24 February 2014



Cote de Texas sponsor – Shop By Brown – cordially invites you to an evening benefiting the Memorial Park Conservancy.    Jill Brown, proprietor of Brown, is the nicest, most giving person I know.  She is always giving back – she walks the walk.  Jill is an amazing woman and I am totally in awe of her.  So, please, join Jill for a fun night for a great cause!




  1. Joni I am sure you will bring many supporters to the event! It is so generous of you to support them!

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  3. Joni - Do you have any suggestions as to where I can purchase a decorative cremone bolt for a 32-34 inch cabinet door? Van Dykes restorers only offers these bolts for French doors. Thanks, Gay Riggs, Baytown TX

    1. Dear Gay - suggest you try searching for "surface bolt". Signature Hardware carries these on-line in various sizes (up to 36") and in a variety of finishes. http://www.signaturehardware.com/hardware/door-hardware/slide-bolts-and-locks/surface-bolt.html

      Smiles from Charlotte Des Fleurs in My Slice of Provence

    2. P.S. If you find a Cremone bolt set up that you like (i.e fancy and with a fancy handle to operate it) the rod can be cut down to any length. If the ones that Van Dykes sells are too long but the price is right, go for it! Also, hardware can be painted any color your heart desires. No need to pay through the nose for special finishes. My ORB door knobs are 12 years old. About 3 years ago the finish started to rub through to the underlying bronze. Not a look that I like. I lightly scuffed them with 000 steel wool, primed with self-etching primer then repainted them with two coats of ORB paint. After the paint dried (just a few hours) I gave them three coats of a clear stain top coat. Three years later they still look perfect!

    3. Thank you so much for this information. Extremely helpful!! Gay

  4. Hi Joni~ I am trying to find a post of yours from a few years back- it was a Houston house that redid the kitchen with black honed counters, white cabinets, etc. They took in the original dining room and made it part of the kitchen? I want to show it to a neighbor that is thinking about doing the same thing but am having a hard time searching your archives. Can you help?

    Thanks! Libby

  5. I'm sure many people will assist to this event given that it is for a good cause. Good luck!

  6. Lovely photos from then and now. I do love your new cabinet, the rustic look is just beautiful. And I love the new wall color, gorgeous makeover. Enjoy your time with the grandchildren! Have a happy week!
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