Julia Does It Again!


Back in 2019 I wrote a story entitled “Cutest House in South Carolina – I Swear!”

I added the “I Swear” because I tend to say most houses are the “cutest ever.”   But this house, owned by Julia and Thomas Berolzheimer really WAS the cutest house in South Carolina – I swear.

And while it WAS very cute back then, it’s even cuter today with the addition of a swimming pool and their two darling daughters’ nurseries,   baby Marigold and toddler Clementine, along with their new playroom:


Clementine’s new grown-up girl bedroom with this fabulous scalloped wood canopy.

Another look, with a peek of the curtains in the mirror.


The curtains – wonderfully designed.


The girls newly redesigned playroom.

These new rooms were designed by Lilse McKinnon.

Clementine’s nursery was passed down to baby Marigold.

Marigold’s crib.

And the new swimming pool, cabana and treehouse.

At the time that story in 2019 was written, Julia was embarking on a new business endeavor.  It started with a very small line of curated dresses, which were sold exclusively in Nordstroms.


The dresses looked just like the clothes that Julia wore herself. They were modeled on her own unique, very feminine and classic aesthetic. 



Julia modeling one of her of the Gal Meets Glam dresses.

Naturally – the line was a great success, so much so that the powers that be, behind the scenes,  wanted more dresses quickly, then more again, and still more.  What had begun as something very special created by Julia morphed into something that appeared to be ordinary big business.




The amount of merchandise being churned out seemed to this outsider to be more than one person, Julia, could be expected to produce.   From the outside it looked chaotic and overwhelming and I remember feeling so badly for her.  Julia never addressed the details of what happened, but  I can’t imagine how disappointing it must have been to see her lifelong dream dissolve into a numbers game that was out of her control.  Her long held, and very well known brand, Gal Meets Glam even disappeared.

Thankfully, there were other outlets for her creativity – and now, the greatest collaboration that could befall anyone has happened.  Pottery Barn came knocking!!!!

Julia’s husband Thomas and daughter Clementine might be a part of the creative impetus behind this new collaboration.   A few years ago Thomas took up gardening, growing both flowers and vegetables and his gardens were bountiful:

Their precious daughter is often seen in photographs helping her daddy in the gardens.

Just a small area of their vegetable garden.

Julia says the Pottery Barn partnership is a dream come true.  It blends her love of entertaining, home and garden, blurring the lines between outside and inside.

Julia says that she designed pieces that she wanted but couldn’t find for her own home. 

Honestly, I was so excited to see this new collection!!!  It was a long wait and now it’s finally here.  I adore the pieces and couldn’t wait for it to come online to order a few items for my new beach house.

Today, I’ve picked out a few of my favorite pieces – see what you think.

If you want to order anything, just click on it:

This is my favorite piece and is the cornerstone of the collection.  I LOVE the air holes – those are now so trendy in carpentry.  Made of wood, this is perfect for inside or out.  I can see it in a kitchen piled high with pots and dishes and glasses.  HERE

Here’s how Julia styled it – with containers from her new collection.


Scalloped pots!  Green and white metal, large and small.   HERE

White scalloped trays – large and small  HERE

Iron demilune.  Again, I love this!!   HERE




Two shelves made of iron.   Too cute!  This would also be so cute in a child’s bedroom piled high with stuffed animals and dolls.   HERE.

Darling with that scalloped edge.  HERE

Napkins HERE

Another color for the napkins HERE



The tablecloth that goes with the dishes and glasses in the collection.   HERE


Here’s how Julia styled her table for a dinner party.

Julia designed a collection of bedding, including scalloped coverlets and sheets HERE

Bedding HERE

Here is how Julia styled the bedding in her own guest room.


Love this bath mat!!!   I might have to get this.  HERE


Wallpaper in green or white HERE

Here’s a huge congratulations to Julia on her new line with Pottery Barn!!