COTE DE TEXAS: The Skirted Roundtable: Scot Meacham Wood

The Skirted Roundtable: Scot Meacham Wood




This week, The Skirted Roundtable welcomes Scot Meacham Wood of SMW Design.   An interior designer and noted musician, Scot surprised us with an a Capella serenade!   That’s a first, for sure!   Scot tells us all about his start in the business working for Ralph Lauren and we discuss how Lauren’s influence can be seen in some of his projects.  Scot is also a popular blogger who writes Tartanscot, a play on words for his love of all things tartan.   During the interview, Scot tells us about his interior design business, explaining how he works and his creative process.  As always, it’s so interesting to learn how other interior designers handle their jobs – it’s such a learning experience and an opportunity to compare and connect with others in the business.  We thoroughly enjoyed our talk with him, he’s such an old-fashioned southern gentleman, although he has lived all over the world and is definitely a Scotsman at heart!!


 image A project in East Hampton that we all loved.  What a gorgeous and grand entry hall.




The master bedroom in the Hamptons house.  This is a favorite of mine and I really see a Ralph Lauren vibe in this room.  Love the slips and wallpaper, and I love that blanket!!



image Scot describes this room in a Californian house where he had to duplicate the sofa because the owners only had one.  Notice the tartan blanket, of course!



imageScot’s apartment is well known to the blogosphere.  He told us that he is in the midst of a complete remodel and these pictures are now obsolete.  Here is his bedroom, which is also a study.  



image The other side of his bedroom.  Scot tells us all about that fabulous picture behind the sofa, Ralph Lauren, hint, hint.   Notice the tartan blankets, pillows, and curtains.   I can’t wait to see what his redecorated place will look like!


To listen to the Scot Meacham Wood interview, go HERE.  To visit his web site, SMW Design, go HERE


  1. I am a lover of Ralph Lauren and I admire Scot Meacham Wood as well. A well done RL room is so warm and complete, as shown in your photos.

    Loved this Joni!


  2. Scot has a wonderful blog!
    Imagine being trained by the genius of Ralph Lauren!

  3. I am in love with all of these rooms! The blue room with the shell mirror is fantastic.

  4. great interview ladies!

    scot is a major talent and how fortunate we all are that he has a blog and shares his life and talents with us.

    his words resonate with me on how he treats his clients, lessons to be learned. a truly classy man

  5. Loved to see this post on Scot, follow his blog regularly.
    It's always a pleasure to visit your blog, each time I come away thinking that the Americans are miles ahead of us europeans on interior design.
    OK we've got the authentic decors, and the old materials but you're the ones with the talent for finishing and the eye for detail.

  6. Loved the beauty and coziness of every room...dogs and toddlers would be welcome.

  7. I love all of these rooms. I want the bedding in the blue and white room!

  8. Joni,

    Congrats on another interesting post. Keep it up !

    Dean in Florida

  9. Looking forward to catching up on a few SRT topics and this will be on this list for sure. BTW, I passed on a little blogger award this morning.

  10. What a fantastic bedroom- I love everything about it. Great taste and the talent to put it together!

  11. I have owned Gallery Classic(10,000 sq.') in Topeka, Kansas since 1987. I'm an artist and we import antiques from Europe. I started a blog about 6 weeks ago and would love to link to your blog if it's ok with you. My blog is I'm always SO busy at the shop but I love blogging (still have a LOT to learn). Love your blog! Kristen White