Sorry this is so late!  Unfortunately I took more time on the last story about Houghton Hall & Prince William and Lady Rose which caused my Mother’s Day gift list to be really late.

SOOOOOO….if you see something you like, on this list, gift it for yourself!!   I bought a few thing myself.   LOL.  You’ll probably be able to figure it out yourself.

And for all the Mothers out there and for all the special Aunties – I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

I’m in love with Tory Burch purses.  The quality for the price makes them especially attractive.  HERE

And the purse goes especially well with this Tory Burch top and pants for summer.  HERE

Hair ornaments are the rage, but I think these are a bit more sophisticated for the elder amongst us.  HERE

Another really darling Tory HERE.

This would be so cute with white jeans.   HERE

There are a jillion straw purses available this season – one is cuter than the next.  HERE


Something about this blue appeals to me.  HERE

And this Tory B would be the perfect accessory.  HERE

Summery cardigan to hide the tush, although this one is shorter than most which makes it look cuter!  Click to see the length.  Lots of different colors too.  OK OK I ordered this!!!! HERE

Minimal cat eye shape  LOVE   HERE 

The round rattan is very popular this year.  HERE

Black & ivory summer cardigan HERE

Want to celebrate Master Archie’s birth with Meghan?  She was seen wearing this necklace!!!!  Well….hers actually said Mummy which is an English endearment for sweet Mum.   Here, we say the good old fashioned Mama. HERE

Romantic, cute soft bag HERE

I think this is a great gift and so cute too!!!  HERE

Yellow is the color of this summer with flowers.  HERE

And this band is a good way to bring yellow into your wardrobe without a huge investment.  I have one of these watches.  Cheap, but fun with lots of options.  HERE

Love this hat!!!  HERE

You wouldn’t catch me in any bathing suit without a coverup!!  Nope.  HERE

Get the floral romantic look without overpowering yourself.  HERE

Another one with a liner.  HERE

I thought this was a cute top/skirt for the summer.  HERE

Straw hat with a great shape  HERE

It’s called a Hunting Season Bag  HERE

This is actually a long sleeve shirt.  Perfect look for summer, can’t be beat!  HERE.

This one is one of my favorites.   LOVE.  HERE

Darling.  HERE.

I love the hobo shape.   I think it looks great on the body.  HERE

Affordable Michele in white for summer.  My sister Cathy SWEARS by a white watch each summer!!!  HERE

Another perfect shirt for summer.  HERE

Absolutely the cutest ever!!!!!   HERE

Victoria Beckham.  She  might not be the best singer in the Spice Girls but, I love the clothes she designs.  HERE

Here is the most popular item on Cote de Texas sidebar.  The beads always change, so do the pendants, but the style remains.  HERE

Roses on black.  HERE

Another summer cardigan.  I guess I really like this look?!  He he – Yep, I bought this too.   HERE

Update your purse with this Gucci wallet.   Flowers!  HERE

Cute!  HERE

This green looks good with all the flowery prints this season.  Speaking of my family,  Betty Rae SWEARS by a green leather purse.   HERE

Tuckernuck can’t keep this plastic Tortoiseshell purse in stock.  Best seller. HERE

Another Tuckernuck best seller.  I like the smocking and the ruffled neck.  Perfect!!   HERE

LOVE these Ippolita earrings to go with the shirt.  HERE

Enough of clothes.  I just love the Smeg small appliances AND the big ones too.  I’m not sure which color I would get, but green is good one.  HERE

I love the pink color too.  HERE

This is a good selection of their best sellers.  My favorite is the Fig.  HERE

And finally, door mats are the RAGE on all the farmhouse Instagrams.  You have to double the mats yourself, though, to get this look.   First, buy the top mat with a cute saying like this HERE.

Next, find a contrasting rug for layering.   Here’s one from Target that would look cute doubled under the top rug.  HERE