President Trump’s New Jersey White House



I started this post over a week ago, hoping to be politically neutral.

But things have erupted and the fun is now gone.  All night I wrestled with just erasing this.

Oh well.  Here it is.  In the end, it’s just a story about a golf course. 

As you know by now, I am a bit obsessed with the White House.  To me, it’s our Buckingham Palace – if only we had royalty !!

Keeping our White House in pristine condition is a Herculean task that requires lots of man hours and an abundance of tax-payer funds.  Apparently a small renovation involving the HVAC system and new carpeting has been in the works since the Obama administration and that work is being done now, during the traditional summer break. 

New carpet being cut for the West Wing.

The Oval Office is emptied for the renovation.  I suppose the Obama/Michael S. Smith wallpaper stays up for now?

It will be exciting to see if the Oval Office will be getting new furniture during the renovation.  President Trump has been using an assortment of former Presidential décor and his office is due for a new design all his own.

The White House has not issued many photos of the interior since the new administration was sworn in.  There have been a few photos here and there of the Red Room and Green Room but the majority of photos are taken in the West Wing. 

The First Lady serves lunch to Queen Rania in the Red Room.

Since there are so few Trump White House photos, a few pictures on Instagram caused quite a stir.  Both Ivanka Trump and her sister-in-law Lara Trump gave us an exciting glimpse into the private floor of the Trump White House!

BEFORE:  The West Sitting Hall in the private quarters during the Obama years, designed by Michael S. Smith.  Classic and tailored upholstery in light tones. 

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has a very active Instagram where she shares family and work photos.  She recently showed a photo in the same above space.  It gives us our first clue into the Trump décor, although I’m sure it will soon change when they get their own furniture.

Ivanka’s Instagram:   It looks like most of the furniture is left from the Obama’s.  From the rug to the sofa to the chairs, much remains the same.   Even the chandelier stayed – although you can’t see it in the Obama photograph (it was there, I promise.)  Changes include the art work and the addition of a side console table brought in to hold a state of the art – frameless, mirrored flatscreen.  Wow.  That flatscreen is amazing – it is almost invisible.  

I do have to say – regardless of your politics – the Kushners are one handsome couple.

And there is one more photo from the family floor – this was on Lara Trump’s Instagram, in black and white.  She is due to have her first baby, a boy!  In this photo, you can see the more modern coffee table and pottery lamps from the Obamas are long gone, replaced with more traditional pieces. 

Last February, the Trumps announced that Tham Kannalikham will decorate their private quarters.  Tham has worked for Ralph Lauren Home and she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She is said to like 18th century buildings and is influenced by French, English, American and Irish cultures.  Whew!  That about covers it all.   Unfortunately Tham’s web site is password protected so her portfolio is a complete unknown.  It will be interesting to see if Tham is redecorating any rooms in the White House this August.

While all the renovation work is going on now at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Trumps have been evicted for a few weeks.   The big question was where would the First Family vacation?

It’s obvious they don’t particularly care for Camp David – they have gone there only once, and stayed for just one night, at that.

President Johnson’s Texas Ranch in the Hill Country – love this!!

With other presidents, we usually knew where they would vacation – most had second homes. President Reagan had his California dude ranch.  President G.H.W. Bush had his vacation house in Maine.  His son, G.W. Bush, went to his ranch outside of Waco, Texas.  President Nixon would go to Key Biscayne in Florida, President Johnson had his Hill Country ranch and President Kennedy stayed at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. Presidents Clinton and Obama didn’t have second homes so they spent their August vacations at Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.

President George W. Bush’s beautiful Texas ranch

But President Trump is different, he has a myriad of houses he can choose from to spend his vacations at.   As America quickly learned, Trump spends his winter holidays in Palm Beach at his private club, Mar A Lago.  And now we are learning that his summers are spent at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.  What is a bit strange is that his quarters at Bedminster don’t seem very private, as you will see.

Seven Springs in Bedford, New York

I’m surprised Trump chose Bedminster Golf Club over his country home,  Seven Springs, in Bedford, New York.  Built in 1919 by the Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, the gray stone mansion is 50,000 sq.ft and sits on 213 secluded acres.  The Trump children grew up at Seven Springs and think of it as their second home.  It has three swimming pools and a bowling alley and it is gorgeous and private.  Very private.  But, I’m beginning to think President Trump doesn’t prefer privacy.  He likes to be around people.

Besides the private clubs at Mar A Lago and Bedminster, another choice for Trump to vacation at is his Trump Winery located on 1,100 acres in Virginia.  Once owned by Patricia Kluge, the 23,000 sq. foot, 45 room mansion, is known as Ablemarle House.   In one of his most sensational real estate deals, Trump bought the property for just 8.5 million although it was said to be worth $170 million.   Today, it is a hotel and popular wedding venue.

Trump’s MacLeod House in Scotland

And then there are his other golf courses - in Scotland, Ireland, New York, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Dubai and Indonesia.

Finding a place to spend a few weeks isn’t exactly hard for this family.  But apparently – Bedminster is the summer choice.

We first saw Trump at his Trump National Golf Club – Bedminster during the transition period when the President elect went there to pick his cabinet. 


Our first glimpse of the club was of this beautiful door to what appeared to be a very grand house.

Here the President elect waved goodbye to Mitt Romney after interviewing him for a cabinet position.  At that time, I think we all thought this was Trump’s house – and the place where he stayed.  No one knew that his actual home at Bedminster was a small, original cottage – far away from this mansion.

First, what is a Bedminster?

Bedminster is a bucolic township of just 8,000 citizens.  Its rolling hills are dotted with farmhouses with grazing animals kept behind split-rail fences.

Founded in 1710, the town is famous for having one of the most historic revolutionary war sites in the United States.

Trump isn’t the first Presidential family to have a stake in the area.  Jacqueline Kennedy kept a house in next door Bernardsville so that she could ride with the Essex Hunt Club, whose annual Thanksgiving hunt is held in Bedminster.  

This area of New Jersey has been filled with well known people.  Malcolm Forbes lived here and now his son Stephen does.   Bill Moyers and Meryl Streep once lived here while Woody Johnson and Thomas Kean call Somerset Hills home now.

Another famous resident was John DeLorean, the developer of the infamous gull wing DeLorean car.   DeLorean owned Lamington Farm, an estate with over 434 acres.  In 2000, bankruptcy caused him to be evicted from his beloved farm.  Enter real estate mogul Donald Trump who bought DeLorean’s property for $35 million – intending at the time to build “a world championship, U.S Open quality golf course.”  Which, of course, he did.

John DeLorean owned this farm on Lamington Road in Bedminster.  At the center of the estate was DeLorean’s Georgian styled two story mansion.

When DeLorean went bankrupt,  the Bedminster farm was his last asset.   He tried, hopelessly, to hang onto it, even putting it in his children’s names in order to keep it. 

Happier times at the Bedminster farm with John and his then wife, the model Cristina Ferrare, and their children.  She left him after his troubles started.  His story is a sad one involving lots of foreign intrigue and unsolved mystery.   A genius, he is the inventor of the original muscle car – the GTO.

An original ad with the handsome John DeLorean.  In the background is the Lamington Farm – with John posed in front of its restored barn and cottages.  Today, President Trump and Ivanka have their summer houses there.  In fact, that’s Ivanka’s very cottage, the white one, at the far right.

The Village:  the original stables/barn/dairy and cottages – restored for today.  And again, that’s Ivanka’s cottage at the far right.


The history of the land which was once known at The Lamington Farms Estate dates back to the 1600s and the Dutch family, the Duyckincks, who farmed the estate through the early 1900s.   The Duyckincks built the white, “Old Dutch House” which remains on the property today.  Besides raising sheep, the family also grew apples and made cider with the abundant fruit.  The property is said to be haunted by John Duyckinck, a British sympathizer who was exiled to his land by George Washington in 1779.

The Duyckinck family remained on their farm for centuries – finally leaving in the early 1900s when they sold their property to the wealthy Morgan Cowperthwaite family.

The Cowperthwaites hired architect James Cameron Mackenzie to build a grand Georgian home on the farm.  Mackenzie also built the nearby Vernon Manor for the Gambrills,  a house that still stands today and sold a few years ago for over $13 million.  

Vernon Manor, now known as Four Seasons, after the busts in the niches which depict the seasons.  Gambrill is seen above with his hounds before a hunt.

The Morgan  Cowperthwaites lived in the James Cameron Mackenzie mansion for some time, but when Morgan’s son John Knox Cowperthwaite married, he wanted his own house.

John hired the society architect Mott B. Schmidt to build a new, grander mansion for his bride, Victoria.  The house Schmidt designed for John and Victoria still stands today and is the house that DeLorean lived in.

Mott B. Schmidt is most famous for designing the new wing for Gracie Mansion and for the houses he designed for the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers.  The John K. Cowperthwaites were active in the Essex Hunt and their farm remained open to the horses and hounds.  They also raised cattle and their Lamington beef was highly desired.

Schmidt was known for his entrance halls which usually were two story and most often included a fireplace.  Another trademark was his “flying staircase” which many times was the focal point of his houses.

A beautiful entry hall designed by Mott B. Schmidt for the financier C. Douglas Dillon at his estate, Dunwalke East.   I absolutely adore those curtains!!!


A beautiful “flying staircase” by Mott B. Schmidt, found, also at Dunwalke East.

To order this book on Mott Schmidt’s architecture, click on the photo.

The Cowperthwaites remained at Lamington until the early 70s when both John and Victoria passed away, within a year of each other, during their early 60s.  The estate was then sold to John DeLorean who lived there for almost 20 years. 

DeLorean’s wish was that the property would not be turned into a golf club, but in the end, Lamington Farms became not one but two golf courses!

When Trump took over the club, the property underwent a massive overhaul.  Trump had the street, Cowperthwaite, closed to traffic and built a stone fence and gatehouse to control entry into the club.

BEFORE:  An early aerial view of the Bedminster farm when DeLorean lived there – before it was a Trump Golf Club.  DeLorean’s house is the center of the Golf Club.  DeLorean’s garage circled in red, is now the large restored white clubhouse.  And at the very top right is the old barn and cottages village.  Today this is where the club’s swimming pool is and where the President and his daughter Ivanka have their summer cottages.

In 2011, Trump’s architects and the golf course designers were give an award for the restoration by The Somerset County Planning Board.


AFTER:  The very same view – today.  On the left is the original DeLorean house with its newly enlarged rear side.   The large white clubhouse was once DeLorean's original garage.  The golf pro shop was originally the carriage house.  At the very left of the photo is the original Old Dutch House, built by the pioneering Duyckinck family.  And at the very right is the former barn/stables and dairy village where the swimming pool and cottages have now been restored.

A view of the two courses – surrounding the club house and the swimming pool/cottages where the President lives.

BEFORE:  When DeLorean was escorted from his farm, another golf corporation took ownership for a few years before Trump bought it.  They installed stone gateposts and a rather charming sign.

AFTER:  When Trump took over, a larger stone wall was built, along with a gatehouse and new signage. 

8of the Trump golf club.  There are two golf courses on the property with a total of 36 holes.  The 2017 US Women’s Open was held there last month and the PGA is scheduled to be hosted at Bedminster in 2022.   Initiation fees run up to $350,000, not including annual dues which are reported to be $18,000.

BEFORE:    The grand Georgian Mott B. Schmidt mansion was once hidden behind large bushes.  Today, a large driveway/courtyard with an ornate fountain makes up the front yard.  At the left is the original glass enclosed porch – which today has been enlarged and turned into a small dining venue.

DURING:  Before Trump bought the club, there was a DeLorean gull wing car show, in tribute to John DeLorean, who had just died.

Today:  The house and landscaping is finally finished. 

President Trump is said to love his Bedminster Club so much that he wants to be buried there.  He looked into erecting a mausoleum with 10 plots near the first hole and even received planning permission to build it.  The plan called for a 19 ft. tall stone obelisk that would be a mausoleum and temple which could also be used for weddings. 

A wedding temple…. and a tomb.

Only Trump!

In 2015, a Trump representative told a New Jersey paper that Trump now wants to be buried in Florida, instead.  Despite the change of plans, a cemetery was still built on his property, just not at the first hole.

Why golf courses?

Trump has said that the golf courses are a very small part of his business portfolio, so why invest in so many courses?  He told a reporter that he thinks the golf business will be good for his children – they will have great places to go and conduct business, meet useful people and enjoy a competitive game.

I personally think he wanted to be able to one day pass down a viable business to his children.  He just hadn’t planned on handing them his entire real estate business so soon!!

The Mott B. Schmidt house at dusk.

DURING:   This view shows the house during the Trump renovation.  The entire back side of the house was removed and a two story addition was built to create a large dining venue for weddings and events.   On the second floor, the area was left open – in order for guests to watch golf tournaments.   At the right is the DeLorean garage and carriage house which became the golf clubhouse and proshop.

AFTER:  The house today with the large addition at the rear – with its green and white striped awning roof.  To the right is the white clubhouse and proshop.

DURING:  From the opposite direction – you can see the original garage and carriage house which became the pro shop.  The rear of the Mott house was completely removed and enlarged.

AFTER:  The rear elevation today with the new dining room and the open air balcony with its distinctive green and white awning roof.  Behind the house is the newly restored clubhouse and proshop.

The foyer of the Moss B. Schmidt house has been remodeled with new black and white marble floors.  The foyer has Schmidt’s trademark flying staircase which has a commercial grade runner now.  Through the doorway is the round library and through the library, the new dining hall can be seen.

The view from the second floor of Mott B. Schmidt’s famous flying staircase.

Another view of the foyer.  Through the door on the right is the green sitting room.  That room was once DeLorean’s dining room.

The glass enclosed side porch was enlarged by Trump and turned into a dining room.

The addition to the back of the house – added to create the dining hall for weddings and events.  Upstairs is the open air viewing deck.

The dining room up close.

Weddings are held in the new back addition.

The green sitting room is off the front entry hall.  It is said this was once DeLorean’s dining room.

A guest has his photo taken in front of the fireplace in the sitting room.  Flags have been added now that the President is here!

I hate the way this room is painted – in green and black.  I wish I could have seen it as Mott Schmidt designed in – painted in shades of ivory, I’m sure.

The round library that leads to the new dining room.

This is the most interesting room.  It’s off the foyer – and appears to be round with carved moldings found at the sides of the shelves.  Lined with bookshelves, there is also a fireplace in here.

Again, the décor is so bad here.  Not sure why this once beautiful house is now so… “man cave décor.”

In this Instagram photo you can see the round, coved ceiling in the library and the fixture, which I’m sure is not original.

If the President is at his property while a wedding is going on, Trump will always greet the bride and her guests.

A wedding couple leave the round library and enters the reception in the new dining hall.

The library shelves are stocked with old and new books.  This room must have been so pretty in its day – instead of connecting with the new dining hall – its window looked out over the beautiful rolling hills.

The large clubhouse with the pro shop behind it.  The locker rooms are located in the clubhouse along with the bar and pub.   Look how charming the pro shop is – located in the original carriage house with its brick walls and arched windows.

The clubhouse with wood lockers and gilt French mirrors.

At all the Trump golf courses, there is always a very tall U.S. flag that flies.

Another trademark at a Trump course is this romantic clock.

So beautiful!

Across from the DeLorean house and club is the swimming pool and the cottages – seen at the right of this aerial view.

There are a total of five cottages, three available to rent and in the restored barn, there are nine rooms for members who want to stay a night or two.  

A larger view of the house and clubhouse with the swimming pool, cottages & tennis courts at the upper right.

BEFORE:  Before the Trump renovation was complete, the square was more rustic.  Apparently, the barn was used as a clubhouse before the white one was built, judging by the number of golf carts parked outside.    Additionally, the old dairy was remodeled into a bistro for poolside snacks.

TODAY:   Here is the newer view of the swimming pool complex with the tennis courts at the right.  The pool is surrounded by the original cottages that were there during DeLorean’s years and many years before.  At the rear is the red brick barn/stables – that was restored and now has 9 rooms for guests to stay in.  Circled in red is the former dairy that was turned into a bistro for poolside meals.

The same view – but here I have circled the Trumps two cottages.  At the left is where Ivanka lives.   And at the right – the circled cottage is President Trump’s.

Both cottages have very recently been enlarged and remodeled.  You can see the work is still being done on the President’s cottage.    The large balcony was being added to the front façade of the President’s cottage.

Inside the large swimming pool complex – surrounded by the guest cottages.   Ivanka’s private cottage is seen at the top right and President Trump’s private cottage is seen at the top left.   The President’s cottage has the round turret and the large window with the multipanes.  Today, trees have been planted to provide more privacy to his cottage.

Closeup of the back of the President’s cottage with the turret and large window.

Not much privacy!

The view from the entrance to the cottages.  This is the view of the President’s cottage with its distinctive turret.

Looking towards the back of the complex with the view of the barn/stable at the rear.  On the front left with all the yellow umbrellas is the old dairy, now the Bistro.    The Trumps cottages are just out of view here at the left and right of the front gate.

A larger view of the Bistro and the former red-bricked barn. 

Here is a before and after photo of the President’s cottage.  At the left is what his cottage used to look like, before the renovation.   At the back corner is the distinctive round turret.  Trump applied to the Bedminster Township to extend his cottage – adding a 500 sq ft, two story balcony and porch.  This porch was added onto the front of the cottage, which provides him more privacy.    You can see they were still building the new balcony/porch addition when the photo on the right was taken.  They added a French Door between the two dormers at the right, so that they can use the balcony as a sitting area.    At the front are a series of trees and bushes and fencing which were recently added for more privacy.   At the left side of the cottage, more trees were planted – along with a tall brick wall.

Here is the President’s cottage a few months ago – still working on the new porch.

The addition was requested before Trump was running for President.  Still, this cottage doesn’t seem to give him any privacy.  During the summer, the pool is crowded with people and children and it must be so loud.  I’m just amazed that the President of the United States is staying here – so accessible to strangers, albeit extremely wealthy private club member strangers! 

And here is another view of the back of the President’s cottage.  You can see the distinctive turret.  Men can be seen working on the new balcony and the front fence.

The aerial view of Trumps cottage the right top corner.  Ivanka’s is across from his at the right corner.  The pool had not yet been filled when this photo was taken. There are several other cottages available for guests to rent.   And at the rear is the barn/stable which now is restored for overnight guests.

When the President comes to Bedminster, his helicopter brings him right to his cottage.  You can see his cottage at the right – with his newly built two story balcony.  There is now a brick fence enclosing his house.  And there is a charming picket trim surrounding his new upper balcony.  Also – you can see a string of secret service cars that protect the front of his cottage.  Ivanka’s cottage is at the left.

At here is the helicopter landed – you can see the President’s cottage right behind the helicopter on the right.  Can’t imagine the force of wind and noise this helicopter must make!

The view from the barn looking towards the President’s cottage.   You can see the newly planted trees have grown tall – helping to screen his cottage from noisy and nosey swimmers!!

Here is a view of the barn/stables, with the French doors that lead to the rooms.   This weekend, the President held a press conference right here!!!

A view of the cottages and the barn, from far away.   It looks so charming here – like an old English village.

And another view of the cottages and barn from one of the holes.

And a view of the rolling hills in the back of the village.

The back of the barn/stables

The Trumps get around the complex on their special golf carts.  Here is Eric in his cart.  Actually it looks like he is driving his brother’s cart!

And here is Ivanka and Jared and their children in their cart.

The club has its own swimming team and holds meets here.

The stairs in the restored barn is a must spot for all the brides and grooms to pose at.


It reminds me of the stairs at Mar A Lago in front of the Trumps apartment that everyone poses at.   Remember that spot?

Everyone who comes to Mar a Lago poses in front of the Trump’s private quarters.  Even the First Family posed here!!!   Today at Bedminster everyone poses on the stairs in the barn.

Fourth of July.

And the Secret Service with their bomb sniffing dog.

And this week, the President and his cabinet walked across the cottages and pool for a press conference.

The press conference was held behind the red bricked barn with the famous stairs!!

Here a bride and groom pose in front of their rented cottage.

The view of a row of cottages.

A few years ago, Ivanka entertained a group of women she worked with.

Actually Jared and Ivanka were married right here at Bedminster.   They even posed on the barn’s iconic staircase.

I’m sure their wedding was gorgeous.  Her dress was custom designed by Vera Wang and the reception was held in the dining hall at the Moss B. Schmidt house.   Those trees!  Gorgeous!

The cake was incredible!  Designed by the famous Sylvia Weinstock.

Her flowers were done by the incredibly talented Preston Bailey.  He tented the ceiling of the dining hall!  Amazing.

A cute moment at the reception.

No wonder the Kushners chose to have their summer cottage at Bedminster.  They had their wedding right there!

Ivanka’s white house is seen here – the back faces the pool.  To the right is the former dairy, now the Bistro. 

Last year Ivanka asked the Bedminster planning board to approve a plan to extend her cottage by 2,200 sq. ft.  She and Jared added 3 bedrooms to their cottage – making it a five bedroom house.

Here are the before and after images of Ivanka’s cottage.  At the left is the original house.  At the right, you can see the new large addition that was added to increase the house from 2 bedrooms to five.  There is also a new fireplace and two new dormers.   The new addition looks so much like the original cottage, it’s hard to tell it’s a renovation.  In fact, the entire corner section of the house is brand new.

Here I circled the just the new corner addition with the chimney and dormers.  That portion is all brand new.  Notice the white boxes behind the Bistro – those are for the vegetables that Ivanka grows.

BEFORE:   Ivanka’s house on the left corner, before it was remodeled.  The President’s is at the right corner.

AFTER:   The same view – with the new building added on.  The entire section at the left under the A-frame is entirely new.

There are many photos of the Bedminster cottage owned by Ivanka.  She posts photos of it on her Instagram – including pictures of the interior design, which is particularly nice.

BEFORE:  Here is her daughter when the construction started on the new addition.  You can see they are building a basement under the addition.

And here, her daughter posed in front of their front door.

Ivanka’s hydrangea garden, right inside the complex’s entry.

And in full bloom.

The Bedminster gardener posted this photo of the edible garden she planted – including strawberries – in front of Ivanka’s new addition.   It’s totally edible!!

Spring bulbs were planted behind the Bistro, next to Ivanka’s cottage.

Ivanka’s vegetable garden, behind the Bistro.

An early version of her vegetable garden before the boxes were decorated and painted white.

During Halloween, pumpkins were added to the vegetables.  Maybe they were planted there?

Harvesting their bounty.

Ivanka even visits her summer cottage, off season during winter.

The gardener posts the flowers she creates for Ivanka’s cottage.

Tiffany Trump visiting Ivanka’s cottage.  I think this was before it was finished being redecorated – because that chair looks like it was from Ivanka’s old single apartment.  Remember that apartment that everyone loved – before Ivanka went contemporary?

Remembering Ivanka’s single apartment before she married.  She had these French chairs.  It looks like the same chairs in her cottage dining room.  Regardless, those orange fabric French chairs didn’t stay long in the cottage.  Today, she has another table and chairs.  Oh well.  I LOVED her single apartment!!

OK.  This was the picture that made me do this entire story!  That face!  That chair!  That fabric on that chair!  That fireplace!  Those blue curtains!   I just fell in love with this photo – the happy baby, the decoration.  The velvet ottoman in the trendy blue.  At first I thought this was in Ivanka’s new Washington house.  But the more I looked at it and started studying her Instagram photos, I realized it was the cottage – and that is why I started this story.  I wanted to see more of her darling cottage!

Across from the fireplace is a large L Shaped sectional with smart white slipcovers.  Blue and white pillows.  Behind is the kitchen pass through with white marble countertops and the dining room – and notice the new dining room furniture.  More modern, of course.  I liked the old orange fabric French chairs!!!   Pretty chandelier and modern sconces mixed.  It looks like a room is painted in blue.  I think that blue room is in the old part of the cottage and this room with the sectional is in the new part with the concrete fireplace. 

The décor in the new cottage is all blue and white stripes ala Mark Sikes!!  Love the décor!!!  Blue and white striped pillows and blue silk curtains.   And it looks like there is more old antique furniture with blue and white porcelain. 

Another view – with sconces and mirror above the lit fireplace.

OK.  What is cuter – the baby or the fabric?!?!  To die from them both!

I’m going to guess this is their new kitchen in the cottage with more blue and white and the cute Theo!  White marble and blue cabinets.

Ivanka showed Arabella’s new room at Bedminster – all in lilacs with a French bed.  Again, I remember thinking for months that this was in the Washington DC home, but it’s not.  How darling is this?

Ivanka showed this mash up of her curtains on the left and her wallpaper on the right.

Ok, regardless of what you think about her politics, Ivanka has good decorative taste!

And just the other day we got this photo of a blue and white stripe sofa and three adorable kids.  This is upstairs – I’m going to guess the master bedroom.

When the plans to extend the two cottages were turned in, the city planner jokingly asked if there were plans to include a “presidential suite.”  This was before the election of course.  There are plans for four more cottages, but they haven’t been submitted - yet.   Donald Jr. goes to a summer house somewhere in upstate New York.  I don’t know where Eric goes.  And for now, the President and Ivanka look like they are firmly ensconced in Bedminster

Remember that single girl apartment Ivanka had?  We went bonkers over how cute it was.

Emma Jane Pilkington did the décor and it was so fabulous!!!   Young and fresh and new for a single girl in NYC.

Another view.  Something tells me that blackamoor sconce wouldn’t be welcome today!  I loved what Emma Jane did to this apartment.  Unfortunately, it was all taken apart when she married and went ultra contemporary.  

Today, Ivanka’s style at home in Washington D.C. is much more contemporary.  That’s why to see her Bedminster cottage so blue and white was such a pleasant surprise.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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