COTE DE TEXAS: Dec 7, 2014





In the spirit of the season – we have a second giveaway just in time for Christmas!


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Today Cote de Texas is welcoming back a favorite, long-time sponsor – VERO LINENS. To celebrate, Vero Linens has graciously offered to host a generous giveaway!



Vero Linens sells luxurious Italian linens at discounted prices.  By cutting out the middle man, they can offer the consumer savings of up to 40% off retail prices.

Vero is the only provider of luxury Italian linens able to offer these bedding collections at wholesale prices.  In contrast, other luxury linen collections are marked-up 200-300% at retail boutiques.  Offered online – Vero’s large savings is passed onto the customer – you!

I own a set of these sheets and I can attest that they are beyond wonderful.  I’m so excited to have Vero Linens as a sponsor because their product is excellent and their low price is enticing – what a fabulous combination!



Vero’s linens come in three colors.

On its web site, Vero Linens has included a number of “How To Tips” that explain their product, including how to care for fine Italian bedding, and what does the famous “thread count” really mean!!  Look for the list of the “How To Tips” HERE.



Vero Linens come in your choice of plain or striped.  Also, notice all the linens are beautifully hemstitched. 



Besides Italian linens, Vero has a selection of luxurious down duvets and pillows.




AND, Vero Linens also sells luxurious towels and robes – which make excellent Christmas gifts.


But, the best news today is that Vero Linens is offering all Cote de Texas readers a 20% DISCOUNT when you make a purchase!!!  This discount, on top of their normal 40% discount – adds up to a 60% savings over retail cost!!

Vero Linens will offer the 20% discount for the entire week during the giveaway – and they will extend it for an extra three days after the contest is over (until December 17th.)

And, now the rules -

The Vero Linens Giveaway:

The lucky winner will receive one complete set of sheets – size, color, and pattern of their choice! 

To enter:

Just go the Vero Linens web site HERE to look around and shop.  While there – please choose one of the “How To Tips” to read.   Then, come back here and leave a comment telling me which Tip you read and if you liked it.

That’s all!

Be sure to leave your email address on your comment in case you win!!!!!


The contest runs from this Sunday to next Saturday night, December 13th, at 11:59 pm. 

To get the 20% discount on all your purchases – enter the code:  Cote

when you check out.


Go HERE to enter the Vero Linens web site to look around and shop.

To read the “How To Tips” – go directly HERE.


A huge thank you to Steve at Vero Linens for sponsoring this generous giveaway.