COTE DE TEXAS: There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home

Well, like the old saying goes: there's no place like home. After three wonderful weeks at the beach, we came home today to huge stacks of unopened mail, plants that desperately need to be cut back, a dog with a swollen eye (ouch!), hydrangeas dead from heat stroke, messy clutter left from leaving in a hurry three long weeks ago, a teenaged daughter who announced that she didn't really miss her old mom and dad (sniff), and still, we're glad to be home. I've been missing my stuff: my candles, my books, my antiques, my sheets, my sconces, my style!

I did have a few surprises waiting for me. Gorgeous wallpaper samples from Farrow and Ball. I'm thinking about wallpapering my bedroom in pink damask. What do you think?

The only problem is the pink in the Farrow and Ball sample is much more orange than in the picture. (Hi Sammi Jo, looking busy there!) So, I may have to start my search over again with something more like this:

And also waiting at home for me was this gorgeous huge cigar box full, I mean stuffed full of fabric samples from Raoul Textiles. Eat your heart out, designers! I am SO excited about this package. I have never before seen such gorgeous packaging from a fabric company. This beats Rose Tarlow's sample box by a mile. I was forced to order the Raoul samples because no one displays the fabrics in Houston. But, truly, the samples they sent are huge, so they are worth it. Here's the cigar box:

And while I was at the beach, I placed a few orders with Amazon. So, there were wonderful books waiting for me. Like this: Florence Broadhurst.

But, I'm afraid I won't get it finished in time to discuss it with the blogger's Book of the Month Club. Maybe next time. Also waiting at home was this book, recommended by Bibliostyle. It looks great:

But the crowning glory was this, recommended by Domino's guest designers' this month: The old Vogue's Book of Houses, Gardens and People. It cost a small fortune, but from the looks of it, it may be worth it. Gorgeous Horst photos of people like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the Pucci Family, and other long ago socialites. Since the book is tres over priced, I'm willing to let anyone who wants to borrow it to do so. Just let me know and we'll trade addresses. Seriously. It's my gift to bloggers! I am going to try to scan some photos from it later. It looks like this book is a serious example, yet again, of how classic design does not date or go out of style.

Pictures from the chapter on the Pucci Family.

Chapter about Cy Twombly.


  1. Well ,It is so good to be home and I can understand how excited you must have been to open all theses surprises. If I would have to help you in the choice of the wallpaper , I would say something between the 2 or actually the kind of pink of the Farow Ball wallpaper but on the picture . The 2nd one is too much vieux rose . It misses some light on it .

  2. Joni,

    Amazing! So generous of you to share these images of the Raoul box and the Vogue book. Wow :)

  3. Welcome home... I have both of the Dorothy Rodgers' books that they're very interesting. I need to pick up the FB book this weekend to participate in the discussion.

    I sent you an e-mail.

  4. LOVE the Raoule sample box - very clever. What a nice welcome home package to have waiting for you!

    I've got to go get a Dorothy Rodgers book....

  5. Welcome back home! Really do love your style -- and I adore the baskets of reading materials ..... as another decor book and magazine junkie here at Rosemary Cottage! Your bedroom is so cool, fresh and serene in this August heatwave -- LOVE the very relaxed dog! LOL! I vote for the second sample of wallpaper -- more of an apricot? Or perhaps my monitor is incorrect! And the sample box is wonderful -- what a great idea!

    Jan x at Rosemary Cottage -- off to do battle with the dust bunnies who have taken up colonizing around here! LOL!

  6. One of my favorite things about travel is that you get to come home again! Enjoy. I love the damask and I agree with Melanie. The second sample is a nice color but lacks the contrast of the first. That cigar box is extraordinary - their fabric must cost a fortune to pay for that great packaging. Great books, thanks for sharing

  7. Re: coming home. I couldn't agree more!
    Re: the wallpaper. I like the first choice for pattern best!
    Re: the books. How fun to come home to those! Like Christmas:)
    Re: the Raoul. OMG! I must have that box and the fabrics too!

  8. Welcome home! And a beautiful one it is!

  9. I agree.

    I always say to my husband when we are away: "The best part of a vacation is coming home"

    And if you put that wallpaper up in your bedroom I will have to hate you because I will be so jealous :)

  10. G*D! I don't know WHAT to do about the wallpaper. I went to some awful wallpaper to go place today and looked for hours at little girl pink damask. Yeech. But I tell you! I promise - the actual Farrow paper looks NOTHING like the picture. Its So orange. I don't know what to do. I'll have to go to the Dec Center. Maybe Colefax has something. THANKS for all the advice and comments. And yes, the Raoul box is fabulous. But so are the prices, so I'll never have any of them myself. :(


  11. Lucky girl!!! My mother-in-law gave me her copy of the Dorothy Rodgers book for an engagement gift, I love it! And the Vogue's Book of Houses, Gardens and People...don't get me started! It has been on my wish list for AGES!! How sooooo very kind of you!

  12. Wow! You did have a lot of good things waiting for you at home. Glad you like the Rodgers book (one of my faves!), love the looks of the Vogue book, and what a fun box of samples from Raoul! Re: the wallpaper, I like #1 more, but, if it's too orange, then I understand being hesitant. Wish I could suggest something, but can't think of anything right now.

  13. You know how to come home in style! I love the Raoul box! I want one too! And you are sooo lucky to have splurged on the Vogue Book of Homes. I'm so jealous! I hope you will be a dear and share the photos with all of us. Until then, I will have to make due with my Dorothy Rodgers book that I just ordered! Thanks for the suggestion!

  14. Hi joni
    The Raoul Box is fantastic. I have never seen a sample box that attractive.
    Too bad you haven't read the Broadhurst book....It's very good.