COTE DE TEXAS: Judith Miller – Antiques Expert on the Skirted Roundtable

Judith Miller – Antiques Expert on the Skirted Roundtable



Judith Miller is incredible – she has written over 100 books.  Yes, 100!  I buy her books on design and keep them for reference, they are filled with everything you need to know about any given subject.  Her latest, Chairs, is truly remarkable.  She went around the world to photograph the most important and iconic chairs known to mankind.   No small feat.





Sounds lofty?  Well, it is.  How she accomplishes what she does – I’ll never understand in this lifetime.   I’m the ying to her yang.  I don’t think she would have me for a friend – my laziness and general lack of ambition would bore and frustrate her to death!   And on top of it – she’s brilliant AND nice!  The pictures in Chairs are beautiful – and if you have a thing about where you sit down, you need to get it HERE



Miller's 20th Century Design



And, Miller didn’t just write one book this year, she wrote two (of course!)    The other one is Miller’s 20th Century Design –the encyclopedia of everything modern from our times, available HERE.   And trust me, these books aren’t small, or light, or brief.  They are masterpieces.


We were lucky to get Miller to sit down for a moment and talk to us about antiques, her books, chairs, you name it – she’s an expert on it.   So, grab a cup of hot chocolate, a throw, and go sit on your favorite chair by a hot roaring fire to listen to Judith Miller on The Skirted Roundtable, HERE.  You’ll learn something new and worthy, I promise you!


  1. Well,
    I would have gotten that book for Renee.
    She just got her xmas present
    and I think she is a happy..

    nice post..


  2. I really enjoyed hearing Judith's interview! How does one person know so much?! Love individual chairs; this book sounds like something I should get!!
    I download the SRT to my ipod and then listen to it in the car- I listened to Judith on the way to Boston last week! Thanks for the interview!

  3. Judith Miller, is a remakable woman!! To one great book in a year is a amazing! Ms. did two... I have both and they will always be on my libary shelf. These books contain a worth of knowledge...BTW: I have over 10 books to give to my close friends in the design world... Chairs, will is now sitting on my "place on honor" my coffee table in the libary... It looks it fits in with ones holiday theme. Once you pick up... It is difficult to put down! Oh those chairs... Wonder post!

  4. course i have both books and in fact two large bookshelves filled with her books. i just LOVE her and what she has done!!!!!! serious idol of mine. so glad you posted about her (and i totally listened on SRT) please, please write about her again. i can't get enough!

  5. i think an occasional chair's style & period determine the personality of a room.
    i would love this book.
    i should buy it for myself.

    thanks for the suggestion

  6. oh i cant wait to hear this...the bottom book you showed was the TEXTBOOK (or one of them) for my Decorative arts graduate seminar at Baylor (over 10 years ago!) i still have it of course full of stick notes and little "flags"...yall blow me away with your "guests!..good job!

  7. Judith Miller's books are amazing. I must have 10 of them and have used them as references for over 10 years--almost like bibles...I just bought the 20th c. book and it looks like it is as good as the others.
    I'm going over to the Skirted RT right now. Thanks,

  8. Loved this! The Skirted Roundtable is introducing me to so many interesting people!

  9. Great interview with Judith Miller. I'll have to add the book "Chairs" to my collection of books on chairs. You've done a good job organizing your site, and the name "Skirted Roundtable" is clever on so many levels!

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  11. You know how much I love chairs !! I was born in chairs business ..

  12. Dear Ms. Joni,

    I wanted to come by and wish you and your family a Happy Hannukah!

    May you be richly blessed in the coming new year.