In past Januarys, I would write a blog story about DESIGN TRENDS for the new year:  What’s In and What’s Out.  For most of those years, many of the TRENDS were repeated from the year before and the year before that and on and on.  You see, I don’t believe trends in interior design last for just one year periods.   Instead – interior trends tend to come and go in ten year intervals.

For example, think of the Art Deco trend of the 1930s:

The Art Deco style of the 1930s.

The kitschy look of the 1950s lasted for about a decade.  OMG – that is just horrible looking!!! 

And in the 1970s, there was a more sophisticated modern look.

Trends in interior design can last a decade, unless you decorate with classic fabrics and antiques.  Then – the age of a room might be impossible to judge:

This room by Michael Taylor was decorated in the 1960s but it could be seen in any current magazine without many changes.

Are there any trends from the 1960s in this photo?  Not really.  The use of classic fabrics, antiques and the tapestry make it hard to tell when it was designed.

I like that.   I like timeless design although I do fall victim to trends just like everyone does.

Despite the senselessness of it, every year the design magazines make a big show of what is trendy this year and what is now out.  

It would be more accurate to do the IN/OUT list just once a decade, but that will never happen. 

This year, Elle Décor enthused that oversized cabinet pulls are OUT in 2021.   Floral prints are IN, but geometrics are OUT.  IN are kitchen islands with cantilevered seating areas, OUT are traditional kitchen islands.  OOOKAYYYYY????  Seriously??

Dark doors are IN and white doors/trim are OUT.   Hey, I’ve been preaching this for 14 years on the blog.

IN:  Real plants.   OUT:  Faux plants.   LOL

Mosaics are OUT too!

Grandmillennial is IN and Grey on Grey is OUT.  This was the most true prediction on the In/Out list.

Grandmillennial or Granny Chic is THE Trend of the 2020 decade, give or take a few years.  Grey on grey is OUT.

  I recognize the silliness of all of this, but today I am going to add my two cents to the conversation.

The 2000s decade was the White Farmhouse trend started by the Fixer Upper craze and Joanna and Chip Gaines.

White farmhouse, white walls, white shiplap, white slipcovers, black accents, hand painted signs, oversized clocks, nubby throws, rustic wood, board and batten and anything else you can DIY.

This cute as can be farmhouse can be found here: 


A 2000-2020 White Farmhouse interior.

If you doubt the popularity of this trend, go to Instagram and search #whitefarmhouse and #whitefarmhousedecor – it’s amazing how huge this look became. 

But it’s time to wave goodbye to the White farmhouse and say hello to Grandmillennial.

Granny Chic:

In general, the trend of the 2020 decade is all about what is called the Grandmillennial style or Grannie Chic.  It’s Veranda and Southern Living and Southern Home and Atlanta Homes magazine all meshed together.  It’s traditional looks with antiques and chintz usually in pastel colors.   Think pretty.  Yes, we did it all before, decades ago, and some of us never quit this look.  But, the younger set has now discovered it and they think they invented the look.   They didn’t. 

Grandmillennial is just pretty design with floral fabrics, chinoiserie, scalloped edges, natural fiber rugs, topiaries,  wicker, rattan and bamboo furniture and accessories, floral patterns and chintz, monograms, all things chinoiserie, blue and green rooms, and trim.

While the late 2000s were the white farmhouse, shiplap look of the Gaines, the 2020s will be the Grandmillennial years.

Let’s take a look at the 2021 Grandmillennial trend and a few others that caught our attention this year.

I like to say the Granny Chic craze was started by Miles Redd and Mark Sikes, but you have to go back further to Charlotte Moss, Charles Faudree, and Dan Carithers.  Actually – the list is endless.

But for those born in the 1980s and 1990s, Miles and Mark are probably the most influential on young Grandmillennials. 


For the reemergence of the blue/white décor, we have one person to thank:  Mr. Mark D Sikes.  His popularity can be judged by his book sales alone, as well as his Instagram followers.  There is not much that Sikes designs that isn’t well liked. 

Sikes designed this Showhouse room using his furniture line and rug line and fabric line.

His love of Blue & White décor has taken off since he landed on the scene in the late 2010s.    Sikes will be forever associated with this look and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.  His look inspires scores of designers and pretty blue and white rooms are everywhere.

In contrast to Sikes, Miles Redd’s Grandmillennial style is never safe.  He always stretches the boundaries.  He is the Grandfather of Granny Chic!

A blue & white bedroom by Mark.   Bedrooms look especially pretty in this color way.


A perfect blue and white bedroom by Nicola Bathie McLaughlin who fell under Mark’s spell.

I especially love this bedroom.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive blue and white European fabrics to achieve the look.  Here a rag rug with blue running through it and simple blue and white checked fabrics does the job. 

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a blue painted French cupboard to add to the look, along with a tufted arm chair.  LOVE! 

Clary does blue and white perfectly.  Keep your eye out for her work, it’s young and fresh and pretty.

Miles Redd’s version of Blue on Blue.  Love the sconces.  Always with a twist.


Lauren Deloach designed this blue and white room with touches of pink.

You may remember her from the showhouse she did in Atlanta a few years ago:

Not quite blue & white, more aqua, but that’s ok with me!!!  OMG – who didn’t LOVE this room?!?!?   Fabulous!!!!!


#2 TREND  –   After the pretty Blue & White rooms come the Green Rooms

           Love this house by Clary Bosbyshell for Born On Fifth.           

Mark Sikes does green.  He actually loves green too, just not as much as blue and white!  LOL

Meredith Ellis does a beautiful green library with a skirted table in the middle.  Yes, Decorno, skirted tables are coming back!!!!!  Loving the antique oil portrait – these are trending too.


        Green instead of Blue.    

Peter Dunham in green.


Minette Jackson - Soft greens with ballgown drapes that are making a comeback!  Yeah!


                                                                                                                                                                          Soft Green.  Love the curtains and the chandy.

English Green entry.  Love.

Shades of Green and Greenish blue.  Tammy Connor.

Amy Studebaker does green.

#3 Trend – Wallpaper & Handpainted Wallpaper

Everyone is putting up handpainted wallpaper.  That is, everyone that can afford it!  There are some companies that have cheaper papers than deGournay, etc.  Schumacher has a good alternative but still pricey.  The prettiest papers remain deGournay and Gracie Studio.

Mark Sikes in one of the prettiest showhouse rooms ever.  Green and blue – a great combination when you can’t decide which one you want.

OMG – this is stunning and so Granny Chic with the scalloped sheets.

Showhouse hall with handpainted paper.

Pretty as can be in aqua.

Dallas showhouse – deep green. Gracie Studio paper.

Gorgeous bedroom by deGournay.

Wallpaper in grisaille is another trending look.

Hannah Cecil Harden classic with a modern twist.  Scalloped rug and cornice.


Tallwood Country House recently renovated a blank bedroom with a painted floor and an Etsy bought canopy, and this fabulous wallpaper.  Yes, she found the canopy on Etsy.   LOVE!

Mandarina Studio:  So pretty in pink & gray. One of Schumacher’s most popular papers:  Pyne Hollyhock.

Gretchen Black used a hand painted mural in her entry hall. 


Summit Drive Design used wallpaper in this entry to create a pretty blue & white space.

Another one:  Born on Fifth’s bathroom by Clary!  Such a beauty.

Entry in green with handpainted wallpaper.

Such a beautiful bedroom.

Green wallpaper mixed with blue in this beautiful dining room.  A Miles Redd inspiration:  blue and white lamp with green silk shade.  Love.  Caroline Gidiere -  A name to remember.

Grace Davis Interiors newly resdesigned dining room -- beautiful!!!

Brooke McGuyer showed a look that is trending now – framed handpainted wallpaper panels.  Much less costly than doing an entire room.

Grace Davis Interiors has used this look several times, including in nurseries behind the crib.

Want this look yourself?   Set of three framed panels on Etsy!!!  Lots of options.  HERE 

#4 Trend – Pretty Rooms are trending.  No matter what color, the prettier the better with Grandmillennials.

Is this the prettiest room of the year?  That chandelier!  The wall color.  The paint.  The chairs.   It’s just gorgeous.  Designed by a young man who is headed to the upper stratosphere of interior design.


Miles Redd.  I love the wallcovering!!!!  The sofa is so Granny Chic.

Rivers Spencer – pink living room with Miles Redd Schumacher paper..

Houstonian Ashley Goforth – Pretty in Pink.

New Orleans Pretty.

                                                                                                                     Mark Sikes does Yellow!

And Meg Braff does yellow!

The farmhouse that Miles Redd did for a popular Houstonian Instagramer is a favorite of mine.  It’s perfect.  This room is incredible.  Love the red velvet sconces and the blue and white lamps with red silk shades. 


Everyone’s favorite French Farmhouse HERE.

Tammy Connor.  The throw makes this room so pretty!  Funny how one piece can be so important in a room.

Rivers Spencer  - such a pretty, pretty dining room, trending trim, blue wallpaper, ballroom curtains.

#4 Trend:  Lacquered and glossy and painted walls.


Suzanne Kasler designed a pretty blue lacquered wall.

Wendy Labrum designed this gorgeous room with green walls.

Lacquered blue walls, gorgeous!  David Kleinberg

A Glass of Bovino designed this bedroom using painted blue walls with trim.

Everyone is doing trendy painted cabinets in the kitchen – either light or dark.

Dark gray walls still trending, along with black walls. Mixing the gray with yellow pops the room with contrast as opposed to the gray on gray, which now looks dated.

#5 Trend - Trim

Granny Chic trim on curtains, sofas, and chairs is trending.  

Trim on cornice and chairs.

Mark Sikes used trim on the sofa, the sofa cushions and the curtain edge.

Scalloped trim on windows and more trims on chair and pillows in this nursery.

Rivers Spencer:  Scalloped trim, pink velvet, and painted wallpaper  - so pretty.

Sarah Bartholomew has embraced Granny Chic with the prettiest of rooms.  Trim on sofa.

#6 Trend – Banquettes!

Everywhere you look, there are banquettes and more banquettes.


Velvet banquette by Becky Boyle.


Grace Davis Interiors designed this banquette for the breakfast room.  Granny Chic rattan.

Sarah Bartholomew designed this banquette in the trendy blue & white style.

Danielle Rollins designed this apartment using a wood banquette in the breakfast room.

I love this banquette mixed with the antique table by Cathy Kincaid.

For the same house – Kincaid used another banquette outside in the birdcage inspired pool room.

Born on Fifth uses a banquette at the breakfast table.

Born on Fifth’s house was designed by Clary Bosbyshell and it is so lovely , inside and out.  It’s mostly trendy Pretty and Blue & White.   Here’s the façade which is also adorbs:

Born on Fifth’s façade decorated with blue pumpkins for Halloween.

#7 Trend:   Decorating the backs of cabinets

A trend I noticed this year is decorating the back of cabinets with either wallpaper or paint.

Amy Studebacker painted her cabinet a wonderful green that matched her dining room.

Another painted cabinet by Amy Studebaker.

#8 Trend – Grandmillennial’s Return of Chintz Fabrics

Two of the most popular chintz are seen over and over again.

Mario Buatta, another Grandfather of Granny Chic.  Here is Lee Jofa’s Althea.

Lee Jofa’s Althea.

Hannah Seabrook’s Althea laden living room.  Trending loosely pleated curtains.

Born on Fifth’s living room in the pale Althea colorway.  This is my favorite colorway.

Another living room in Althea.

Australia’s Cameron Kimble.  LOVE him!!

Totally Grandmillennial bedroom, down to the flowers in the cloche.  Althea on the walls.

In this month’s Architectural Digest – an English country estate decorated in Althea.

The second popular chintz is Colefax and Fowler’s Bowood.

It looks particularly good in a bedroom.

And it looks good when it’s repeated on the walls.

Megan Opal used it on the headboard.


Flower Frog put it in a bathroom.

Born on Fifth.  LOL Again!

Scalloped curtains in the bedroom and a Granny Chic chair.  I wish the curtains weren’t pleated so tightly.  How can you see the chintz?

Lauren Ross uses Bowood in all her houses including her new Waco guest room.  Her Waco house is soooooo adorable!

Lauren Ross’s Dallas pantry.

#9 Trend – Return of the loose curtains.

Is this the end of the tightly pleated curtains???  I hope so! Well, let me say – tightly pleated curtains are good in modern designs, just not in Granny Chic rooms.

Tightly pleated curtains.  It only works with plain fabrics and a trim on the leading edge. 

Perfection.  Loose curtains – not tightly pleated.  Rivers Spencer.

I especially love loose curtains paired with shades.

More loose curtains by Mark Sikes.  If Mark would have asked me, lol, I would have said to add a shade to hide the dead zone between the ceiling and the window tops.  Call me Mark, I can help.  Ahahahahah! !

Love! Cowtan and Tout Greenacre fabric with a bright green trim.

#10 – Portraits

Nothing says Grandmillennial more than antique oil portraits.

Wendy Owen

Tallwood Country House – I love this man!

Anthony Baratta with his Williamsburg bedroom.

KG Brott raises dogs. And antiques!

Amy Studebaker has two portraits in her living room.

Tallwood Country House with an oval portrait in her newly completed bedroom.

Fabulous kitchen with a portrait.

#11 Trend – Farm Animals

Brooke and Steve Giannetti made everyone so jealous of their menagerie.  I swear they started a trend!

Artist William McLure now has his own farm animals too.  I want a miniature goat!

Lauren Liess and her ducks or are they geese?  Hey, I’m a city girl..

Eleven Gables has the cutest coop for her chickens.  You are nothing on Instagram   if you don’t have chickens!  lol

Tallwood Country House’s baby ducks that swim in the kitchen sink are the most popular animals on Instagram.  HERE

French Country House has miniature goats.

#12 Trend - Art Commissions

The fabulous artist from Alabama, William McLure,
exploded onto Instagram, selling his art work mainly through designers who send in a photo of an inspiration painting he’s already done, along with fabric swatches and measurements.   His prices have skyrocketed along with his popularity.

Artie Vanderpool is another great artist who sells his art on Instagram and he also does commissions.  His prices aren’t nearly as high as William’s so its easy to invest in his work.   I really love this painting, above.

   Page Gregory Matthews from Houston also sells her art work and does commissions.

I’m sure there are others, but these are the only three that I know of.

Here’s to a decade of wonderful Grandmillennial Design!!!

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