19 January 2010

Cote de Texas French Giveaway!

image This picture was taken at the turn of the century in France – look at all those baskets! I wonder if any of them are still around today?

I am SO excited about announcing a new giveaway today, especially because the giveaway is a French product and of course, I love anything from France. When I first started this blog, I proudly stated I was going to talk about French design. In fact – my first blog story in May, 2007, which was also my shortest, and didn’t even include a picture, is all about French design! Here’s my very first blog story for your reading enjoyment. It’s tres embarrassing!

Welcome to my new, and first, blog! I am an interior designer in Houston, Texas who lives, lusts, and covets anything French (except men!) Not all of my clients (in fact most) feel the same about French Design that I do. Subsequently I am forced to design in styles that aren't personally what I would choose to live with. But, c'est la vie. I am planning to use this blog to indulge my love of French antiques, French furniture, and anything else pertaining to France! I also plan to showcase French design in Houston, so if you share my love of French and live on the gulf coast, you probably will find things you love here.
I am going to start with my own life, my house and the French antiques I've bought for it. I also plan to write about how my obsession with French antiques began.
Please leave me a comment if you have one.

I love that last line “please leave me a comment if you have one.” As if anyone besides my bestie Lisa was reading the blog! I did live up to one promise – to talk about how my obsession with French antiques began. On my mother’s birthday a few years back, I wrote about her and her influence on me as a true lover of French antiques. Read that story HERE.

imageI am not sure what they are selling here – Wine Tasting and Chemicals? But, I’d love to own every white dish in the left window. Amazing! French Ironstone. Notice the bicyclist's outfit! Such a happy bunch!

Proudly proclaiming Cote de Texas an all-French blog was a bit fanciful. Writing about a place you have visited only once, and a long time ago at that, seems a little strange I suppose. It’s not that I don’t want to go back to France for a holiday, or that I can’t – my husband would gladly go (well, make that reluctantly go) - it’s just the thought of being stuck in a metal tube some miles above the ocean for seven or eight hours doesn’t thrill me anymore. I’m not scared of flying, per se, I can and do fly on occasion. It’s just not something I want to do, or enjoy doing, so I avoid it if I can. If France was a two hour flight or an eight hour drive awa, I would be there all the time – but it’s not, of course So, for now, in order to write a “French blog” I have to rely on my dimming memories and fantasies of France, and travel visually through the pictures I find here and there on the internet and in magazines and books.

image This charmingly dressed Frenchman is selling paper lampshades on Lepic Street – circa 1900. He looks like a character out of a Hollywood movie. Notice the basket he carries to store his wares in.

Though I had initially planned to write mainly on French design, thankfully, over time, I have broadened my topics and I now write about more general design than just French. But, you can’t change spots, and my spots are definitely Francois. So, while searching for photographs to illustrate this story, you can imagine how thrilled I was to stumble upon a cache of almost 100 photographs of France, taken by Eugene Atget at the turn of the century! These pictures starkly illustrate how deeply good design is a part of every Frenchman, regardless of class or wealth. Take for instance the poor street salesman pictured above – with his cheap paper shades – he is dressed in something so charming, so stylish, it almost looks staged. Wearing a hat and striped cotton shirt with a small, rounded collar and thin bow tie, espadrilles and baggy blue pants – you wonder, would any other countryman dress this way, in any decade? And in the other photograph – the stacks and stacks of wonderfully shaped white ironstone – so plain a product, yet its fanciful curves sets it apart, as everything French does. Their architecture, the glorious buildings that the French live with day in and day out, yet they still refuse to take the beauty for granted. Instead, their buildings are revered and respected, preserved for future generations to enjoy. Here, we tear our old buildings down, driven by real estate greed. Still, try to copy their architecture and it comes off looking forced and phony as if only France is allowed its true beauty. Why does French architecture and design only look right in France and anywhere else, it’s a comical poseur. Why the French? Why do they always get everything so visually correct?

image An early clothing and decor shop on Descartes, 1909. Everything here would be considered an antique today – an antique is anything over 100 years old.

image A Corset shop in 1912. Thankfully we don’t have to wear these anymore!!!! Notice the beautiful fabric roses and scalloped lace linings. And notice too, that the mannequins have such tiny waists.

image The old Hotel Buffon. I love this streetscape with the coveted lantern – which today sells for a few $1,000! Cobblestone streets are so much more charming than paved ones. In Ft. Worth, there is one long street that runs through the town; the city has removed the pavement and uncovered the old cobbles. Just one problem - Ft. Worth doesn’t look like Paris! Why are the French cobblestones so quaint, yet ours just look primitive or backward?

image Another charming French street with another street lantern and the highly desired shutters that antique lovers collect. In district after district, the streets are lined with stone buildings like this – one more beautiful than the next. Why does no other city look like Paris? What is it about the French that makes them, as a nation, desire to live surrounded by beauty, while most everyone else settles for ugliness? Compare our towering, neon billboards, our modern skyscrapers with their dehumanizing scale, our suburbs filled with front loading garages that have replaced the front door, our endless shopping centers one more unattractive than the next? Why do we not demand or expect to live in beauty like the French?

image A marble floored lobby in 1910 – probably in an apartment building. So beautiful: the iron railing, the stone steps, the striped runner, the arched doors!

imageI love this picture of a “wine” merchant in 1910. What a pretty spot to spend a hour or so – unlike our beer joints! The bar is so interesting – the undulating counter – so different! Notice too, the clock, it looks just like my clock I bought at Round Top – that promptly crashed to the floor an hour after hanging it.

In color, a pink building looks all the more appealing. Today, things are the same in France as they have always have. Things might improve, but they don’t change. This could be yet another photograph from the turn of the century, except it was taken this year. The hanging lantern with its scrolled iron post looks as antique as the building. Why are our street lights so unappealing? Why did we let that happen instead of having pretty lanterns, that one detail that sets France’s streets apart? In my home town of West University – all the streetlights have recently been changed out to create some charm to our little neighborhood. But why did we ever settle for the ugly, bug-like lights for years and years before?

Two old storefronts painted bright red – Antiques and Decor. Is there any better shopping?

So Beautiful! An outdoor cafe awaits its customers. The modern car is the only clue this isn’t a vintage photograph. Where are the metal tables and chairs that fill our cafes here? Why are their French chairs always so charming, so beautiful - with their rush seats and curved lines?

Shutters, antiques, and hanging lanterns. Heaven on earth!

How can you resist anything in this country? The French understand design so well – here at home, we have only small pockets of it: The French Quarter, Charleston, Georgetown? What is your favorite charming neighborhood or city? Mine would be the French Quarter, no question.

Everything olives. I suppose those are tiny olive trees! Is there any fruit we pay such homage to? Do we have any shops with potted apple trees or fig trees lined outside in perfect whitewashed clay pots? And baskets, always baskets that add texture and beauty. Rubbermaid is our wicker. Vinyl is our rattan. We need to bring the charming basket back into our lives and banish the molded plastic!

A simple straw basket holds a French maiden’s yarn.

A Frenchman, dressed for the part in striped shirt and beret, makes baskets on the street.

The French use baskets for everything – at markets they hold fruits and nuts and beans. Don’t you wish we had markets like this everywhere? Why do we not demand beauty in our everyday lives?


Provence: These French baskets are so cute and colorful. These totes are actually made in the former French colonies Madagascar and Morocco. How much chicer is it to carry a straw tote to market than to drag a paper bag around? Of course it is! It’s French!!!!

image Shopping for dinner – in a linen suit and a scarf with a red handkerchief peeking out. Even the dog has his own scarf. The Frenchman’s traditional rolling basket is just the right accessory to complete his look. Have I given you enough hints what the giveaway is already???? Have you guessed? No, it’s not a trip to France, but it’s a touch of France to bring some chic into your life!



The giveaway: A French made rolling shopping cart! Isn’t this the cutest thing???!!!! I am so excited to be offering this giveaway today! The baskets are made in the Burgundy region of France by a third generation basketry and caning family. They are beautifully finished and available in honey (natural) or smoke (two tone brown lidded). If you are the winner – you can pick which color you want.

Baskets and the French have a long history – documented to have started back in the 11th century. Baskets in France are used for a variety of purposes: harvesting grapes (each wine region has its own basket shape and name,) olive picking, lavender gathering, toting glasses and wines bottles, picnics, bread making, carrying fish and eggs, chicken raising, wine storage, stowing clean and soiled laundry – and on and on. France has also gone green and baskets are used in place of plastic bags. This year, on January 1, a new law went into effect banning the distribution of plastic bags – a move that the French people overwhelmingly support. Most French carry their own bags and baskets while shopping. And many cars have two or three baskets stored in the trunk, ready for any impromptu shopping trip.


The open lighter colored cart is in front, the darker, lidded cart is in back – if you are the winner, you have your pick!

French Basketeer is the company who is hosting this wonderful giveaway. They sell various authentic French baskets, carts and totes. French Basketeer was established in 2008, importing its baskets directly from the former French colonies of Madagascar and Morocco, where the baskets are made under the Fair Trade and Fair Wage treaty. The giveaway – the rolling baskets - is made in France – by a 3rd generation basketry and caning family.


The darker carts – these are lidded.

In addition to the baskets and carts, French Basketeer offers reusable organic cotton net bags to use instead of plastic and paper bags. And, they carry doggy waste bags, tall kitchen bags, lawn & leaf and kitchen waste. bags French Basketeer products can be purchased online HERE, at select California farmers’ markets and at specialty retailers nationwide.

For today’s giveaway – there are actually TWO gifts. The First Place winner will receive the shopping cart – in the color of their choice. The Second Place winner will receive a tote bag – whichever one they choose.


French Basketeer’s traditional French totes! So cute!! These are their summer colors. There are also winter colors.

Here are a few of my favorite totes French Basketeer sells:


I might just have to get this tote – it’s my favorite! It reminds me of a patterned sisal rug!


This would be so cute for the UT football games! Love it!


Perfect for the beach or big design projects. You can order linings that zip up to close the tote – which is a great feature.


The different totes come in different sizes – small, medium, and large!


I’m having trouble finding a favorite color – I love the lime, the hot pink, and the orange. I also like the rust. This version is cute with the extra trim on top and on the corners.


Another great summer look. The second place winner can choose whichever tote they like!


Here, the shopping cart was styled by the company’s owner for Christmas. Romantic Homes magazine just finished a photoshoot at French Basketeer’s house – it will be in the March issue. I can’t wait to see it!


The shopping cart – filled with freshly bought flowers – so beautiful.


French Basketeer spotted their totes being used as dog carriers – here you can see the zipped lining up close.


This chic shopper uses her bright yellow French Basketeer tote instead of a shopping bag.


Small, medium, and large!


I love the way the flowers look in the totes.


Heaven! On weekends, French Basketeer can be found at outdoor shows. For the French Festival – a huge Eiffel Tower made out of wine corks was a big hit.

image The willow, or osier as the French call it, is shown here as it is harvested. This is the color of the brown tote – it’s natural, there is no dye used to make the rolling cart brown!

image Here are bundles of the blanc osier used for the lighter colored rolling carts.


Rules for the giveaway:

All you have to do is go to the French Basketeer web site HERE and pick out the color of the Rolling Cart you would want if you win – either the white “honey” or the brown “smoke.” Remember the brown/smoke is lidded, the white/honey has an open top. AND, while you are at the web site – decide which tote you would want if you win Second Place. Be sure to state size, if applicable. THEN - Come back to the comments section and leave me a comment telling me what your choices for First and Second place are. Be sure to leave your name and email address! Very important!!! NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS CAN WIN!!!! I have to be able to email you if you are the winner!!!!!


First Place: This white rolling cart, without the lid, is called “Honey” colored.


This brown rolling cart with the lid is called “smoke.” You have your choice of either one.


Second Place: Small, Medium, Large and a few Extra Large: Be sure to tell me which size you want!

The French Basketeer web site is HERE.

Check out their blog HERE.

The contest runs until Thursday night at 11:59 pm. I’ll announce the winners in the comment section shortly after that. Good luck! And a HUGE thank you to The French Basketeer for their generous donation!!! Thank you!!!!!


FIRST PLACE IS THE DECORINA BLOG, BEEP BEEP (she's a part time truckdriver!) yea!!!!





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  2. Oh my gosh I just love all of their stuff! How many can one girl have? I love the Smoke rolling cart and the Eze tote in Large. These would make awesome presents too!- Shelly

  3. How exciting, I love the wheeled baskets and have had one on my wishlist. I would love it in smoke. The totes are beautiful also but the Cannes Rose is my favorite in med or large. Thank you for a chance at this fabulous giveaway!!

  4. I would love either basket, What a fun give-away.
    Oh I could really use this one, I'd be the talk of the town with my wheels.
    Love the Extra large tote!

  5. I would love the cart in smoke. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. My second choice is the Eze w/ blue handles. So Chic!

  6. c'est magnifique!! the lidded roller in smoke would be my shopping buddy at the farmer's market and the large aix would accompany so well at the beach. Can you tell these pictures have me dreaming of summer?

  7. Joni, what a beautiful, wonderful post on France; I LOVE the old photos (and the baskets aren't bad either, haha!!)

  8. I love the black and white diamond patterned one as well!

    I want to carry the bag, a wear a linen dress and sport some cute espadrilles like any of these below. A giant bolero hat would suit me just fine with the ensemble too!


  9. I love the rolling cart in smoke. And the St Remy tote in large. What a fun giveaway and I love your blog. Thank you.

  10. Such beautiful baskets! If I won I would choose the honey colored rolling basket or the cannes orange in medium.
    Thanks for the great post!!


  11. Off to check out their site! Please count me in!! What a fun giveaway!

  12. What a great post! I used to travel to Paris for work...there is nothing quite like it. I still remember a college semester abroad....my friends and I got "French" haircuts and chic scarves....we thought we were so sophisticated....haha.

    I am so glad to have found out about this company. I love the baskets!

    I love the cart without a lid and the large Dijon Natural. Now, back to read their blog! Thanks!

  13. Joni
    What would I do without your blog? Such a gray day here in northern Kentucky. I promise that if I win I will take my rolling cart to the local Krogers and drum up business. My first pick is the honey colored cart. However I love love love the Marseille tote. So chic! Thanks for lifting my spirits on this gloomy day.
    Marion L. Erwin
    1602 Arbor View Lane # 304
    Cold Spring KY 41076

  14. I love the honey rolling cart and would faithfully use it in the beautiful Teanway Valley located in Central Washington. But, the Cannes French Green bag in a Medium would be delightful on outings to the Pike Place Market in Seattle. hmmmmmmmmm

  15. Wow! This is great website! Thank you for sharing. I would love it in smoke. Cannes Rose is my favorite in large.


  16. Thanks for the tour of France, past and present! I'm a Francophile myself, love all things French. I really enjoyed this post and would love the chance to win the smoke basket or Xtra large tote! Merci beaucoup!

  17. This giveaway is making me so happy- I'd love the honey colored rolling cart or the Cap Ferrat Yellow tote. Swoon!! jacmorant(at)gmail(dot)com

  18. i'd love the rolling basket in smoke, and the Marseilles tote in large would be the perfect accessory when I got out on book tour this summer!

  19. Great photos! And I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of all things being beautiful in France. You have to admire that about them.

  20. Thank you for showing us these beautiful baskets. I love the brown "smoke" wheeled basket and the Dijon Natural tote in medium. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Joni,
    What a fun givaway! I sure wish I'd known about this website before Christmas. I would have loved to give some totes as gifts.

    My favorite rolling cart is the dark one with the lid. My favorite tote is the Dijon Rose in large. They'd both be fun to take to Whole Foods--I can just picture a baguette sticking out of them.

    Thanks for the fun, Joni!

  22. I love the natural rolling basket; such a beautiful shape and color. These are wonderful for those of us who have blown out our poor shoulders hauling heavy purses and bags all over the place.
    Ideal for being eco-responsible supermarket shoppers! Or, in my case, heavy pottery,

    Love the Woven Marsielle bag. Black and tan always looks smart.

    Jeanette Harris
    16479 Pearson Point Road
    Poulsbo WA 98370

  23. Thanks Joni;
    How did you know I was a basket case? Luv these, the honey colored roller and the featured orange basket bag is just lovely.
    La Maison Fou blog

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    If I win I would like the rolling basket in smoke and for second place item the tote St. Tropez Rose in medium.


  25. What fun! Love to old photographs! Cap Ferrat in Mango large and the Honey colored white rolling cart would be fabulous!

  26. Joni -- I've been following your blog for a couple months and have enjoyed every picture and all your (free!) designer insight.

    For this last post...I love the picture of the basket maker with the beanie... he looks like he's up to something!

    Put me down for lusting after the honey basket and the large Marseille tote! What a great opportunity!


  27. okay dear ... now I'm a basket case ... I do love the darker version ... and I just love you ...

    count me in please

    stay tuned for grandbaby #3

  28. FAB U LOUS!!!

    I would love the smoke cart or the large Arles.

  29. If I were to win, I would like the rolling cart in "hone" and second place would be the "Marseille" tote in medium.

  30. That is the rolling cart in "honey"...Judy

  31. What a wonderful giveaway! If I were lucky enough to win I would love the white "honey" and would be equally as thrilled to win the Eze tote in medium with the natural leather handles!


  32. Love the Honey and the Marseille. I too am a Francophile, especially Provence!


  33. Gosh, hard decision! They are all beautiful- wonderful post! If I were to blessed enough to win, I'd choose the rolling basket in smoke and 2nd the Eze with natural leather handles in Large!


  34. Oh please pick me!

    If I were to win first prize, I'd choose the honey rolling cart!

    If I were to second prize (which I'd actually rather win), I'd choose the L or XL St. Paul or St. Remy depending on what's available!


  35. how great! love the natural color & the dijon natural in large is so cute!

    katie dot bindrup at gmail dot com

  36. Can I just enter for second place? As much as I love the rolling cart there just isn't a single place in my small home to keep it!

    I love any of the Cannes totes in large, the orange, green pink or yellow.... stunning!

  37. Viva la France! What a great post and awesome giveaway. Sign me up for the rolling cart in "smoke" with the lid. If I were to be second place I would gladly accept the St. Remy shopper in large. :-)

    Philip Studer - philip.studer@gmail.com

  38. I love baskets of any size, shape, lidded, non, tall, short and I love these. What an exciting giveaway.

    Pick me. Pick me.

    My choices would be:
    Rolling Cart - smoke
    Tote - Marseille

  39. These are fabulous! I see so many options for their use! Would love the smoke option for the basket and Marseille is my favorite tote. Thanks very much for the chance to win!

  40. What a great giveaway! Honey cart for me please. And the small Eze with natural handles.

  41. Joni,

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    I like the natural rolling basket and the tote in Eze tote in large.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Susan B.

  42. tres fantastic! what a great giveaway. i would choose the rolling basket in smoke with the lid and the dijon natural in medium.
    can i bribe you by sending you some fresh homemade baguettes?! ;)
    keeping toes and fingers crossed that i win....you'll hear me scream all the way from kansas city!

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    My choice would be the smoke rolling cart and the Large St. Paul tote.


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    BTW this blog is my porn...

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  48. Hi Joni,

    What a wonderful idea. I would love the smoke basket and the Cannes Rose tote is so pink and so me!


  49. I enjoy your blog so much. We must be kindred spirits. I would want the smoke cart and I'm with you on the tote. Definitely the Marseille.

  50. I would look so chic at the summer Farmers' Market with any of these baskets! You're the best, Joni!

  51. What a wonderfully generous give away. I am so happy to know about the site. I would be thrilled to win the rolling basket in smoke, or the alix market basket in medium. I have seen similar baskets for years and wondered where to buy them. And now I know! My email address is mahala475@gmail.com.

  52. These are ALL fabulous....Like you I love the Marseilles tote and think I would use that a lot. I also love the Grasse and the Eze...so many beautiful designs. As for the rolling baskets...they are both beautiful but the honey one really appeals to me...it seems warm and inviting.

    Thank you for hosting and thank you for all the fabulous posting you do:)


  53. Totally delish giveaway!

    I love the Dijon Natural bag....YUM!

    And, I'd pick the dark cart. I have things to HIDE! :-)

    Oh my goodness....I so hope to win!

    Warm blessings,

  54. This post was so great and I agree with every "why" you asked. We need beauty around us. Gorgeous images by Atget (do you know that only a portion is visible on the screen and to see the whole picture I have to click on each? or is it just moi?) Anyway in case I win I would love the dark wheeled basket or the large Orange Cannes tote. Merci beaucoup!

  55. I love all the baskets! And you're right...the French always get it right! I love the honey basket and the Eze (Large) basket. Thanks for sharing! Kris (kriskarnes@cox.net)

  56. Love them all! What a great give-away!

  57. Oooooh! Smoke to hold something as yet undecided upon. Dijon Rose for a tres chic diaper bag, mine now is a black one from Ballard but a spring/summer one is in order.

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    1. honey rolling basket
    2. Eze (blue handles) LARGE
    Love your blog - check it often.

  60. You are right - the French just have it! and I dont mind that you dont write about France like you originally intended too...whatever you are talking about, it is always beautiful, inspiring and well detailed.

    If you will ship to Australia I would choose the rolling cart in Brown/smoke and the tote would be either St Remy or the Marsellie.
    Thanks Joni
    Ness xx

  61. Love the natural rolling cart and the Cannes Freish Green! What a great give-away and new fun place to look for products.

  62. Oh Joni! Those are wonderful!

    I would choose the Honey (light) cart with the open top and the Cannes Fresh Green tote with simulated leather handles and corners!

    Thanks for this - I love the old photos and information. BTW if you want to see cobbled streets in the US go to old Alexandria, VA. The streets are original, as are the houses (small). Also - Baltimore!

  63. Woops! Forgot to leave the size I would choose. Extra large in the Cannes Fresh Green and the natural (honey).

  64. Oh, as for the size - medium or large, please on the tote!

  65. Ooh, GREAT give away, Joni!

    I think I would chose the smoke roller basket. And I would LOVE a St. Paul basket for quick (and chic!) grocery shopping when we move to NYC this summer.


  66. What a lovely way to market. I love the smoke basket as it reminds me of a basket my grandmother used to use for gardening when I was a child. As for the second basket? I adore the Cannes line and the orange is such a bright choice to take to my local farmer's market on Saturday. Love your blog-the best. chrissi

  67. Hey Joni- Thanks for the great posting and giveaway.

    I'd take the Smoke rolling cart.

    Second option, I'd take Eze tote in large size with natural leather.

    Thanks so much.
    Rob KJ

  68. When we were recently in Paris, we rented a place that had one of these rolling baskets and it saved our lives! LOL! I said numerous times that I wanted one for home! I would absolutely **love** the smoke rolling basket, though both are great! I would be grateful to win the Fuschia Cannes bag in large for my shopping. It would be very convenient for my trips to the market after a long days work!

    Keep up the great work with the blog! I LOVE it!

  69. Thanks Joni. You are so generous. I love the honey cart and the large or x large rose pink tote. PS love the post on Sally Wheat. Thanks for all you do in Blog Land.

  70. Joni, THIS IS GREAT! You come up with the best ideas. I would die for the brown-smoke rolling basket and as for the totes, any one would be fabulous....Thanks Joni and French Basketeer.
    Sandra Derrick


  71. Honey and Marseille are my favs, Joni

  72. They are each lovely. How to pick? The Fuschia Cap Ferrat in medium or large would be so fun to have. The rolling basket in honey would be my choice for chic toting! thanks so much!

  73. This is so fun! I like the honey basket, & love the Dijon natural large tote (houndstooth, my fav!). I am a fan of carting stylish bags & baskets to the grocery - it makes it a happier errand!

  74. Oooooh, how fun and different! I love the Aix medium bag and the Smoke lidded rolling cart basket. I am going right now to order the organic cotton produce bags. What great information you share with us Joni.


  75. Joni,
    I read your blog regularly and like you I love French decor as well. I was in Provence a few years ago and saw bags like these. I would like the brown "smoke" or the Cannes in Fuschia color in Large size. Thanks for always posting wonderful articles that are so well researched.

  76. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway!

    I've only been to France once as well but it was 7 days filled with art, architecture, flowers and of course FOOD!

    I would LOVE some of that old ironstone too, but would be thrilled to win either prize offered.

    I love the "smoke" cart with it's pretty lid.

    I had such a hard time deciding which tote, I was torn between the Aix in medium, but eventually settled on the Medium Marseille.

    Thank you for giving us all a chance to own a little piece of French culture!

    Kat :)

  77. WoW!! All the photos are sooooo lovely, I agore the roll along basket that you show with the roses, tres chic!!!
    What a fabulous giveaway...ypu are too good to us!!

    Regards, Linda

  78. I have always wanted to travel to France and now I want to go even more desparately. The Eze in medium with the natural handles and the smke rolling cart look wonderful. SgRedDoor@aol.com

  79. Major basket love going on here.
    I would love love love the the rolling cart in smoke! I see myself at Hubble&Hudson's strolling in with it. Won't they be jealous?
    Also if I manage to be second wouldn't mind taking my produce in my Large in Black Houndstooth.

    OH please let lady luck be on my side! I must have one of these!

  80. I love the old pictures. Even today the smallest shops take great care with window displays. I'd love the smoke rolling basket and the large "Eze" with brown trim for market.

  81. This is such an AMAZING giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win. If I were to win the rolling shopper basket, I would choose the lidded smoke one. If I have to settle (Ha, like it would really be settling) for second place I would love to have the Cassis Fuschia in large. OH I hope I hope I hope I win!

    Daily laying it at the Master's feet!
    Laura Ann

  82. It appears I forgot my e-mail address, which is: kelly0271az@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  83. I can't believe they have a blog I will have to go there right now and read it all. Also have to figure out that Eiffel Tower in wine corks. Love al of it. xo, MB

  84. I have been reading your blog for a while now and have enjoyed every single post. Thank you for the inspiration.

    A french rolling basket has been on the "want, need, have to have list" for a while now but I didn't know where to find one. I see a "smoke" with lid in my future or possibly an "Aix"-

    Thank you!

  85. How wonderful! They are so stylish, yet environmentally conscious. Love that.

    I would love to have the honey colored one; for my second choice, I love the first one you showed. Beautiful.

    Thank you.

  86. love them all - honey colored as a choice - and the st. paul is very french!

  87. Another wonderful post Joni! I am really enjoying the basket site and have bookmarked it.

    I like the rolling basket in smoke and my favorite tote is the large Marseille.


  88. Oh jeepers. This is right up my alley. I would love the lighter colour rolling card, the one sans lid. And the Antibes Fresh Green XL tote with the black handles. I am crossing my fingers and toes!

  89. Anything French and I am in heaven. I would be honored to have the honey basket in my office to keep it overflowing with flowers and the Dijon Natural in large to carry my little papillon Zoe, the best little French item that I carry everywhere in my heart.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog.


  90. Joni what a wonderful giveaway! Your post makes me want to plan a trip to France. J'adore the brown smoke rolling cart and the Marseille tote bag (large). And I thought your first blog story was charming!

    Mary Hill


  91. What a wonderful idea! If I should be so fortunate as to win I would make my choice at that time! It's too hard to choose! Thank you Joni!


  92. I am on French overload!! I have been to France 4 x's, took in a French exchange student and i am in love with the country and it's people. I can spend hours in the evening while my family is watching TV looking for the latest and greatest french blog with the best pics. You Joni are the greatest American, english writing blogger. The fact that you faithfully spend your time FREELY researching and writing your phenominal blog is truly amazing. ( I hope you have a cleaning lady!) YOUR THE GREATEST!!!!! OK, now if I won I would like the Honey Natural Cart and the Marseille Woven Raffia. AGAIN THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH. COUNTRY FRENCH JUDI mrsjudiryba@yahoo.com

  93. OMG! I love everything on this website! If I won though, I would pick the honey rolling basket and the Dijon natural in medium.
    Loved your first entry! Girl, you need to go back to France! I hear you about the flying thing. I'm actually terrified to fly. I'm in the talking stage right now, planning a trip with my best friend for the later part of the year. Yay! Thank you Joni for this giveaway and thank you French Basketeer for their donation! --Delores

  94. I love all the old photos of France you posted. I really like that darling gentleman weaving baskets in the street.

    It's so hard to choose just one from so many beautiful bags but I would go with Eze in the large size and the honey colored rolling basket.


  95. Love, love , love the baskets! Can't imagine how winning one would brighten my day!

  96. I am loving the Honey rolling basket and the Dijon Natural in the bags.
    Thank you

  97. Wow!!!! I love the honey colored rolling cart, and the bag in Mango! Thank you so much for the chance to win! (mwroth@hotmail.com)

    I love the pictures, too. I don't think I'd ever focused so much before on how symetrical everything is-- so charming. Thanks, Joni and French Basketer!

  98. Wow, gorgeous! I love the smoke cart with the lid and the large ST. Tropez Rose tote is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win one of these.

  99. The baskets are so beautiful!! I would definitely pick the smoke, and a large houndstooth for 2nd. Love to read your blog!

  100. Great offer! Love you site too! I would pick the Smoke cart with lid and the Marseille tote in medium.

    Merci Beaucoup Madame!

    Jaqueline Weedon

  101. Seriously, I would take ANY Of the bags. I do love the St. Tropez bag large or medium in the orange or fuschia. Or green! I would love the honey rolling cart!

  102. I'm in love. They are gorgeous. I really appreciate the opportunity to win one. I'd like the Smoke cart and the Dijon Natural tote in large.

    Thanks so much!

    Julie Earnest

  103. Oh Joni how charming! I want to scream "pick me". I would prefer the open honey rolling cart and the Marseille tote.
    xoxo Dianne
    you have my email.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. What a great giveaway!! I would be thrilled to take the smoke colored rolling basket or the Marseilles large tote to our local farmers market. Thanks so much...love your blog!

  106. Now this is a fabulous giveaway!!! I would love to own the smoke rolling cart basket or the marseille tote. Your post took me back across the ocean to one of the most beautiful countries...Merci!!!

  107. A lovely post, I especially enjoyed the early 1900 pictures. I bought 2 similar tote straw bags in Germany a few years ago and love them. I would love any of these baskets!

  108. Wow! What a exciting contest. I would love to go food shopping and bring either the rolling basket in smoke or the large Marseille tote.
    I would be the envy of the Supermarket.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Roz - roz66@sbcglobal.net

  109. Beautiful! I'm with you, Joanie, I love the Marseille bag. I also love the honey rolling cart.

  110. I love, love this post! Very nostalgic-and French..so of course, lovely! If I won I would love the smoke color rolling basket and the Marseille (Medium) or the St. Paul for 2nd place. These would come in so handy for the everyday mommy things I'm about to be doing!

  111. I absolutely love the baskets. I'd love the rolling cart in smoke. Given my choice of totes - I'd take the Aix in medium. It's so classically French.


  112. OH NO, pregnant brain-per my incomplete comment above-my email address is katiebelle08@gmail.com and my name is Katie! Thanks :)

  113. Oh my Joni, those are amazing baskets! I have never entered a blog contest before but your giveaway is amazing! I would love the honey basket or the Marseille in medium. Thanks for your amazing blog and all the inspirational photos. I love seeing your posts because there is always something pretty to admire.
    Thanks again,
    Jen Martin

  114. Almost impossible to choose but I tried:
    #1 Osier Blanc cart
    #2 St. Remy X-Large


  115. Thanks for this fun post! I too love the Marseille in large (the big handle on this bag is a must!) and the big smokin' roller, baby! These lovely bags remind me of our visit to Oxford where our friends Robbie & Elizabeth shopped nearly everyday at the market with their cute baskets in toe. And wouldn't you know our UK friends have since moved to the countryside in France! Now we know the perfect present to buy when we visit them this summer. Thank you! -Jenna millerjenna@yahoo.com

  116. I would love the brown rolling cart with lid and for the tote...definitely the Marseille in medium.

    Don't give up on returning to France. Consider a transatlantic cruise....it is beyond fabulous!!!

    Loved your post and I couldn't agree more.

    The Bloom Girls
    Nashville, TN

  117. I LOVE those photos of France. I've been there three times and I can't get enough of that country. My husband keeps telling me there are other places to visit....

    I like the white/natural rolling basket and for the second choice - the Cap Ferrat mango basket, in large. All so beautiful

    lorrieorr (at) gmail.com

  118. Oh My this is the most beautiful site I have seen. It is stunning. Thank you for introducing it to me.

    I love the honey rolling cart.

    As for the tote I like the Cannes Fuschia in large.

    Everything is so beautiful that it is just so hard to pick.

    ---msgb245 at gmail dot com

  119. A simply divine giveaway..whether I have to wait to win the giveaway or wait for payday...one of these is in my future! I love the honey cart..but I would happily kick around carrying the Large Eze tote. And..could they throw in that precious retriever??

  120. This is so exciting, Joni!!! I'd like the rolling cart in honey and the St. Paul large tote if I win. Thanks for such a great give away!

    helium_hand at ca dot rr dot com

  121. Thanks for enlightening us! I would love the rolling cart in Smoke, and if by change i won second place i love the Aix in medium. Thank you!

  122. kshannoka@yahoo.comJanuary 19, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    XL Antibes orange with black handles and the honey colored cart would get me to the market and back in style!

  123. Oh my gosh what a difficult choice ...what beautiful totes!!

    I would choose the rolling cart in smoke and the Eze tote with natural handles in the large size.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and the beautiful pictures on your blog.

  124. OMG, Joni!!!! In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die! Bananas! Goodies from France? I love the honey colored basket w/o the lid. And even though it was a difficult decision, I love the St. Paul -- no other sizes were indicated on their website. They are all to live for! Amazing goodies!

    In review, the way I found your glorious blog was searching for French design/designers. I'm a Francophile from childhood too, Joni. Thank you for featuring so much of its beauty on your wonderful blog.

    ~ Victoria in Texas

  125. Oh how I love your blog! It's been 2 years since I've been to Paris and I miss it so much, the linens, the silver, the flea markets, the cocoa....I get woozy just dreaming about it!

    I love the smoke lidded basket and the Eze tote in large with natural leather.

    Thank you Joni!

    The gilded barn

  126. OMG rolling cart in honey and large tote yellow cannes with black handle like the chic shopper


    Kathleen Falgoust

  127. Love the smoke rolling basket and the Cassis tote in yellow (large)! Read your blog every day; it's my hands-down favorite.

    Christina - wilcomes@verizon.net

  128. oooh, pick me!! pick me!! I'm a fellow Houstonian! And a faithful blogstalker! :) I want the smoke rolling cart and the Large Dijon Rose tote!! Please! looliwallace@yahoo.com

  129. What A wonderful giveaway. I am so excited. Their baskets are beautiful.
    I like the smoke rolling cart & the Large Dijon Natural tote. thanks

  130. Now this is a fun website! I think I would choose the honey colored rolling cart and the Dijon natural in large. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, Joni.

  131. Gorgeous! I've been searching for a place to buy nice baskets. I like the rolling cart in smoke. My favorite tote is the large Cannes Fuschia.


  132. OOOOhhh laaa laaa!!! The smoke is scrumptious and the bright green St. Tropez..... Bring on the spring!! What a wonderful treat!

  133. Thank you for introducing us to these beautiful French baskets and for organizing this very generous giveaway. I would choose the smoke rolling basket and the large Marseille tote!

    my email is HildaB (at) mindspring (dot) com

  134. From one Francophile to another! Great post, please enter me in your contest. Love your blog by the way (and happy to see a Jewish blogger)!


  135. Love the one with the lid. These pictures are amazing, Joni! From the past to the present, these scenic shots are just as beautiful in black and white as they are in color. I am not a flyer, so I will probably never see France {or England where I've wanted to go} in my lifetime. I'll enjoy it through pictures, television and movies though!

    Those carts remind me, in a way, of the metal carts that were used when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn. You only had to walk a couple of blocks to the store, so being able to use the cart made sense. Unfortunately, once you hit the 'burbs, you have to drive everywhere.

  136. LOVE those totes, loving this blog, I just found you recently!
    I would love the Smoke Roller cart and the Marseille in Large would make my year!

  137. Stars! Just the idea of winning these beauties makes my day! Love the white rolling cart and the large Marseille tote. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  138. I'm not sure which is more exciting - the give-away or finding a new shopping site. I would absolutely love to have the honey (natural) roller basket or the Marseille in large. I already know how I would use these items. Thanks for the fun.

  139. Great giveaway!!! love the roller cart in smoke. The tote in large / St. Topez fuschia.

    Crossing my fingers and toes.


  140. I Love your Blog! I read it daily and pine for it when you're not there. The information is great!
    This giveaway is amazing if I were to win the smoke rolling cart and the large Marseille would be my choice, how yummy!

  141. Thanks Joni for sharing this wonderful basket source. Great gifts and perfect for weekly trips to Farmers Market! I love the lidded cart in "smoke". So many beautiful totes, hard to choose between the the Cap Ferrat Mango or the Dijon Natural, either one in medium would be treasured!


  142. Love, Love, Love...the smoke rolling cart and the medium marseille and the medium cap ferrat orange...too many delicious treats to choose from! Great ideas for gifts!

    Your blog allows respite from the daily grind of being an educator and affords me time to be the student. Thank you for another great idea/source!

    Chris K Halifax

  143. My goodness ... .
    what a great find these baskets are!
    (a girl can NEVER have too many)

    I'd live happily ever after with that open top honey cart or any of those classic totes with the contrast leather trim.

    Great vintage images, too.


  144. Wonderful...as a lover of all baskets...these carts and totes are awesome! Thanks for a chance!

  145. Oh My goodness, I am in love with these baskets! Enter me!

  146. Oh My goodness, I am in love with these baskets! Enter me!

  147. The antique photos are spectacular! I studied each one carefully,looking at each and every detail.I too,adore anything French and spend as much time in France as I can. Get on that plane and go!!I have a friend who runs a cooking class in Paris and she rolls her open basket cart to market ~I would appreciate the white rolling cart,without the lid.Then, I love the large basketeer,St.Tropez.A great give-away...thanks!

  148. Oh my goosh, either one of these would be awesome! If I were to win first place I would choose the honey colored rolling basket,and the tote would have to be the Eze (medium). Thanks. Elsa (elsa71175@verizon.net)

  149. What a lovely give away! I adore old french pictues like you have here. I have many scattered around my house. Thank you for the loveliness!

    I would love the smoke colored carte and the st remy catches my eye for the smaller one. Because it is the most natural looking color wise.

    Thanks again!


  150. these baskets are so beautiful! i would choose the rolling basket in honey, and if second place, I love, love, love the Cannes Rose in size large!

    Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  151. Oh man... I LOVE the honey rolling cart, I can see me using it for SO many things, and it also matches the decor of my house! NOW, the totes... WOW that is hard! I LOVE them all! I think my favorite is...the large Cannes Orange... it would be GREAT to have at Clemson games! (GO TIGERS!)

    Leanne (leannewill@aol.com)

  152. Tres Chic~ So thoughtful of you to share such wonderful French baskets with your readers. Aren't the yorkies adorable! I would love to use the honey basket to help unload from teh car, and the Dijon natural large would be great for summer


  153. What a wonderful and generous giveaway!! I love the lidded cart. SO cute! I'm normally a pink girl, but the sunny yellow totes are really speaking to me. Thanks, Joni!

  154. For only being a blog since 07 you sure do have a lot of followers. That is awesome. Love your style and blog.

    I love the Honey rolling cart, and the st. tropez orange tote in L.

    Thanks for the fun drawing.


  155. Just wanted to say what an awesome giveaway! I love everything on their website. If I win I would love the "smoke" rolling cart or as second prize, the large "dijon natural" tote basket.

    Thank you for the time you put into posting your blog and providing us with such detailed posts and great eye candy!

  156. I'd love to own the rolling cart in honey/natural or the Marseille
    Woven raffia in Large.

  157. Love the lidded cart in smoke I think it is. I also love the Dijon tote in Natural size Medium. It is soo chic and great fro spring or fall. What a great site! Thanx for sharing!

  158. ejemmett@earthlink.netJanuary 19, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    Lovely! I would choose the honey rolling bag or XL St. Remy!

  159. Just discovered your blog-- love it! My husband and I just returned from Antwerpen and Paris -- I dragged him to every antique shop and flea market. He was a sweetie to join me, but it could have been so much more fun to go with someone who loves it as much as I do. I think you should join me next time -- flying 1st class helps to alleviate some of those flying fears!! Love the smoke basket and the Aries tote.

  160. In my excitement, I forgot to tell you that I would love, love the "smoke" model with the lid and ANY color of the totes would do.
    Merci encore,

  161. what a wonderful blog and giveaway! I like the open light colored rolling basket and the mango tote in any size! LOVED your extensive post on Nancy Meyers...I am such a fan and dream about her gorgeous houses.

  162. These are wonderful, the rolling carts are adorable. I love the smoke/brown. And so many of the totes to choose one, but the one that caught my eye was Dijon Natural. the houndstooth is quite nice. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  163. What a wonderfully fun and generous French-style give-a-way! Merci. J'adore the brown rolling cart in, "smoke" and the Cannes Fresh Green tote basket in medium. Both would look gorgeous with Flowers from Seattle's Pike Place Market! Will take pictures. Monica@lafamigliadesignllc.com

  164. Love,love, love it! The smoke is tres chic, and the natural dijon!
    Love the blog too!

  165. The baskets are GORGEOUS! I loved all of them.

    I would pick the smoke colored lidded rolling cart and the large basket...oh the pink was dee-vine!

  166. I love these baskets! Would love the smoke and the St. Paul.

  167. Love your blog...I anxiously a post every day!!!
    I would love the honey colored basket or a rose tote.
    Thanks for providing me with hours of entertainment!!!!

  168. What an amazing giveaway! I would adore the honey cart....it is so me! And my tote of choice is the black and white houndstooth one.

    Thank you for intdroducing me to this wonderful blog and website! I too adore anything French. In fact I am heading to France in March for 3 weeks and I can hadly wait..

  169. I love the rolling cart in smoke and the totes...LOVE them all! But if I were lucky enough to have to choose it would be the Eze bag NO WAIT, the Grasse bag...that's the one! Thank you for writing this blog, LOVE IT!!!

  170. LOVE the give a way! I would choose the "smoke" Basket which would be marvelous to take to my local Farmer's Market and fill it with wonderful Veggies and local yummies. My second choice would be the Marseille which is very classic and I could use it for many different things from shopping to travel.
    Keep up the wonderful blogging!

  171. I love the "smoke" rolling cart with the lid and the Cap Ferrat Mango tote in medium please. Either one would be really grand. Thanks for posting this great giveaway - the best ever!

  172. OPPS! So excited about choosing the basket forgot my email address...sheaggy3@yahoo.com
    Original post above from Sherry:
    I love the rolling cart in smoke and the totes...LOVE them all! But if I were lucky enough to have to choose it would be the Eze bag NO WAIT, the Grasse bag...that's the one! Thank you for writing this blog, LOVE IT!!!

  173. Joni - Love the honey rolling cart and like you the Marseille tote in medium. Thanks so much!

  174. Bon Soir: The baskets are beautiful and thanks for sharing! I love the rolling cart in smoke and the Cap Ferrat in a Medium Fuschia is a wonderful jolt of color. Thanks again...

  175. Joni, what a classy giveaway!! I would chooswe the honey colored wheeled shopping cart and the Marseilles bag. That bag just jumps out at me! I too love all things French. My trainer is French so I get a little French fix twice a week! Avignon and Provence are my favorites.


  176. I would love the honey rolling car for strolling around while shopping for goodies and I love the green totes in whatever size you award.

    Thank you for doing this post, the photos are beautiful and it awakened the longing in my for France. I will take my books out and start planning my dream trip. Don't know when I'll be able to take it but if I started the planning, I know the universe will rise up and take care of my dream.

    Au revoir,


  177. Dear Cote De Texas,
    WOW! I've never seen those baskets before..WHEELS AND WICKER!
    What could a teacher want more?
    I would fill it up with papers to grade, snacks for the kids, and all the project stuff from stickers to grids!
    Every teacher and family would whisper as I came through the door, "We bet she's leaving for France at a quarter till four!"
    But alas, I'd reply while
    sashaying down the hall,
    " Excusez-moi, it's from French Basketeer via Texas, ya'll!"

    Thank you for such a giveaway, Joni! Good luck to everyone!
    If I could choose, I'd pick the dark brown cart with a lid without a doubt and then the Eze large tote.
    Miss Dixie

  178. OooOOooo. Love them. I would love the honey colored and an X-large shopping basket! Love them all.

    And REALLY love the old B&W french photos! Love France....all areas of that corner of the world!

    Thanks for the generosity Joni!

  179. For the roller basket- Honey. For the tote- Bandol, large. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!!

  180. What a generous giveaway. Thank you for introducing us to this company!
    I love the honey rolling basket and the Dijon Rose tote in any size! The houndstooth is unique and classy.

  181. Great giveaway! I love my French market basket so good luck to all!

  182. Wow what a fantastic giveaway! I would love a rolling cart in Smoke or a gorgeous XL St. Remy tote bag. Thank so much Cote de Texas and to The French Basketeer for this amazing giveaway!

  183. ellmclain@yahoo.comJanuary 19, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    I would love to win the honey colored rolling basket!

    I can just see myself strolling at the Sunday Farmer's Market....Filling it with asparagus, peas, green onions, lettuce, fresh goat cheese and a crusty warm baguette!

    The Aix would be wonderful also!

    It's just the right shape for carrying fresh herbs.


  184. Wow, you just brought me back 20 years!!! Kicking myself in the b_tt for not picking up a rolling cart when I was in Antibes studying!!!! (Think it would have fit in the overhead bin?) Just adore the Smoke Rolling cart, and am Dreaming of a baguette, brie and a bottle of Vive Cliquote in the "St. Paul". A Bientot. Mersini

  185. Thank you for the gorgeous post, reminded me that it has been far too long since I was in France. Maybe, we should plan a spring trip and do a little shopping. I would really love to find the little iron cot/daybed and bring it to rest under one of my big shade trees.
    I love baskets and living in the south they are part of our daily life. I created a healthy snack and tea basket for the car just this afternoon. I would select the smoke rolling cart and I would love the St Tropez in Blue in any size (of course large is always good) Thank you for a brief escape on a cold foggy evening .

  186. C'est trop difficile a choisir!! I like the smoke/lidded basket for the first choice. (To pretend I am back in Paris getting groceries from the boulangerie!)

    For my "second place" option, it was a close call between Aix, but I love the green in the "Cassis Fresh Green", size large SVP!

    Patrice - sherman.patrice@gmail.com

  187. Oh, how fun! Everything is beautiful. I love the smoke for the first place and the large St. Paul for the second place. That would be so nice for the beach :)

  188. Love, love, love the baskets! For
    1st place I love the 'honey' cart.
    2nd place the large Marseille would be just perfect. :)

    Helen audirsch@bellsouth.net

  189. I love your pictures. They are grand.

    As for the carts, I think I prefer the smoke one and the bag I like most is probably the orange for UT Vols.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  190. I have a great love of baskets. I've taken several semesters of basket weaving so can appreciate how beautiful these truly are...and how much work. I love the honey rolling cart and also the Marseille bag in any size but would probably chose large. (Love the African inspiration of the pattern.)

  191. Ah, to be in Paris in the springtime! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    1st choice: honey lidded cart
    2nd choice: Cap Ferrat Mango--Large


  192. Decisions, decisions. All of the choices are tres chic and deliciously French. I love the honey rolling basket and the large Marseille tote.



  193. OMG these are so lovely. I would choose the smoke rolling basket and the Marseille bagin the large size. thanks for the opportunity! Love your blog.


    Thank you.

  194. Oh what a lovely post and lovely things! You took me straight to Paris (we are going again in April and I CANNOT wait!).

    I would take the light coloured rolling basket without the lid, or the natural tote (the one you showed in all the sizes) in Medium! Perfect for my baguette and vin....

    Thanks for this giveaway Joni. Tres kind...!

  195. Now this is just a fun post! I loved looking at all the photographs! I think the one of the corsets was my favorite... It's cool how that corset shape is so chic right now. I would love to win this! I never win anything! I would love the darker basket with the lid, how fun.... but really, I REALLY WANT THE LARGE ORANGE TOTE BAG! The Yorkie laying in my lap picked it out herself, ha ha. She thinks she would look great in orange, and it would be perfect for when her mom sneaks her into the movies!

    Thanks for such a fun post :)

  196. Fingers crossed! These bags are wonderful and now we do not have to go to Paris to get one. If I am the lucky winner, I would be happy with any size and any color! I think they are all wonderful and would truly be happy with whatever you would like to surprise me with. Pick the one that you would buy for yourself or someone who loves anything French.

  197. Joni,
    You did it again. I love that you write stories about topics other than French design. And when you do write about French design it is devine.

    For the contest: Smoke rolling cart. And, Large Cannes Fresh Green Tote.

    Good luck to me.

  198. I really enjoyed looking at all your French pictures, especially the really old ones! Beautiful! It must have taken you hours to craft this post, bravo! Or shall I say tres bien!

    This is such a wonderful giveaway, thank you!
    If I were a winner, I would choose:

    the rolling basket in natural

    or the Eze seagrass tote (yummy!) in medium

    Crossing my fingers....

  199. Joni, have loved your blog for a long time... Would love the chic "white honey wheeled rolling basket" for bring home my groceries in NYC (!)from the greenmarket , and if 2nd place, a small "antibes teal w/brown handles" tote bag. Thanks to everyone for their generosity and spirit of fun!!!

  200. What an amazing giveaway!! I am even excited about second place!! I love the smoke rolling cart but have really been wanting the EZE in natural shopping tote! Thank you for hosting such a beautiful giveaway! (piahurley@bellsouth.net)