belgian country style!

    Great timing!! :-) This one is going right on my favourite posts!

  29. there are no words great enough to express: a) my gratitude for your stalking capabilities and b) the gorgeous home. (i linked to you)

  30. Hello Joni! Thank you for posting this lovely house. Do you know where Sally got her couches and chairs? I'm in the market for some new upholstery.

  31. WOW! omg - y'all liked the house as much as I do! The amount of comments within 24 hours - boy, when you like something, you really let me KNOW it!

    Thanks for all the comments - I've tried to answer them personally, but some of you don't have email addresses.

    MOM JEANS: The two sofas are from
    Mitchell Gold. Not sure about the chairs, but I think they are from there two. I'll ask Sally about them.

    Thanks again everyone for all the comments. Sally was so excited about them and a little nervous they wouldn't be positive. she also wanted me to tell Anon - about the floors, they didn't come out as dark as she wanted. so, she's well aware of that.


  32. what a gorgeous home!!! thank you for sharing, I saved so many of the photos in my "inspiration" folder. and I'm very glad to know that I'm not the only one who cranes my neck to see inside lovely homes that are not exactly on my way home :) how lucky you are to have gotten the chance to go inside!

  33. Joni, could you tell us the paint color of the Living Room and Family Room? I have not left this blog since you posted. This house is too good to be true!!!!!!!

  34. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Joni, I have a window question. Do you share your email address? I hate to bore everyone.

  36. fabulous post! Two questions.....are the kitchen cabinets white or grey and what is growing on the fabulous circle espalier.

  37. Christine - yes, the cabinets area grey.
    As for the vines, I would bet it's star jasmine.

  38. Hello - just wanted to let you and other readers know that the correct website for the Belgian design book site is

    Thanks for the great shots of your neighbour's home.

  39. Wow! That was a fantastic tour. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely photos.

  40. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I am just dying to know who makes that antelope carpet. I have looked at Karastan, Couristan and Stark's antelope carpet and they all seem much more linear than Sally's carpet. I would be forever grateful if you found out.

  41. Darling stalker,
    I debated seriously whether to turn you into the police. Esp since I know design stalkers travel with enormous scissors ready to take snips of Belgian linen curtains. In the end I couldn't bring myself to do it - esp since I figure she will never notice that missing half yard of curtain anyway....

    PS Love the patio!

  42. Joni- thanks for the comment on the desk.... I'm new on here so I am thrilled when I get comments :) and I am so intrigued to find out about Belgian style. It's so fun to put a name to something I have been seeing, liking and not knowing how to describe it! So educational :) Happy weekend to you!

  43. Joni, hate to keep bothering you but...do you know the paint colors of the living and family room. They appear white but which white? Thank you so much!!

  44. i'm still stuck on the first sentence...do you really go to starbucks 4 or 5 times some days?

  45. And speaking of colors, wonder what that gorgeous grey is on the shutters. Just lovely. Hi Joni!!!

  46. Dear Joni,

    Words simply can't express the way I feel about this house and the fact you went to so much trouble to post it for our viewing pleasure. I'm literally quite speechless. I just wish I could hug you and Sally lol.

    I 2nd everything Deserae already said!

    Anna :)

  47. Dianne: you aren't bothering me!!! I wish I could tell you the name of the wall color - it's all the same throughout the house, it's Martin Senour, but it's been discontinued Sally told me. It is more cream than white white and she told me she wished it were more white white like her trim which is a 1/2 formula of the walls. Upstairs in the gameroom it actually looked taupe-ish. Most paint companies today have great whites out there. Personally, I use Pratt and lambert paints. You just want to be sure you use a true white and not one that has an undertone. Many of the "whites" are actually the lightest color on a sample card and you don't want that.

  48. I am thrilled not to be considered a pest. I just get so into these homes. Thank you for being so tolerant and answering my many questions. Like I said ...I am addicted to this blog. LOL

  49. Beautiful! I was drawn to the asparagus ferns and the patterned trellis' outside. And inside- I loved the layered mirrors in the dining room and the ghost chair and work area. Just lovely!

  50. Lovely post! Lovely house! Thanks for sharing. What a great story! Thanks for giving me great eye candy on this quiet Friday night! Lynn

  51. Beautiful, beautiful house!!

    Stalk some more like this for us, would you?!

  52. OH , My god , she has a wonderful taste ! I love the mix she made ! Tolix chairs ! the antilope styled carpet ...
    Everything is fabulous and she has treasures in her shop

  53. Joni! Did you tell Sally that we are best friends and that I normally come to your home for a few weeks each summer?

  54. Once again I have to ask, When is the Cote de Texas book coming out!!! This should be chapter one...........

  55. Again, a great blog! Keep it up, I miss you when I don't get one for a week or so.

  56. Joni, what an amazing piece of design journalism you've done here! I'm totally last to comment, but I just wanted to say that I loved reading your story almost as much at seeing that kitchen! And the windows are gorgeous. What a charming house inside and out.

  57. So very gorgeous! I just love when you've been drooling over a home and finally get a chance to see the whole thing. :) :) How kind of the owner to let you take all those pics to share w/ us. It's a beautiful home, with lovely touches that shows it's really loved.

  58. NR Design: Sally said maybe the carpet is Glen Eden? Never heard of them, but I think it really looks like Karastan to me.

    And someone asked about the chairs - they came from Foxglove which is owned by Boxwood whom I wrote about a few blogs ago.

    And thanks to all of you! 58 commnets in 2 days - a record i think. And all positive! Except for a few nasty words from ANON - but what else do we expect from him?

  59. Joni,
    I love it when you answer the questions on the comment section so that we all can read the answers. Many of us are wondering the same thing, we just don't have the nerve to ask!

    We're all so glad you're willing to be a stalker--I guess that makes us stalker voyeurs.

    Perhaps we should send in the addresses of other interesting houses around town and see if you can find a way to get inside!

    Angela P.

  60. Looks lovely but I've seen something like it before in Veranda Magazine... perhaps it was Emeril's house in New Orleans. Great copy though!

  61. Thanks Angela - I really try to answer the comments by email, but when there isn't an email, I'll do it on the comments section. but you're right, maybe I should answer them all on the comment section.

    To ANON: Emeril's house???? Are you kidding? Their house is nothing like Emeril's thank God! ohahaha - I like Emeril's - Tara Shaw was the designer, but these are two completely different styles.

  62. It was my mistake...Veranda styles all wash together to me. Glad to have given you a laugh this late at night but I did say "perhaps."

  63. Joni
    Has to be one of my favorite posts!
    How absolutely fantastic!
    Love her eye and yours for sharing it with us!

  64. Joni, you really should consider the book idea! The folks at Veranda and Southern Accents would
    be wise to subscribe to your blog to get the jump on homes such as the Wheat home! Blessings and thanks to Sally Wheat for letting us all feast our eyes on her wonderful home!

    Congrats on the overwhelming comments response ... you have now raised the bar!

  65. I totally agree with the joni book idea.. I will help set up the book tours and run and get you bottled water... your writing makes everyone want to be there...instead we are drooling on our keyboards !!! Thanks for another great tour...uh i mean chapter !

  66. oh, blush! I barely got out of college alive, trust me! no one's looking for me. but thanks for the props, mucho appreciated.

    And anon!!! yes - I Love late late night laughs, just ask Beach Bungalow 8 about that!


  67. What a charming home! I especially love the way the lines in the stucco lines on the front are staggered rather than stacked! They can be such a nuisance to decide where to put them!!!

  68. Such a lovely home in every aspect of the word. Just wondering, what did she plant on those circular trellis?

    Cheers, Adla

  69. Simply stunning! I just came across you blog and I love this house. Thank you and Sally for sharing. I hope you don't mind that mentioned your post!

  70. STUNNING. perfect all the way through.

  71. I love this post! Glad to know other people out there stalk also...at least it's houses we stalk and not people- that's gotta be somewhat healthy right??? She has great taste! I especially love her bedroom!!

    Emily @ Material Girls

  72. What a beautiful home - thanks for sharing! I enjoy your blog so much. Your posts are always fun to read and so informative for interior design fanatics! Also, a question if you don't mind: Do you happen to know the name/manufacturer of the black & white damask fabric used on the pillows in the Wheat's front room? I also noticed this fabric in your post about "Boxwood Interiors" store (on the wingback chairs). Thanks!

  73. Deborah: I think it IS the same fabric. Her chairs in the family room came from Boxwood so I would think she bought the pillows there too. Maybe you should try calling them - and ask them - if they have more pillows in that fabric - I bet they do!!!

  74. Olga Granda-ScottApril 29, 2008 at 6:35 PM

    I realize that I'm the 77th commenter, but I just couldn't help but leave a comment too. Sally is REALLY talented. We don't have too many designers like her in my area. How is it that Texans have so much style? Love it all, and thank YOU for sharing it with us.

  75. HI Olga- thanks!

    And everyone else - wow - 77 comments! unreal. Everyone really loved this house.

    thanks for all the comments and support!! much appreciated.

  76. That place is perfect. I *love* it. Those Kovacs ball lamps? Killed me. All of it. Perfect.

  77. I love your stick-to-itness to see inside this lovely home. It certainly was well worth the wait. I do drive bys all of the time of homes that I love, I especially love when I notice they are doing somthing new just gives me one more chance to be nosey.

  78. The best post EVER!!!! Saved every picture.

    Joni - Do you know the actual name of the gray paint color of the kitchen cabinets and the wall color. Was all the trim in the kitchen painted the gray?

  79. I love that you assume that any "negative" comment is from a male.

  80. Yes I do. Most woman aren't that negative.

  81. I love both styles and believe that I have a bit of both. Over all I have soft white walls, furniture and cabinets but I have added color with cushions, art and my collections tucked away on the shelves. I have areas that have large over scaled items as well as
    tucked away areas with smaller items. The over all feel is soft and serene but with an English country vibe. How about that?

  82. I absolutely love this house! Thank you for sharing it...do you happen to know where one might find a DREAM sign such as the one in the Wheats' daughter's bedroom?

  83. Hey Joni,
    Do you know what color the cabinets are painted in the kitchen? Are they a light gray or a greenish color?


    So many of you have asked me for the color, Sally writes:

    I'm so glad you liked the color of my cabinets. I used Benjamin Moore Fieldstone. I think the number is 1558. I love my cabinet color and get so many compliments on it. Hope this helps!

    Sally Wheat


  85. Thanks to Mrs. Wheat for sharing that color. She is talented AND gracious. Anytime comments come up on this post, I am FORCED into reading the whole post in it's entirety and come back upon something I missed the first time, and then again, there's those X shutters which I plan on recreating in my workshop for outside use. See what happens when you let a stalker into your world?

  86. That's a beautiful driveway gate!

  87. Hi Joni...Wow, can see why this was a popular post...so much eye candy in one place to drool over. Gorgeous home! So glad Mrs. Wheat allowed you to share it with all your readers...awesome post! Love the botanicals with the soft pink background. My favorite room is probably the family room...so many layers and so soothing a place to just be. Understated elegance. Just beautiful! :-) Susan

  88. Stalking this house was too much fun to be legal!

  89. I just love this house! Along with the other hundreds of people. I am building a house and searching for a good shutter color and I Loooove this one. Can anyone tell me what color these are... Thanks so much!

  90. Ok, you're probably done with replying to this post but I'm still so curious about the exterior colors, esp the shutters. any idea? Thanks!

  91. Congrats Sally! Glad we could help you out with the seagrass rugs in the house.

  92. I was sad to find out that Annette Schatte closed her shop, but she is selling elsewhere. Her inventory is exquisite and she's a nice lady.

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