Hello and welcome to the Tablescape Thursday blog party.  If you are a Cote de Texas reader who is not familiar with blog parties – this is how it works.  One blogger will host a party around a very specific theme which other bloggers will then write about.  For instance, each week, the popular blog Between Naps On My Porch, hosts a blog party on Thursday centered about beautiful tablescapes.  If this is your first blog party – take the time to visit blogs listed here who are each hosting their own Tablescape Thursday – you will be sure to get a host of new ideas for entertaining, either your own family or dinner party guests.   By the way, if you are wondering where the blog name Between Naps On My Porch came from – just take a look here!    This surely is what all porches should be – comfortable, cozy, and beautiful.  

Are you ready for a  Cote de Texas Tablescape Thursday Party?    Enjoy!




Since it’s not quite scalding summer hot in Houston yet, I thought I would set up the table for lunch here on the courtyard, where I usually blog away at my iron table and chairs from Wisteria.



tablescapethursday 100

Everything is so green now, the flowers are at their peak – in a few weeks they will start to get that parched summery look, but for now, May is proving to be the prettiest month on my courtyard.   Even more miraculous is the fountain is clean and clear for a change.  Once it rains a time or two, the water can turn a little murky.   But today it’s crystal clear, so eating by the fountain will be particularly nice and atmospheric. 



tablescapethursday 067

The pink, fuchsia, and white impatiens were planted over a month ago and they are really filling out.



 tablescapethursday 070

My favorites though are the caladiums.  One summer I had all giant white and green caladiums and each year they get pinker and greener it seems.   In another month, the beds will be a riot of tall, thick caladiums – I can’t wait!!!!





tablescapethursday 074

One of my favorite spots in my courtyard is this bench with two antique urns on pedestals.   The entire vignette is actually my sister Cathy’s, but when she moved to a high rise,  I inherited the lot.  She is back on terra firma now, but it’s hard to return this to her, although one day, I’m sure it will be back with its rightful owner.   A few minutes after I took this picture, the skies opened up and it started pouring.  Think about that monsoon scene in the movie “The Year of Living Dangerously” – that’s exactly how it is in Houston.  One minute the sun is hot and it’s a beautiful day, the next minute, its raining bucketfuls  – not just a little shower, but a hard driving downpour that can deposit inches of water in a short amount of time.    Needless to say, I need to change the lunch plans, and quickly.



tablescapethursday 104

So, instead of eating on the courtyard, I set up the Tablescape Thursday blog party on the covered porch.   Can you see the table hiding behind the plants?



tablescapethursday 061 

I used an old bamboo folding table between the two white wicker chairs.  The blue and white garden stool is from Wisteria, now discontinued which is such a shame!

  tablescapethursday 063

For the tablecloth – I repurposed a Dash and Albert rug from Olivine, in Uptown, and layered over it, a classic linen placemat edged in blue scalloping.



tablescapethursday 047

Lunch will be gazpacho, a chilled soup, so I decided to use two small tureens - from my collection of antique Mason Ware - instead of traditional bowls.  Since each piece of Mason Ware is hand-picked, I don’t have a pair, but instead, chose two that blend together.    Pink roses fill a silver vase and everything else is made of glass, including the tall dessert stand, used to bring some height to the tablescape.




This Mason Ware tureen in the Japan pattern,  is mostly cobalt blue and white with orange flower accents. 




And this tureen is green and white with accents of cobalt blue and orange.  This  piece still has it’s bottom plate, which is really special. 




Besides the cold soup, we’re going to be having salad – which will be served on the blue and white transferware plates that I collect.  I have just two pieces in this  pattern, one of my favorites.  It’s such a romantic scene, with urns and a balustrade and columns.   Underneath the transferware is a white china plate with a scalloped edge. 




Getting hungry…..where’s the food???????    Nobody told me I had to actually cook to participate in the Tablescape Thursday party!!!!  And where’s my guest??  Anyone?  Maybe my springer Georgie would join me, but she is so scared of the camera.            


tablescapethursday 103

 Everything looked so pretty and elegant on the porch for a change, that I kept it like this all afternoon, just flitting about and admiring it – yes, I am that weird.  I had actually forgotten about the “party” set-up all together until Ben came home from work, walked outside and saw me sitting there with my computer on my lap, blogging away – with half our dishes outside.   He said -  with one eye half cocked – “what is going on?  Why is this table all set up?”    “Oh, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.  It’s for the blog” I dismissively tell him quickly.   Except he was not about to be dismissed so quickly.    “You know you are a very, very strange person, you DO know that, don’t you?”   Not really.  I don’t think there is anything even remotely strange at all about setting up a table for an imaginary party and splashing pictures of it all over the internet, do you??????


 tablescapethursday 105

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  1. Great table set up! I'll come over and have lunch with you anytime. And i'll even cook! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh - I can't tell you how much better I am feeling about myself by reading through your entire post. This is something that I normally would have just been drawn in by the absolutely GORGEOUS pictures and not read the part about not actually having eaten off of that beautiful table. Those tureens are breathtaking and blue transferware is going on my ever growing wish list.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE beautiful things and try to do as much living with those things as living with 5 precious children will allow.

    Thanks for making me feel not quite so inadequate!!!


  3. Tranquil...
    What a lovely spot to lunch & linger in conversation.
    The image taken through the flora with the table at right is my favorite.
    I love your mix: antiques & runners. Nothing worse than matchy match.
    I'll be over around one o'clock with my raspberry clafoutis for dessert.

  4. I love the mix of elegant and casual from your collections. It's so pretty, who needs food!?!

  5. Oh, what a lovely blog! Do you wanna exchange links?



  6. Joni...oh my gosh, I'm laughing soooo hard at that conversation with your DH...that was just sooo funny! Men just don't get it, do they? I'll sometimes set up a table and play/fiddle with it for a day or two, trying to get it just right for some Tablescape Thursday picture taking...when one of my girlfriends just happens to drop by. They used to just shake their heads but now they are just used to it. Funny...they don't seem to think it funny when it's a party on the porch for them! Hee, hee. It's a little like creating a temporary painting or work or art...wouldn't you say? I always feel a bit sad when I pull them apart to put all the elements back on the shelves. I am in love with your gorgeous tureens and transferware! Your tablescape is so beautiful and inviting! I was also completely distracted by your stunning gardens and all those wonderful lanterns you have hanging above and just so, on the brick floor of the porch. I so hope you can sneak another tablescape in out here before the Texas heat gets too intense. Thanks for a great TT! Sorry...I know this turned into a book! :-)

  7. Hello fellow Tablescape Thursday girl! Lovely space!!! What time shall I be over? ENJOY! Fifi

  8. Joni,

    The table is just beautiful and the setting is amazing. I love the fountain! Welcome to tablescape Thursday, I am having a blast with it! My family just never did understand my "need" to set my tables!(I have always done it) but now I have found a whole group of people who do not think I "need therapy" and who can appreciate the art involved! Last week my daughter and I did a "Twilight" theme table and this week Nola (the other Bloom Girl) posted a beautiful summer table! It is just so much fun! Hope to see more tablescapes from you!



  9. Beautiful tablescape! I can't wait to see what the future has in store. I am so glad you have joined in.

    Your garden/patio is stunning. Mine never looked that good when I lived there. I just never got use to planting for the heat and didn't have much success with anything other than Mexican Heather and Vincas, although I did have some luck with caladiums.

    Nola @ The Bloom Girls

  10. Joni, of course I adore your tablescape! And those tureens! Oh, my magpie heart is all aflutter! Everything looks wonderful! Love the inventive use of the rug as a cloth with the pretty linen placemats, the gorgeous silver, the blue and white, the cute table, the garden urn, the silver vase with pretty flowers... all perfection. Love it all!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  11. I LOVE your table setting the most! It's so gorgeous and elegant and just right, not overcrowded!
    The tureens are breathtaking, Joni!
    love your menu, it's so healthy.
    You're the winner!


  12. Oh that's so funny! My kids are the same way, they think I'm crazy haha. I'm lucky my husband thinks it's great and helps me look for dishes when we got to GW and yard sales. I have to confess, I am coveting your back patio. Oh my goodness! It's just perfect. If I could work there, I don't think I'd ever go back to my desk.. well until that monsoon hit! Or the sun got a bit too hot hehe. Your table is simply elegant. I LOVE the tureens. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I just love it.

  13. What a lovely setting......BTW, Hosting an imaginary luncheon..... strange!?!??! I think not...... :)

    Love your dishes!

  14. It's a great picture -- love your tureens and they are so perfect for soup.

    Of course, I love anything blue and white and your porch and the table setting are perfect!

  15. Oh Joni, I can smell your garden and hear the water. And you make me hungry for lunch too.

    Look for an antique iron heat register cover, with lots of curving pattern, to place over your French drain. Have fun hunting.

    Was in Houston last week and it was shockingly cool. A treat.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  16. Joni,
    Love your courtyard, the plants are amazing and boy, you Southern girls really know how to set an elegant tablescape!


    Now if only Wendy's sold a chilled gazpacheo to go anolg with your chicken cesear salad, you'd be all set!lol.

  17. Joni, I was just clicking away through the list of partiers, when I saw Cote de Texas. I said, holey moley, Joni has done a tablescape!!

    I love it!

    You know, this post also qualifies for Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan of A Southern Daydreamer. I participate in that fun event, too.
    Just add a plate of fruit or other tidbit and it will be perfect for Michael's Foodie Friday, at Designs by Gollum. The list is endless and oh so much fun!

    Your table is lovely and there is not one single thing strange about putting together beautiful dishes and linens, just to look at and photograph for blogging. I do this nearly every week!

  18. Oh my goodness, Joni, I'm coming straight over for lunch. How long does it take to get to Houston from New Jersey? ;)

    Your courtyard is so beautiful, and I'm actually drooling over your dishes. lol What a gorgeous setting!

    Oh, and I tend to leave my settings up for a few days, just to enjoy them. My husband just quirks an eyebrow and shakes his head. :)

  19. There is something very special about a meal where the hostess has spent time and imagination on her tablesetting. Today is my granddaughter's 11th birthday, and we are having her birthday dinner here. She and two friends will eat at a small table on the porch and adults on the patio. She is coming over shortly to help decorate the tables. She has been helping me with my tablesettings for years and is very creative-and VERY opinionated! Such fun!

  20. Joni! Boy, was I surprised to see you were taking part in tablescape Thursdays! :) Glad you did though. I tried to do an outdoor table last night, too, but - rain thwarted my plans as well. So I had to move it inside (no porch here). Your setting looks superb, all the details are in order. I was so rushed to get it all done, mine sorta fell flat - but I posted it anyway. Check it out when you have a chance.

  21. Everything is stunning. I especially love the antique Mason Ware. Do you leave the blue and white garden stool out all year long, or was it just for the tablescape post? I ask, because I have 5 in my garden that stay all year long and I love the look. Gorgeous post!

  22. Gazpacho and salad -YUMM! I would have joined you -the table looks marvelous :-)

  23. * JONI, JONI, JONI~~~~You n*e*v*e*r fail to DELIGHT!!! Your surroundings & tablesetting are BOTH like breaths of FRESH AIR, and those TUREENS??? ~~~ WELLLLL, they're just "to-die-for" CHARMING!!!

    What a SPECIAL TREAT to see such beauty & warmth here today!!! THANKS!

    Linda *

  24. Absolutely darling! And for the record...I TOTALLY get setting up a sweet vignette for your blog and having it fill your soul all day...and by the way..."flitting about" is my favorite activity!

    Great post!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  25. I love those little soup tureens. You did it again with a fabulous tablescape! The rug really sets it off as well!

  26. It's so lush and pretty. I'm having a party here in a few days and my annuals still have that sad underachiever look. Wish I could transport the whole crew there!

  27. I would sit out there all day too, if I had a courtyard like that! It's beautiful!

  28. Oh how stunning. Your courtyard is just gorgeous. I love the beautiful tablescape you put together. Your little tureens are absolutely beautiful. I have never seen these and they are so pretty. Love the whole idea of dining on the porch, and such a pretty surrounding area to enjoy also. Hugs, Marty

  29. Tout à fait beau! Thank you so much for the inspiration both in the garden and the table setting!

  30. Absolutely lovely Joni! (Even if it was all pretend.) You really are a talented stylist and a keen collector of lovely things. What a nice way to see the talented tablescapers out there in the blogosphere. I hope I'll be able to see most of the entrants!
    Michele from (rainy, cold) Boston

  31. Hi Joni,
    now I am terribly disappointed. I just listened to your newest podcast on the the skirted roundtable and now this: a mock-up luncheon!! What disappointment. I expected to see real Texan delicacies but am now put off with only hot air and a little rainshower - LOL.
    Despite my complaints I love this setting of course. Nothing looks so charming than a little vintage glass here, those breathtaking terrines or an old tablecloth.

    And - btw - thank you very much for your lovely comment on my Art and Interior blog.

    Looking forward to your next post!
    Greetings from Munich,

  32. Really beautiful, Joni! Love your courtyard, and those little tureens are amazing. A very inspiring post... I think I'll have lunch on the patio today!

  33.'s beautiful and it is so good to see you working with COLOR!!!!! I would love to have been the lunch guest. I have that Wisteria garden seat and it IS killer...wonder why it is gone?
    Anyhoo, Ben is delightful. Your wit shines through in all your posts and it is so endearing.

  34. Hi Joni
    Your garden is absolutley a little piece of heaven. What fun I had imagining that I was there with you enjoying chilled gazpacho from your Mason Ware tureens.

  35. What a wonderful treat when I'm sitting here in my office. I've been pondering what to do with my patio and this inspired me to get going on it this weekend. I really enjoy your posts and your writing style as well. I'm always forwarding these to my friend and we laugh that you're so much like we are.
    Fun stuff - love the lantern and noticed yesterday that you're pining for more lanterns. Me too! I'm always on the hunt.

  36. You are so funny. I am so glad that I am not alone in my weird-ness. Your table is gorgeous and the courtyard is perfect! What I nice spot! Thanks for inviting us all to the luncheon - Nancy

    ps - My grandmother would have loved your blog. After she passed away we found boxes and boxes of photos of tablescapes, place settings, vignettes, Christmas decorating, etc. I treasure these photos now!

  37. Pretty and charming, as usual. Nobody does it better, sister.

  38. Joni,
    Thank you so much for making me giggle with that last line regarding your imaginary party. It makes me feel so "normal".

    Take care!


  39. Very beautiful! Table and grdens alike! I love the big over-sized lantern!

  40. Those wacky DHs!LOL! - they need to go get a beer somewhere! Mine got upset because I wouldn't let him toss a baseball cap on a 125-yr old folk-art snake (1) I absolutely adore it 2) it's fragile as can be and 3) it cost the earth 'then' (25+ yrs ago - my first major art purchase) and is worth the earth 'now')

    Lots of eyeball-rolling.

    Your tablescape is lovely. What's for dessert?


  41. Such gorgeous photos! Love the hardware on the door leading to your garden...just wonderful!

    I need a small table and chairs for our porch and your set is just perfect. I think I might try to copy it, hope you don't mind!

  42. Your gardens are the perfect space for sitting. They're filled with so much color and it all looks like the perfect haven for tranquility. I would be out there all the time. Can I please come over?

  43. What a lovely spot for slurping soup and giggling til our sides hurt. That is what I would do.

  44. haha you are so funny, it looks beautiful though! I just love blue and white! ..I REALLY miss RAIN!! I grew up in San Antonio, and now here in Vegas we are really blessed if the sky SPITS on us every few months LOL!!

  45. N E A T !!!!!!!!

    Can't wait for more.

  46. Hi Joni:
    Nothing strange at all! I love it!!!!!!! I'm going to try your Dash & Albert ideal just as soon as I unpack.

  47. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Time for me to pull out all of my blue and white dishes and make it truly summer in my house. Your courtyard is beautiful and I too love Caladiums.


  48. Imaginary party.....a delight! Imaginary friends who you talk to.....a concern! :)

    Beautiful table Joni.

    (Per your request yesterday I emailed you. Subject: mrsben (Brenda)...a note)

  49. Well, I don't find it strange, because I do it too! I absolutely love your blues and whites, because I use so much of it. It is such a tranquil combination. Your courtyard is magnificent. I live in a garden home in Tyler, so I too have a courtyard. And we're in the process of having a big deck built. Right now my yard is one big construction mess! Hopefully one day it will be as peaceful and lovely as yours.

  50. Joni, Your court yard is wonderful, blue and all ! lol My family thinks I am strange too. But I sure keep great company...

  51. Soooo unspeakably lovely! I want to have a garden tea party now... and I love the idea of tablescape thursdays!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  52. Thanks for sharing your lovely tablescape. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Have a great day!

  53. Do you mean that you are not ready to entertail like that every day of the week?? ha ha - it is just beautiful!

  54. This is a stunning setting! I could just live in this garden! Beautiful.

  55. Thank you for responding to my questions...I really appreciate it. You have a beautiful blog - and I follow on "Google Reader". Well, now it will be all your fault if I get in trouble for posting pix! ;)

  56. Loved, loved, loved your Tablescape Thursday party and would be happy to be your imaginary guest. What a treat it would be to sit and chat with you awhile about design, blogging, husbands, teenagers(!)

    Maybe someday....

    Tricia - Avolli

  57. Joni, This is glorious! I've had a day from my nightmares and now I've gotten to relax at your table! It kind of made my crummy day all worth it! Has to be the prettiest table setting and gardens I've seen in the longest time. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please continue joining in on TT!

  58. So perfect. I can just imagine catching up with an old friend here as our kids play in the yard. I love this. Love it.

  59. I hope your husband soon after the first comments realized that the setting was so extraordinaire and romantic that he had to go to the kitchen and prepare the most delicious dinner just for the two of you. From then on the evening became more and more interesting...and ended frolicking in the garden...

  60. Ooooh, those Mason Ware tureens are beautiful! Even more so because they aren't identical. And as far as setting a lovely table for no one but yourself just to admire and enjoy, what could possibly be weird about that?! I'd do it in a heartbeat....

  61. Lovely table! So glad YOU got to enjoy it. Life's little pleasures keep us sane don't they? Enjoyed the post as always.

  62. Joni, where did you get the black garden arch/trellis with the little lights on it?

  63. I loved looking at your backyard. Soooo beautiful. I grew up in Houston and know exactly what you mean about the heat! It is still nice there now. Also, my husband makes fun of me for setting things up for "the blog". My kids even ask me is that for the blog? I take pics of everything. Your table is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Terri

  64. Joni!
    Oh my are your gardens ever so your courtyard. You did such a festive little luncheon setup. I can just imagine Ben coming in and wondering what you are up to NOW! We are all a bit weird in this crazy life of blogging.
    Have a super Friday!

  65. Everything look beautiful Joni.

  66. hahahah I SO do this too!!! i left my last DR set up for over week at my mom's house!! hahah

    anyway, it's BEAUTIFUL and I love your garden. THe blue is perfect for summer and your tureen is to die for. You gave me a gazapacho craving!!!!! :)

  67. It's beautiful, Joni! I adore your backyard, of course now we all want to come over and have lunch with you out there. Too bad we can't just snap our fingers & be there. :)

  68. Love your backyard and fountain! I've always love pea-gravel walkways and areas like the one you have. So French!

    So, do you treat your caladiums like annuals or as perenials? I've planted some small ones this year and am just going to leave them in the beds this winter to see if they'll come back next spring - they're tubers, which like bulbs can come back every year.

    And by the way - I did take some pictures of my house (including the Ikea sofa) and posted on Elizabeth Anne Designs Living, you can search for it under my name (as a guestblogger). It's nothing super special yet, but as everyone else's - it's still a work in progress!!

  69. the pretty!
    The garden stool is very pretty too!

  70. Joni I love your courtyard and covered porch! Everything looks so lucious and beautiful! I think you have keeper dibs on the bench and urns by now =)
    Clever tablecloth and your tureens are so special! I laughed outloud when you asked if you really had to cook. You crack me up.
    Hope your crazy weather decides to stay sunny and mild! Enjoy your weekend
    xo Isa

  71. Joni, I hope you don't mind me adding this little tidbit since so many commented on your tablecloth and upholstery projects (in your previous posting).
    An economical fabric to consider for a 'casual' look is the use of Painters' Dropcloths. Most are 100% natural cotton and are washable/reusable, have the look of linen and come in 8 oz. to 12 oz. weights and can be purchased in any Hardware store. Price range and sizing varies. (The latter is a plus for pattern layout and/or draping. ie: 9'x12' for $24.00.) Some even come with a waterproof rubber backing. With a little creativity they can be very versatile. :)

  72. Ooops, that shud have read 'slipcovering' projects.

  73. What a beautiful setting for a Pretend meal. I am so glad you did it. It is just wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jean in Virginia

  74. Joni, your decoarting abilities never cease to amaze me. What a perfect setting. I would love to share a Wendy's Caesar salad with you there. ;>)
    Have a great weekend! XO

  75. the soup tureens are fab.

    your courtyard is so great.

    everything looks beautiful !


  76. Comment No 77: Are you still reading?
    Anyway I love all about it, the colors, the way you set it up, they way you thought about it and the way how you just put it up for us to enjoy it...
    My husband nowadays tells me jokingly, when I put something nice together - oh its all just for the blog...well, my fellow blog/ writer/reader appreciate it!!! (Hmmm, he does too!)
    Or next time make an impromptu snack time just for the two of you.
    Such a romantic little spot!
    ;) Victoria

  77. Is it your house? I'm a new reader and I still have to understand what is all about!
    Have a nice weekend

  78. It was another post on transferware (google search) that brought me to your blog - which I immediately fell in love with.

    I too live on the Texas coast just further south and about 40 minutes from South Padre/15 from the nearest bridge to Mexico.

    Many of your posts resonate strongly with me and I plan to utilize this site for inspiration on my ongoing decorating projects. Thank you.


  79. Oh my, I'm torn between admiration and envy! Your patio area is divine. It looks so natural and unfussy, but I know it is not because I don't fuss with my back porch and it just looks plain. {sigh} And the tablescape? Perfectly lovely. I love, love, love your china, your tureens, your placemats, the roses in the silver vase... Joni, you amaze and inspire me!

  80. Oops I'm low on the list of commenters, I had this post up when I got it in my in-box and I must have got distracted! Love those little soup tureens, how cute are those! And the placemats, they looked so great with the runner! Beautiful, as always!

  81. So pretty and inviting, Joni. I didn't know about Masonware. And by the way, I think your husband and mine are brothers! (Mine says things like that to me , too!)

  82. joni, love the tablescape, especially the mismatched tureens. but let's talk about your garden. oh my goodness! i am envious of your caladiums. i had them in bunches in my gardens when i lived in the florida panhandle. i don't have any here in my pacific northwest flower beds. sadly they don't seem to be as abundant here. pam

  83. Mmmm...I love those tureens, even without the soup! And, yes, your DH is right: You are strange, but notice how many birds of a feather are flocking to you! I guess you have safety in numbers. Keep up the lovely work!

  84. LOL - is that a chia figure peeking around the column in the last photo? You crack me up girl!

    Love your style and printed all of the courtyard photos for my reference file. Great work. Lorrie in Arkansas

  85. Joni, Your courtyard is gorgeous and the caladiums look amazing. I use those in my yard also and they are always stunning. I too had the white and green one year they remind me of feathers. The table for two looks so inviting. I would love to see more of your collection. I am glad to see you on TT hope to see more in the future. You are a talent and a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing , kathysue

  86. Fantastic Tablescape...Tureen is outstanding and your couryard just CHARMING...I just didn't want to leave! I'm off to an outing of Golf with my sweetie, hopefully viewing your wonderful blog will improve my score, Ha!, I can only hope!!!! Have the best of days, xoxo~Kathy~ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  87. Joni,

    Love your lanterns. Love your house. The fan is not at all cute but, at least, Mr. slipper socks is.
    Just one question. Where did you get that cute dog bed?

  88. Oops, accidentally posted on the wrong site. Is it obvious I am a first time poster? Anyway, I do love your patio and tablescape. So much inspiration there. Thanks for sharing.

  89. Wonderfully romantic table in your
    VERY beautiful garden!
    These pics make me long for the heat and humidity required to have this lush garden ... . especially
    those caladiums. I once tried a few pots of them here in Santa Fe --- - after a couple of months they just screamed and died.


  90. It's beautiful, Joni. You have a wonderful eye and your color sense is perfect. I do take exception with one thing: USE it. Serve that salad and cereal (last cereal remark of the day). Why would you go to all that trouble for just a photograph? Live it! My Mom used her best china every day and her sterling flatware too. She said the cemeteries were full of women who were saving their best for "one day". Ben already knows you are "strange". Be even stranger and SERVE that Gaspacho on the patio. You deserve to eat on a table that beautiful.

    I guess I am going to have to drive from Dallas down there and serve you my chilled corn soup in those tureens along with a fresh baby greens salad and a tarragon popover.

  91. Thanks for the laugh, hilarious! My husband asked what was so funny, and I told him he wouldn't understand...such a beautiful room, and then the fan!

    Dear Mr. Slippersocks,

    Please, please, take an axe, I mean remove the fan. It's for Joani's health. You probably cannot understand, but to us design divas, a beautiful room, such as yours brings peace and well being, not to mention good health.

    You were so thoughtful to try and hide the fan with the child's chair, truly thoughtful. Maybe, just maybe the French Lantern from Chateau Dominigue could help Joani get over "the fan,"...I'm just sayin'...

  92. Hello, I have been following your blog for some time now and I absolutely love coming here to get inspired everytime.

  93. I absolutely love the wicker furniture and I cant mention how beautiful all things blue are. The garden is a perfect example of natural chaos with the 'wet' brick, it would be wonderful to wake up in the morning and have my morning tea there, *sigh*