O at Home

The new issue of Oprah's magazine O at Home is on the stands, and usually, it's not exactly something I would blog about. But isn't this cover beautiful? I adore it and it really caught my eye today! Gosh, I wonder why? Could it be because of the ultra-chic woman pictured below?

Probably. Thanks to my favorite fashionable blogger from New York, the fast-becoming famous Habitually Chic, I already knew Charlotte Moss was going to be in O at Home this issue. Those of us who devour every word Habitually Chic writes, were informed by her that Charlotte's new "must see" store in NYC had been photographed by Oprah's staff. This picture of Miss Moss was snapped by none other than Habitually Chic herself at their meeting last week. In case you missed this interview, read it here.

The current O at Home is wonderful, for reasons other than Charlotte, but she is certainly the star. I'll give you a sneak peak of the bedroom featured on the cover. It's typical Charlotte and it's to die for! Enjoy.

No one does four posters better than Charlotte. Styled to utter perfection, the photograph is typical Moss, with attention paid to everything, down to the smallest detail.


  1. Hey Joni,

    The bedroom looks stunning!

  2. Hi Joni, this is beautiful!

    In answer to your mum question. They are perennials. We plant new mum plants during September. The mums in my photos are around 3 years old. Those photos are from 2006. We've had a very hot and dry summer. The mums are doing ok, though smaller this year. They are full of buds, so I'm hopeful for pretty blooms soon! We don't do anything special with them, just leave them on their own, watering now and then.

    Thank you for your comments at the Back Porch.

  3. Looks like I'll be heading to Barnes & Noble in the next few hours!!!!

  4. Thanks for the Charlotte Moss connection -- both to her store and to her upcoming book -- that will be going on my wish list at Amazon! Just love her style -- comfy, cozy but so charming and elegant!

    Jan x at Rosemary Cottage

  5. A visit to her townhome is worth a trip to NYC. Such a lovely restoration of an old structure.

  6. Hi Joni,

    Normally I avoid anything Oprah or Martha as I like to fool myself into thinking my tastes lie above what appeals to the masses. I hate to be a follower. (Yes - I can be a very snooty beotch) But I will be joining Jennifer from Peak of Chic at Barnes & Nobel to pick up this issue. That bed is fabulous - it will be going into my new book. I will be in New York in October and my first stop will be Miss Moss' Townhouse.

  7. Lovely, just lovely! Can't wait till I get my issue. Have a great weekend Joni!


  8. Thanks all for your comments. Jan, try to check her books out of the library, especially Winter House - that's a great one. And Jackie - good luck on the book tour - I wish I was going with you.


  9. That bed is fabulous! Lucky girl that Miss Habitually Chic. I will be catching up for drinks with HC when I'm in NYC next month. And of course I will absolutely have to make a trip to Miss Moss' Townhouse.

  10. All I have to say is WHERE IS MY COPY! I have been looking in my mail every day for a new magazine. I am feeling deprived. Here's one to look forward to!

    Oh and BTW, I am right there with you re: HC! One of my fave blogs.

  11. Thanks for the sneak preview of O
    & Ms Moss.

  12. Hmmm, I think I may have to go and get this magazine!! ;-) And I think I may have to go and visit Moss' showromm...

  13. guess I might purchase my first O magazine - just dreamy
    happy twirls
    Jackson, TN