COTE DE TEXAS: Welcome Miss Laine and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Little Girl Bedrooms!

Welcome Miss Laine and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Little Girl Bedrooms!


Almost exactly two years ago to the day, our family went from this:



to this:


when my nephew Philip married Allison and they had a little girl, Laine, this Monday afternoon!  Isn't she just the cutest thing in the world?  Well, of course!

The new baby makes me a Great Aunt,  my sister a grandmother (!!!) and my parents Great Grandparents  - all for the first time.  While we are adjusting to our new senior status in life, little Laine's parents are getting settled into their new home and the baby is sleeping in her own adorable room!   Congratulations you three!




The face of today's grandmother!    Laine (in the bassinet), Sandy - maternal grandmother, and on the right, Cathy, my sister and paternal grandmother.  Cathy has chosen to be called "Honey" instead of Grannie and her husband will be called "Pops."   Notice please, that they are both wearing pink in Laine's honor, while she is sporting just a white diaper.  Something tells me this will be the last time this baby is not wearing the most adorable of outfits.  Also wearing pink on birth day were the father and the two grandfathers.   It was a theme, natch.



That's MY  baby!   Elisabeth was born right across the hall from Laine, 17 years ago!  Hard to believe it's been 17 years, seems like yesterday.  I noticed that the birthing rooms hadn't been remodeled in all that time either.  Elisabeth was born with a head of hair just as black as Laine's.  It all fell out when she was about 4 months old and grew back in white blonde.  After turning mousy brown around her 12th year, she started putting lemon juice on it, which turned her hair a pretty shade of orange.  Now, as you can see, she is back to being white blonde, thanks to the bottle.



Moi, the great aunt with the big old hands, my nephew Philip - the new daddie, my daughter, and my father - the new great grandfather.   Unfortunately, the new great grandmother, Betty Rae, was home sick with a cold and had to miss the initial excitement.  Needless to say, she was none too pleased to be sick.




My other nephew - Jeffrey, the new uncle.  Girls - he's available!!!!!   Email me if you want a date with him.  :)He wore orange and white in honor of the University of Texas.  Hopefully, in 18 years, Laine will be Longhorn herself.



Laine's nursery is adorable, all pink, no doubt!  with accents of green.   Of course you knew I was going to bring design into this somehow!   Babies' room have  come a long way since the days of having  just a crib, a rocker, and a changing table.   The first thing many mothers-to-be do upon hearing the good news is to hire a decorator.   Some interior designers specialize in kids rooms, and  there are countless decor stores catering to the younger set.  What a perfect time for me to take a closer look at what is going on in the world of little girl rooms since I haven't thought about that for 17 years.    One day I might be interested in little boy rooms, but not now! 



The movie star Jennifer Lopez chose this nursery for her twins - boy and girl, although this room is definitely all girl.  Crystal chandelier, iron twin cribs, peach colored walls, lace half canopies, and peach and cream silk curtains.  Adorable!



Dark rose instead of light pink dominates here.  This shade of pink seems to be very popular for girl rooms. 



For this nursery, Candice Olson used moss greens with hot pinks and lavenders. 


A close up of the alcove bed shown above.  Love the oversized clock.



This contemporary nursery uses adult elements and colors, but somehow it still looks like a baby girl's room.  Unusual, but attractive.



Suellen Gregory designed this nursery - it's one of my favorites:  gray silk curtains mixed with shades of apricot bedding and toile wallpaper.  The patterned carpet is cream and apricot.  Just heavenly!!!!



A room for sisters, one baby, one toddler:  lavender and lime green.  This color combination is another popular 2000's choice for girls.  Notice the cornice with trim on the curtains. 


This room is pink and brown,  an unusual color combination for a nursery.



When the little baby girl turns toddler, here are some ideas for the former nursery.  Deep rose and green color combination.  I love the drapery trim and the matching trim on the lampshade.  The flowers drawn on the wall are a nice touch.



Designer Katie Ritter used a pink and black fabric for this little girl's Moroccan theme room.  Notice how Ritter cut out the canopy to further the exotic feel of the room.



White, blue and hot pink for this little girl.



Purple and white stripes with lime green walls.  Again, cut out, trimmed valances add a Hollywood Regency feel to this room.



Jonathan Adler designed this toddler girl's room with checks and a vibrant print.  Notice the adorable shade on the light fixture.  Also, Adler took a staid, grown up chest and painted it a youthful, bright yellow - a good idea for adult furniture when parents no longer want in their own rooms.

These adorable twin beds gain an exotic touch with the zebra painted headboards mixed with traditional toile curtains.



Gwyneth Paltrow's toddler daughter Apple sleeps in this cute room in her Southampton home.



Peach and cream stripes with brown and white houndstooth make a nice combination for this little girl.  Notice the trend alert Saarinen table on the left.



Designsnitch used chocolate brown walls and a deep watermelon pink for this room.  So adorable!    But, the wall to wall carpet would not be my choice here.  A flat weave, patterned carpet would be so much more interesting.  In fact, I can't think of any room that plain wall to wall plush carpet looks good in!

I adore this room that Timothy Whealon designed for his nieces. Ethnic cotton fabrics seem to be in vogue for girl rooms.  Inexpensive and colorful, these fabrics replace the loud, polyester varieties once used extensively in kid rooms.  Thank God!


Twin beds in deep, deep pink and blues.



A contemporary room with a mixture of trendy pinks and oranges.  Notice the acrylic table floating atop a white flokati rug on the painted white floor.  This room could last from baby to little girl to young adult - something to consider when moving a toddler from the nursery.


Kathryn Ireland designed fabric canopies for this girl's bedroom.



A more traditional girl's room with deep pink carpet and toile wallpaper inset in the wall molding.  An oversized antique mirror competes with a hippie style hanging chair.  Again, a patterned carpet would have been a more interesting choice for this room.  This is something I fight over with clients on a continual basis.  Can someone explain to me the appeal of this type of floor covering?  Seriously?  I don't get it.



Suellen Gregory designed this English styled bedroom with chintz wallpaper and curtains.  Classic and feminine.



Houston `interior designer Katie Stassis designed this hot pink bedroom for one daughter and.....


this lavender and bright yellow room for her other daughter.  Small rugs are laid over wall to wall seagrass matting.   Good choice here - the seagrass adds texture and subtle color and is a great alternative to wall to wall carpet.  Stassis was named to domino magazine's Top Ten New Designers this year.  Congratulations Katie!!!


Candice Olson gave this room a French poodle theme.  Ball trim highlights the curtains and shades.  Total kitsch but cute.



This Candice Olson room is more traditional.  Hand drawn molding on the dusty pink walls.  Over the top drapery treatments, so typical of Olson, who loves a plethora of trim and pillows and detail everywhere.


  French for a teenage girl, by Cathy Kinkaid.  Nice - I like!!


Timothy Whealon uses warm pinks, monogrammed sheets, and bright fabrics.



Hot, hot, hot pink dresses down formal French furniture.  Isn't she the cutest with her little yellow laptop!  Ah, a girl after my own heart.  Hey cutie - where's the Starbucks?


Suzanne Kasler uses deep, deep pinks for this girl's room.  Note the hanging swing on the right and the matching vintage love seats.  The graphic patterned curtain fabric gives the room just the right touch of youthfulness.


Pink, navy,  and black.  Trim on the headboard pops in the room, as does the patterned carpet.  Madeline Weinrib pillows.



For the younger girl, a painted mural.  Unfortunately, this type of wall treatment won't last very long when a school aged girl demands a more grown up look.  Better to spend your money elsewhere than on dated murals.





Lavender toile and formal french furniture for an attic bedroom.   Technically a nursery with the crib on the left - a room designed like this could last from baby to college aged.


The above bedroom's bathroom with a toile skirted sink.  Notice the painted French trumeau mirror.    Adorable.

Peach checks and toiles, wallpaper and patterned rug.



Swedish bedroom for a tween girl.  Checks and mini prints.


White flokati rug, light blues and a wonderful tufted chaise make this tween room glamorous. 



Blue and white classic toile will go from little ones to an adult guest bedroom.



Great idea for a nightstand - use a skirted vanity table instead.  So pretty!  But, unfortunately the choice of lamps is questionable, showing the importance of attention to the smallest of details  when planning a room.        Suellen Gregory.


So what have we learned today?  Well, wall to wall carpet is a no-no anywhere - seagrass or patterned carpets are much better aesthetically.   Murals are a waste of good money.  Watermelon pink and lime green are a hot color combination with lavender and lime green a close second.   Rooms with traditional furniture will last a lot longer than "juvenile" furniture.  Curtains with trimmed valances are trend alerts!  Monogrammed sheets and pillows are in style.   Inexpensive cotton ethnic and indienne fabrics are good alternatives to cheap, polyester kiddie  fabrics.  And .....  my new great niece Laine is adorable!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Aunt Joni!

    Beautiful rooms, you've posted here.

    My best to your family!


  2. So many different looks! I love the variety.

    Some day I'd love to see a post on teenage boys rooms! Probably a lot fewer photos available . . .

    Congrats on your family's new addition. And your daughter is TOO beautiful.

  3. Oh I just love a nursery!!!!! Congrats on your new family member.
    I have to admit that Suellen Gregory's rooms are my favorite.
    Great post, as usual!

  4. Big congrats on the new baby in the family, you all look great.

    And, I'm always amazed at the number of beautiful pics you manage to find. Where in the world do you get all of them?!

    I can see why fixing up a baby's room would be fun, looking at all of these.


  5. congrats joni! my twin sister is having her 3rd (a boy! finally) on Monday! I cannot wait!!!!

  6. congratulations!! and those rooms are gorgeous..great inspiration!

  7. Congrats, Joni! She looks adorable. And what a lovely post - I like the pink little girl's rooms, so cute!


  8. Laine is adorable you are correct.
    I must agree about the wall to wall , with our cold winters here in Canada they are a standard finish, my plan is to rip out the carpet in my little girls room and put down pine floor boards and paint them white .

  9. Great post,precious baby,gorgeous family members! Thanks always for your hard work!

  10. Congratulations Auntie Joni! What a cutie! Love the Jonathon Adler room... make me want to be a kid again! That sweedish bed is awful cute, too. (I'm turning into our mother with a love of checks!)
    Karla & Karrie

  11. Congratulations Auntie J! What beautiful newborn, I know you will spoil her to pieces!

    As usual, delicious eye candy all the way across the board. And who is this breakout star Suellen Gregory? I have never heard of her before, but I REALLY like her kids elegant and refined. Thanks again for a great post :)

    Andrea V.

  12. Congratulations Auntie! She is a real beauty. Takes after you and your daughter! And her parents, of course.

    You must stop yourself, girl. You are out of control. You find so many amazing pictures I am wondering if you might need BA (blogaholics anonymous) to break your addiction. But, I'm glad you are addicted because it is fun to see all these photos in one place. Love them.

    Anyways, your images as always are truly inspiring. Thanks for the wrap up too. Great tips!

    Happy day!

    PS. Did you email me? I got something saying it didn't go through but I couldn't tell if I sent you something or you sent something to me. Or if it was spamming me.

  13. Congratulations! How adorable!
    Great BIG HUGE post of fabulous bedrooms! I love so many... who could ever choose.
    Love Candice Olsen... she's one of my favorite designers.

  14. Congratulations, Joni! What a beautiful family you have.


  15. Congrats! She's a darling, as are you!

  16. find the most beautiful pictures. I love visiting and getting inspiration!

  17. Oh, just melt my heart....what a precious baby!!! Congratulations to all!!!

    BTW, Your "baby" is beautiful also!! :)

  18. Sending all the best of wishes! And lovely choices of rooms for little ladies!

  19. Congrats and best wishes! What a little beauty she is. Your daughter is gorgeous! Just like mama! Love the girl's rooms, as I have a 13 year old daughter....we've redecorated 3 times so far: yellow and blue floral, white and red toile with a four poster bed and now, modern blue and white with rattan sleigh bed. Wish I could hire you here in New York, for the next go- around...I'm tired!

  20. Congratulations Great Aunti Joni!!

  21. Congratulations on your beautiful niece, Joni. Elisabeth is gorgeous, too!

    This is such a great post filled with so many inspiring images. I'll have to come back to this once I start a family. :)

  22. Congratulations on your beautiful niece, Joni. Elisabeth is gorgeous, too!

    This is such a great post filled with so many inspiring images. I'll have to come back to this once I start a family. :)

  23. Congratulations--what a beautiful baby girl!!

    Love all the rooms. Lots of great ideas!

  24. Congratulations.... and loved all of the inspiration.

  25. Wow! These are some very lovely bedrooms. Lots and Lots of inspiration there! You should check out my little girl's room on my blog- it's cupcake/bakery theme. It's been back in April though when I posted it.I love your blog! I am adding you to my blogroll. Have a great day! Daisy~

  26. Congrats on the new addition to your family! What a cutie!! And so funny her grandmother will be called Honey. That's what we call my paternal grandma and I've never heard anyone else refer to their grandmother as Honey! What a great collection of rooms too!

  27. What a beautiful family you have! I loved this post, especially because I have two little girls-- the younger one nicknamed "Honey" by her older sister. We are in between houses right now, having sold ours and looking for another, and I am just waiting to put the yards of Thibaut Fishbowl I scored on ebay a year ago to use in their new bedroom. This post is very inspirational!

  28. Congratulations on your great-niece Laine! What a cutie! There's nothing more fun than having a new baby in the family to love.

    These rooms are fabulous. I don't know how you do it, Joni. I really don't. I know how long it takes me to find each photo and upload it and label it for each post I do, so I'm in awe that you can fit so much in. Just room after amazing, interesting room for us to see!

    I agree about the wall-to-wall carpet. We're slowly eradicating ours, room by room. Our builder even put it in the dining room(!). Seriously. -Julia

  29. Another future interior designer! Many congratulations on your lovely newest family addition! Those rooms are simply gorgeous -- and those fabrics are yummy! Can't wait to see the new nursery -- and future bedrooms too!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  30. Isn't Suellen Gregory the greatest! I have followed her for years through shelter magazines. A real southern lady.

  31. I remember a time when you told me that doing a blog post was like 'giving birth' you remember? Well, look at you now. Your posts are unbelievable - amazing. You're the best!

  32. She is a very handsome looking little girl! Good genes no doubt, judging by the looks of the rest of the family.The rooms look amazing but even the most beautiful room in the world is nothing compared to being held in loving arms. And it looks as though she'll have plenty of that.
    Enjoy all your new roles.

  33. Great post! Too difficult to choose a favorite, but I love that Suzanne Kasler created the seating area-- you don't see a lot of that in kids' rooms, and really, that's a seating area that will get a lot of use-- unlike the configurations you often see in master "suites". Okay, I've got to go look at the pictures again...

  34. Joni, you are amazing!!! The posts keep getting better,if that's possible. I am addicted!

  35. Okay now. I so want to have that Candice Olson bedroom for my very own! Forget the kids...*I* want it! : )
    Congratulations on the new darling!
    Nothing is more wonderful than a new baby and what a lucky girl whe is! Surrounded by so much love and good looking family members!

    These rooms are all glorious!! What fun.

    You lool so beautiful AND so happy and proud holding Laine!

    Love to you all.

  36. My daughters room is lavender and lime green, we love it.

    I agree somewhat with wall to wall, my house is all hardwood, but I don't like the hardwood in the livingroom, I just love a carpet there. I am the only one out of my friends, dosen't bother me though, I have always done what I like not what is the trend.

    Such beautiful photos and congrats on the newest addition to your family.

    Kathy :)

  37. Thanks so much for sharing..a beautiful family. After feeling bad I noticed your sisters Hermes belt instead of the just looking at the baby, you mentioned you noticed the rooms had never been redone! That made me feel much better about letting my eyes wander..congrats trust me grands are much more fun to have. Turns out they are the reason we start with childern!

  38. Congrats on your family's beautiful new addition! You all look so you should! I do consulting work with Suellen Gregory...she is out west at a clien't house right now, but I left her a message today about the wonderful comments you all left about the rooms featured in this post. I know she will be thrilled. She is definitely a "real southern lady" as anon 10:26 said...and for all of you fans out there, we are working on her website as we is going to be so great with lots more photos...and there has been talk of a blog as well...Suellen is so wonderfully talented and a true joy to work with. I know she will be very flattered and humbled by your sweet comments...

  39. Thanks for all the congrats. I just got an email from Philip - so excited to read it and all the family is calling too!!!

    To MRLFVL - I feel awful about saying what I did about the lamps in the Suellen room! I should have kept my big mouth shut!!! But obviously I love the room or I wouldn't have put it on here. I did another post on Suellen last summer. It's on her pink house which is one of my favorite hosues of all times. thanks for the comment and beg her forgivness for my tacky lamp comment!!


  40. Love this post. I have a 3 1/2 year old little girl and an 11 week old baby girl. We didn't find out the sex with either pregnancy so my nursery is gender neutral and I have been collecting tear sheets as inspiration for the big girl room for a while now- I have a lot of the same ones you posted! Our big girl room is coming along but I'm not quite finished and satisfied with it yet. One of the big things left was what to do for the flooring- I have hardwoods and was leaning towards a seagrass rug because nothing else seemed to work but didn't know if that would be soft enough for a little girl's room. After reading your post, I've decided to go with it. Another dilemma is that I've used a dark wood antique dresser that I'm not sure about so I'm thinking about painting it. I'm a little scared to ruin it but I didn't see any dark woods in any or your post pics, and it was an inexpensive piece I found at a flea market after college anyway. I would still hate to ruin it though? Any thoughts? Congrats on becoming an Aunt and I love your blog.

  41. Tiffany - I think the seagrass will be fine - it's not near as hard on the feet as sisal or coil. be sure you get seagrass though. I mean - it certainly isn't like plush carpet - but a baby doesn't crawl that long. also - paint your furniture for the room - you can always have it stripped back. Esp. if it is not a valuable piece - it will look so much better painted!!!!!

  42. Kathy: probably should have kept my mouth shut about wall to wall carpet too!! I like wall to wall patterned though. a lot. jsut not plain broadloom. plush. but that's moi!

  43. Congratulations to you, and the entire family! I understand Honey's sentiments:-)

    First time saying, couldn't let this moment pass. I adore babies, since being made "Mother the sequel" one year ago. I love my new role as the udder gradmudder and cannot get enough of him when they vistit. All the best!

    P.S. Love the rooms you have chosen! Jennifer Lopez's nursery is beautiful as is Apple room.

    Cograts again!

  44. Congratulations to you and yours! Laine is just a beauty! This post is full of wonderful inpsiration!

  45. Congratulations to the proud parents and doting aunty :) Laine is so very precious and wow what a gorgeous name! I just found out my sister is pregnant again with her second baby and my nextdoor neighbour pregnant with her first. I must tell them about the name Laine...It's not a name you often hear round these parts.

    As per usual the rooms you posted left me breathless. Especially the Candice Olson traditional room with the double french painted bed and aubusson rug. That is the room I dream to create for my daughter. Absolutely stunning!

    Anna :)

  46. Excellent post,very useful, although I am more into modern lines I love this post!

  47. How cute! There is nothing better than brand new cuddly babies.
    BTW, your daughter is beautiful; she looks just like you.

  48. Congratulations on your beautiful new niece! I loved seeing all those rooms. My own daughter will turn 17 this year, and her room is plastered with magazine pictures and letters from friends. Sigh...

  49. Babies are such blessings and they really keep the family closer.

    All nice nurseries/kids rooms but I adore the 3rd one and all the purple ones including the dotted one.

    But you know what? I spent so much time decorating for my son's nursery before but when he came out, we can't help it but keep him in our room. So the nursery was used years later.

    Nice post and really engaging as usual.

  50. JLo's cribs look like little Victorian prisons.

  51. Hi Joni, congratulations, and love reading your blog. As a Mom of a toddler I feel obligated to comment on that wall-to-wall carpet...two words: Noise Reduction. We took it out of the dining and front living rooms, and were going to remove it in our upstairs where the bedrooms are, but have decided to wait until she is older and not napping during the day.

  52. Congrats Joni! The whole family is adorable :)

  53. Anon 3:28 you are so right!!!!!! Point well taken on the noise reduction. Once kids are grown you forget but being a grandparent it all comes back...and loudly!LOL

  54. Hi Joni! This was such a great entry! I just love the photos you chose! And I just love your blog :)
    Thank you for your comments on my blog!

  55. Joni, what beautiful nurseries. You may actually like the nursery items at Indulge upstairs -- all soft creams and whites with rustic cribs. I couldn't imagine a better combination. Hope we can organize a Houston get together soon :)


  56. How did I miss those pics of your lovely family????? Handsome fellows and beautiful gals...

    I may have commented on the the rooms before, so you know how great you are at finding fantastic photos - excellent inspiration.

  57. I am loving the poodle room! You found so many girls' rooms that I have never seen before- great post! I might be doing a nursery project soon so this post gave me lots of inspiration!

  58. Congrats Joni. Your Elizabeth is lovely and the baby is precious!

  59. Congratulations to you and your whole family, Joni! The baby is beautiful and I love your choice of rooms here. Have a happy holiday weekend!

  60. Love all the pretty rooms! However, I think you need to do a post on boys rooms one of these days :) I was at a loss when we found out we were having a boy, but I have to say it's turned into a fun creative venture after all. Same w/ boy clothes- I must admit I shed a tear or two when I saw all the gorgeous girl things at boutique after boutique- but I've finally found some fun places that have adorable boy stuff. Anyway, congrats on the new girl addition to your family. They look like a lovely family. :)

  61. lovely pictures ..i like them all in diffrent ways..your blog is fantastic,

    have a nive day, and congrats for your lovely new familymember..

  62. So sweet. You look like a little Eskimo Grandma, Joni!

  63. huh? I'm NOT the grandmother, I'm the great aunt and there are lots of horrible things I could call myself and be truthful, but Eskimo?

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  65. WOW Joni, WHAT a homage to nurseries and children's rooms. Absolutely fantastic. You also have a beautiful family and a gorgeous daughter :)


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