COTE DE TEXAS: A Little Southern Hospitality

A Little Southern Hospitality




Rhoda, the truest and most beautiful Southern Belle on the design blogosphere, is featuring Cote de Texas today on her blog, Southern Hospitality.  Be sure to stop by and say “Hi!”  Rhoda and I are emails buds, the kind of friends you become when you blog or read the blogs – you know, the best kind!!   We’ve had some fun times trying to figure out computer issues, like Live Writer (we solved that one) and  Mesh (well – that was a disaster!)    But where Rhoda REALLY shines is at remodeling and decorating and I’m in awe of her abilities to totally transform a room, such as a kitchen or a bathroom, seemingly overnight – and without any help either!!!   Her blog is a great resource – a mix of design and everything “home.”   It’s filled with excellent tips too, gleaned from all her experiences, that she is kind enough to share with her readers.    When Rhoda asked me if she could showcase my guest room – I was thrilled and jumped at the chance to be a part of her blog – even for just one day!!!   When you visit Southern Hospitality, be sure to to click on “Projects and  How-To’s” to see Rhoda at her best!!!


Thank you again Rhoda for showcasing Cote de Texas – and here’s to many more years of friendship!



One of Rhoda’s most recent projects was updating her dining room!  I love the new color and wainscoting and shelves with all the creamware.


  1. Well Joni, I gotcha you with 0 comments...I am sure you have tons to moderate yet but it feels good anyway!
    Because I wanted to leave a comment here I just scrolled down Rhoda's Blog very fast and I am going to enjoy it the moment I hit the "publish comment" button.

  2. I saw the transformation, extraordinary! I just had a concern and I expressed it in the comment at Rhoda's.

  3. Joni,
    Your guest room featured on Rhoda's blog is absolutely beautiful. I am completely inspired and want to duplicate it. I'd love to know the paint color you used on the walls.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful and informative blog. I so enjoy reading your posts!

    By the way, I LOVE the zebra rug!

    The Bloom Girls
    Nashville, TN

  4. I read the post and really enjoyed it. The room is so pretty. I think I recognized that lovely Waverly print from the 90's also. My daughter's was the ivy and purple one. ;-) Good times!

  5. * J~ Reading n' seeing "you" & your super GR, at Rhoda's blog just now, was DEEEELIGHTFUL! (And she truly IS a sweetheart, isn't she?)~

    I guess it I-S "really true"~~~ I DO tend to (well, maaaaybe) be a "tad" (juuuust a "bit"!) "overly protective" of my family n' friends! Yes, because I was rather, well, um... "irked" at the way it appears you were treated by BHG~~~ ESPECIALLY when YOU were, in reality, doing THEM a "favor" of sorts (even if the publicity WAS good for your business)... Where are the MANNERS of those to whom much credit is given for "setting the examples" about gracious living, and don't GOOD MANNERS go hand-in-hand with that??? (Harumpf!!!).

    ANYHOOO, terriffic writing, and great visuals, and I loved how "JONI" DID come shining thru!

    As always,
    Linda in AZ *

  6. Is that a water hyacinth rug bordered in black? If so, I'm curious to know how well it wears. They are easily accessible here, and I have one in a bedroom, but I wonder whether it would work well under a dining table with chairs being moved in and out.

  7. I saw SH's post about your guestroom yesterday! It really is beautiful! I'm in love with the bed. What a lovely room to offer your guests.

  8. Thank you, Joni! I can see lots of folks coming over from here today (via my Sitemeter) & I appreciate you doing this too. You really didn't have too, but I love that you did. Maybe our readers can cross paths and find a new blog to read.


  9. Have to go check SH out now!
    I love the creamware and the rug in her dining room!

  10. Yes, I know Rhoda too :) & LOVE her house! The DR is beautiful - love your makeover Rhoda! I have met Rhoda & seen her home in person & it is actually EVEN prettier in real life if you can even imagine that. I love both of your blogs & visit whenever I can...don't always comment , but do read! Keep up the great work, you two because we are all looking & trying to learn from you both. Bonnie

  11. I am thinking long and hard about BHG now - and wondering what else they have shown me that wasn't really what I thought it was.
    Great post at both sites -thanks Joni and Rhoda.

  12. WOW, I recently painted my bedroom the same color as she painted the dining room. I love the color.

    I am in the process of updating my home, 1 room at a time.

  13. Rhoda shows a wonderful play with interiors, but....

    But I find her radical right political spewing distasteful and uninformed.

  14. What fun I'll have to go over to Rhonda's blog and check it out.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  15. I went to Rhoda's to see your featured guestroom, and I do love the Zebra Rug! Her blog is amazing, as is yours of course. Congrats Joni!

  16. Hi Joni..I saw Rhoda's post yesterday. I fell in love with your guest room the first time I saw it!! Gorgeous!

    I've known Rhoda several years, through a couple of decorating boards/groups. Never met in person though. Her dining room makeover is beautiful.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my efforts, with the powder room redo. You truly encourage me!! I appreciate it. Slowly but surely I am turning our home into a reflection of the "real us". When we built the house 6 years ago, I was a tad timid about decorating and followed some advice that led me down a different road, than I had traveled in the past. The new colors and style change ups you are seeing in our home and condo are the true Pat!

    Thanks again!!

  17. Hi Joni
    I enjoyed reading about the transformation of your rooms on Rhoda's Blog. What a lot of work and fuss it is to get ready for a photo shoot. But when it is all done you have a beautifully finished room to enjoy. I never tire seeing pictures of your beautiful home.

  18. Hi Joni,

    I saw your room over at Rhoda's and remember the post you did about it, it's lovely. I have the BHG magazine with you in it :) congrats on that....

    I have known Rhoda for quite awhile now, we've never met in person though, she is the real deal just a sweetheart !! I have a family blog and I've emailed her a few times with ?'s and she was such a help...

    So glad you two connected...I read you often but don't always comment.

    Have a wonderful week-end,
    Kathy :)

  19. Joni,
    I saw your guest room before and think you did a fab job....of course. Thanks for treating me to Rhoda, will have to add her as one of my faves.
    Have a super duper weekend!

  20. Re Linda's (Mom's) comment on BHG....DITTO! It is their loss as it is such a beautiful Guest Room.

    Now am going to pop back into Rhoda's blog and have a peek at her DYI projects per your suggestion. Have a wonderful weekend Joni! -Brenda-

  21. Joni, I never realized that BHG would tell you how to decorate your own room. I thought they came in and styled with either stuff from your house or bring with them what they want.
    I am positive I would have told them to shove it, but then again nobody asked me.
    Either way I think you did a great job and I was Lizzy I would be in there in a heartbeat! xoxo, MB

  22. I am strapping on my wings at this moment - ready to fly over and see!

    Have a lovely weekend, Joni!!

  23. Joni, Lovin' the guestroom and loved your post at SH! And I'm proud to be a fellow Texan! You are an Amazing Designer! hugs from Conroe, TX!

  24. Joni, I read your blog faithfully and I'm excited to see that you have connected with Rhoda but I am unable to view her blog along with many others. There is some sort of microsoft glitch happening, I'm so frustrated!!
    I am aquainted with Rhoda from a message board that I used to belong to and she was one of the most helpful, kind, talented persons I met there. I am so glad the two of you connected. She is a true "Southern Lady"!
    I love her home and that she decorates by yardsales and her ingenious transformations encourages me that we all can have a lovely home without spending a fortune.
    And I just love the way that she has no trouble tackling big projects..electrical and woodworking!
    Thanks for showcasing her and her lovely home. I'm sure more readers will enjoy her blog. Mary

  25. Just finishing reading the past few posts. It amazes me that you're shy and nervous about speaking, when you "speak" weekly to hundreds (at a minimum) of us, and are funny at the same time. I've even invented a voice for you in my head over the past year or so of reading. I don't see HOW you could think yourself fat when you live on salad and starbucks and are obviously petite. Yellow is definitely your color. And I love the guest room, sans zebra. The zebra, suzani and orange pillow are all part of a more energetic and spirited idea that might need a new home.

  26. Oh I just adore Rhoda~I am headed to her blog right now.

  27. I love Roda's DR redo. just beautiful!

    Now, about your guest room. I loved hearing all about what goes on behind the scenes. I think what struck me most about the room is that I loved it in every stage. With the orange pillow & throw, and without them, with the zebra rug & without. And I guess that's just the beauty of decorating-- for certain things there's no right or wrong, just a difference in opinions. The zebra rug will be awesome no matter where you put it & if I were you, I'd move it around when fancy struck.

    Also, it's just so crazy to hear that they came to you with only 1 week & wanted to many changes!!!! crazy & scary!!!

    ps- thanks for your sweet words about the flood

  28. Wow, I'm going to visit her blog now. Looks like you guys are style sisters!


  29. Joni --Wow, another great post. Gorgeous rooms AND a side trip to Italy, it's almost too much to bear. Almost. Thanks!

  30. Hi Joni
    I love the library with the opium bed and the red lacquer ladder. Mimi is quite a master at using canopy beds. What an inspiring post.

  31. I am always the one who loved the BEFORES AND the makeovers too...I guess I am just a fickle Freda huh?

    I have been visiting Rhoda for a long while now and have so enjoyed seeing her home and style progress and change and bloom.
    Although I am not in a positin to re do as much right now, I still enjoy being inspired by Rhoda AND by the amazing Joni.


  32. Beautiful post, Miss Joni ... .

    Centering that room with the table of multiple orchids and book stacks is just brilliant! I must admit to being a big fan of the wisdom of replicating elements and this really takes it to perfection!


  33. Joni,

    Thanks for featuring another of my blogger favorites. Rhoda's dining room transformation has me checking new colors to transform our red dining room too. I'm loving the fresh, beautiful look of the lighter paint color and all that creamware is to die for!

    ~~ Victoria