Tag, I'm It!

... with the Coppertone Girl

Megan from Beach Bungalow 8 and 1st Dibs fame and Neutral Dwelling both recently tagged moi, so here goes:



Oh, sure, like I can remember!  Let me really daughter was 7 years old back then, so I was carpooling a lot, I know that for sure.  I hadn't been working since I had Elisabeth - I was just enjoying being a mother and a wife.  I did rejoin the work force around this time period, though.  One morning Ben called me and said:   "I need you to go back to work, we could use the extra money."   His business was slow around then.    By the time he came home that evening, I had a new job working for an insurance agency (O.K. - it was owned by a friend, but still, he was shocked how soon I got that job!)  Very shortly afterwards,  I started back up in interior design after a 20 year hiatus (long story)  helping a few friends with their daughters' bedrooms.  I named my new, fledgling business Webb Design, and, urged on by a girlfriend who happened to be a Criminal Court Judge (I wasn't about to argue with her!) I quit the insurance business and started working for myself full time.  That was about eight years ago. 


stacy 001

One of my first jobs as an interior designer:  a friend's daughter's bedroom.  We wallpapered the room in a dotted blue and white pattern and added a toile border (I waned to do the entire room in toile, but she was too afraid to do that - times sure change!!!)  We bought a room full of Ethan Allen painted furniture and I had all the soft goods made by Monica - who remains my go-to person all these years later.  The only place to put the bed was against the window, so to make it seem more grounded - I had this faux arched canopy built and draped with the toile fabric.  The carpet is a blue and white pattern, which is hard to see in this picture.  Here again, I wanted the client to do a white with blue carpet, but she resisted!   That's a wicker bench in front.  There's also an armoire and a secretary desk in the room; and a skirted table along with a nightstand!  I started out doing skirted tables, I guess.  For the ensuite bathroom, we papered that room in the toile.   All in all I was proud of my first effort out.    Eight years later, the room is unchanged and Stacy, the daughter, still loves it.



1.  Try to do billing!!!   The bane of my existence!

2.  Meet the electricians at a client's house to approve the installation of two pairs of sconces and one lantern.

3.  Meet the rug man at another client's house to approve a new living room rug. Whoa!  Two appointments in one day - a rarity for me!



The Egyptian rug going into a client's house.

4.  Go to M. Naeve to return some things for a client and drool over her new shipment.



M. Naeve, my favorite antique store!!

5.  Start to get my house ready for Father's Day brunch on Sunday afternoon.

6.  Try to do billing!!! ugggghhh.

I know it said five things, but I didn't count on having two appointments in one day.  Jeez, I'm exhausted by all this work.



1.  Starbucks:  tall coffee with sugar free French vanilla, sweet n low and foam on the top - delicious!

2.  Starbucks vanilla biscotti.

3.  Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Almonds.

4. All time favorite:  Jelly Belly's Popcorn!



1.   Set up accounts for parents, in laws, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, best friend.  Give them each 10 million!  Let's see that's:    $130,000,000 already.   hmmm.  Not much left now!

2.  Set up a family foundation for charity.

3.  Build or remodel a house  in Southampton (a neighborhood in Houston, not NY)  exactly how I want it - if I can only decide on one style.  Buy out M. Naeve's inventory for new said house.  Buy out everything in M. Naeve!  I mean that seriously. 


House for sale in Southampton - Houston, Texas.  Built in 1921 and located in the first gated community in Houston. 


The drive up to house, just gorgeous!


The back yard swimming pool and studio.  And this is right in the heart of Houston, two minutes from the Texas Medical Center. 

If I don't buy an old house, I will build a dream house - something like this new house for sale in Southampton.

4.  Buy a house at The Shores in South Padre Island and a house in Galveston, Texas for quick weekends.


House in The Shores, South Padre Island where Ben and I want to retire to.


And another house at The Shores.  We'll take both, we're billionaires, remember?




Since South Padre is 6 hours away by car, we will need a weekend home close by in  Galveston.  This is the new development on East Beach - Beachtown, Galveston.   Galveston only wishes it looked this good!


5.  Open a clothing store for my daughter to run.

6.  Apply for unemployment, I'll be totally broke after all this.



1.  See #4 above!


The Shores, South Padre Island, Texas. Yeah, yeah, I know - I'm a billionaire, why stay in Texas?  Well, if you know my husband, his motto is "anyplace in Texas beats anyplace outside"  OR "anything not is Texas is a third world country" - seriously.   Leaving the state of Texas for Ben is  like leaving the country.


2.  The Hill Country, Texas on a lake, any one of them.


The Texas Hill Country, scenic drive, with bluebonnets - our state flower.  And yes, it IS this beautiful in the spring. 

See, I told you!


Lake Travis, largest of the lakes in the Hill Country. We'll buy a house here for UT game weekends -- football, basketball, and baseball.


3.  And, lastly, of course, Houston, always.


Home sweet home

Ok, I'm supposed to tag five people, but I don't think there is anyone left who hasn't already been tagged.  If you haven't been tagged, please tag yourself!  You're it!!!!


  1. Joni. This was so fun and interesting. You are quite a gal!!!!

  2. You showcased Texas well, Joni! You are so interesting and fun. Glad I know you!!! ;)

  3. I love how Texans are so crazy about their own state! It's very inspiring. Love the photos.

  4. I'll take that house in Southampton if you don't! Nice! Texas looks so pretty - I might have to visit one day.


  5. Ooooh, I am in love with that Southampton home. You make Texas very appealing indeed!

  6. Be still my heart, that house is unbelievable. You find the most amazing photos.

    Good to get to know you a bit better!

    Here is a small world incident, I had a lady find me from Maryam's blog and your blog who happens to also live in took the two of you to bring her to me so I could help her with colors for her house. Love that. Aren't you glad we are blogging? So much fun.

    Happy day,

  7. Joni, How is your tree doing? Please reply!

  8. Great photos as usual...Funny how I find myself answering those questions while reading your answers. Thanks for bringing back to memory lane.

  9. HI - my tree? it's the same. I was thinking we would notice a difference right away after it was treated and fed and all that, but no, it's just the same, sparse. I hope it makes it!! I just don't know - we probably won't know until next spring.

    thanks for asking!!!

  10. Big Texas Longhorn enjoyment of this post. Popcorn eh?

  11. I second your choices.... and why won't builders build NEW houses that have the charm,grace, and presence of the OLD houses-that's what I want to know!One day (after everything pretty is torn down to make way for up-dated and tacky McMansions ),Southampton is going to look like The Woodlands (where I live and I bloody HATE these cookie-cutter builder houses....Mine was designed by my architect-brother to look like an older home,so if I close my eyes until I get to my house, it's not so bad aesthetically,...risky when I'm driving, though!The new developments in Galveston and South Padre look great- can't wait to see them in person!

  12. Joni,

    A great post as usual. I love the Shores at South Padre. I have to laugh at your husband's thoughts on Texas. My husband has adopted the cheesy line from some country song, "I'll live & die between the Red & Rio Grande" when I suggest the possibility of moving out of state. Other states are some place to visit but Texas is the only place in the world to actually live. Ben's lines are so much better than my husband's motto.

  13. I had a fabulous time reading this post, Joni! The photos are wonderful.

    Maureen tagged me for this, awhile back and I haven't done anything yet. This was fun, so I'll have to get busy with mine, one of these days.

    By now, as I type, I imagine you are enjoying the brunch. Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week.

  14. Loved reading how you'll spend your millions. And love that house in Southampton! Beautiful!

    It was fun to see the photo of your decorating job from 10 years ago, too. -Julia

  15. Hi Joni
    What a fun, "picture your fantasies post". Be careful what you wish for because you might get it. Hope all your wishes come true.

  16. That Southampton house with all the great greenery~
    is most of it covered in some sort of vine? Just sensational, the entire package. I can see why you lust for it.

  17. Oooohhh I love that house with the ivy--- Just beautiful!

  18. Thanks everyone - I loved all your comments - especially Hooked on Houses - she is the only one who commented on my first effort - listen - it was tres embarrassing to show that !!!! thanks!!

    Andria - I love that saying from: from the Red river to the Rio Grande - exactly!!! I'm going to go say that to Ben. He will love it.

    Thanks again!!

  19. I love the people who, when they become billionaires, think of their families and friends first, then charities. Good on ya, Joni!

  20. I love that you would stay local after 'becoming' a billionaire! I love that sense of home and place :-)
    That home in southhampton is to die for! Leave business cards at the door so you can get hired to revamp it for the new owners so we can all see pictures!!!

  21. I love that Southampton house. Who was the architect? Lovely asymmetrical façade. And the creeping fig (yes?something like that?) on the walls is amazingly beautiful.

  22. I think your "tag" answers were the best described of all I have read... you've got your visuals on lined up!

    I went virtually shopping at your favorite antique store, virtually purchased some furnishings and put them into one of my client's houses. I also incorporated your purple background into drapery.

    Thanks for the inspiration... pop over and take a peek... painting on my sidebar.

  23. Joni, only you can make being tagged so interesting. I love all the photos you posted with your responses lol.

  24. i hear you- two appointments in one day is one too many!

  25. Hi Joni!
    You put me to shame. I better get on the ball. What a wonderful tag post!

    I think there is something wrong with my will not load all of the pictures from your blog. Not sure whats happening, but it's bumming me out!.

    Loving the Southhampton house and the Padre Island house. I can see why you want to stay in Texas.


  26. Joni,

    It is so nice to see so many photos of familiar places here in Houston. Thank you for the great shots.

    Can you tell me what you used for the window treatment in your redone nursery? I am thinking I could use that look on my small den window. I want a sheer window treatment.

    Thanks again.

  27. The drapes came from Restoration Hardware and the blinds came from Target - you can probably get them online.



  28. Joni, Oh the bluebonnets and the Hill Country sunsets. The Starbucks and that rug! The Southampton house and a beach house, yes! But I'll trade you my JB popcorn for the cotton candy ones :)

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