What Diana’s Apartment Looks Like Today!!!



While I was writing the story about Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement, I came upon some photos of Kensington Palace, where “The Trio” both live and work.  “The Trio” are what William, Kate, and Harry are affectionately known as at Kensington Palace.  Now, of course, that nickname will have to change since Harry is marrying, except “The Quad” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “The Trio.”

   One of Harry & Meghan’s Official Engagement Photos

The Trio share offices at the old apartment at Kensington Palace, where William & Harry grew up, mostly with Diana, and also, earlier with Charles.  Diana and Charles lived in two combined apartments in Kensington Palace, #8 and #9.  Originally they had just one apartment, which proved too small for children, staff and security.

Princess Diana wearing emeralds that were loaned to her for life – from the Queen.

After Diana passed away, the royals took a year to clear out her apartment, stripping away all traces of the Princess.  Furniture and personal items were given to family and friends, some were put in storage.  Other valuable items such as paintings and antiques on loan from the Royal Trust were given back.  Her jewelry which was on loan for her lifetime by the Queen, was also all returned. 

The apartments stood empty for years until Prince Charles used them as offices, including letting his Royal Drawing School use the apartment for studio space.   Later, when William and Kate lived in Nottingham Cottage, they would see nude models in the windows – posing for drawing lessons!!!   The Royal Drawing School was later moved to another location and the #8 & 9 offices were remodeled for William and Harry’s charities and royal duties.   The larger apartment of #8 & 9 was turned into their office space and reception rooms while the second smaller apartment was rented to a member of the royal staff as his personal home.


When writing Harry’s engagement story – I realized that I actually recognized many of the these newly renovated offices as the old, happy rooms where Diana and her two boys had lived.   A few days after she died, her butler and close friend Paul Burrell took photographs of her apartment and those pictures are invaluable today to remember how Diana had lived at Kensington Palace.

It must be very strange for the boys to return to their old family house, even though it has been remodeled,  it is still the same house.

I think it’s a fascinating story of royalty and renovation!!


I love this rare photo of Diana outside her apartment, with Nottingham Cottage behind her.  She is holding hands with a visitor in a wheelchair who was there for the International Spinal Research Trust of which Diana was a patron.

There are not that many photos of the façade of the apartment where Diana and her boys lived and later, where her boys’ charity offices are today.  Here is the front door to Apartment 8 & 9, the combined two apartments were Diana lived.   There was the first floor for staff and security, then the main floor which was on the second level, and on the third/attic level was the nursery and more staff rooms.  Their neighbors to the left were Prince and Princess Michael who still live there today.    And further on, is a locked door that leads to the main, original Palace which is open to the public.  Early in the morning, Diana used to put on her rollerblades (remember those?) and go through that locked door to skate around the public parklands – shocking those who were lucky enough to recognize her. 

A rare photo of Diana and a friend.  Her house is on the right, along with Princess Michael’s.  Behind Diana is a secret garden, completely hidden behind the ivy.  The garden is actually assigned to Princess Michael’s apartment – but Diana was given sole use of the secret garden while she was alive. 

After Diana passed away a poignant story was revealed:  her best friend had tragically given birth to a stillborn baby and Diana insisted that the baby be buried in the secret garden, insuring that her friend could privately visit the grave whenever she wanted.    

And, to the very left of Diana, not in the photo, is Nottingham Cottage, where Prince Harry and Meghan live now.  Their windows look out on the windows of Harry’s childhood home.

Kensington Palace by Color:  Purple are the original state rooms – open to the public.  Queen Victoria was actually born there.  Brown:  William & Kate’s 21 room apartment #1A.  Green:  Prince & Princess Michael #10.  Yellow:  Princess Diana #8&9.   Red:  Nottingham  Cottage.

A closer view:

When William, Kate and Harry took over Apt. #8&9 for their offices, they moved the front door to the back door.  Instead of having streams of people wandering around the private apartments – the route to enter the offices was changed to what was once Diana’s back service door.  Today, visitors to the Princes’ offices now begin their trip at the public state rooms – where the red arrow starts.  They walk through the courtyard behind Princess Michael’s apartment through an adjoining door into Princess Diana’s courtyard.  There, under the archway – they enter the door to the Princes’ offices – the door that was once the back service door to Diana’s apartment.    To facilitate this movement of visitors – an overhang was built in Princess Michael’s courtyard so that the guests were not exposed to the elements.

An Even Closer View:

A close up photo of Diana’s apt on the right and Princess Michael’s next to it.  NOW – notice on the roof of Diana’s apartment in the red circle – an umbrella!!  The family used the roof as a sunny garden spot and a place to picnic!!!!  I had never noticed the roof garden before!!    Now - Notice across the street from Princesses Diana’s and Michael’s  – the secret garden.  Princess Michael uses the secret garden exclusively now – she put in a long pond in the center of the lawn and restored the loggia.   And finally – across from Diana’s front door is the tiny Nottingham Cottage or NottCott as it is called, where Harry & Meghan live.

Diana’s #8 & 9:  The front door enters a lobby with an interior door that blocks cold, windy air from entering the interior of the house.

The section of the palace where Diana’s apartment is was built by King George I for his mistress, the Duchess of Kendal.   That’s the beautiful couple, above!!!   As my Aunt Janice always said – “there’s someone for everyone!!”

Seriously though – portraits were notorious for making people look so much prettier than they truly were.  Poor Duchess of Kendal! 

During WWII the apartment was bombed and it was left empty until it was restored in 1981 for Charles & Diana.

And yes, they did decorate for Christmas as seen here.  Above the black door are the traditional gas lamps seen at Kensington Palace.

Here Diana and her lady-in-waiting at the front door.  Behind you can see there is an arched wall and mirrors. 

Terrible photo!!!!    The entry leads to a barrel ceiling hall.  Portieres are in the lobby. 

The barrel ceiling entry leads to a large lobby with a skirted table, desk, and bench.  The guest cloak room is seen through the door.   After the divorce and before she died – Diana and her original decorator Dudley Poplak freshened up the apartment.  It was once all peach and pink and creams until it was upgraded to daffodil yellow, golds, and creams.   The green and peach rug was replaced with this newer beige version.  The new updated decor was never finished.   Diana saw some refurbished rooms only once before she died. 

The view across the lobby – leads to the central stairs.  These go up from the basement to second floor.  Another lobby leads to a second stairway that goes up to the attic level.  At that lobby, there was a elevator hidden behind a bookcase/false door.

The stairs lead up to Diana’s sitting room and Drawing room – off to the right.  Straight off the landing is the TV room or Charles’ former sitting room.   To the left is the elevator and stairs to the attic level.  Notice the molding on the walls.

Diana’s portrait.  She expected this would one day hang in Buckingham Palace.  Instead, it is now at Althorp, her family’s estate.

Now, I will show you how different her apartment looks today!  I have researched this extensively – to the best of my ability.   I could be wrong about certain details (which will KILL me if I am!!!  LOL)   But, this is the best I could do without touring the private offices myself.

Today, Diana’s former apartment is used for receptions and meetings and offices.   Large groups of people come and mingle and then either William, Harry, Kate or all three, are ushered in.  The royals talk with the guests and then take a few photos.    Other times, they have longer meetings, more serious events – around a large dining table which is moved from room to room as needed. 


And as shown before - here is the route visitors now take to the Princes’ offices.  Guests first enter the original palace, go through the side door to the first courtyard behind Princess Michael’s apartment, then they go through a door to the second courtyard to the back door of the Diana’s old apartment.   Recently, an overhang was built in the first courtyard to protect guests from the elements. 

After each event or reception, the guests are taken out to the courtyard (probably on the way to leaving!) and a photo is taken with the Royals.  If the weather is bad, the photo is taken inside.    These courtyards need to be landscaped.  They are rather stark, except for this one lone magnolia tree.  There is an old wishing well, too. 

A photo in the courtyard with a team of athletes that came to visit.   Surrounding the courtyard are other apartments, smaller ones – that are given to important members of the staff to live in – called a “Grace and  Favor” apartment. 

Here The Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess leave the back door of the apartment, then they walk across the courtyard to their own apartment – over the next courtyard.

After this reception was over and photos were taken in the courtyard, the couple walked across to the other side to reach their own private apartment, located in yet another courtyard.

The double doors at the end of this arched walkway leads to the first courtyard behind Princess Michael’s apartment and then onto the palace parklands.  The back door to Diana’s apartment is to the left of  these double doors.

Here Prince Harry and Robin Roberts pose in front of the double doors before entering the back door to the offices for their television interview.

And here, the two Princes walk into the back door, which is now considered the front door, to the ground floor lobby – greeting their guests, including the actress Rita Ora. 

Before, when Diana lived here, this was the back door – where the butler would work and tradespeople would come.  An extra refrigerator was stored here, along with a mail cubbyhole station. 

And here is the stairway.  It has been lightened – the bannister is a lighter stain, as are the floorboards.  The walls are now a soft celadon.

Here, an agreement is signed in the stair lobby.  Remember this stairway?

Under Diana’s ownership – the walls were daffodil yellow with bright white trim. 

When the apartment was bombed during WWII – this staircase was damaged and all the beautiful trim had to be restored. 

Today, the walls are a soothing celadon and the trim is cream, not bright white.  There are new crystal sconces.

And another view – of the newly polished floorboards – where there used to be wall to wall carpet.  From this landing, you can enter most of the reception rooms in the house.  The open door leads to what was once Diana’s blue and pink sitting room.

At the front façade of the apartment, are a row of windows.   On this enfilade are Diana’s former sitting room,  the drawing room, and then the dining room.  Off the dining room was a butler’s pantry.  The drawing room has three windows, while the other rooms have two each.  The pantry had one window overlooking the front façade.

The Drawing Room is at the center of the two front rooms.  Along one wall was a large original tapestry, an antique settee sat in front of it.  The room is so large, the piano looks dwarfed.  Across the room flanking the fireplace are two green sofas. 

This room overlooks Nottingham Cottage where Prince Harry lives today.  The room is filled with antiques.  It all looks dated today – but with new fabrics, and a new rug it would easily look wonderful.  Sigh…..

The walls are upholstered in silk, not wallpapered and it was deemed too expensive to change this in the redecoration.   The painting above the fireplace is different here – this must be something that Charles got in the divorce.  He requested several paintings and a few pieces of antique furniture.  Diana said “no” to him asking for a series of watercolors of their sons’ christenings and their wedding.  Interesting.

You can see how beautiful the silk shades were.  This door leads to her siting room.

I love this antique settee.  I wonder what happened to it?   Most likely either Charles took it or it was returned to the Trust.  The tapestry is another mystery.    Notice the gilt consoles that flank the settee -  you will see those again later!

A rare photo of the back wall with a French antique desk, chair, and a gorgeous painting – which is no longer there.

Charles must have wanted this Italian painting, also.  Not that I blame him!

Later, in a terrible photo taken from a documentary – you can see the Italian painting is gone, replaced with this one.  Hmmm…

After her divorce, Diana told author Ingrid Seward she was not allowed to sell anything – antiques or jewelry.

Darling.  This piano will be seen again….

In this photo – you can clearly see the ribbon trim that lined the silk fabric wallcovering. 

The Drawing Room is between the two other main rooms of Apt. #8&9:  the Dining Room and Diana’s Sitting Room:

The Dining Room was painted red at a later date.   It always looked like it needed an update to me.   The table cloth was terrible and the rug was so dated.    I’m sure in the 80s and 90s – it was pretty.  

The open door leads into the Butler’s Pantry where butler Paul Burrell would work.  In his book, he said that he would sit in his pantry and through the enfilade – he could see three rooms down to the other side of the house where Diana would be in her sitting room, at her desk, working. 

Another view  - this open door leads into the Drawing Room.


A much earlier photo shows the room as it should be – with beautiful cream walls.  So much prettier!!!  I love that painting.   The windows overlook the cottages, including Nottingham Cottage.  Not sure why or when the walls were painted red, but the difference between the two wall colors is amazing.


Are either of these two rooms, the Dining Room and the Drawing Room, used today as offices?  I can’t find any photos of these two rooms used for either receptions or meetings, even though it is reported that the Drawing Room is. 

Perhaps the Drawing Room will be used only for large, dressy affairs and as of now, that hasn’t occurred.  Or perhaps, these two rooms will not be used by the Princes. 

The only photo I could find of the Drawing Room used after Diana lived here was when the Prince’s Royal Drawing School used the rooms at Apt. 8 & 9 for studio and gallery space, as seen above.   This photo came from an old brochure for the Royal Drawing School.  You can see most of all the furniture was removed but the rug remained and a set of sconces were added around the room. 

I’ll bet that they would have gotten a rash of students if they only knew they would be painting in Diana’s famous apartment!

So if the Dining Room and Drawing Room are not being used by the Princes, what rooms ARE being used?

First, there is the Princess’s Sitting Room, which is off the Drawing Room.  This room was used by Diana as her personal office and library and sitting room.   It was redecorated right before her death and she saw this room redone – only one time.  The pink sofas were recovered in cream and an antique bench was added instead of a coffee table.  The curtains were also updated.  But, since the walls were upholstered, not wallpapered, they were left as is. 

This view shows the newly recovered sofa, in cream, and the new bench bought.  Her desk was moved from the window to the back wall.

Before – the sofas were pink.  Later they were recovered in pink stripes.  Behind the sofa was a large bookcase and later, a bar cart. This was taken before there was a dhurri rug.  I always loved this decor!   The bullseye antique mirror disappeared some time later – right before she passed away.

Before – an early view of the blue curtains which were exchanged for more tailored blue curtains.

And here is the sitting room today.  It is one of the more frequently used reception rooms by the Princes’ charitiesConfused smilessssssssssssssssss

Today:  The door opens off the stair landing.  The carpet was removed and dark hardwoods underneath were polished and an area rug was added.  The fabric on the walls was removed and they were painted a soft gray with a deeper gray on the wainscot.

An antique mirror was placed above the beautiful white marble mantel, which was left untouched.  To the right is a console and two lamps with fabric shades.

I don’t understand why the landing floorboards were stained a light tone but the floors in the other rooms were stained dark? 

This view shows the large oil painting that hangs above the console with the two lamps.

The beautiful crown molding looks much more vibrant today without the busy fabric on the walls.  And without all the sitting room furniture – a large number of people can fit inside what is really a large room.  Along the side wall on the left is an extra large oil painting.  Before – Diana kept one of her tall bookcases on this wall.

For some meetings if needed, a conference table is set up in the middle of the old “sitting room:”

The door to the right of the console with the lamps leads into Diana’s Drawing Room.

In this photo – you can see an Oriental rug was placed down on the dark floorboards.  So much prettier than the wall to wall carpet.

On the back wall – there is a large oil painting flanked by two sconces.   You can see the brass railings that were placed around the room to hang paintings from so that the walls remain pristine – without nail holes.

Here is a larger view of the painting which is so interesting.  On this day, Kate was an guest editor of the Huffington Post!

Hard to believe this was once Diana’s pink and blue sitting room!

Here is a view of the conference table and the console table.  The two windows in this room run along the front of Apt. 8 & 9.  I love the painting of the soldier on the horse.

We know that Diana had a Sitting Room, did Charles?

Yes, Charles had his own sitting room, which was located behind Diana’s sitting room and along the back side of the Drawing Room.  The windows in Charles’ sitting room overlook the internal courtyard – not the front of the apartment as the three main rooms do.  I’m sure this room was darker because of this.  After the divorce, the room became William and Harry’s TV room.  So that the boys would feel secure, Diana kept all his furniture as it was – green sofa, two red checked chairs, a library table and dhurri rug, along with two lime green lamps.    Of course, the room was a mess – it was used by two teenaged boys!!!  And as always, the room had terrible wall to wall carpet.    Notice that the marble mantel is a much darker variety than found in the Drawing Room and Diana’s own Sitting Room.

The room differed from Diana’s in that the wall trim was much more pronounced here.  The walls themselves had trim placed on them – acting as frames.

If the room looks familiar – you might remember it was here that the famous documentary with Martin Bashir was filmed.    “There were three in the marriage….” was the most famous quote from that documentary.

The room was tidied up a bit for the filming – and the two green antique chairs used in the Drawing Room and Sitting Room were borrowed for the documentary.

And Today:

Here is Charles’ Sitting Room today!    The terrible wall to wall carpet was removed and the beautiful floorboards were polished and stained dark.  An Oriental rug was laid over the newly refinished floor.  The walls were painted a soft and dark taupe.  The wall trim is painted the same color as the walls.  New traditional brass sconces provide light.

This was an exciting find!!!   An artist from the Royal Drawing School painted Charles’ Sitting Room when he was studying in the studio.  He really captured the beauty of the empty room, including the mystery of the adjoining library.

A close up of the dark marble mantel.

I wish we had photos of the rooms without all the people in it!!   But here, you can see the paneled doors with beautiful architrave – flanking a gilt painting framed by the wall trim.

Another wall shows a smaller painting also framed by the wall molding.

The Princes have access to the Royal Collection Trust – and all the paintings they could ever want.  Since William will one day be KING – he is probably allowed to borrow whatever he wants for his offices and homes.

The two former Sitting Rooms are larger rooms – when a table is needed, either room can be used.  Here, Kate holds a meeting in Charles’ Sitting Room.

And it was in Charles’ sitting room that this interview took place, with the lamps borrowed from Diana’s sitting room!

The next reception room is not one ever seen before – but it’s on the ground floor, with the windows that overlook the front of Apt. #8&9

The room is on the ground floor, so the ceilings are lower and the windows are smaller.  Plus the mantel is very simple.    The floor is carpeted and the walls have a block trim paneling, painted in two tones of taupe. 

The room has had a variety of furnishings during the past years that the room has been used by the Princes.  But, recently it was properly furnished, by a designer.  Who?  We don’t know!!   Originally, they used these two beige chairs, a green sofa that was in Charles Sitting Room, a green coffee table and this brownish rug.

One piece of furniture, seen at the far left, looks like it was from Linley, made by Princess Margaret’s son Lord David Linley – who is also William’s cousin.  Perhaps it was a wedding present?

Today:   The new decor has a peach tufted ottoman/coffee table and two taupe covered antique sofas.  The pillow fabric is repeated in a skirted table, not seen here.

At least they got rid of that brown rug!  

There’s also an antique cabinet and a selection of old oil paintings.

There are now two newly covered pink chairs with green pillows.  You can see the skirted table at the far left. 

  The new decor is such an improvement over the old decor mishmash.  Very English – it reminds me of William & Kate’s apartment, just not nearly as fancy.

The old decor – but you can see the two windows that overlook Nottingham Cottage – out the front side of the apartment.

The old decor with Charles’ old green sofa and the Linley desk.

And the engagement video took place in that same reception room – with the windows that look out over their own cottage. 

And…at another apartment in Kensington Palace….

Before the Obamas left office, they paid a state visit to London where the Cambridges welcomed them to their just recently renovated apartment, #1a – albeit a 21+ room apartment!!

It was the very first glimpse into their new decor and it remains one of the few times the camera has been invited inside.

The former Drawing Room was once a vivid blue when Princess Margaret lived here.  Today it is a soothing cream, along with the flat carpet underneath.  Layered on top is a muted area rug. 

I’m totally in love with this apartment and would move in, bringing only my toothbrush, if that.   But I might have to change out the wall to wall carpet!!   I adore the antique French gilt chairs in a blue and white fabric.   The oil paintings are beautiful and I love the mix of the subtle contemporary touches with the old. 

The decor is perfect for the young Royals – a mix of the old and the new.   The bank of windows over looks their private garden.  Notice that gilt console?

Does it look familiar?

And to the left of the sofa – is the second matching gilt console.  Those came from Diana’s  Drawing Room!!   I think the piano also came from Diana’s apartment.

Those are just the two things that I noticed, but I wonder how much else was originally Diana’s?  These sofas?  Any of the lamps?  The chairs?

Actually the more I look at these sofas, I think they WERE Diana’s!!


The only difference I can see is the channeling on the back of the sofas – but that could be done when reupholstering them. 

And here is the Drawing Room – with the gilt consoles, one of a pair, now at the Cambridge’s apartment, along with Diana’s piano.  I wonder where the tapestry and the settee went to???   Are these chairs the new pink ones in the Princes offices – on the ground floor?   Do you see anything else passed down?

Years ago, Princess Margaret and her then husband Lord Snowden posed for this photo in the garden in front of their apartment #1a at Kensington Palace.    A brick wall protects the apartment from visitors, but people could still enter the private garden.  Recently the palace added over 800 ft. of bushes and gates to create more privacy for William and Kate and other residences living in Kensington Palace.

The Cambridges took a family photo that reminds me so much of the one above that Princess Margaret and her family took.  You can see there is some additional fencing added to the top of the brick wall.

Over 800’ of bushes were planted to hide the Cambridge family from the eyes of tourists.  There were already new gates put in, but people could still see into parts of their property.   The couple had been living in Anmer Hall, their far away country home, full time.  But now, with George in school, and with William taking on more royal duties, their main home base is now at Kensington Palace.

AND finally….you may have seen this.  The house where Prince Harry’s intended Meghan Markel lived in in Toronto was recently put up for sale.

We had seen photos of the house on Meghan’s Instagram, but she didn’t actually own the house.  It was owned by a friend of hers – a fashion designer that currently lives in NYC.  Meghan rented the house from her friend and it was said that her TV show SUITS paid the rent.  Must be nice!!   It must have been quite a steep price because the asking price for it is so high – close to $1,500,000.

The house is located in a trendy area of Toronto called Seaton Village.


The back yard is actually large for a house that is only 40’ wide.  It has a deck that needs to be stained.  This area could be a knock-out with proper garden design.

BEFORE:   Meghan is a very talented photographer!  She made her backyard look like a gorgeous oasis. 

The house was cleared out and painted – new curtains were hung, and then new furnishings from a stager were moved in.

The house is just 40’ wide so the living room is tiny.  I love how they furnished it – for a younger, hip couple, not some couple that could be Royal.  What?  Wait!!   She WILL be Royal!!!! 

This decor is quite a different look than what the Cambridges have at Kensington Plaza.

The big question is – which decor will Harry and Meghan prefer – this or that????

BEFORE:  Across from the living room in the foyer – Meghan had an organic wood console where she placed flowers, bought weekly.

BEFORE:  I love the way Meghan decorated her foyer with this console and flowers.   While this looks great with her decor, it doesn’t look good with the stylists new decor.  Her organic look doesn’t mix with their gray monotone contemporary look.

And the view to the back of the townhouse with the white staircase – with the one black accent wall.

BEFORE:  Meghan used much more color than the stylists did.  The red striped rug was a bright accent at the foyer.

Today:   Above the sofa is a large modern piece of art.

BEFORE:  Meghan has a slipcovered section covered with Turkish throws.

BEFORE:   Rather than one large painting, Meghan had several smaller prints.  In such a small space – I think I like the one larger painting – it looks more dramatic.

AFTER:   The floors have been restained and look beautiful, don’t they?  The table is going the correct direction – lengthwise, Meghan had it wrong.  Love the big art work – it reminds me of one by William McClure, no?      They kept the black wall that was there when Meghan lived here but put in new curtains and a new light fixture, which I don’t like as much as Meghan’s.   And I much prefer Meghan’s marble tulip table to this one.   Through the door you can see the kitchen with the built in bar and bar stools.

Before:  Meghan’s black wall was highlighted by her large antique gilt and cream painted mirror.

Her table should have been turned the other way – but I like her table so much!  Not the rug though – too chunky here!  Her light fixture is nicer.

The kitchen – love the bar and light fixture.  Again, this is for a young, hip couple that likes modern.   Me?  I have more of a Royal Taste.  LOL!!!!

The guest room is small, with cute styling.  Except – the mirror should be hung the other way!!

BEFORE:  This is how Meghan styled her guest room.  Just as cute.

The master is all gray with a large bay window.  The decor fits in well with the living room and dining room.  Very well done!!

Before:  Meghan had a brown linen headboard and as always, lot of flowers.  Truthfully – I think Meghan’s style is more in tune with life in the English countryside than the way they styled her old house.  Meghan loves bright flowers and lots of textiles.  The all gray look is not for her.  She obviously has good taste – and her homes will be beautiful, I have no doubt at all.  I just hope we get to see them!!!

Harry and Meghan’s new official engagement photo.

Her dress is said to retail at $75,000.00.  I find that hard to believe!!!  It’s couture, but still – that’s outrageous.

Finally, all this talk of the Royals made me think of this Christmas Card – from the Cambridge Family to us!!!!

Are they not the cutest family, ever???!!!!

Last comment I promise. 

Princess Michael has always been the most disliked in-law in the royal family.   Don’t believe me?  Google her.  She constantly puts her foot in her mouth and has always felt she was more royal than the royals.  It’s been one scandal after another with her, but this last one takes the cake and I don’t think she will ever recover from it.

Driving up to meet the Queen for Christmas lunch – where Meghan Markel was making her debut at family events, the world noticed the pin that Princess Michael was wearing.

A blackamoor.

See it?   While blackamoors are not unusual in the antiques/decor business, wearing one to meet the first African-American to marry into the royal family is just plain dumb, mean, rude, stupid, racist….care to add your own adjective?


After social media went crazy – she issued an apology and said she will never wear the pin again.

Actually, she didn’t say this – a Royal Spokesman said it for her.  Sure.

I can’t believe this was an accident, just an “oops!” 

What a horrid woman she is.   I can’t imagine what Meghan felt when she was introduced to her.  

That pin is HUGE.  Princess Michael claimed to be “distressed” over wearing this “gift” that she has worn many times before, without incident. 

Yeah.  Well….time to get rid of it, “PRINCESS.”

I cannot believe this.


On a lighter note:

Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody!!!   But who knows, I might slip back in and say “Hellooooooo!!” again before New Years!!!!