With the gorgeous weather that Houston has been enjoying (and let us please enjoy our few days of gorgeous weather!) spring fever is definitely in the air.   Now that Daylight Savings Time is in effect, thoughts of roses and bluebonnets and hydrangeas are replacing those of roaring fires and early, dark nights.   It's time to start planting spring gardens and planning summer vacations.   Those who are lucky to be taking a trip to France this summer, might just want to think about visiting St. Remy de Provence.   A small hamlet built on Roman ruins in the south of France, St. Remy is where Europeans of means have summer homes and where American tourists come to soak up the sun and  go antiquing in the surrounding areas.   It is here that Diana, the Princess of Wales, was once rumored to be buying a summer house and it is here where  Princess Caroline of Monaco and her children came following the death of her second husband.  The famous seer Nostradamus was born in St. Remy.  And it's most famous resident, Vincent Van Gogh, was treated for mental illness at a psychiatric center here.   Another famous summer resident is Pierre Berge, longtime partner and once lover of Yves St. Laurent.  Berge  has spent the last two decades remodeling and refurbishing the two homes and gardens that make up his summer estate.  Originally, the estate consisted of the Farmhouse Theo only.   Over time, neighboring gardens were added.  In 2002, another addition brought the Farmhouse Vincent (the houses are, of course, named after Van Gogh and his brother) into the property.  Berge hired the architect Hugues Bosc and landscape designer Michel Semini to make the disparate farmhouses and gardens into one glorious country estate.   Here, thanks to Cote Sud and the photographer Nicolas Matheus , are pictures of his summer paradise:


The Farmhouse Vincent, the larger of the two, is built of native limestone.  Note the quaint birdcage and white doves on the right.  I love the potted plants going up the stairs on the left.


A covered porch serves as an outdoor dining area.  Today, the famous pink roses of the estate are being arranged on the metal garden table.


The property is made up of two houses surrounded by extensive gardens.  Here, to the right, is the smaller farmhouse "Theo."  The pool house, with arched doorways,  over looks the "Pink Garden"  and swimming pool.    At the left, a statue, Neptune, surrounded by yellow irises, was purchased at Sotheby's in New York.  


The farmhouse "Vincent" overlooks the aromatic gardens with views to the Alpilles mountains.


An arbor holds up the estate's famous pink roses, Pierre de Ronsard, which are planted throughout the property.  Note the candle lanterns that light the way at night.


In the large living room of the Farmhouse Vincent, slipcovered furniture is by Christian Liaigre.  The floor is made up of ancient Burgundy flagstone. Most interesting are the niches that are carved into the walls flanking the fireplace.


The kitchen at Farmhouse Vincent has cabinets made of stained glass.


The smaller Farmhouse Theo is more provencal in appearance and furnishings than Farmhouse Vincent.  The furniture came from nearby antique haunts.  The plate above the mantel is signed by Picasso.  I love the traditional French decor in this room.


A bed is piled high with typical provencal quilts or boutis.


Portrait of St. Joseph and the armoire were found at Isle-on-the-Sorgue,the famous antique destination in the region.


The bathroom has a tiled floor and claw foot tub.  I love the European bath fittings, including the sponge and soap holder across the tub.


Under the shade of old mulberry trees, a long cement bench is made more comfortable with antique Army mattresses.


An antique cement pergola is set in the gardens outside the Farmhouse Theo.  Lunch and dinner are often served here.


Apparently,  Pierre Berge has decided to spend more time at his St. Remy country estate.  He recently sold his American Pied a Terre, located in the Pierre Hotel, NYC.  The $7,500,000 (plus monthly maintenance fees of $7,080)  abode was designed by a trio of famous men:  Jacques Grange, Peter Marino, and the late Jed Johnson (wonder how that went down and who did what?)  Interestingly enough, Berge, partner and former lover of Yves St. Laurent, sold the apartment to Giancarlo Giametti, the business and life partner of Valentino.  Thanks to the Real Estalker for the information.



View of Central Park from Berge's Pierre apartment.


The entry hall of the apartment.  Mahogany woodwork creates a masculine club-like atmosphere.  The bench is a gorgeous antique.


The living room with French empire antiques and blue leather upholstered sofa!


One of two master bedrooms.  This bedroom has a gorgeous antique rug.


Whereas this master bedroom has a leopard carpet!   Notice how the bathroom door is screened off.


Both bathrooms are fitted out with marble and mahogany.

Need I ask?  If you won the lotto, which property would you buy:  The  St. Remy country estate OR the Pied a Terre at The Pierre Hotel in New York City?   I'm sure I don't have to tell you MY choice!


  1. France! France! France!


  2. St Remy, in a heartbeat! :) We were lucky enough to be there about six months ago. What's interesting is the clinic where Van Gogh was treated is still there, along with interpretive plaques showing where he got inspiration for some of his famous paintings.

    But just as exciting, and unknown to us beforehand, were the Roman ruins of the town of Glanum, literally just up the road from St Remy. I'd live there tomorrow, once I won the lotery! :)

  3. hmmmmmmmm France.....hmmmmmm New York.......both sound awesome to little ol' meeeeeeeeee

  4. France! France! France! We spent our honeymoon in St. Remy. Just wish I'd known about Berge's place then, and I'd have stopped by for a visit! Lana

  5. Most surely the St. Remy country estate. Most informative post Joni, thank you.

  6. Bien sur! Ah! To the country to enjoy that heavenly estate! Just to smell that garden in the early evening -- and walk along those paths with a glass of wine! To dabble toes in that pool while wearing a tres chic massive sun hat! Now thats a worthy dream to make one rush out and buy those lottery tickets! LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  7. St. Remy, of course. The New York apartment...ugh, I'm not liking any of it. Maybe because it was a collaborative effort?

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  8. It was only 5 fahrenheit last night. Obviously France. This post is torture for a yankee gardener. The roses in Ile Sur Sourgue were even better than the market last time I was there.

  9. If I had to choose between these two I would say the one in France for the gardens alone!

    Rue :)

  10. Both are lovely, but it's pretty difficult to beat the south of France, not to mention the covered porch, arbor and famous pink roses . . .

  11. No question St.Remy. *sighs* perhaps in my next life :)

    Thank you once again Joni for allowing me to escape my hectic day and travel to my favourite place on earth.

    Anna :)

    p.s Have you ever read to book "My French Life"? It's based on a families life in St. Remy. It's a wonderful read and the pictures are equally wonderful :)

  12. Beautiful St Remy, of course! I have an idea I would spend a lot of time at Farmhouse Theo and in the gardens.


  13. Looks like paradise to me.Thanks for sharing.

  14. You are quite the real estate lady - You just sold me the one in France.
    Not crazy about all that dark moulding in NY, but then again, it is after all, all about LOCATION!
    Love your real-estate posts!

  15. I've always said, you cant beat March and April in Houston! We've been getting a smidge of warmer air here, thank goodness!

    Breathtaking pictures!

  16. The NY place is a little too dark for me, but the furnishings and lamps are exquisite! I'm getting my passport renewed and those pics of southern France are beyond appealing. Sign me up! I've driven past on the way to Paris but I've never been, so it's totally on my (rather long) list!

  17. I love your taste! Your blog its so
    amazing and the photos sensacional!

  18. Amazing post. I adored the rose covered arbor with the lanterns lining the walk. So, so lovely. But I adore the New York place for the view alone!
    Now, if the lottery win was large enough, I could buy both right? : )
    Still, the South of France is on my list of spots we will go to soon. I am working my way around Europe a bit at a tome it seems...oh to be wealthy enough to go more often!
    Still, as glorious as it all is there, and how it tugs on my heart strings, I will break the comment cycle and choose the New York home.
    I absolutely love NYC. I have dreamed of having a spot there, overlooking the park. Now, I would lighten it up a bit but it is just wonderful. Then I would fly over to St. Remy every 6 weeks or so and stay on a sweet B & B near the country estate. Hey, this IS my fantasy right?

    Thanks again Joni for a delightful
    treat for the eyes and mind and heart!


  19. really had a good time reading this post, tks for sharing :)

  20. St. Remy for sure! I love that artsy place. I could sit at a sidewalk cafe all day, draw on the nap and watch the world go by. Glad to see Piere came to his senses!
    Loved the photo's
    Thanks Joni!

  21. Er, ah, South of France? Ok. I could deal with that.

    Happy day,

  22. The St. Remy is fabulous! The pots on the stairs caught my eye and I loved the covered dining porch! What a great place to enjoy nature!

  23. Cote, this is beautiful but please move on. I love to blog on and find your new post. I'm spoiled!

  24. St. Remy for sure! Oh why, oh why is the dollar so weak?! If it weren't, I'd be in France this summer, for sure.

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