COTE DE TEXAS: Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler



The adorable Suzanne Kasler on her bed in her former house.


This week we are so excited to have Suzanne Kasler as our guest on The Skirted Roundtable!   Linda and Megan don’t know this – but I am secretly trying to get all the designers on the Cote de Texas Top Ten Designers List to come on the  SRT.  With Suzanne and Charlotte Moss – that now makes two.  And we have another one from my list hopefully coming on in the next few weeks – so that will be three!      SSSH – don’t tell Linda and Megan!!!



image The new book, signed by Kasler, available HERE.


The interview with Suzanne is quite in depth but truly fascinating, especially if you are interested in interior design – which I assume you are since you read this blog!   The three of us each talk about our favorite room in the new book -  and it was so interesting to learn the behind the scenes tidbits about images we have long admired.



image Suzanne’s family room in her former house – this is one of my favorite rooms in the book and we discuss it at length.


Thank you, as always, for listening – and please leave a comment if you want to continue the conversation.  If you have the book – get it out before you start the interview.  If not – we have posted  all the pictures on The Skirted Roundtable blog for you to follow along.   Listen HERE.


  1. I know how you were able to make the contact with Suzanne :) but how do you approach designers about participating on the SR? Do you just call them up, email, or what? I would imagine that a lot of the top designers are still even that aware of blogs. Dan Carithers, for example - I can't imagine him checking the blogs daily!

    P.S. - loved, loved, loved the Skirted Roundtable discussion with Suzanne.

  2. Joni, the image of Suzanne on her bed, the setting, her family room.....such talent. Very excited to read the book. I love the arrangement of art on her book cover.

  3. I still haven't listened to this week's SRT but cannot wait!! Love Suzanne. Thank you, as always, for bringing us such great content.

  4. I always look forward to a new SRT discussion each week!

  5. I loved the interview. Thank you for this wonderful series. Suzanne has always been a favorite!

  6. She is so talented and beautiful. I'll have to go check out that book. Thanks for this, Joni.

    I've been having trouble with the audio on my computer (still), and I might have to forgo the interview. But I know it will be great. I will do my best to check it out next week when I go to Adelaide's.

  7. Hi Joni. Listened last night. It was my favorite of all! She sounds just so wonderful, very open and giving. Top of my list. I have her book, signed with a comment and lovely flourish in silver ink. Well worth going straight to her to buy. Thank you! Trish

  8. Hi Joni, I loved,loved, this interview.She was so informative and charming. It was fun to hear how she starts a room and also how she uses color sequencing.Her rooms are wonderfully and thoughtfully appointed. Keep up the good work.Charles Faudree did an interview last year on a blog over at designs by Gollum here is the link for those of you that are interested

  9. Oh, Joni!! I still haven't listened to last weeks' podcast!!! What is a busy mama of four to do?? :) Wait - I know - my kiddos are at my sisters for the next two hours so I can paint... I'll listen to y'all while I cut in! :)

    Lovin' learnin' at Cote de Texas,

  10. Joni,

    Thank you again for a most wonderful interview. I am going to listen to the three of you with Suzanne again today, it really was so chock full of information. Suzanne is so generous, kind and creative! {hmmm...just like you!}
    xo Lidy

  11. she is adorable.
    pretty work to.
    what do they say;
    'pretty says as pretty does.'

    love ya joni

  12. I cannot wait to listen to this. She is in my Top 10 too. Just looked at her book at my favorite book seller at lunch time. It is on my Christmas list but I wanted to buy it there and then!

    As TTI was saying, I am surprised designers are so aware of the blogs. I am continuously shocked here in decor stores when no one has even heard of decor blogs. In DC, I shopped in Georgetown for an afternoon and mentioned to several shop keepers that I had read about them on the blogs. Most looked perplexed or said "I don't read them" or just didn't acknowledge that they had a clue what I was talking about (except one!).

    So good job recruting these great decorator types!

    When is Michael Smith coming? I will die if that happens. He is to me what Charlotte Moss is to you.

    xo Terri

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  14. Hey, Joni :) Guess what! I was able to listen to **both** this podcast and the last one while painting my hall today!

    This was such a great interview. I tried looking for your email address (maybe that's not public anymore?) - I wanted to share something with you. It's just a little thing, but it encouraged me greatly :)

    Like I said, I was painting while listening to SRT, and I had to smile when you all got to the part of the interview where Ms. Kasler said that she usually starts a project out by choosing a great white. The hall I was painting is one of 4 rooms (all main rooms) that we're painting white right now. Then you asked her favorite whites... I held my breath...she said Benjamin Moore...I got excited... "c'mon, name my color!", I thought... and... she did! I was literally painting White Dove all over the main parts of my house as she said that!!! :)

    Anyway, it **thrilled** me to think I might have made a stylish choice :)

    I love your blog, Joni. I swear, it's a true lesson in Design each time I come over.


    ~Jacci in Ohio

  15. I will not say a word to Linda and Megan but certainly looking forward to other extraordinary conversations like the one with Suzanne. You are the best!

  16. I just bought this book and love her work. I look forward to hearing her on the Skirted Roundtable.

  17. This interview was drop-dead fab! Loved it! SK is by far one of my favorite designers in the whole-wide-world and to hear her soft, steady voice and clear direction was such a delight. Thank you all for working so hard to give us the best!


    Andrea V.

  18. Thank you for this interview Joni!
    Suzanne is one of my favourite designers!

    Have a nice weekend!


  19. one swedish wore, underbart or amazing!!


  20. hi joni - just to get back to the pillows for a moment- i also have zebra pillows in my living room and regard them as classics. i can see where the zebra rug can be too much with them, but on their own, i still adore the drama they bring to a room. as for the new ones you ordered, they sound beautiful and could look great mixed together - i'm sure you'll let us see them when they arrive! regards.....robin

  21. Love the interview, Thank you for sharing


  22. I can not wait to listen to the interview! The reviews are amazing! Suzanne will be in Atlanta on November 4th for a book signing at Bunglow. Hate I have to miss that!

  23. My BViz pillows (what a common word for such an exquisite work of art) add a lushness and depth to my otherwise very contemporay living space. My first reaction was that they were out of my budget but after holding one I saw Paris! Metallic cording, deep colored velvet, and that Euro artisan touch sold me. They make the space just as a great painting would.
    I would also enjoy seeing her studio in the pecan orchard..I understand it is an oasis of refinement in a vernacular stretch of Louisisana!
    Love, Nina Jane

  24. These pillows are just works of art!!!

  25. I especially love that last room, it is simple and not over cluttered, but still has plenty of style and character

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