COTE DE TEXAS: Jul 6, 2007

My Designs: French Bedroom in Texas

This is a bedroom I worked on this year. The walls are covered in a Farrow and Ball wallpaper and Chelsea Editions fabrics figure prominently. Yes, I know - those are English companies! But, the furniture is mostly French antique with a few French reproductions pieces added to the mix. The curtains are a gorgeous Nancy Corzine taffeta with a scalloped trim on the lead edges. It's hard to see here, but the carpet is a wool cream and aqua pattern. The nightstand comes from Chelsea Editions furniture and the coffee table comes from Joyce Horn Antiques. If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge to see everything better.

These period bergeres, originally stained dark, are from Tara Shaw. The fabric is an aqua linen from Rogers and Goffigon, who make the best fabrics out there as far as I'm concerned and, believe it or not, they do not have a web site. The mirror is an antique from Area. Thanks Daniel!

This buffet a deux corps was our inspiration/starting point. It was the first item purchased and I designed the room around it. Isn't it beautiful.? It was bought at Watkins Culver, owned by Babs Watkins, one of Houston's premier designers. Again, no web site, sorry to say.

I designed the sofa and had it fabricated by Custom Creations, who have a wonderful line of furniture that they produce. Again, this is covered in a Rogers and Goffigon fabric. And speaking of Custom Creations, all my soft goods (drapery, bedding, pillows, etc.) are fashioned by Monica Hancock of Custom Creations by Monica. It's led to a few mishaps having two vendors with almost the same name! Sorry about the shape of that pathetic orchid. I should have pulled it out before taking the picture. Ne faites pas vous aimez juste le design français?

"Somethings Gotta Give"


I don't think another modern movie ever inspired me from a design standpoint more than "Something's Gotta Give" by Nancy Meyers starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. I loved everything about the featured house in the Hamptons: from the blue and white stripped dhurri, to the shingled exterior, back to the ebony wood floors, to the ironstone in the dining room, along with the slipcovered chairs around the table, to the desk where Erica writes her hit Broadway play. I bought the movie and freeze framed scenes so I could take notes. I had clients call me after seeing the movie to tell me that's how they wanted their house to look (right!)

The barely seen family room:

I wasn't alone in my love of the decor. Newspaper articles were written about it. People copied the kitchen all over America. One home magazine recently featured a couple who (thought) copied the house. I eagerly awaited The Holiday, Meyers followup movie, to see not the movie but the decor. It didn't move me visually the same way as Something's Gotta Give. The blogger Chameleon Interiors wrote extensively on the house, even sourcing furniture for the reader. Did the movie move you in the same way?

Detail from the living room. I love the black wicker chairs and standing lamp:

The much heralded dining room with ironstone plates, coveted slipcovered chairs, and wonderful light fixture: