COTE DE TEXAS: Oy Vey: New Design Books at Amazon.

Oy Vey: New Design Books at Amazon.


A sampling of my design book library, spread out all over my house.


Last holiday season, there were so many new design books published that I almost went broke buying the titles I wanted.  So, I expected a long, long respite from Amazon and design books, I mean - how many new ones could possibly come out so soon after Christmas?   Lurking around on Amazon last week I got my answer.   Amazon is just too clever -  they somehow always know when I'm on their site - "Hello, Ms. Cote de Texas ! Welcome Back!"  their screen  screams at me  (they love me at Amazon!)  They even have a list of books they recommend for me,  and it's uncanny just how their recommendations are exactly the books I want.    Below, is the list of books I now have on order at Amazon.  Most of these books are not even released yet, but if you pre-order, Amazon tells you eagerly, you save lots of money.  So,  of course, I told Ben that I am saving him lots of  money.   He's not pleased, he's heard that song and dance before.   So, sit down and relax, my list of ordered books is sort of longish.


The Queen, Charlotte Moss - her new book is due out soon.   A fellow blogger has seen an advanced copy and says there are lots and lots of pictures, something that some of Charlotte's previous books don't have.  I can't wait for this one!


This is a DVD starring Charlotte Moss narrating the behind the scenes of the 2006 New York Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club show house.  Not sure if this is going to be good, but I'll let you know.


Charles Faudree's soon to be released book - I'm a little skeptical of this one.  Florals?  And the cover really doesn't excite me.  But Faudree's two other books are great French-American style reference books, so this is a must have for me.


Veteran author Suzanne Trocme's new one.  The cover looks intriguing.   Soon to be released.


Chinoiseries - soon to be released from Rizzoli House -- they always have the best books.  This one looks great.


Another Rizzoli book - If this cover is indicative of the contents, I'm ready!  Apparently, this is about houses and horses and the hunt, something middle-aged Jewish women know nothing about, but I'm willing to learn.


Another fabulous cover, another not yet released book. 


Any book that has the word French in its title, I usually buy.  But this cover is irresistible, regardless.


Prolific writer, Mary Emmerling's last book was a stinker.  But the one prior was fabulous.  This one will probably be fabulous too, I hope!  Not yet released, of course.


French in the title, but I'm a little leery of the "25 step by step projects" - not sure what that is about and I'm not exactly "crafty."


Magnolia Pearl's long awaited first book.  The title says it all.  She's not my favorite, but some things she does are interesting, to say the least.  To be released.


This was really looks great to me.  Cliff May and California Ranch Style homes are synonymous.  Not yet released.


Probably awful, but the pre released price is pretty cheap.


Lulu's long, very long, awaited book.  Almost as long awaited as Ruthie's L.A. House.  If either of these are ever published it will be a miracle.


A book written by bloggers Carrie and Danielle.  Have to support the bloggers!

New books already delivered:


A French book on opaline glass.  One of the prettiest books I've ever seen.  The opaline pieces in this book make my collection look like junk.  Gorgeous.


You know the rule:  French in the title.   Actually, this is pretty good for ideas.


Staub, the architect that developed Houston's toniest neighborhood River Oaks.  This book is gorgeous and a must have for any Houstonian interested in its architectural history. 


This is a wonderful book about all the other houses of Marie Antoinette's beside Versailles.  Beautiful little book.


And last but not least, a book on the history of mural style wallcoverings in the Gracie and de Gournay tradition.  Put out by the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

There are some talented designers left who've yet to write a book.  Ones I'd love to see do so:  Dan Carithers, Suzanne Kasler, Bobby McAlpine, Gerrie Bremermann, David Easton, Tom Scheerer, Mary McDonald, and Suzanne Rheinstein to name a few.  Who else needs to write a book?  I'd love to know who you think should.


  1. Robin Brown is so talented and charming! I recently met her while buying a footstool in an antique shop here in town. Her brother and LondonHIM are old friends.

  2. Lynn Von Kesrsting needs to write a book that can be sold in bookstores!...Not just in her stores. I'm with you on Dan Carithers.

  3. What a great list! I might just have to order the Marie Antoinette one!

  4. Hi Joni
    What a wonderful list of books. I would buy California Ranch Style and Coastal Interiors just by their covers. Carrie and Danielle authors of Style Statement are from Vancouver and they have a very interesting concept that they are marketing. Be sure to check them out. I would love to see a book on Albert Hadley's work post Sister Parish.

  5. Great post! I was thinking about this the other day . . . who would I love to see publish a book? My list includes (in no particular order): Markham Roberts, Marjorie Skouras, Stephen Gambrel, Windsor Smith, Miles Redd, Betsy Burnham, Emma Jane Pilkington, and Celerie Kemble. And I second the motion on another book by Lynn von Kersting. I have her first one, but I'd love to see another one that focuses on homes she has designed for others!

  6. What a fabulous list - I also can't wait for some of these releases but I am most curious about Charlotte Moss' book!

  7. Very interesting. I'm anxious to see Ruthie's book and would love to see a book by Mary McDonald.
    Laura mentioned Miles Redd...I would definitely buy that!

  8. Yes, I know. loves me too. I tell my grown daughters if they want to give me gifts for an occasion, I really want an gift card. My oldest daughter seems to find that sort of sad, as though I don't really mean it. But I do!

  9. Joni you are so naughty! I'm trying to save to travel here! lol If there's one weakness I have, it's buying design books and exactly like you, if they have the word "french" on the cover they are the first I purchase lol. Vintage French Interiors has got me very excited lol. Others I'll have to add to my wish list are Charlotte Moss, Chinoiseries, Creating the french look, A bit of velvet & a dash of lace, Country french kitchens and of course Marie Antoinette. Coastal Style I'm sure has already been released cause I'm almost positive that was the book I nearly bought last weekend until I decided on another. It looked really great and I'll probably go back and buy it soon.

  10. p.s when is YOUR booking being released? hehe

    Anna ;)

  11. oops I mean't book *blush*

  12. Hey Jodi: I buy a lot of books from Amazon as well. That's where I've purchased all my Nell Hill's and Charles Faudree's books. I see where you are a fan of Bobby McAlpine - he lives here in Montgomery (or he did last I heard). Also, I believe I've seen Mary McDonald's house featured on HGTV. If this is the same lady, a few years ago she was on Kitty Bartholowmew's show and the latest one was of her home she'd done in LA.

    I ALWAYS enjoy your posts!


  13. LOL! I love that comment by liberty post! I would love to see a book by Victoria Hagan, and I'd be all over the Bobby McAlpine and the Mary McDonald books. Many of these books are now on my list! And, like everyone else out there, I wish those publishers of the Ruthie Sommers book would get there act together and get that book out! Don't they read us bloggers?! There is a ready market out here!

  14. Cote, Which Mary Emmerling book was a stinker and which was fab? I usually love her stuff. Do confess as I admire your taste.

  15. Wonderful posting! I have so many pre-orders at Amazon .... and it is always nice to hear about more decor books! Of course I do believe that you should be gathering your great stories and photos for a book too! I would love a book from Ginger Barber as well as Dan Carrithers! Just to add another upcoming book -- "David Mlinaric on Decorating" will be out in November -- and even the front cover looks amazing! Michael S. Smith has another book coming out too!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  16. To: Anonymous - Mary Emmerling's last book was "The Art of the Cross" - it was just pictures of crosses, decorative, etc. Being Jewish - I wasn't too interested in this book, because we don't display crosses. Even still, I can appreciate beautiful, religious things that are Christian, like my husband! - but this wasn't about decor at all. Now, the book before "Romantic Country" was wonderful! Small and thin it was stuffed full of beautiful homes, some of which I knew (Mary has very good friends in Houston) - so that made it more interesting. Wonderul, wonderul book. I hope the new book is as good as "Romantic Country" - I'm thinking it will be.

  17. Jan at Romemary Cottage: will you give me your email? email me with it - I always want to write you to respond! Anyway - I didn't know Michael S. has a new one!! YEA!!! And David M. - I love him too. Still waiting on Carithers - that is tops right now on my list.

  18. LAURA: Great liat~~~~!! Lynn V.K. needs a reala publisher! And Windsor, Miles, Celerie, etc. omg -so so many.

    Liberty: I would be chinoiseries - a big blob tart - painted up with too much makeup!

    Katiedid: ditto for V. Hagan - great one!!!!

    Villa Ana: I would need to learn how to write grammatically correct sentences first!

  19. Some great titles here - the Classic Chic book was released a couple of years ago in the UK and is not worth the money. Truly - I flipped through it a couple of times, then gave it away. It is SO basic - written for those who have no knowledge of or clues about interior design or style. Am looking forward to Charlotte Moss's new book - do you have her Winter House book? It's terrific. And Mary Emmerling's book should be good, as well as the French brocante one.

  20. I NEED all these books! Thank you for sharing the information!

  21. Never deprive yourself when it comes to books.

    I want to see a book dedicated to "blogs" and you would be front and center! Is there such a book>?

  22. How funny...I always buy books that have 'french, or Paris' in the title, like, paris interiors, unmistakeble french, french country, Elle decors french style...and so on, my latest buy...insider's Paris... I am so excited to know more people like me!!

  23. How funny...I always buy books that have 'french, or Paris' in the title, like, paris interiors, unmistakeble french, french country, Elle decors french style...and so on, my latest buy...insider's Paris... I am so excited to know more people like me!!

  24. ***Who should author a design book? Stay with me here...Betsy Wyeth. I find the interiors of her compound on Benner Island, Maine to be akin to living in husband Andrew's paintings. She has created the most beautiful environment-a simple, austere, balanced masterpiece. Very painterly.
    ***In a perfect world, the brilliant Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would have gifted us with a book on her elegant style....sigh.
    ***Your lovely list is going to co$t me, Joni.

  25. Sharon: what an interesting choice. I think I've seen that home somewhere once? would you know what I am talking about? has it been published?


  26. Joni,
    I stumbled upon Betsy Wyeth's incredible home(s) in Architectural Digest, June 2003. The cover features "American Country Houses". I have been in awe of her sense of design ever since.
    By the way, you are no slouch in the style department, either. "Cote" is an absolutely beautiful blog. As they say, "Just swell!".

  27. Sharon: thanks so much for your sweet comments!!!! That's probably where I did see it in A.
    D. I read that magazine each month. Thanks for the tip!


  28. Barbara Barry should write a book! I love her interiors; I always want a martini when I see her work.

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