COTE DE TEXAS: Jealousy on The Skirted Roundtable

Jealousy on The Skirted Roundtable

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Ah, jealousy!  This week on The Skirted Roundtable, Linda, Megan and I discuss that little talked about phenomenon – jealousy among bloggers.  Linda actually thinks the correct term is envy.  Whichever, it’s not pretty and certainly, it’s nothing to be proud of.  But, we’re all do seem to be guilty of it.  For sure.  In fact, the three of us admit to everyone and ourselves the design blogs we are particularly jealous or envious of.  Be sure to listen, it’s a fun one.

Next, we have Tobi Fairley visiting – she discusses her House Beautiful cover and the ins and outs of running a highly successful interior design business in Arkansas.  Coming later this week.

To listen to Jealousy and Blogging, go HERE.  


  1. Oh Joni, very topical. We've sort of side tracked over to the 'jealousy topic' over my way this week. I started out discussing 'kids on facebook' and bullying, then had to mention my blog bullies with a link to your skirted discussion! A-M xx

  2. I'm a designer from Arkansas (currently in NYC). I can't wait to hear from Tobi! LOVE The Skirted Rountable!

  3. This was my first outing to the skirted round table - and i found it really interesting. Learnt a lot too! Thanks :)


  4. Joni I left a comment on the SRT site and it was a most relevant topic. Really a help those of us still growing!

    Art by Karena

    That image is priceless!!

  5. (Jealousy = green = st. patty's day!)

    I guess it's part of being human. It was a very cool topic to discuss on SRT.

    Looking forward to the next..


    what a pout on that little girl's face!

  6. I'm on my way over to the SRT, but had to leave a little comment. I've been picking up a lot of jealousy lately--don't really know why. But it is not pleasant when one's comrades in arms try the put=downs and one-ups. Wouldn't it be bliss if we all simply aimed at our personal best while being inspired by others? (Just had to put that in there--thanks for the opportunity)

  7. Joni, the BLOG WORLD wants to know... You have been tagged. I hope you choose to play. :D

  8. Joni, I listened to the SRT and found you all to be so truthfull and down to earth, I loved it. I am so new to blogland as a blogger that I have not had this experience and I hope it skips me. I left a website on Why we blog on my comment but it is also on my blog on the side bar. I think it articulates why I blog so well I had to put it on my sidebar. I know every one has different agenda's for their blogs and that is probably where the jealousy comes into play. I am just so thankful that anyone reads my blog and then to top it off leaves me a comment, that is the best ever. I have appreciated so much the times you have left a comment because I know how busy you are. You have never been anything but generous and thoughtful to me. You will always remain as the top dog in blogland to me. Kathysue

  9. Fabulous topic. I've returned at the right time.
    I think personal validation has so much to do with blogging that many take numbers, etc too personally. Life, unfortunately, has always been a popularity contest but I'm at a place where to hell with being number one. I'm just working at what I do, doing my best. Expression not validation.

  10. Loved this topic! You ladies are the best.

    No need to respond to this comment :-)


  11. Joni,
    So if I read a blog all the time but never have a comment, should I start leaving comments? I am all for encouraging the person who does the blog. I thought they could just looked at the number of times the page has been viewed.

  12. I adored this week's topic. It seems so silly but indeed is quite real.

    I have my great Skirted Roundtable giveaway featured on my blog today. Although the post is about spring cleaning if you read through you will see how the two are linked. (Creatively I hope.) :)

  13. wow,I guess Ive never really looked at it like that. Great post and topic!!! xoxo LA

  14. What a great topic, Joni! and that picture is absolutely priceless!!

  15. You know how I feel Joni...I am just so thankful that you all accept little ole anon me :) and letting me give my 2cents !!!

    Thank you girls for bringing this to the forefront...

    Why can't we all just get along :) ????

    Have a great week-end,
    Kathy :)

  16. How perfect to post about the green-eyed monster on the greenest of all days! And 'jealousy' {or blog-love, or admiration, or just a case of the 'why didn't I think of that's' can be good -- especially if it shoves us into a place of higher creativity where we might not have landed otherwise.

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  18. To be honest, I am most jealous of "slipper socks" guy.
    He is my favorite accent in any room. I love it when I read a blog and the husband is sitting on the floor so he does not "smush" the perfectly poufed pillow.
    I did mention you today Joni. Maybe I am a smidge jealous of you and your fab ability to post and do so much. You are such a star blogger!

  19. This was my first SRT listen and it was great! I'm going to have to listen to all the rest of them now.
    The discussion was so real and I loved how that not just jealousy was talked about but many different areas such as the time commitment involved in blogging and the pressure involved to keep up with it.
    Your blog is a joy Joni and I thank you for many wonderful lurking expeditions!

  20. Hello. And Bye.

  21. Loved the podcast this week! Keep up the good work!

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  23. Joni, thanks for the visit to my blog today. It was so fun seeing your name there. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment. Hope to see you there again, Kathysue

  24. that was an excellent discussion and relevant to more than just the blog world.

    i had a very specific type of photography busines (exclusively shot in b&w, would hand tint or tone; worked with available light; hand printed everything myself;etc.) for about 20 years. i worked out of my home.

    every so often someone else in town would start the same kind of photo biz.

    it would worry me...until i realized that a. there is plenty of room for other artists..everyone has a unique view. takes A Lot of work to run a buisness(or blog)successfully for any length of time and c. you have to really enjoy what you are doing to work at it everyday and to keep at it long term.

    that is my thesis for today...

    thanks for giving us the skirted roundtable!


  25. Thanks for playing, Joni. If you guys want to see what our hostess carries in her bag, please go here:

  26. And she is AWESOME! We should start a fan club. :)

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