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I am so thrilled to have Reed Evins Art as a sponsor – Reed is a brilliant shoe designer who recently added fine artist to his portfolio.
Long time readers may remember a story I wrote about Reed, entitled “The Shoe Czar,” where I talked about his shoe business and his apartment HERE.   Years ago, Reed’s first apartment was designed by the then young Joe D’Urso, who later went onto fame and fortune.

Reed, featured in New York magazine in 1976, is shown standing in his apartment that D’Urso designed for him.  Built with platforms, then a chic innovation, the one room apartment featured a large table, while his bedroom hid behind vertical blinds, another totally new invention.  Calvin Klein saw this apartment and immediately hired D’Urso to design his own apartment, his offices, and all the CK boutiques in the country.
Here’s how Reed describes the minimal apartment:  
“The table is shiny rubber on subway pipes, wrapped in chrome, 18 feet long.
One Le Corbusier chaise.  No other furniture.  No accessories.  No toss pillows.  No lamps.  No details.  No color.Nothing.
It's all about clean lines." 

The apartment had hospital emergency doors and automobileheadlights on the ceiling (you can see both in the above photo.)  It also had a steam room and a sauna.  The bed was black leather on a platform.  Ahead of its time, it was one of the first minimalist apartments in NYC. 

D’Urso shown in Reed’s apartment.   A few years ago, when D’Urso was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame, New York Magazine showed Reed’s apartment as an important part of D’Urso’s portfolio.  HERE. 
Reed Evins is my cousin – and he may be the most beloved in the large group of us. (I’m sure some of the other cousins may dispute that though!)  Reed is debonair to the max, talented, outgoing, and so sweet.  Charismatic, he lights up the room when he walks into it.   
See if you can pick Reed out of the group of us all together:

Yep!  That’s Reed in front, center.  Of course! 
But behind his handsome exterior, Reed is humble.  He is well known and very respected in the fashion industry, although he’d never let you know that.   I had no idea that fashionista Andre Leon Talley credited Reed with helping to start his own career in the fashion business, until I read it in Talley’s autobiography!  But that doesn’t surprise me. 

A collage of Reed Evin’s years in the shoe business – from the 1970s through the 2010s. He and his sister Melissa started out as “Two City Kids,” since they were born in New York City. 

Recently Reed reached a major milestone, turning 60.  After a long career in the shoe business, a business in which his father was the successful head of the world famous Evins Shoes,  Reed was ready for a change.  
He and his sister Melissa had tirelessly worked together for over 30 years, going back and forth overseas to Italy, Spain, and then China where their shoes were made. Reed was ready for a new challenge at this stage of his life.   It wasn’t hard for him to decide what direction he wanted to go in. 
An alumni of Rhode Island School of Design, Reed wasn’t just a designer, he was an artist.  Finally, he was ready to follow his heart, and that was art. 

Reed Evins Art: Green Chair and Blue Chair 

And so, while many their age are readying to retire, he and Melissa have embarked on a new career.  Today Reed spends his time in his New York City apartment creating canvases.   He has been prolific, the art is just pouring out of him.  Recently he showed me piece after piece he has created.  Many are textural collages – created with materials instead of ink or paint.

This piece, Pink Flower, is a 3-D collage, made of torn paper, fabric and beads.

It’s companion is Red Flower, a 3-D collage.

Shoe Tree in Blue is made of torn construction paper.

It’s companion, has a brown vase.  I love these!! 

And although he no longer makes shoes, he still likes to draw them!  This is one of a trio of shoes – in marker and ink. 
Besides the art work shown on his web site, Reed has so many other pieces, and he will work with clients to custom design a piece to go in any environment.

Reed’s art work is like him – exuberant and full of life, fun, color, and sweetness! 

There is more. Reed recently created a collection of home décor goods.  Bed Bath & Beyond purchased his line of beach towels! 

Here are three of the beach towels – imprinted with his vibrant designs.  If you are in Bed Bath & Beyond this spring, keep an eye out for them.  You can say, “Hey, I know that designer!” 

In celebration of Reed and Melissa’s, new venture in the art world, we are hosting a giveaway. 
To enter the giveaway, just go to Reed Evins Art web site HERE and look around at his catalogue. 

Find the piece of art work that speaks to you the most.  Then, come back here and leave a comment telling us which piece of art work you liked! 
The contest will run all this week – and will end on Saturday, December 19th at 11:59 pm. 

The giveaway will be a piece of art work, to be determined by both you and Reed together!! 

Good luck to all AND a huge thank you to Reed Evins!!!


  1. This is hard! I love the shoe tree with the blue vase, but also the torn paper sunrise!

  2. I really like the shoe trees. Fabulous!

  3. I love the Jeweled Heal! Wish I could wear a pair and have my feet look so cute and sexy!

    1. Heel, heel, heel! Mustn't do this kind of thing before coffee!!

  4. Lots to love here. The shoes are my fave, especially the pink one. I adore the shoes pointing in collage at the begging of this post. Thanks!

  5. CRAZY, not at all hazy, ABOUT THE MOD GIRLS...ANY AND ALL of them!!

  6. My favorite is the Shoe Trees. Absolutely stunning.

  7. just in (very hopeful)case.

  8. Shoe Tree. Pink Flower. Blue Chair. They are all incredible!!!!!!

  9. My favorite is Shoe Tree in Blue Vase... So fun .... Happy!

  10. My favorite is the TORN PAPER INKED EDGE SUNRISE!
    bbstx99 AT gmail DOT com

  11. Wow what an amazing giveaway! I LOVE the torn paper inked edges collages - particularly the colored flowers in a vase. Just stunning!

  12. Such happy art! It all makes me smile. I would be thrilled to own any piece.
    sbdittmer AT mindspring dot com

  13. Gotta love the torn paper Yorkie since I have a yorkie. What fun artwork!

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  15. Love them all, but my favorite is TORN PAPER BEADED SILK PINK FLOWER. I love the 3D!!

  16. The Blue Chair is my favorite! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  17. Torn paper and hand beaded silk (flowers). Love the use of different mediums it takes to put the piece together.

  18. Love the torn paper dogs but think the Shoe Tree vases are so clever and fun!

  19. Blue Chair is my favorite! The colors speak to me and my decor... although I think I would need both blue and green, since they go together SO well.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Olivia (

  20. The blue shoe tree is my favorite. I was admiring the shoes and colors, and then I looked down at the name. I had to chuckle when I noticed it, shoe tree. How very clever of you to use your love of shoes in your art with humor.

  21. The blues, blushes, and lilacs in the piece ORCHID WITH CANDALS really speak to me. Lovely work! Thanks for sharing.

  22. I love the TORN PAPER BEADED SILK RED FLOWER piece. It's stunning!

  23. Anytime I visit a museum of art, or of history, I am so moved by the story behind the piece. I am also sad that I cannot touch these beautiful works of art, as that helps me feel the history, the movement, the design. With Reed Evins' art, one must feel-own-the torn paper art, especially the TORN PAPER BEADED SILK RED FLOWER--which would be perfect, simply divine, if it were mine! All mine to touch, and smile and dream about a sea of beautiful red flowers, and beautiful beads, that inspired Reed.

  24. I'd love to win the BLUE VASE SHOE TREE with my first comment. Love your blog!

  25. Oh Reed! Too many to choose from. Of course I love love love the Blue Vase Shoe Tree but I am equally crazy about the Blue Chair and Coco. And even though I never ever go in the sun, I am buying me a big old beach towel come spring.

  26. Torn between the blue vase shoe tree and the set of 3 faces. Beautiful.

  27. Joni Reed is so talented and fun. I love the turquoise jeweled heel!

    The Arts by Karena
    The India Hicks Collection

  28. I love the Shoe Tree collage......and the Mod Girls......they are all so creative.

  29. I love the Torn Paper Inked Edge in black and white!

  30. Oh wow! Too cool to even think of winning a Reed piece. LOVE LOVE LOVE the MOD GIRL!
    Why? So contemporary...cute, sophisticated, and tiny bit could be me! I like images where women are
    captured in a strong but still beautiful way. Even if I don't win, I've bookmarked Reed's Mod girl!
    Thanks for sharing his work with us.
    Susan Wilson

  31. I love the Red Cat even though I am dog person. I have the perfect spot for it!

  32. Fabulous art work! Thx for the giveaway. Love the shoe trees, especially the brown vase.

  33. Gorgeous artwork! Loving those beach towels, I may have to swing by and grab me one (or two)! It must be wonderful to see his art and other works in stores and be able to say "hey my cousin designed that!" You seem very proud of him, and that's fantastic! His works are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!


  34. He is so talented! I like the jeweled heel art piece. How nice.

  35. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway! My favorites are Colored Flower and Sunrise, but I honestly love every single piece on Reed's site.


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  37. I'm intrigued by all (can't wait to get my hands on the beach towels). My fav is the blue chair, it is just inviting me in.

  38. My favorite piece is 'Torn Paper Inked Edge Coco'...thank you for hosting the giveaway!

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