COTE DE TEXAS: Mrs. B. Visits the Skirted Roundtable!

Mrs. B. Visits the Skirted Roundtable!


This week, The Skirted Roundtable welcomes our first guest host – Mrs. Blandings -  to the microphone.   We spent the full 30 minutes yakking away with Patricia Shackelford, aka, Mrs. B. – so be sure to grab a cup of coffee before you sit down to listen!   Patricia shares how and why she started blogging, where she got the idea for her name, and answers that most important question:  Did she actually BECOME Mrs. Blandings after blogging, or was she Mrs. Blandings before the blog??????????

Tune in here!  Enjoy!!!

AND be sure to listen next week when we will have another guest host join the Skirted Roundtable.  Ssshhh – it’s a surprise!!!


  1. Just finally listening to it now! SO good to hear everyone's voices.

  2. Hi Joni,
    Great question topic... kind of like the chicken and the egg!

    Okay well I'm more than commenting here, I'm tagging you in the "6 Uninteresting Things that Make You Happy" Game!

    Here are the rules if you'd like to play along:

    -share 6 uninteresting things that make you happy
    -Mention and link to the person who tagged you
    -Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged!

    I'm sure your 6 things are anything but uninteresting :)

  3. I listened to it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the interesting series!

  4. I listened and enjoyed, Joni! I'm a huge fan of The Skirted Roundtable

  5. Is is Anna Spiro? Whomever it is I'm sure it will be great. I bet if you guys invited Stephen Drucker he's say yes!

  6. How nice of Mrs. B to stop by. Great show ladies!!

  7. Good show and a lot of interesting information as always!
    I am tuning in regularly to listen with my ears!

  8. I love the drawing Mrs. B has above - it reminds me of that wonderful french children's book, "Madeline"!
    Happy weekend, Joni
    xo Isa

  9. HI Joni! Just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying all of the skirted roundtable discussions! All of the topics are so engaging! Such a fabulous idea for you ladies to start that up!

  10. I love the black doors! What a great idea!