COTE DE TEXAS: Feb 18, 2019

Cote de Texas: Trends for 2019


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It’s that time again for the “What’s In & What’s Out” list for 2019.    I’m a little late but honestly, I’ve not been inspired to do one this year.   Trends in interior design change slower than fashion design – in interior decorating, trends tend to come and go in ten-year cycles.  But, there are always some interior design trends that go out of favor quicker than that decade interval.

To write this story each year, I look for ideas and inspiration at my usual haunts – the decorating magazines and blogs - but that gets harder and harder to do each year.    The typical Cote de Texas reader is not going to like what fills the décor magazines today: technicolor-bright interiors filled with busy fabrics and patterns that don’t match or relate in any discernable way.   Such as this:

A high-priced, art-filled apartment in Elle Décor this month.

The state of interior design today is sad to me.  Gone are the days when you could open Veranda and find 3 or 4 houses inside the issue that you loved and were obsessed with.   These days, it’s rare to find even one house per issue that speaks to you.  Driving all these changes is the younger set.  They grew up on neutral interiors and now when decorating their own houses, the youth crave color and pattern and modernity.

Let me just say that I really, really dislike all the bright colors and the cacophony of patterns that today is called design.

Researching this story, I was shocked to find two of my favorite southern, female designers who succumbed to the colorful, contemporary trend.   What a disappointment.


This look, above, uses all the trends, the grays, the velvet, the curved shapes, the gold,  the patterned carpet.  I can appreciate it, no doubt, but I miss the décor this same designer, above, also creates, like this interior below:

The same designer.    Just beautiful!  Yes, this is updated and current, but it’s also pretty!!

I think I just prefer “pretty” rooms.  Anything else, just bores me.

Just because one prefers pretty interiors doesn’t mean you are out of style, quite the contrary.

For this story, I’ve collected rooms that are feminine and are definitely up to date and on trend. For instance - a huge trend is in fabrics such as chintz and patterns.   Miles Redd, Mark Sikes, Leta Austin Foster, and Cathy Kincaid all use chintz in a fresh way:

Leta Austin Foster – gorgeous chintz in Palm Beach.  With stark white walls, the room looks modern and on trend.

Cathy Kincaid used chintz to pop this room - here, in Dallas.  The rug and modern art keep the room looking fresh.

Randy Powers, Houston, used a chintz in this living room.  I’m obsessed with this room – it’s trendy, but classic at the same time.  The rug is a bit contemporary, while the fabrics are traditional.  

Oh this is just gorgeous!!!

Bunny Williams used chintz throughout this house.  Gorgeous chinoiserie desk in the corner!!

Miles Redd, for a Texas farmhouse, used chintz throughout the large family room.



Jenny Rose Innes in Australia used chintz in all her rooms, mostly at the windows. 

Another large trend that has exploded is fabrics inspired by Indian and the Middle East – fabrics that Lisa Fine, Carolina Irving and Penny Morrison, amongst others, create.

These fabrics are seen everywhere now and they look fresh, young and on trend.

Lisa Fine’s apartment is awash in her fabrics.

Here in a breakfast room, more Indian inspired fabric.

Cathy Kincaid used the Indian inspired fabrics in this dining room, creating a gorgeous room.  Fabulous!!!

Want to update without spending a fortune?  Chose new pillows and cushions made of chintz, velvet or Indian fabrics!

The more Indian inspired fabric in one room, the better!  C. Kincaid.

In his last project, Mario Buatta used ethic patterns for the skirted table and chairs.

Besides florals and chintz and Indian/Mid Eastern fabrics – velvet is trending.  It’s everywhere and for good reason.  Velvet wears so well.  A cotton velvet can be washed.  I toss my velvet pillow covers in the machine once or twice a year.  Silk velvet is glorious and allowed to fade and age, it will only get better.

Here, this red velvet mixed with gilt furniture mixes the trendy bright colors with the luxe velvet.

Here, is a soft lavender velvet with different colored velvet pillows. A contemporary interior mixed with antiques – it is a beautiful way to be modern and pretty, a classic for today.

Another use of velvet, mixing modern design and antiques together in a very pretty way.

Houstonian Ashley Goforth also mixes antiques with contemporary furniture for her clients.  Here, a blush pink on antique chairs and pillows is simply beautiful!! 

Trend spotters declared pink was over and peach was taking its place, but all I see is pink everywhere – especially this softer blush shade.


In this gorgeous house – Susan Zises Green updated a living room by using the trendy blush pink.  Instead of looking old and like a grandmother lives here – the pink rug, the pink Indian inspired prints, linens and silk look young and beautiful.

This all pink room is simply gorgeous!!!!

Another view of the room shows trendy lamps and contemporary artwork – more reasons that show you can have a pretty interior, filled with antiques, and still look stylish.

Wallpapers have been trending for a few years, but the mural and handpainted papers have exploded – they are everywhere.

Mario Buatta used the paper in his last project.

This lake house used several trends – the curvy furniture and the handpainted wallpaper to enliven this large, fabulous space.

Tufted velvet sofas and trendy banquettes mix with the handpainted paper.

The robins egg blue is a favorite background.

Love this room!!!!

Miles Redd used mural wallpaper in almost every room in this Texas farmhouse.  This is the dining room and across is the breakfast room – both with handpainted papers.

This grisaille paper from Anthropologie very popular. 

Can’t afford to do the entire room?  Do an accent wall.

Or…paint it yourself, or hire a local artist to do it.

Colored silk lampshades are classic decorative elements.  But thanks to designers like Miles Redd, they have made a huge comeback – especially when paired with a Spitzmiller lamp.

This lamp is located at the Queen Mother’s private castle in Scotland – The Castle of Mey.  Notice how that one shade makes everything else pop and look fresh!  Of course all the antiques and the painting don’t hurt, either!

Miles Redd – to die for!!!

The cover of this month’s House Beautiful showcases red shades and green velvet.

Green shades look especially great with blue and white porcelain lamps.

Red, black, and white.

Want to quickly update?  Change your lampshades.

Green and blue.   Tiny shades looks especially cute when colored silk is used.

Fabric shades – beautiful pink opaline lamps and Indian inspired fabric!!!

Photo Example of Graphic Elements

Miles Redd sells these shades through Ballard Designs.  Other trends seen  here, fringe is back in a big way!  And, plaster chandeliers and faux plaster fixtures are trending. 

Phoebe Howard uses a faux plaster chandelier mixed with the Indian inspired wallpaper.

And another.

The white chandelier is mixed with the handpainted wallpaper.

The round chandelier shape is also popular, here yet again with the wallpaper and fringe in the sofa.

I could show more and more of rooms like this – with the mural paper, the velvet, the fringe.

This type of shade on a chandelier is starting to trend, thanks again to Miles.  OK.  I’m sorry I keep showing this farmhouse that Miles did – but it’s just so well done!!!!!

And another fabric chandelier shade.  LOVE!  (Miles again, I’m embarrassed to say!)

Trim on curtains has been trending for a while, but now – add long fringe to skirts, chairs, and sofas.

Velvet and fringe.

And more fringe.

Wall treatments are popular – shiplap has been trending since Joanna Gaines made it a household word.  But other choices are gaining on that type of paneling.

Board and batten or block paneling is a more sophisticated look than rustic shiplap.

In a bedroom, molding was used to simulate the paneling.

Another old trend is back – trellis and it’s very popular again.

Here is a more modern take on trellis.

The glass and steel doors have been gaining popularity, they are a must if you are updating your house.  Kathryn Ireland chose to use only one pair – she said they have more importance when you feature just one set.  Another trendy place to use them is at the front door.

Again, more doors.   And notice here yet another trend I’ve been seeing over and over – vintage and antique oil portraits mixed with contemporary furnishings.  

Cutie Mark Sikes poses in front of yet another trend.   Using the steel doors inside at special places.  Here, they dress up a butler’s pantry.

The doors are also being used as room dividers. 

Another example – dividing the kitchen from the family room - which is a great idea.  The doors let in light yet keep out the cooking smells and the noisy hustle and bustle during a party!!

There are a few trends in kitchens that have been around for a while.  But walls of tiles are gaining popularity.   Instead of stopping backsplashes at counter height or appliance height, running the tile to the crown molding is trending.   Here, a matte subway tile was used mixed with white marble.

Here, a beautiful blue tile was raised to the ceiling.

White subway tile was raised to the ceiling on all walls of the kitchen.   Love this kitchen!!!!

Ceiling high tile is one trend, another is using tables instead of elaborate islands.   The typical kitchen of today always has a substantially built island with one or two hanging pendants over it.   But, some designers are starting to be bored with that look and are exploring other options.

Instead of an island, designers are placing dining tables in their stead.  Here a rustic wood table mixes with the sleek cabinetry.

Here, in a sleek kitchen another rustic table is added. 

Christopher Spitzmiller’s country house has a table in place of  an island.

And again.

Blogger favorite Jenny Rose-Innes also opted for an antique table and chairs instead of an island.  Love!!!!

Forget whitewashed furniture – dark is back.   American or English, brown furniture is coming back. 

Jenny Rose Innes used a brown chest in her powder room.  Love!

And brown stained furniture looks wonderful when mixed with antique oil portraits.

And here.


I love this vignette on the mantel.  LOVE!

A gallery wall of old oil portraits.

Seriously, this makes me want to go shopping on Ebay!!!!

More trends, brick floors.

Chunky textured rugs, like matting.

Another chunky matting rug.

And – notice the plant.   Fiddle leaf plants are going out of favor. Different types of plants and trees such as lemon and orange trees are shown more and more in interiors.

And don’t forget the obligatory topiary.  

And while tubs have been trending, even hotter are fabulous tubs such as this marble version by Mario Buatta.

Another gorgeous marble tub.  The more expensive the tub, the trendier.

Of course this Trend List is tongue in cheek.  I’m looking around at my own interiors and NOTHING is on trend!!!

But if I was going to redecorate, would I use colored lamp shades?  Yes.   Would I use chintz?  God yes!!!!!  Would I choose chunky seagrass?  Hmmm.  I might have to draw the line at that one!!!!!