COTE DE TEXAS: Three Chairs

Three Chairs

As you may recall, Anne Harwell, the artist on Etsy and on her blog as Annechovie - created this painting of my statue a few weeks ago. Recently, she has been doing silhouettes of chairs in gorgeous, rich colors. These are original hand cut silhouettes on paper.

When I saw these chairs tonight, it struck me that they should be purchased together, as opposed to separately, and they should be framed as one piece of art. I've created a facsimile with Mosaic Maker via Flckr Toys to show you how it might look. I love this! If you are interested in buying all three chair silhouettes, or even just one, go to Anne's web site and inquire. The price is uber reasonable.


  1. I saw these new chairs of Anne's on her Blog and I agree that they are very beautiful. Aren't you clever to arrange them in this group of three with this tool from Flckr. Kudos to you.

  2. I'm in love with these new works from Anne! Great idea Joni!

  3. I agree, Joni. These are wonderful together!


  4. Perfect idea - they have such great impact grouped!

  5. Anne is such a talented artist...
    I just adore her artworks,
    especially the chairs which have also been included in some of the homes used in movies.