COTE DE TEXAS: What's New?

What's New?



What's new?  Well, everything in the above picture, for one thing.  The new Wisteria catalogue is filled with wonderful new items including a line  called the "French Industrial Collection" - which the coffee table is a part of.   What else is new out there in catalogue and online land?


Wisteria:  new love seat, garden seats, and French Industrial Collection side table.


Great new antiqued tripod lamp for $450 fits right in with Wisteria's French Industrial Collection. African Kuba cloth pillows pop on their new white sofa with the distinctive lines.


Wisteria's wonderful small oval mirror mimics an antique, just $130.


Wisteria's new French styled chair is one of my favorites - a bargain at just $250.  The desk is new too.  I love the faux antique station clock - $150.


Wisteria's French Industrial Collection bookcases come in two sizes.  This large size is $799.


This sunburst mirror from Wisteria looks almost authentic to me.  $450.


This desk is not new, but it's been out of stock for ever.  Available now, finally, according to the web site.   I think this is one of the prettiest repros on the market today, especially for the price, only $980.


This metal table is great indoors or out.  I'd do the table with rattan chairs myself. 


Again, not new, but finally in stock after being unavailable for months.  Great look for $1250.


Last from Wisteria - stacking shelves for $500. These would be great in a kid's room, a kitchen, or as a buffet.


Pottery Barn is filled with surprises lately.  What's going on there?  The designs have stepped up a notch. These French styled metal chairs are fabulous!  So are the pendants.  The wood table isn't bad itself.


This bed is ingenious - the fabric pops out to change seasonally with the bedding.  I love the way the baskets fit underneath the wooden frame.  Great for a teenage girl whose taste changes monthly.


Pottery Barn's new architect desk and chair.  Pottery Barn?  $900 for the desk, I kid you not!  The chair is too cool.


From Pottery Barn again, a jute daybed.  Comes as a regular bed too.  This is a great look for a boy's bedroom.


Pottery Barn has expanded their painted pieces line to include different shapes.  My favorite is the white three drawer dresser that would make great nightstands.   Very affordable.  Lots of "look" for the money.


Zebra has made it to PB.  Besides the pillows, they are selling zebra towels and sheets and rugs.  Sheets and towels come in leopard in case you're getting sick of zebra. Personally, I still love zebra.


Williams Sonoma Home is a much pricier catalogue than most.  But their furniture is a cut above their cheaper counterparts.  I love this chinoiserie inspired bench.  It comes in cream or black and also comes in side and arm chairs.   From Hickory Chair Collection via WSHome.


"Folly corner chair" from WSHome, Hickory Chair Collection.  I love this chair for the corner or not.  Comes as a "regular" chair, also. $950.


Sleek, glamour filled vanity from WSHome.  Hard to believe a piece so stylish is from a catalogue.   Not cheap, but at least it looks it's $2450. price tag.



A red French chest from WSHome would pop in a family room or a bedroom.


Here's how WSHome displays their French chest and chair and blue stripe dhurri and bedding. 


Lulu inspired silk pillows with coordinating back fabrics.   These are just two choices of the many hip and trendy pillows from WSHome.


New from West Elm:  the spine bookshelf, seen just on the back wall to the left.  At $150, this Design Within Reach knockoff is much cheaper at West Elm.  I just bought two of them to try to corral my design books now that I am out of shelf space.  It's amazing how many books it holds.


Ballard Designs has a new wood and tufted coffee table that looks pretty good on paper at least.  At $700, it's probably worth it.



Ballard's has great indoor outdoor polyprophelene rugs.  I sell these kind of rugs for high traffic areas - they are indestructible.


Ballard Designs is now making these great sheer slipcovers for their cane folding chairs. 



 The Elysee Collection from France has a new line for women designed by women called "An Evening in Paris."   Not a catalogue, but an online company  that sells beautiful French reproductions.  The owner emailed me these new pieces which I think are adorable! 

Here, Marie Antoinette is painted on a chest.

                          yhst-77786236592923_1993_260187715                                      yhst-77786236592923_1993_260154687

Two more chests from the new collection - aren't these the most adorable things?




Circa Lighting from Houston debuts Michael S. Smith's new line.  Here is my favorite of the pieces.


The line includes sconces and chandeliers in silver, brass, and bronze.


This Michael S. Smith designed lamp has received lots of advertising in all the magazines this month.


Smith also designs for Kallista - here is his version of a stone farm sink.


And Smith designed what has to be the prettiest toilet around - with it's wood seat and lid!


Another favorite of mine in the line is this kitchen island that Smith designed.  You can view all his collections on his web site here.


Anthropoligie recently added these two new mirrors.  One oval, one square, both with gilding and both only $148.00  Great for a powder room or over a small vanity.




One of my favorite furniture companies that sells online to the trade just came out with a Swedish reproduction line.  Most Swedish repros are outrageously priced.  These pieces are more than reasonable and look like they are of the great quality that G.J. Styles is known for. 


Here is a typical Swedish couch with upholstered seat and sides.  I would recover this in blue and white checked Chelsea Editions fabric.


A nice sized foot stool with an upholstered top.  This would be a great way to bring in a little Swedish to a room without making a big commitment.


This day bed is such an authentic reproduction, it's hard for me to believe it's new.  Beautiful.


Farrow and Ball, the world's best wallpaper and paint company, has released some of their papers in new, vibrant colors, as seen here.   Quite a department for the normally staid company.


Along with new wallpaper colors, Farrow and Ball introduced new paint colors.  Here, a trendy mauve color, cinderrose.  Mauves and lilacs are this year's aqua.


And last:  Brocade Home recently began carrying wallpaper.  Since this color, peony, is impossible to find anywhere, BH must be selling it by the truckload.  Every teenaged girl client of mine is wanting lilac, mauve, or purple these days.  It's the hottest hue going.

These are my favorite catalogues, online, that I like to shop.  Have I missed your favorite?  If so, let me know for next time's
"New Items"


  1. Lots to see here, Joni! Wonderful post, giving me ideas!

    Thanks! Pat

  2. i love it when you do these kinds of posts! better than oprah's favorite things. LOVE!SO helpful.
    thank you!

  3. Great post! I'm off to check out Wisteria immediately. Glad you liked Good & Co. Thanks for the info on Live writer.

  4. Joni, Thanks for such a well researched ( as always) post!

  5. I adore the wisteria french industrial coffee table. The shelves are wonderful as well. I looked at them and I think they could be done as an DIY project fairly inexpensively if you were on a budget. Also I didn't know west elm was making the DWR knockoffs (I've been lusting after those for a while now).

    I love the post for today. Thanks.

  6. That F&B Cinderrose is the same as the Ashes of Roses I wrote about... Great post!

  7. You just have the best posts!!! Love all the great ideas and photos!!!! Thanks.


  8. Great Post Joni! I really love the stacking pieces and Ballard's sheer chair covers. You have this topic well-covered. I would have to say that Horchow is another online catalog that makes me swoon!

  9. Wow! You've got a great round-up here Joni!

  10. I'll take the yellow bedroom complete with polka dot bedding. Oh, and the corest looking dresser. So pretty!

  11. are you putting the west elm industrial modern bookshelf in one of your frenchy rooms? would love to see a pic. i'm thinking of getting one myself, but i've never seen it pictured in a more trad interior.

  12. So many new things! I haven't been checking the web stores as much in the past month and all of a sudden there are so many new pieces. I love the new line from Wisteria.

  13. Wonderful post! I love the Wisteria stacking shelves. Wow! And that red chest from WSHome. I LOVE that! It is just the perfect POP of color for almost anywhere in a home.

    Fantastic items and great inspiration!

  14. Wonderful post! I love the Wisteria stacking shelves. Wow! And that red chest from WSHome. I LOVE that! It is just the perfect POP of color for almost anywhere in a home.

    Fantastic items and great inspiration!

  15. Great post Joni!! I have been a fan of Wisteria since their first two page pull out in Veranda. Have ordered form them often - always quality merchandise.

  16. Thanks for the great comments. I left out a few things I had intended to show - I'll do that tomorrow.
    Anon: I put the two spines on my landing across from the built in bookcases. I had an old ugly armoire there that I gave to my Mother in law to store for me in case my daugther ever wants it (she says she does). I thought I would build more bookcases but until then - these are great. I'm going to add one more. they hold tons of books though.

  17. At the end of Feb. while visiting friends in Dallas we went to the Wisteria Outlet. My friend purchased the sunburst mirror for $200 - it made our day!

  18. What a great post Joni....I want one of absolutely everything. Funny I just posted on the new Farrow & Ball paint colours.

  19. love the industrial inspired pieces for wisteria...and i love the bench from WSH. great post.

  20. I love seeing other people's favorites (especially when their taste is as good as yours). The purple color is not something I would ever, ever use in my own home... but it's beautiful, and I love seeing it used in interesting ways. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Love love love the Marie Antoinette painted chests! Especially that striped one- maybe I can save up to buy one drawer of it :)Where on earth do you find this stuff- love it all!

  22. WOW!! Ok that was certainly a feast for the eyes and alot to take in but I think I've narrowed down my favourites lol.

    1. I love the antiqued tripod lamp. We have similar lamps at a company called Coco republic in Australia and I've been trying to convince a friend of mine to buy one for his new apartment.

    2. I love the french antique repro desks and the aqua stacking shelves from Wisteria. (why oh why don't we have a Wisteria store in Australia?!)

    3. Finally, I'm completely in love with the Marie Antoinette chests - especially the pink one! ADORABLE!

    I had so much fun drooling over the new seasons furniture - thank you Joni for making my day.

    Anna :)

  23. OMG - you are SO incredible! SO many things and so many GREAT things I lost count! Love the spotty sheets!

  24. OMG Joni, I have to go check out Wisteria right now...and now I've figured out how to spend that tax return :)


  25. Great inspiration pics, Joni! Ballards is a favorite catalog of mine & I love to see what's new with them. You really featured some great looking things.

    I just don't think I can 'do' mauve again though, LOL.


  26. Holy Cow Girl! Lots ta look at.

  27. Love those looks! I receive Pottery Barn catalog, as well as Williams Sonoma, West Elm and Ballard. The styles now are just fantastic. Thanks for the show!

  28. Joni, Joni, are just the best!!!

  29. There is so much to love is this post. The Wisteria shelves are just fab and I'm crazy for that Pottery Barn Desk with the little drawers. Thanks.

  30. Didn't know I was so "in". I just redid my daughter's bedroom in the lilac,plum,purple. Her choice, not mine but it turned out to be lovely.

  31. Joni,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your research is always so wonderful! You always help me to look at things with a different "eye". Thanks so much!

  32. You have the best posts! Those Wisteria stacking shelves are to-die-for! I'm such a sucker for anything in that color family!

  33. Wonderfully thorough post, Joni! Some excellent options. I LOVE that Brocade paper in peony - so beautiful!

  34. I need that trolley coffee table! Replace this IKEA mess I currently live with.

  35. I always enjoy when you direct me to your favorite things!

    Happy new week, Joni! I'm stuffed full of easter eggs and up past my bedtime...but I am thoroughly enjoying catching up on your posts!


  36. wow. thank you. now i don't have to spend 3 hours going through all of the catalogs that accumulated while i was gone.

  37. Can Farrow and Ball paints be purchased in Houston?

  38. To Anon: no, Farrow and Ball can be purchased over the internet. They will sell you tester pots to try and then you order it from the web site. Sorry!

  39. Thanks so much for introducing Wisteria! This is the first time I've seen or heard of them and they have wonderful wonderful items.


  40. wow- that's a whole lotta new! thanks for your hard work on that one- i feel like i need to take a little rest just from reading it! :)

  41. It can't get any better than this.

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