COTE DE TEXAS: Fabrics and Writers Live

Fabrics and Writers Live


Home of Robert Kime, owner of one of the most exclusive fabric houses.

While I love Robert Kime fabrics, the most I can afford is maybe, hear that, maybe, one pillow made out of his fabrics.  They are so expensive, but so wonderful!  Why are the best things in design always too expensive?    Join Linda, Megan and me as we discuss fabrics on The Skirted Roundtable.  We get much more specific about the fabrics we love this week.   And for bloggers – this week we discuss blogging platforms – the pros and cons of Writer Live, Blogger, etc.

To listen, please go here.

AND AND AND – big announcement!!!    Next week we have  the mega talented Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things in the hot seat all the way from Australia!  If everything works out with Skype – expect to hear from the fabulous Anna whose love of all things bright pink is legendary.  We are so excited to welcome Anna – so be sure to join us!


  1. I am not a minimalist so to live in Kime's house would be a dream. Joni, I am a big fan of your Roundtable, we learn so much and I want to thank you all for taking the time to discuss hot topics.

  2. Yes, the most prized & coveted things are prescious! Love his fabrics and the house OMG!

    Can't wait for this next session. I love Anna's blog!
    Have a good weekend Joni.

  3. Can't wait for the next skirted roundtable!

  4. This is wonderful picture - I love every detail. I wonder why those fabrics are so expensive?
    Possibly pice is part of overall exclusivity strategy.
    Or any golden or platinium threads are used... ?

  5. Joni, I love Robert Kime's fabrics as much as you do. The patterns are glorious but the linen they're printed on is so fabulous on its own. No wonder you love them!

  6. How beautiful and unstudied is that? Perfect!

  7. I just listened to the Skirted Round Table... found it to be so interesting...I would love to see that blue fabric Linda was talking about that she had never used but loves so much...and what you said about white slips in Chicago really peaked my interest as I live in Cleveland and we suffer harsh cold winters as well... I think white slips with cashmere blankets folded over the backs of the chairs would be pretty and cozy as the idea of mixing the slips with mohair chairs and leather...!

    Can't wait for next week when Anna is the guest... that is going to be a fun one!

  8. Joni,
    I've got my ear buds on & am ready for more wonderful visits with the ladies! Also thanks for the heads up on slipcovers for the Porter house.
    Have a good Sunday & stay cool!
    XO Lisa

  9. Hi Joni, well, you know the old saying, "you get what you pay for"! I haven't listened to your roundtable this week yet, but will do so shortly. I'd like to hear what you all have to say about the writing platforms, as that is such a pain sometimes to deal with. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Hi Joni
    I'm back from my mini bloggy break and catching up, today. I'll go over and have a listen.

    Looking forward to Anna's visit!

    Gorgeous image on this post!!

  11. I LOVE that the warmth and the way it doesn't look "decorated." Just looks like it happened over time...beautiful!

  12. Excited to hear Anna!! Love those fabrics, too! Just heavenly!

  13. I am definitely not a minimalist because I LOVE this room. think that I have the same color walls, and and wood (fireplace mantle and shutters) makes me feel like strutting a little this morning! haha. I WISH I had some of his fabrics... ah to dream.
    Speaking of dreaming, if I had a better computer I could listen to the roundtable. Wonderful Guest, have fun with Anna!
    xo Isa