COTE DE TEXAS: Enfilades and Lanternes

Enfilades and Lanternes

image Kay O’Toole’s house as seen in the March Veranda, pictures by Tria Giovan.  What roses!!!  I just adore the soft lavender color of the chair fabric.  Notice how thick the walls are, easy to see this where the windows are placed.

image  The enfilade view from the bedroom past the entry hall into the living room.  Notice the gorgeous doors!  The front of the house is on the left.

This picture of Kay O’Toole’s house taken from the architect’s web site shows the skylight and the design on the wooden floors – both elements that are found on the above floor plan. 

image A collection of antique oil paintings hang over a settee.  The chinoiserie tea table is so beautiful!

A charming French house found in Provence.

I have long been obsessed with enfilades – especially French ones found in the southern region of that country.   What exactly does enfilade mean when used in architecture?    Simply, an enfilade is a building where the interior doors are aligned with connecting rooms along a single axis.  When the doors are all lined up  – you can see from one end of the house to the other.   The history of the enfilade is a long one.  From the Baroque period on, royal palaces incorporated enfilades - state rooms would be lined up on one axis while private apartments would be on another.   Great houses in England used this floor plan – Chatsworth House and  Blenheim Palace are two famous examples. 

Chatsworth House’s state rooms are lined up on an enfilade, one room flows into the next with their doors placed in a long line.   Here you can see from one end of Chatsworth all the way down to its other end. 

Blenheim Palace:  a long enfilade on the upstairs private bedroom wing.

The 17th century Tsarkoe Selo, an imperial palace in Russia, has a particularly beautiful enfilade due the lavish wall treatments.  The Tsarkoe Selo is home to the famous Amber Room. 

Maison de George Sand, home of the French author, has an enfilade of rooms.

image Here, in this Swedish house, the enfilade is short, just three rooms deep.  So pretty!

Palaces traditionally have enfilades on their state floors. 

Juan Pablo Molyneux’s house has a gorgeous enfilade of rooms. 

 image Another Swedish enfilade.

A country French house with beautifully carved doors between its rooms.

imageThe window at the end of this long enfilade is especially pretty. 

A modern interpretation of the enfilade by Thad Hayes who used beautiful doors to separate these rooms.

Another new version of the building style in Rosemary Beach – here arches separate the rooms, not doors.

David Adler, the famous architect, used enfilades in many of his designs.  This lineup of rooms is found in the 1925 Lasker house on Chicago’s North Shore.   Again, arches not doors separate the spaces.   

Limed wood doors and parquet floors update this house, giving it a more contemporary look. 

c image
Not France, but America by William T. Baker, thanks to Things That Inspire.   I would love to see the plans of this house to see if it is one room deep.

Traditional enfilades are not always fancy or large.   The New Orleans “shotgun house” is such an example.  Here, in the French Quarter,  is a rare but charming shotgun house, so called because a bullet would travel from the front door out to the back.

The shotgun house floor plan is a enfilade – all its doors are lined up.  The view at the front door would end at the back yard.

    Enfilade is also another name for a buffet with cabinet doors. This 19th century French painted enfilade with original hardware is from M. Naeve in Houston and 1st Dibs HERE. 

Kay O’Toole’s Floor Plans:   Enfilade AND a Lanterne

Looking again at Kay O’Toole’s floor plans, they reveal that besides being an enfilade, the house is also an example of a French Lanterne - meaning, the house is one room deep and the front and back windows are lined up – making the house see-through.  This style of house is named after the famous 18th century hunting lodge, the Pavillion de la Lanterne, located in the Versailles Park in France.   La Lanterne is considered a  most beautiful house and it has been widely copied throughout the years by different architects.   

image An earlier picture of La Lanterne.  The house is used as a country vacation spot by French President Sarkozy.   He spent his honeymoon there with Carla Bruni.   The romance of a Lanterne design is the ability to approach the house, look into it and out past it, onto the back yard.  Imagine at a dinner party, arriving at the house and seeing through it, straight to the back all decorated with candle lit tables.

image The gates to La Lanterne are topped by large deer heads. 

image A rare floor plan of  La Lanterne shows the courtyard its the two wings surround.  Here you can see the center part of the building with the windows that line up, making the building see through.  

image The layout of La Lanterne.   The famous blogger Aesthete’s Lament commented HERE that this view shows the “dreary landscaping, vulgarly sized tennis court, motel-blue pool.”  It does seem a shame that the grounds are not prettier. 

imageHere is a larger satellite picture of La Lanterne in Versailles.   You can see how close it is to the palace and the Petite and Gran Trianons.  

image Security is very tight at La Lanterne now.   There is now a metal gate between the deer head posts.  Another fence encircles the outer perimeter of the property.

Rare pictures of La Lanterne.  You can really see the essence of the see-through aspect of the house from these pictures. 

image The tennis court does seem horribly oversized – couldn’t it be moved to a more discrete part of the estate?  The pool, though, is not as offensive in this picture. 

A closer view of the two wings.

Many grand houses were built modeled on the original Pavillion de La Lanterne.  Here, in Lake Bluff,  the Carolyn Morse Ely house was built by David Adler in 1923.   Notice how the screens have marred the beautiful windows!   The facade is a faithful adaption of the original Pavillion de la Lanterne with its six windows and center pediment.

 image The Adler Ely house showing the opposite side of the house as above.

The floor plans of the Carolyn Morse Ely house, plainly showing the house to be a Lanterne design with its windows lined up with each other.  The center portion of the house is also an enfilade, all the rooms have doors lined up on an axis. 

In Newport, Champ Soleil was built, again based on La Lanterne.  Things That Inspire  took this picture on a tour of the neighborhood.   Again, the main section of the house is one room deep, with windows lined up from the front to the back, making the house see through.  The gates were recently refurbished at great cost to the homeowners. 

An earlier photograph, taken inside the gates show the shutters and front door stained.   Champ Soleil is not as faithful a reproduction as the Ely house.  The Ely house has six windows flanking the front entrance, exactly like the Pavillion de la Lanterne.  Champ Soleil has only one window flanking the front door, instead of three. 

This side elevation picture of Champ Soleil dramatically illustrates the one room deep aspect of the Lanterne design.

image In 1929, Horace Trumbauer designed another La Lanterne inspired house on Long Island for James B. Clews.   In 1952 the “Lanterne” center part of the house was demolished leaving the two wings to be converted into separate houses.  This facade is a faithful adaption of the original design – there are three windows on each side of the front door, exactly like the Pavillion de la Lanterne in Versailles.

The architects Bories and Shearron HERE designed a wonderful house based on the ‘see through’ style.   Sadly, this house has not yet been built.  This plan is not a copy of the Pavillion de la Lanterne, rather it is an interpretation of the style.  Notice the front door is not symmetrically placed, instead three windows are to one side of the door, while one is to its right.    

   And finally, a plat showing the layout of the house and gardens.

Reminder:  the new Skirted Roundtable is now online HERE.  This week we have as a guest, Jackie Von Tobel, author, interior and fabric designer.  Jackie is very inspiring to listen to – I think you will really enjoy hearing how she manages to do it all!   We are having a giveaway this week – two people will win one of Jackie’s reference books on bedding and window treatments!  Hurry to enter!


  1. So funny you mentioned the shotgun house. That's what drifted into my head as I was reading this wonderful post. Speaking of David Adler, one of my favourite examples of his work is the Crane Estate in Ipswich Mass. An incredible house. You really should visit if you haven't. There's the most delightfully elegant inn right on the estate. The Inn at Castle Hill. Absolutely divine! Go in May, when the lilacs are blooming.

  2. I didn't know the definition of enfilade, but was reminded as I read about the various examples of the shotgun houses. Also, I realize our home in the wine country could be an enfilade because the living room, dining room, then the kitchen all line up lengthwise.
    Thanks for a very interesting and informative post.

  3. This was fascinating, Joni. I was neither familiar with enfilades nor lanternes, but both appeal greatly to my Georgian sensibilities. I love pediments too.

    I have visited Versailles on several occasions but have never seen La Laterne. It is certainly beautiful.

    Thank you for continuing to enlighten me and expand my design horizons!

  4. This is a wonderful post - informative and full of beautiful photos. I was fascinated by the explanation of the enfilade concept in palaces, with state rooms being on one axis and private apartments on another. Wandering through Versailles Palace is like this - one room leading to another, with the interior private rooms not accessible.

    I wish I'd known about La Lanterne when we visited Versailles.


  5. Another case of serendipity - I was watching the movie "Impromptu", about the meeting and subsequent relationship between George Sand and Chopin, only last night. Your post is its usual joy of information.

  6. Joni,
    This is one of your gorgeoust post ever!!! You teaches your readers! I love that!
    I adore enfilade rooms! That is why I also kept that in mind building our home! When I stand in my kitchen, with open doors, I am able to see the dining room and through the dining way I can see my living room. And when we open our front door, I can see the garden because there is a window just in front of our frontdoor!
    Thank you so much for this fantastic explanation of enfilade here and for all these beautiful images! I filed them all I guess. I hope you don't mind!
    Have a nice week!

  7. Very interesting and educational for me as I did not know what an enfilade was.

  8. I learn something new each time I read one of your beautiful posts. I also love many of the beautiful wood doors in these photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Hi - enfilade is still the typical layout on 2nd floor apartments (US 3rd floor) of Haussmann era buildings here in Paris. The 2nd floor is called the étage noble because it was traditionally inhabited by well-to-do families, and is characterized by higher ceilings, balconies, ornate mouldings, and of course the enfilade floor plan that is the subject of your post! The 2nd floor is usually the most sought after (along with the 5th, which generally has balconies as well) for these very reasons.

  10. Joni,

    You have out done yourself, gorgeous and informative I want one....wonder about the feng shui though....oh who cares!
    hugs Heather

  11. Again, what a fantastic post, informative, beautiful, fascinating. I love the first floor plan. I live in an enfilade house of sorts( restored stables) U shape with enclose courtyard and one room deep (very french...) I love living in that type of architectural space where every room opens to the outdoors, morning light to sunsets stream into the rooms.

  12. I really think you need your own chateau on a wine label. Chateau de Cote de Texas.
    I would illustrate it for you and I know you would have a ton of customers. Whenever I sit down to read your posts, I feel the need for a tall latte, or a lovely glass of french wine. It would be peppery, robust, rich, and lingering.
    Can I ask you to send me a copy of "Papercity" - I was mentioned in there from a wedding I illustrated for a Dallas couple. Merci dear!

  13. Wow, Joni! Once again, thank you for a wonderfully informative post. Who needs design school when we can just read your fabulous writings? I always get a little giddy when I see new title from you. :) Thanks again.

  14. One again a Joni post had turned my brain into a happy mush. Sometimes I read the posts from the bottom up. Thanks so much.

  15. I am a new reader to your blog and was absolutely blown away by the information. I learned so much! And I appreciate the time and effort required to put this together. All I can say is "wow"!

  16. A wonderful post. The "Lanterne" plans are beautiful, provided you have greenery or a pleasant prospect on the opposite side of the building. My Aunt & mother-in-law grew up in Queens and the Bronx, respectively, and have a marked dislike for seeing through to the other side of the house based on their city experiences. They walk in to gorgeous, light-filled houses with garden views and say, "It looks like a railroad flat."

  17. Joni-
    Would you send me your email address? I have a question totally unrelated to this post for you. My email is Hope to hear from you soon!

  18. Thanks for this wonderful post and the education. The pictures are just delicious.

  19. What a gorgeous post - right up my alley.

    When speaking with architects around Atlanta about their idea of a perfect house, most of them would say a house that is one room deep. It is so beautiful for the light. Of course, this is the most expensive kind of house to build!

  20. P.S. - the White House public rooms are enfilade style - the East Room, Green Room, Blue Room, Red Room, and State Dining Room are all lined up and connected through a series of doors on axis, across the back of the house. The East Room spans from front to back, whereas the color rooms are only across the back (the State Dining Room and family dining room make up the west side of the space) . I wonder if I have a picture?

  21. Joni, such a great array of Enfilade examples. Very informative!!


  22. Another fascinating posting -- and a true education in decor and design too! Gorgeous ideas and homes -- what a delight! Many thanks for your hard work, insight -- and the simple fact that you share your passion with us all! Honestly I can't wait for your postings to be collected into a hardcover book -- you know I'll be first in line at the signing! LOL! (I'll be the one with a flask of martinis ...)

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  23. Great examples of enfilades,I liked the variation and have always wondered what the inside of Kay's house was like as I was working next door as it was being built. I love her design..Thanks for an entertaining and enlightening post!Maryanne xo

  24. Joni, such a great post,I wish Veranda had put Kay O'Toole's home on the cover-any one of those shots would have been ten times better than the room they selected.

  25. Thank you for the post this morning, love the interiors as well as the inserted panels of these rooms and there stencils and coverings.
    Just a big amount of eye candy!
    I like candy though, preferably chocolate or anything a little chippy and worn!

  26. Excellent enfilade tutorial, Joni!

    I must say those New Orleans shotguns are adorable .. . but when you scale down to that size, room opening to room is rather difficult to live in .

    Much better to play La Lanterne with
    the central courtyard.


  27. Super post. I have always loved enfilade houses--the light that is brought to play in the rooms is wonderful.
    I would guess that houses built around a courtyard and one room deep with opposing windows would seem to be a variation on an enfilade. Thanks--have a great week.

  28. Hi, Joni!

    I'm coming to Houston for a quick trip, and I have a few hours to poke around before my plane leaves. Houston was my home for 8 years, and I have my favorite haunts, but so much has changed since I left five years ago. So my question to you is: what shops would you suggest I visit? Anything new I need to see? Thank you so much if you can help me out with this...filling idle time is wonderful! :)

    I'm starting up my blog again--lifestyle through an artist with an emphasis in Atlanta, if I had to sum it up. :) Hopefully I'll be up and running next month. You are an inspiration--eye candy AND education here. I love beauty with brains. :)



  29. Thanks for clarifying when enfilade is used to describe a buffet with cainet doors...this has always confused me. I think Micheal S. Smith took this approach when he and his architect Oscar Shamamian renovated his California home. He also did it for decorative reasons, so that each room could have a different personality and a different ceiling treatment! Or something along those lines I recall reading. I wish my house was buit this way!

  30. I thought I recognized that, Joni. I have been at the Tsarkoe Selo in Russia and it is truly amazing! Beautiful post with lovely pictures!..Christine

  31. Great post, Joni. So informative. I knew some about enfilade, but nothing about lanternes. Beautiful images to illustrate as well. I thought the same as Holly about the White House. Many of the images remind me of it. Thanks as usual for a great read!

  32. Thanks for the great post Joni! I've looked up "enfilade" before after hearing you mention it, but mostly would just find references to it being a military tactic.

    Angela, I've put together a list of places I want to check out the next time I'm in Houston, after reading Joni's blog for a few months. I think you'll need at least a week to check all these out though! Here you go:

    Chateau Domingue
    Thompson + Hanson
    Vieux Interiors
    M. Naeve
    Antiques and Interiors
    Kay O’Toole Antiques and Eccentricities
    Memorial Antiques and Interiors
    Twenty Six Twenty
    The Fabulous Flea
    Found for the Home
    Joyce Horn Antiques
    Watkins Culver Antiques
    Neal & Co.


  33. As always Ms. Texas, you have shared some incredible images. I too had no idea that there was a specific term for rooms aligned so perfectly. Would be great for overnight guest bowling! I gest!
    Thanks for sharing your brilliant eye.

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still

  34. Little did I know on this grey and snowy day that a light would shine by way of your post and fill my computer screen with the most beautiful of rooms and a lesson in the bargain. I promptly forwarded your post on to friends who were also bogged down with snow and all agree on what fun it was to learn what an enfilade was and that we had been seeing it all along in our travels.

    Thank you.

  35. Little did I know on this grey and snowy day that a light would shine by way of your post and fill my computer screen with the most beautiful of rooms and a lesson in the bargain. I promptly forwarded your post on to friends who were also bogged down with snow and all agree on what fun it was to learn what an enfilade was and that we had been seeing it all along in our travels.

    Thank you.

  36. I loved the post. Glad you liked hearing about Peacock design. You can catch her at Roundtop.
    love you,

  37. Hi Joni: Thank you for your kind have no idea how it means the world to me, as until i started blogging ,I have quite reserved about my work and myself. To answer your question, no I have not put anything on my house on the blog, however I will look for some magazines photos where it has been published and will work on it... Best, Francine

  38. What are the odds? I posted this week on enfilades! Such a great theme.

  39. as always..... BRAVO. you are a rockstar! xx

  40. The Pope's bedroom and private areas in the Vatican are also an example of the Enfilade. Visiting Tsarkoe Selo in the 80's we had to don painters slippers to protect the beautiful wood floors. Your post brings back memories. I believe the Z"s (privacy) home on Inverness in Houston is a fabulous example of both the Enfilade and Lanterne style. All limestone clad it is a Masterpiece of true French design.

  41. Thank you for a wonderful blog post! Reading your blog is one
    of the highlights of my day!

  42. What a wonderfully researched post, Joni! I went to Blenheim a few years ago and I loved it -- but I never connected the dots between a palace like Blenheim and a simple shotgun house! What's great about an enfilade is that you eliminate the need for hallways (great for small homes like a shotgun) but you're still making a feature of the doors (great for stately homes like Blenheim).

    It was great to meet you on Saturday, by the way!


  43. Guess who just happily learned an awful lot today....ME!
    Thank you.

  44. Wonderful interesting post. What an hard work to fid all these documents. Thank you for teaching us. I love enfilade rooms...

  45. Wonderful interesting post. What an hard work to fid all these documents. Thank you for teaching us. I love enfilade rooms...

  46. Your post reads like a history lesson, thank you ;) It was very interesting.. I have always liked the fact of my own little place where I can see from the front door right throught the halway to the end of the living room where there is a south faced window with a tree in front.

  47. Wonderful post. Symmetry, enfilades, can't get enough.

    And La Lanterne, so superb, as is the Ely House.

    Champs Soleil at Newport is actually modeled after another French manor house, not La Lanterne. Name escapes me at the moment, but it inspired almost as many copies as La Lantern.

    HOWEVER, there is a copy of La Lantern, in Newport, in white out on Harrison avenue across from the gates to the Country Club.

  48. Joni, you're a gem! I can't believe the amount of work and knowledge that go into each of your posts. Never stop! I'm addicted. All so lovely.

  49. Enfilades and lanterns? Two of my favorite things! We had the pleasure to work on a home recently with a 150 foot enfilade that ran though the first floor and the spaces along that axis automatically felt grand and glamorous!

  50. Years ago while living in Houston, I stood with Kay in her parking lot talking about her plans and dreams of this house. I am so glad to see she did it and so glad to see your amazing article with all the research is truly impressive. I miss all the Houston girls. Kay is the best, I think I miss her the most. Please tell her Kevin says hello.

  51. dear joni... i am sure you have a few of these but you deserve this one... from me. you are amazing, sweet, kind, giving and sooooo funny... you are such a bright spot in my life and so many others... please go claim your award over at my post today... xoxoxo

  52. Wow, you learn something new every day when you read Cote de Texas. Just yesterday, I was thinking how I love how the doors line up from back to front of my house, and that when I stand at the back door I can see all the way through to the front porch (but lamenting that the last thing you see is a light fixture that I hate, but can't yet afford the light I've picked to replace it with). I didn't know this had a name!


  53. I learned something here today. I knew I loved homes built like this, but did not know there was a word for them. I love one room deep rooms where the light can come from both sides! I love to be in one room and look into others... I designed my own home and I have that in the family room, kitchen and dining room. You can also walk into the front door and go straight out the back door, no wall between the dining room and the living room , allowing light to come in from both sides. Now, I can pretend all these things were done with a purpose, instead of a 22 year old that got lucky! Thanks

  54. Debra from OreillersFebruary 24, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    WOW Joni…Thank you so much for yet another fabulous as well as informative post! These homes are to die for and I’m wondering if Kay O’Toole would like a servant…lol. I just love all of her mannequins, Santos and statues they really add a lot of decorative flair, not to mention those amazing antique paintings…OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  55. being one who constructed a Potager, so I can admire it all through the year, from above, from my kitchen window and 2nd story, I loved this post....structure is so key....but doesn't have to be so formal....but to me, it's essential! with everything (lol)

    great post!

  56. Dear Joni, sorry to leave tghis as a comment - I can't find an email address. Just wanted to let you knwo that I've left you an award at my place and hope that you don't mind my doing so without warning - just thought some of my English readers would be fascinated by your amazing and informative blog.
    Warm regarde

  57. Hi Joni,

    Just getting to read this post - amazing! Thank you for your research, that allows us all to learn something. Beautiful photos and floor plans too. Well done!
    Kindest regards,

  58. thank you for the opportunity to escape today through these pictures! great post. and i love love love Thad Hayes design!

  59. i love enfilades - my favorite is at Castletown House in County Kildare, Ireland. They have images and plans on their website, its worth a visit online and in person if you ever get the chance.

  60. i love enfilades - my favorite is at Castletown House in County Kildare, Ireland. They have images and plans on their website, its worth a visit online and in person if you ever get the chance.

  61. i love enfilades - my favorite is at Castletown House in County Kildare, Ireland. They have images and plans on their website, its worth a visit online and in person if you ever get the chance.

  62. i am sorry, i do not know why that posted 3 times

  63. What a wonderfully researched post. Thank you, Joni, for sharing all of this work and for inspiring me to build an enfilade myself - once I find that magic money tree, of course...


  64. A fascinating post - I always learn so much from you!

    I have a hard time deciding if I would like a house like that - would need to walk through, but they are visually wonderful, and give two sides of light, as Holly (and I) love (and likely everyone)!

    Fascinating! xo Terri

  65. Hi Joni,

    I have read and loved your blog for several years. You have inspired me to begin my own blog. I would love to have you look at my blog. You are mentioned in my first blog entry!

    Please take a look

    Would love your thoughts!


    Melissa Rakowki

  66. Joni please go to your twitter account asap, it has been hacked!
    Sorry i can't find you email address to go directly to you.

  67. Joni,
    I just learn so much from your post! I realized that I have somewhat of an enfilade becasue when you open my front door you see straight through the room through the doors to the patio, the patio, and the door from the master bedroom. I've been having trouble decorating my bedroom because you can see straight through and see that I don't make my bed every day! Of course I love to leave the curtains drawn because I love the light. Now I know how to rearrange my bedroom so that you don't see the bedroom. Instead!!! You will see my french armoire straight through from the front door!! I'm so excited. It makes sense.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. The beautiful David Adler house "The Carolyn Morse Ely" is in my town and I recently helped to decorate it.(the original decorator was Francis Elkins) It is fabulous, but sadly one of the wings was removed during the 50's and moved to another location. So, the house no longer has the perfect symmetry that Adler was known for.
    Great Blog Posting!

  70. Joni- Just wanted to let you know- it looks like spammers got to your twitter account. You should change your password as soon as possible-- they are sending posts that are definitely not from you!

  71. Wow! I love this post. I learned a lot. It's cracking me up to realize that my plain, suburban tract home was enfilade.

  72. Still waiting with anticipation for the completion of Top Ten Design Elements....think there r 4 more. When will you cote de texas be doing that?

  73. Joni, I live in West U, too! I was just web surfing, stumbled across your blog and within a few lines saw the West U references. Your blog looks fabulous so far. I have a lot to catch up on!

    I need to have new slipcovers made for my sofa and two arm chairs. Do you recommend anyone? I have heard of Hien Lam, Shabby Slips, and Custom Creations. Do you have a favorite?


  74. It seems when I first started reading your blog there would be a new post every few days. Lately the new posts don't come as often. I miss your musings.

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