COTE DE TEXAS: Wallpapers to Love

Wallpapers to Love

This dining room by Fiona Newell Weeks in this month's Southern Accents is my personal favorite right now. I love this room and in trying to figure out exactly why I love it so, and why it speaks to me, I decided it was, without a doubt, the Farrow and Ball wallpaper. This vivid blue and cream paper is probably not one I would ever choose for myself, yet, I absolutely adore this room! What makes it work so well is the bright paper juxtaposed with the calm furniture. A ying and yang effect that is just perfection. The caramel colored drapes against the blue paper, the beautiful, carved wood chairs, the dark table, the whimsical boat chandelier that seems to be everywhere these days, the oval mirror - all these elements combine together to make this dining room my #1 current fav. Here are some more rooms where the wallpaper makes the room. Imagine these rooms without the paper.

Marshall Watson's use of a glorious Cowtan and Tout wallpaper.

Eric Cohler's blue dining room.

Charlotte Moss' use of her own line for Brunschwig and Fils. Note the touch of pink and green.

Carolyne Roehm uses one pattern for everything.

I love how the corner cabinet matches with the wallpaper.

Black and white toile sets off turquoise gingham. Wow!

Red and White damask used on just one wall.

A wide, open damask picks up the colors of the fabrics and even the flowers.


  1. I like the subtlety of the last pic but (maybe I just am out of the "know") aren't the rest really busy or is that the point?

  2. Tara: Yes, I guess so! That's why I couldn't figure out why I liked the first one so much, so I looked for other papers that had the same effect on me. It's ok = I love the last one, too. How was Galveston?


  3. Oh, so many beautiful wallpapers here!

  4. I too was taken with the dining room by Weeks- the print makes the room happy and energetic! Also love the Watson room and the Cohler room. I love prints of all kinds, so I really respond to these rooms. (BTW- could you find a website for Weeks? I couldn't.)

  5. Hi Cote
    They are all great pictures. I love them all. Wallpaper is coming up everywhere lately!!! I am having a hard time getting my clients to go for wallpaper. But I simply adore it. The right paper can make the room. By chance do you know the source for the "boat" chandelier. Great inspiration in this post and I am glad that you and your family missed the accident!!

  6. Not sure about the boat chandelier source. If I find it, I'll post it.