COTE DE TEXAS: Veere Grenney

Veere Grenney


Interior by Veere Grenney:  This is a pink a man could love!  The blinds, with their voluminous use of silk taffeta, are to die for!  The natural textured rug tones down what could be an over-the-top dressy room.

Veere Grenney, interior designer born in New Zealand, now practicing in London recently launched a gorgeous fabric line.  As of now, there are only five patterns in his line - each in four color ways.  The linen fabrics are very muted in the way that only the English know how to properly do.   Available colors are an unusual choice in such a small line:  Aqua, blue, brown and pink.   Grenney, who at one time headed up the highly regarded company  Colefax and Fowler,  is apologetic about adding another fabric line to the already saturated market.   Defending the launch, he says he only designed his line to fill a need for fabrics he could not find elsewhere.  Regardless of the reasons, the fabrics are wonderful and hopefully he will soon be expanding  the line into a full service one. 

To see Grenney's London apartment, pick up this month's World of Interiors magazine.  And, two fellow bloggers featured Grenney before moi - please be sure to stop by and read their impressions of him:

Studio Annetta and Desire to Inspire

I could not find anyone in the United States who is carrying his fabrics yet but if interested, here is the information to get in touch with Grenney to place orders: or
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7351 7170



Fabric #1:  Ferne  Park in aqua. I love the way Grenney trimmed out the canopy here.


Grenney's London apartment:  master bedroom with Ferne Park fabric in aqua.  Robert Kime fabric covers the club chair. 


Fabric #2 - Soundess in pink.


Greeley's apartment with chairs covered in Soundess.  I love the demi-lune chest under the mirror and find it strikenly similar to a reproduction piece that has lately been featured in magazines, ad nauseam.


Niermann Weeks obviously took its inspiration from antique pieces similar to the one in Grenney's apartment.  Whereas the NM piece is painted wood, Grenney's piece actually has a carved, raised, gilded relief over wood tooled in a pleated effect to create the criss-cross appearance.  The detailing of the antique is exquisite.  Additionally, Grenney's piece has a marble top. 


Here Cindy Rinfert, designer from Connecticut, uses the NM chest in a two-toned finish, further reducing the elegance of the original inspiration piece.


Veere Grenney's Fabric #3:  Burley in brown.


Here, Burley is in blue on the chair and Soundess is on the sofa in pink.


Fabric #4: Temple in pink.   Grenney describes this fabric as a homage to David Hicks.   


Here  Grenney uses Temple as a wall covering in his dining room.  Notice the scalloped wood trim on the chairs.  The chairs are from a set 50 made in 1790 for a Viennese palace.  Gorgeous!


And Fabric #5 is Berrydown in brown. I love the way a "handle" is upholstered into the back of this chair .              

London (5)

And finally, my favorite fabric of  Grenney's is Ferne Park.  Here is another view of his master bedroom with the bedding in Ferne Park.   I would love to use this fabric in either aqua or pink in a new project.  Anyone interested?


  1. Beautiful fabrics, great post as always. I had asked a lighting question on the end of the previous post. As a newly wed on a tight budget I would love for you to answer it. I think lighting is so important and respect your opinion. Please guide me to a place I can afford. Thanks!

  2. Hi - I left you a message on your last message - please email me at

  3. Love, love, love the canopies I'm dreaming of one for my daughter. And the the trim? So perfect.

  4. I love the fabric Ferne Park in aqua; it's very elegant.

    I have never been a fan of pink rooms, but the one you posted is gorgeous.

  5. That pink is like the inside of a shell. I could live in there and I hate pink! Great post!

  6. Beautiful post - maybe we will will it to be spring with all this light and loveliness. Soundness is my favorite.

  7. I love the fabrics. The interiors are beautiful.

    A note on that pink. I painted my living room a darker version of that color. It's like the inside of a conch shell....creamy pink. EVERY MAN who wants inside this house LOVES that color. I was shocked....first of all that they'd like it and second of all that they'd vocalize it. My neighbor called me and said, "My husband will not let me paint any color on these walls....everything is white. But when he walked in your house he LOVED that pink!"

    So there you go - a pink even a man could love!

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  8. STUNNING!!! Absolutely stunning!

  9. I was just reading this article this weekend and was completely taken with his home and his fabric. I love the fact that the prints are so subtle- just enough zing, but done in a quiet way. Very soothing.

  10. Beautiful post, Joni. I too, love Ferne Park. I believe the aqua is my favorite!

    The pink room is gorgeous. I love the paint color.

  11. The fabrics are great, but my heart keeps going back to that demi-lune table. I want it!

  12. Would any one care to say just what that pink color is? Which paint company etc...

  13. Hi - thanks you all!!! please be sure to visit Studio Annetta - she did a wonderful post on Grenney before me. I can't believe I said that about men loving that pink and sure enough = they do apparently. I would guess since this is in London, that the paint was a Farrow and Ball. They have the most wonderful pinks or reds as they call them - it looks like it could be Fowler Pink, which would make sense that he would use that since he once headed up Colefax and Fowler! love that pink!!!!


  14. I think I'm in love, with that pink room and the fabrics! Everything is so soft and understated. Lana

  15. eeek I love Soundess in pink. It makes me want to wrap a bolt around me and roll around on the carpet. Yes, scandalous I know.

    PS My fabric is here, Joni. I really just can't thank you enough!!!!!

  16. Anonymous...I wish I could help you out. The walls were painted many moons ago, although I believe it was a Benjamin Moore paint.

  17. As much as I'm a pink lover - its that gold venetian chair - now that is a work of art in furniture.

  18. Lovely post, nice to see some extra images. And thanks for the mention!

  19. The impressive room at the top of your post is the "saloon" of an 18th century villa known as the Temple of the Four Seasons.
    Those who possess Suzanne Slessin's book "English Style" can see it in a previous incarnation, with yellow walls and rather more elaborate silk festoon blinds.
    Instructive to compare the room then and now!

  20. gosh i love the fabrics and what great detail in the trimming of the canopy- love it!!

  21. I love the top room... it would be so warm and welcoming and it looks like a very flattering colour.

  22. Joni,
    Another great post!!! Thanks so much for showing us these rooms.

  23. CdT - think it might be Dutch pink.

  24. Wow - lots of amazing places here Joni and some amazing price tags I'm sure!!LOL!!

  25. Toby - I just saw this comment. I wished I had seen it earlier- I have that book, I'll go look it up - thanks SO much!

  26. My pleasure, Joni.
    I have greatly enjoyed the diversity of this blog.
    Best of all, the personal memoir of your stepmom
    and her influence on your taste. That was deeply touching as both a tribute and an analysis of the "evolution" of taste.

  27. Visited your blog for the first time today. Really enjoyed all your articles. My favorite color is pink and love the pictures. I will check back.

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