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My Designs: French Lamp Shades

If you look closely at this lampshade you might make out that printed on it is an antique map of Paris. Antique maps are the rage these days, along with coral and shells and birds and foo dogs. Most of the available maps are not antique, but are copies of antique maps, especially ones of Paris and Rome. These maps are showing up everywhere these days, even on wrapping paper.
My Paris lampshades came from Watkins Culver, an antique shop in Houston on Bissonnet specializing in French and Italian pieces. Babs Watkins is the owner and she is one of Houston's premier interior designers whose work is featured in Veranda and Southern Accents. She sells these lampshades in several different sizes. I've been unable to resist a few. Here is a smaller version of the table lampshade size. N'est-il pas beau ?

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  1. WOW... I really like these... I had some great old maps of paris that i brought home and i had accidentally left them on my father's old desk. well my b**** sister appropriated them and gave them to her daughter who cut them up and used them to cover a table. The table was cute, but she doesn't know how valuable it is with the bloody maps on it.