COTE DE TEXAS: Quotes from Interior Designers

Quotes from Interior Designers

I stumbled on this web site today: Interior Design Quotes

Pick your designer for handy quotes or pick your topic, such as "dining room" or "accessories" and see who said what about it. Bloggers may be the only people in the world who would use the web site, but, you never know!

According to this web site, here's what Charlotte Moss had to say about decorating: Decorating is like math, a game of adding and subtracting.

Look at this picture of her bedroom and tell me, what did she possibly subtract???? Aw, that's ok. That's why I love her - the more the better!

One day, as soon as a client lets me, I'm going to steal her idea of a gorgeous antique mirror on an easel instead of a full length dressing mirror. Genius!

Notice the mannequin with tonight's dress on it, waiting to be worn. Who do you think actually puts the dress on the mannequin?


  1. Hi Cote
    Thanks for the site on Interior Design quotes. I heard Charlotte Moss speak when I was in LA. She is over the top, but she has a real following.

  2. Thanks for the info about the int. design qoutes, I'll have to check that site out! Love these images of Charlotte Moss's bedroom and your right that mirror on easel is brilliant!


  3. I found this site a few months ago while doing a search on Dorothy Draper- what a great idea for a website!

  4. I see that site as "a lot of work" ha! Especially considering who is the target audience? Besides that, I love it - what a great way to add "pop" to a blog.


  5. Cote de Texas,

    Just realized that a few weeks ago, on Bibliostyle, you made the connection between Bunny Williams' island home and the new book cover. (It took me a little longer.) So, I'm adding a note to my related post, to credit you. Hope I've not left anyone else out.


  6. Thanks for the quotes - I love quotes!

    Thanks also for the kind offer to help me with my decor. I will send some pics eventually. Right now I am doing the smaller rooms upstairs (spare bedrooms, office) and eventually will turn to my living/dining areas where I need a lot of help. We have inherited pink traditional rugs, I have sage green upholstery and the house was left with chintz floral panels and valences at the windows. And I want to bring in pale BLUE...and white. Shouldn't be too hard as this is a pretty classic traditional palate. Except that I don't want it too traditional, and I want to emphasize more the airy blue/white and less the gardeny green/pink. Etc. For now, it will wait while I tackle smaller projects. But you will be the first to know when I start the process!!! Thanks for the offer! Terri

  7. Terri = take your time. Send them whenever you want. Deciding what you want to do is really half the fun of it. Enjoy it and don't stress. You'll figure it all out....eventually!!!