As many of you are probably aware, there is a drive underway this April 1st, for bloggers to unite and donate to the organization Feeding America, formerly known as the Nation’s Food Bank Network.   April Food Day is asking all those who write blogs and those who read them to donate $1.00 on April 1st (or even today!)     One dollar is such a small amount, yet it equates to ten pounds of food, or seven full meals!    If you wish, and are able, you may donate any amount.  


I know I don’t have to tell you about the hard economic times some people are living through today.   At Cote de Texas, I write about the fun things in life, the beautiful things, and the superficial, the very things that come from a life full of success.    Unfortunately, I don’t spend much time discussing what is going on out there in America now, where so many people are out of work and suffering.    The very things I write about seem so trivial in the face of the devastation and hunger so many families face each and every day.    It only seems fitting that together, we take one day out of the year to think about something more important than the usual.


So, today and tomorrow, please take a minute and go HERE, to donate $1.00 to a great cause.    Be sure and take the time to read the literature on their web site to see all the good work that Feeding America does.   


Thank you so much!!!!!  Together, all of us can make a difference.


  1. Thank YOU so much! We appreciate your help on this more than I can tell you!

    Tomorrow, I hope that all of the little thumbnails on your blogroll are filled with our April Food Day logo!


  2. love this... i did make a contribution and think it is a wonderful thing... how is round top going??? wish i were there...

  3. Wonderful post, Joni! Thank you for the link!!

  4. ***** Don't you just get goose bumps from this? It's sooo terriffic to be part of something larger than one's own world! ~~~ If I may say, I'm so impressed, and proud, of EVERYone!!! Great, heartfelt & loving post, my friend! Warmest, Linda *****

  5. This is the coolest and the first that I've heard about it!!! Thanks for posting something about the giving opportunity. I work at our Food Bank every month and the food supplies just can't meet the demand. Thank you for circulating the info.

  6. Hi Joni:
    Thank you! Not knowing,I just did a post on gourmet Easter candy & well you can imagine. Like you, I like to write about the beautiful things. Past Nov. - I just moved back to the Atlanta area & I'm seeing firsthand stores closing, housing develpoments started & abandoned, & even a few friends of mine closing their new stores. Just last week my husband & I were out walking our dogs & an eldery neighbor was telling us about how her elderly friends lost a lot of their money in the market & were now going to the food bank. So, thank you!

  7. Hi Joni
    What a worthy charity event this is. I loved seeing the April Food Day logo show up in the side bars from all the participating Bloggers! BTW there is a food bank for Canada listed on Pigtown's site or people wanting to donate can find the link HERE

  8. What a neat way for people to unite and help each other, and what a great way for bloggers to connect, too. This economy truly has touched everyone, not just the "needy" we might have referred to when giving in the past.

    I tried to get to the story on your side bar with your bedroom and the link to Material Girls and couldn't get it - any ideas why not? Are you at Round Top? I am jealous!!

  9. Yes. I did!

    Thanks for posting about this!
    I must also mention today is Autism Awareness Day..

    Many Thanks,

  10. Joni, I loved this post! Very original!

  11. 1USD is so little, who wouldn't do it?

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