COTE DE TEXAS: Michael Smith in Malibu

Michael Smith in Malibu

Architectural Digest published an article in 2005 on this Malibu house decorated by Michael Smith. It was my first introduction to the now very famous designer. I loved this house then and I love it still today. I think it was the blue checks that sold me on him, because I love checks and I love blue and white, so there would be no question about me loving Michael. Some of these pictures didn't make his book, so for your viewing pleasure, earlier Michael Smith.

I love this Dutch door.

The infamous blue checked living room with chintz draperies.

Another view. Note the green garden seat with shells.

Bennison fabric on sofa, Chelsea Editions on blinds.

Love the mirror. Note the sofa.

The master bedroom, carrying the red, white and light blue theme throughout the house.

Love the black bed.

Typical Californian outdoor room.

Aw, so cute! And so young looking here! This is pre-debonair Michael, no one styled his hair!!


  1. Absolutely lovely! You and I are kindred spirits...I adore blue and white, also, and have used or am using a check pattern in some form (often as a companion pattern) in almost every room in my home. I could have moved right into this house.

    Thank you so much for visiting and for leaving such a kind comment, too. I so enjoy your blog, and always find inspiration and wonderful ideas here.


  2. I am a huge Michael fan as well. I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting him a couple of times in San Francisco during market week. AND, groupie that I am, have a signed copy of his wonderful book. I remember this house too! Loved it then, love it now. He has a way of making houses very homey.

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments. He's the best, bar none, I think these days. Just so classic. Katie, I'm jealous!!!


  4. I still don't have his book, but I think you've convinced me that I need to! Thanks Joni!!

  5. Joni, thanks for these images. I've seen this home in his book but I missed this magazine feature. He is really funny and warm in person, and like Katie, I'm a huge fan of his book -- mine is already dogeared.

    Also thanks for sharing your lovely association with dogwood branches on my blog!