COTE DE TEXAS: A Confession

A Confession


Beatlemania, NYC, 1964.   Some things never change.

In 1964, I was crazy over one boy – well, he was a young man then.  I lived and breathed for Paul McCartney.   That year, on Aprils Fools Day, my mother woke me up for school, screaming excitedly - “The Beatles are coming to school today!  Get up,  get up!!!”  Sad to say, I truly believed her and jumped up, got dressed immediately, plotting out ways I could impress Paul enough to get him to marry my 10 year old self.   I still, to this day,  almost 45 years later, remember EXACTLY how I felt when she told me it was an Aprils Fools joke. 



Twihards, 2010


Fast forward years later, through all kinds of obsessions with singers, books, and movies and here I find myself a Twihard.   It’s truly embarrassing to admit this, but yes, I am a Twihard, a serious devotee of Stephenie Meyer’s books, the Twilight Saga.    I don’t know how I fell into this (well, I really do know) but when I fell, I fell hard.    It’s not like I don’t appreciate fine literature – my cats names were Quilty and Humbert, for God’s sakes!!  But, I am, at the age of 55, in the grips of a series of books written for teenaged girls. 


 z002  Rob Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, smexy vampire and Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan, his fragile little human girlfriend.  Will he turn her into a vampire so they can live happily ever after as teenagers for all of eternity?  Stay tuned for Breaking Dawn to find out, the 4th book in the Twilight Saga – and the 4th and 5th movie.


So, people, I confess here, publically, to you that tonight at midnight – my daughter and I, along with every other teenaged girl in Houston, will be at the movie theatre attending the Twilight-Eclipse premier.  Something tells me we’ll probably return tomorrow for a second viewing.  Well, I will – not sure if Elisabeth will want to go again so soon.



I’m not THIS bad off that I would tattoo a famous line from the book/movie on my arms.  Not yet at least.   The actual quote from the book is:  


"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..." he murmured.
I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.
What a stupid lamb," I sighed.
“What a sick, masochistic lion."

I guess this poor girl didn’t have enough room on her arms for the entire quote. 




Edward and Bella at their junior prom where she begs Edward to change her into a vampire.  He refuses, of course.  He’s too much of an old fashioned gentleman from the early 1900s to ever do anything inappropriate to Bella, like have sex with her for instance!  The Twilight Saga is definitely smut free.  Stephenie Meyer is a devout Mormon and her values on premarital sex are woven into the plot. 


Even more embarrassing about my obsession is that I almost escaped the phenomenon altogether.  Oh, if I only had.   I had heard about the Twilight Saga but never really paid any attention to it.   I wished I had continued to ignore it – it would save me all this humiliation.   Until last year, I didn’t even know who Robert Pattinson was, nor did I care – but boy, has THAT changed!   I laughed at all the endless TV promotions for Twilight and it’s sequel New Moon.  Laughed.   I’m not laughing now, I live for those commercials!   My fall into the abyss occurred  when the first movie, Twilight, came out on DVD.   Elisabeth of course was already involved.   She had a slumber party where she and her friends watched the Twilight DVD all night long.   I snickered at them.   It looked so boring!   The acting was so stilted!  Everyone looked so pasty!



Pasty???   Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen, the gentlemanly vampire.   His career is huge now thanks to Twilight – he has two major motion pictures coming out next year.  He is the the Marlon Brando, the James Dean of youngest generation.  He made the Forbes List.  And he is just 24 years old. 




Ok, I can’t resist another picture of this gorgeous man.   That hair!  It has a mind of its own.



Maybe just one more peek.  hehe.  Brooding Rob.   I’m Team Edward all the way.  Elisabeth is Team Taylor.  She even has a life size cutout of Taylor Lautner.  We argue about who is cuter – Edward or Taylor.   It’s all so ridiculous – I KNOW THIS!!!! 


THE END OF LIFE AS I KNEW IT:   I don’t know why I actually chose to sit down one night to watch the Twilight DVD, but that’s where this all started.   I’ve probably seen the movie about 30 or 40 times since.  Elisabeth has watched it probably over a 100 times.  Plus factor in New Moon, the second Twilight movie on DVD – we watch that one too, but it’s not as good as the first one.   Since we’ve seen Twilight so many times, we know the dialogue and can recite it, word for word.    It’s not a great movie to be sure, the acting is bad (except for Pattinson who steals every scene he is in), the script is worse, but it sucks you in all the same.   It’s no To Kill A Mockingbird or Gone With The Wind, but it’s a sweet story of first love, if your first love is a vampire, that is.   When you are hooked you actually wish there were vampires that you could fall in love with.  How sick is that?  But, what is so wrong with never dying, never getting older, never sleeping, having brute strength, incredible vision and hearing, and gorgeous good looks (all vampires are gorgeous to lure their victims in)?  Plus, the Cullens are GOOD vampires.  They only drink animal blood, not human blood.   I know, I know, this is all so STUPID!!!!!  But, what confession is easy? 




The famous school cafeteria scene in Twilight.  Here Edward sits with his “family” – the Cullens. He is the only one without a partner, so he is lonely and brooding.  The “fragile human” Bella has a special scent that attracts him like his own “personal brand of heroin.”  He can’t be with her or without it.  It’s all so tortured!!!!   In real life – Bella (Kristen) and Edward (Rob) are also romantically linked.


After watching the movie, I read the first book in about a day, then promised myself  - I was through with all this nonsense.    Except there’s that pesky thing called Kindle.   Kindle makes it too easy to buy a new book at 3:00 a.m.   In shame I tell you, that within just a few days, I had read all four books.   Twice.    But it doesn’t end there.  It’s just the beginning.    After  you have read all the books, there is this weird thing called FanFiction.    What is FanFic exactly?  Well, it’s where people write long stories (as long as books sometimes)  online.  These stories are their interpretation on the plot -  they may rewrite an original book with different endings, or  different beginnings or even different plots altogether.  Sometimes the FanFic story will just takes the characters names and it will have nothing to do with the original book.  FanFic is not just about Twilight – any book or movie can be rewritten.    For instance, fans of the book To Kill A Mockingbird have written over 350 FanFics, retelling that book in their own way.   There are 607 FanFics for Gone With The Wind.   For Twilight, there are over 150,000 FanFic stories.  Harry Potter has over 450,00o FanFic stories.    So far, I have probably read more than 100 Twilight FanFics in my spare time.   Some are actually fabulous books – change the characters names and they would have nothing to do with Twilight.   Many of the more popular FanFic stories are even better than Stephenie Meyer’s original books.  It must kill her to read the better FanFic.    Still, FanFic is a mysterious and strange world, but a highly addicting one.




While I am bad off, I’m not this bad off that I would camp out for days for a glimpse of the Twilight cast.  At least I don’t think I would, but it sure looks like fun!


So, this is my confession to you.  I’m not just about decorating and French antiques.    I’m a Twi-Mom.   And yes, there are a LOT of us out here.    I won’t admit this to you in person, nor will I talk about this addiction with anyone that knows me except my poor long suffering husband and daughter.   It’s my secret.   Until now.   I might need an intervention.    I’m sure there must be a 12 step program out there for people like me who are hopelessly lost in the world of Bella and Edward.   Knowing Twihards though, it would be a 3 step program that would sound something like this (taken from an important excerpt in the book):


About three things I am absolutely positive.

First, Twilight is just a book.

Second, there is a part of me that will always be addicted to this book.

And third, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it!


hehe.  You need to read the book for this to make sense!


 image Cote de Texas on her cell phone at the premier of Eclipse.


If you are going to see Eclipse tonight or tomorrow or the next night – be sure to wave if you can recognize me.   I’ll be the one in disguise wearing all black.  


If you want to see what all the fuss is about – I suggest you read the Twilight Saga books first.  Then rent the movies Twilight and New Moon.  And then, and only then go see the movie Eclipse.     OR you could do what I did and see the Twilight movie first, then read the books, then see New Moon and Eclipse!  Either way.    If you are already a Twihard and have never heard of FanFic, email me – I’ll give you some great stories to start out with.

Amazon:  HERE

Twilight FanFiction:   HERE


  1. This post cracked me up!! I am addicted and kind of ashamed too. Glad I'm not alone!

  2. Oh, this post cracks me up! Just yesterday, I broke down and put the series on hold at the library. Along with the dvds. I never wanted to get into it. Never wanted to read it, know it, be a part of it....but, here I go. I would love some links for the FanFic!

  3. I considered signing as "Anon" here; but your confession has made me brave. :) It's a sickness. I refused to read them...until this past winter. Read the first 3 books in a week. Haven't gone to #4...yet. On a cold, rainy Saturday in March I holed up (all alone) with DVDs and dogs. Yes, I watched the movies. Even blogged about them but did not name WHAT movies I succumbed to. I'm in good company, I know. Those that don't get it, awww-they're missing SUCH fun! Enjoy tonight!!!!

  4. I'm not there yet, but, hey, why not?

    Gotta have something to be passionate about! Or many things!

  5. Joni,

    I'm with you--a dedicated fan. My husband and daughter tease me all the time about my Twilight obsession. I've read all the books at least 6 times each. I had to take my daughter to see New Moon because my husband refused. I can't wait to check out the latest Eclipse!!

  6. Oh Joni. Well, confession is good for the soul they say! I tried to read the first book, as I have a good friend that has been "bitten" like you. But I just couldn't manage to like it.

    As for Sir Paul... oh yessss! And that was the cruelest April Fool's joke I have ever heard of!!

  7. I have a confession too ...
    I haven't been here for sooooo long ... toooo long ...

    I'm back ....

    oh and yes, how does one girl named Megan get all the cuteness and and and ...

    let's chat

  8. Love your blog and today's post cracked me up! I"m a fellow addicted Twi-Mom. Saw Eclipse at midnight with all the teenagers and I had a great time:)

  9. You are not's "me" who's alone!LOL! I must be the only person who's not in love w/ the books (read them and actually thought "The Host" was better written than the series) or the movies (almost fell asleep during the second one). The funny part is that everyone expects me to love them and when I make comments they all look at me like I've betrayed them!LOL Oh well...maybe if I read them again I'll start to having said secret is that I find the wolf boy totally hot and I could totally be his mom...I'm ashamed every time I see him and think "HAWT" and then remember...he's a KID! Oh well...pass on the burka!LOL

    (delurked 'cause I found this entry very funny but might as well tell you I love your blog)

  10. "And I love her" Ah! gorgeous sweet memories of Paul and myself in London.
    I will NOT read the books or watch the movies, I will be waiting instead for your FanFic French Design version.

  11. Oh my ga...I busted out laughing at that last pic of 'you' at the movie. Never seen or read it, but I'm Team Edward for sure. Taylor's a teeny bopper..Edward's hottie lover.

  12. As an English Lit major working on my Masters and focusing on post-modern southern women playwrights, I am ASHAMED....
    to also call myself a Twilight fan.

    Shhhh... don't tell my fellow masters degree candidates. They would snicker, SNICKER I TELL YOU, over the top of their Garcia Marquez.

  13. Okay, so maybe I'm not weird after all! If you can be a big ol' fan, so can I. I read all the books last year at the urging of my daughter. I could not believe I'd get addicted to books about werewolves and vampires!

    A friend of my daughter's who lives in Las Vegas went to the premire in LA and she said it was FABULOUS darling!

    I gotta hand it to you Joni....reading those books so quickly. I'm a fast reader but don't think I would ever in this lifetime be able to read them as fast as you.

    Enjoy your night out and watch out for vampires!

  14. Hi Joni, This is such a cute post..and one I can truly identify with. My DIL tried her best to get me to read the books. She even gave me her copies. They sat on my bookcase for months until I finally read one. That was all it took. Now I am addicted! Yes, it is a little embarrassing to admit at my age that I am so into vampires. Well, I guess there are a lot worse things to be obsessed with. Enjoy the movie.
    xo, Sherry

  15. Joni- You are HILARIOUS! I actually saw Twilight on Showtime on Sunday, and casually asked my husband to DVR it for me. I have several friends that like it, so I thought, why not? I thought it was all silly, nonsense anyway. Well...Monday I watched it. Then I immediately downloaded New Moon and watched that. Then I watched them again on Tuesday. Then today, Wednesday, I went to see Eclipse! I am crazy! Now I have to read the books, the only problem is that I know I'll need to block out like 4 days so I can sit and read them without any disturbances! I need help, Joni! Thank you for admitting your addiction to makes me feel much better! And thanks for the R. Pattinson pics...he's yummy!

  16. I'm right there with you!!! I am so jealous! I can't go tonight. My daughter is out of town and of course I can't go without her. We are going to Washington next month to visit family. When asked what I would like to see, I planned us a trip to Forks and La Push beach!!!! I can't wait!!

  17. Oh no you didn't , It happened to me too , I had heard it was cheesy{the movie} but everyone just kept going on and on about it , then it was free on the movie channel , that was it , I was hooked I got it , I even went to New Moon alone on opening day , that's right I said it , I love twilight too .
    I will be seeing eclipse hopefully very soon , maybe tomorrow after I recover from my daughters shopping spree today .
    Your not alone.

  18. Is anyone ever too old to feel so passionate about something? I don't think so! It's so fun that you can share this with your daughter!

  19. This is HILARIOUS!!! I am with you all the way. I made fun of the books and twi-hards for ever and then I saw New Moon and ran home and started reading Eclipse, then BD, then read Twilight and New Moon. I too was at the midnight showing at Edward's last night in hiding!! I'm a young mom, but I'm still a MOM with two young kids and I was there with the teenage girls. I had a blast...suffering today though! My boys are down for naps and I am hitting the couch. I'll confess even further...I'm going again on Friday and dragging my husband along! He pretends not to like it.

    PS - Did you see the camera crew when you were walking out? They attacked me. Just picture me with my 2:30 am face on and basically vomit of the mouth. I'm sure it made for some good tv!

  20. BTW - Eclipse was fabulous! SO WELL DONE - much much much better than New Moon - Lizzy and I keep looking at each other saying, this is great!!!!! If you are a twihard, you will LOVE it!!!!
    can't wait for Breaking Dawn and Reneesme. hehe

  21. I also got addicted to these after poo pooing them. I didn't get the whole vampire thing and I certainly didn't understand the attraction to the pasty guy in the movie trailers. Then on vacation with nothing to read I downloaded the first book, then the second and so on and so on until I finished the lot of them. (Secretly, I am happy I didn't have to carry around the books.) I tell everybody I know, you won't believe how good they are, especially if your teenage years are far behind you.

  22. Yes, I'm in Houston and YES, I LOVED it!! The acting and the script was by far the best out of all the movies. They didn't have to fill scenes with depressing music this time around. My friends and I kept laughing because it seems all of the teenagers love Jacob and his chiseled body, while the "older" crowd goes for Edward because of the ultimate romance and of course his good looks...sigh.

    Glad you liked the July Fourth table setting! =)

  23. Sorry, you had me at Paul McCartney, whom I was lucky enough to see in concert his last go round through the states. At 54 and 10 3/4 months, he still has my heart. I considered others (George Clooney, Chris Noth, various baseball players, my husband, et al) but I've chosen to stay true to The Cute Beatle. I believe true romance only comes once in one's life....:-)


  24. crack me UP! I am not a Twihard myself....but out of a fit of boredom one afternoon, I rented "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson. So I can see what you mean. If you haven't seen may want to rent it...but I warn you, have tissues on hand.

  25. Dear Joni-
    I laugh out loud when reading your blog. You definitely have a southern woman's voice in you. I think you should give up your blog ... well take some time away and write a book. You are very entertaining.
    Thanks for providing all the joy and fun.
    Annetta Igou

  26. Looove this!!
    Would you like to borrow my
    shirt??? Hee Hee.....


  27. I don't usually laugh wholeheartedly out loud when reading blogs but I did reading this. I have yet to see any of the films or read the books but now you have me rethinking. So, will buy or borrow the 1st book this long weekend. You are so influential Joni!

  28. I'll confess, I love the movies too, and am looking forward to see the next.

    I watched the first with hubby on DVD, then we went to the theatre the day after (caught on way late) and saw the second film. That's when he realized there were only 13 yo girls in and us who had showed up... I have to find someone else to go with for the 3rd film haha!!

    BTW best post ever!!

  29. I remember getting in big trouble to playing with my big sisters Beatles cards and now the twilight books need some play time here.
    I love that you confessed.

  30. I applaud your honesty. I have to be honest and say....I don't care for the series at all.... I read the first book at the insistence of friends who had read it and thought I would love it. I adored all the Anne Rice vampire books. Have read all a couple of times.

    So I went into Twilight expecting to love it and just thought it was boring. Same with the movie.

    I read the second one and liked it a little better. Then struggled to get through the third one because I just didn't care about these characters.

    I refused to read the last one. I made a friend of mine tell me what happens and after she did...I was so glad I hadn't bothered to read it.

    But I'm glad to know that someone other than me has a silly obsession. My crazy obsession is Lady GaGa.

  31. This cracked me up, too. But I like it when someone can let themselves have a wild and crazy side and especially when they admit it and share it with the world.

    But how did I miss this? Do you have to have a female child at home or a friend who tells you about it? Thank you for making me worldly!

  32. Love the post, I know exactly what you mean. I got hooked on Janet Evanovich the Stepanie Plum series, there are now 16 books. Stephanie Meyers is also a fan of Evanovich. I think both authors use a similar descriptive quality that I like alot.

  33. You had cats, and you named them after characters in Lolita?!

    THAT surprises me.

  34. This had me smiling from the start. I read all four of the books last summer on a trip with my husband. There wasn't much conversation. I kept telling myself how bad the writing was, how trite the story, but, like you, I was HOOKED! I've only seen the first movie and didn't think it lived up to the book so I haven't seen the second or third. Maybe I'll have to give them another try.

  35. I love this post! I feel exactly the same way. I was so anti - what is all the fuss? But yeah, now I totally get it. =)

  36. Enjoy your crush Joni....I haven't read the books but I did do a midnight viewing of the second movie when it first came out....I might just have to make those books my summer reads. xv

  37. I hear you, girl. I was an American literature major, have a bookshelf worthy of Shakespeare and Co in Paris, and used to be a complete literary snob - until my best friend (Yale English major that she is) turned me onto Twilight. Have. Not. Looked. Back. I am with your daughter, though - Go Team Jacob!

  38. Joni! LOL! You are so funny I can't stand it! I might just have to see what all the fuss is about, and I will come back here and blame YOU if I get addicted, too! Just tell me now... ts it contagious???? ;-)

    Have a blast, and be sure and come back to report on the movie to us. This just made my day!!!


    Sheila :-)

  39. HILARIOUS! I am a secret fan too. When reading the books the intellectual in me was screaming "No, no, no!” However, the teeny-bopper in me reduced those intellectual exhortations to a mere whisper with exclamations of "OMG, EDWARD IS SOOOOO HAWT!"

  40. Have not read the books nor seen the movies. But since everything I've read of yours regarding design is right on fantastic, I'm going to respect your opinion on this one too and try to see the movies.

    I was lucky enough to see the Beatles in concert back in '64. I was 13 yrs old and went out of my mind screaming. What a night.

    We do silly things as adults. I used to watch Dawson's Creek when it came lame is that? hehe

  41. What a hoot of a post and honestly I can't stop looking at he photo of him in the lobster bib. My daughter just came back from the movie and I babysat her son. She keeps begging me to read the books. I did see one movie but she tells me I have to read the books. I have to say that the guy is certainly handsome:-) I think his name is Cullen? I guess I should get with the program!

  42. you are a hoot!! I've resisted so far ... we'll see how long I can hold out!

  43. This is a hilarious post!!

  44. Oh Yea Baby! Team Edward for sure! Be sure to go to S. Meyer's website to read part of the book she once started, then it got leaked, called "Midnight Sun". It is Twilight written from Edward's point of view, and his view is much more intense! If you have not already discovered this, then it will keep your addiction fueled!
    Fun post Joni!

  45. AAAWWWW Joni,

    Since you mentioned around Christmas time you were reading the twilight books I have been waiting for this post from you!!! After much nagging from my oldest daughter I have read the first two books and am half way through the third book. It would seem you are either team Edward or team Jacob!! My daughter and I are team Edward and some of the decisions that Bella has made makes me want to shake her...I mean honestly!!!! After reading Twilight my kids and I sat down and watched the movie and my daughter and I were disappointed with the story line and agreed the book was WAY better...why do they have to change the story line so much??? The only buzz I got from the movie was actually seeing 'everything/everyone' come alive out of the pages of the book 'cause you do tend to visualise as you read and build a picture in your mind of how things could be. From an interior point of view I have to say I was shocked at how gorgeous Bella's dad's house was, as the book (for me) portrayed the house as being not well maintained, certainly not as well kept as the house in the movie!! (In the movie, the walls inside were painted blue, in the book they were painted yellow,'cause of the weather and always being overcast and grey) I wish Jacob would get the message and just leave Bella alone!!!! Have I stirred the pot for all the Team Jacob fans. PROBABLY!!! I'm always here if you ever want to talk about the books from one twimum to another...
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  46. Shannon ThompsonJune 30, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    Joni! I was there too last night! Arrived 2 hours early so I got a good seat. How funny I didn't see you. You are not alone in your obsession. I was swooning!!

  47. Joni,
    You devil...uh...I mean vampire!
    Who would have guessed??? I have seen one of the movies...guess I need to pay more attention!

    For me it was Peter Frampton...actually met him and hung out ever so briefly..."show me the way baby..."

  48. I've yet to jump on this bandwagon...but maybe I should. You are not alone in your addiction...and it's not just the teen girls.

    Have you seen "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson. If you think you're in love with him now...I can only imagine how you will feel after seeing him in this movie. He's absolutely gorgeous...and the boy can act. He deserves an Oscar for this one.

    Go rent it...quick.

    xoxo, Julia

  49. I saw Lizzie last night as I was leaving. Sorry I missed you. Yes I was at the Nordstroms event earlier with a friend and 2 ten year olds. LAME I KNOW!!! But enjoyed the heck out of myself!

  50. I must confess to laughing out loud as I read this. The saga is so cheesy but somehow so captivating and, hey, if it gets kids to read and share time with parents, the story can't be all bad.
    Linsey (LLH Designs) introduced me to your blog and I have enjoyed it immensely and have it linked to mine for other people to experience.

  51. I started out with the intention of reading them strictly to make certain they were appropriate for my daughter, who was 14 at the time. I am still not certain they were/are, but I got hooked. I read all four in the series in a matter of days. Most all of my friends are in education and they have all become huge fans and attend the midnight showings. While I did not go with my daughter and her friend last night to see Eclipse, I will be going with her this weekend and will watch it over and over with her once it comes out on video,just like the last two. It is harmless fun. Go team Jacob!

  52. hahhaha twi-mom- love it!!

    I love them too- and my teenage babysitter has introduced me to more books!! have you heard of blue bloods?

    (my confession is that I have ALWAYS been a vampire nut and have been reaeding vampire books sincce 2nd grade & would get in trouble in school for bringing them in... I have a few vampire encyclopedias and am a vampire nerd in every way... Ok I'm truly about to write this & probably shouldn't--- I also used to "train" and throw stakes I'd made at targets on trees when Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out in 4th grade. I did cartwheels & forward rolls down the street pretending I was training for vampires. I'm a freak, yes I know.

    ALso, I was actually a little sad when I read the twilight books because the story was really similar to some of my old favorites by LJ Smith--- thank God she is making money off of her books now though... Since Twilight came out she got them all republished as they'd gone out of print.

    And Christopher Pike does vampires best I think. (Last Vampire- you have to get it- also an old series that was republished.)

    Anyway, I am pretty obsessed but after that 2nd movie might be on team jacob too. Will #3 change my mind??)

    ok, I'm sure i've creeped you out enough. and anyone else reading. sorry. but love this confession ;)

  53. Well hello. I usually linger in the background, but I just had to comment tonight. I too am a Twilight fan/nut. Although I play the whole thing off to my husband, who thinks it is totally ridiculous, I too am a bit obsessed. I can't wait to see Eclipse this weekend. I have heard it was amazing!! Although I am 40, I too can appreciate Robert Pattison, and that perfect hair. LOL!!!! I plan to finish reading Eclipse tonight ( for the second time ) and be ready to enjoy the movie this weekend. I am sooooo team Edward. I think Robert is a great actor, although some do not agree. I thought he did a great job in "Remember Me". I think Rob will be around for a long time. Lucky us.......

  54. I'll just have to assume you gave up on Barnabas Collins for want of a "younger" vampire...

  55. Oh, Joni, you win a prize for providing me with a much needed moment of levity! That last picture of you is absolutely hilarious. Hope you enjoyed the show!


  56. Roaring, roaring over this post! I am, (whispering now), a Twihard fan. I've read Breaking Dawn more times than I can admit. I can't wait to see Kristen turn vampy.

    You know what else is great? Pride and Prejudice. Check out the BBC version on DVD- and you too will lust over Colin Firth in a puffy pirate's shirt. Almost as good as Edward. Almost!

  57. Great post! Love the series and some of the fanfic is really, really good...have you read the fanfic Master of the Universe? Amazing! :)

  58. Master of the universe is the best. Twilight fanfic has turned old ladies into bondage devotees. Too funny!!!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, Ive been wanting to confess this forever !!!

    And yes, only one person caught the Lolita referrence.

  59. This just cracks me up and btw - confession is a healthy thing! I'd never even heard of this phenomenon until two months ago. We had a neighborhood party and apparently a couple of women began their confessions and soon a crowd began together. More Twi-lovers started crawling out of the woodworks and before you know it, there was a large circle of women, all sharing their heartfelt devotion (and addiction). One of the women said her husband has banned all discussion of Twilight in the house because she never stopped talking about it. Of course her comment was "little does he know. As soon as he is out the door, I start talking...."

    At work I'm always "out of it" when discussions about shows like "Housewives of...," or "American Idol" or any other network show because I don't watch much tv. This Twilight thing is just one more example of me being "in the dark" but then again, it might be a blessing.

  60. You and your daughter will look back at this with fond memories. That's all that matters.

  61. Love it, love it! I was a "no way am I going to read vampire books" gal and finally got tired of them on the shelf (friend gave me hers)....need I say more! Read them as quickly as you did and then waited non-too patiently for the next ones. Haven't seen the movies, afraid they will be a letdown. Hubby going on long overseas business trip this month and the DVDs have been Oh well, harmless fun and it makes me a hit with the teenage nieces! Love the blog and this particular post is a keeper!!

  62. I wish Mrs. Blandings would admit to some lowbrow indulgence like this. Anything to show she wasn't just the tired stereotype of the Fancy Lady.

  63. Just a wonderful post, as always!! You are hysterical.... I think these crushes/obsessions are good for us. I have a long line of them--Paul, Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman, Princess Diana--and I have a great husband of thirty years and three terrific kids. I tell them that I have so much love in me that sometimes it just overflows and attaches in harmless ways. :)
    LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!! Oh, no, do I feel an obsession coming on.....................

  64. Joanie- this post is so funny. I laughed out loud! Thanks for the good morning giggle.

  65. I LOVE them!!! I read all four in 5 days! Could not put them down. My neices made plenty of fun of me and then I made one of them read the books and now they are changed forever!! I would love to know some of the best spinoffs on that website.
    Hope you enjoyed Eclipse! Can't wait to see it!

  66. Joni,
    Loved this post, just had to comment. Since my youngest is a 14 yr old boy, this has not been on my radar screen. The only exposure I have had to it is listening to the girls in our carpool. Since you and I are sooo on the same page, I am thinking I should try the books. The best part of your story for me was the connection with your daughter about this. It reminded me of the Harry Potter years with my boys. Waiting in lines at midnight , and preordering books to be delivered to summer camp. And the stories from camp about the stacks of Amazon packages on release day, and the silence that would descend until every last boy was finished reading it. Great memories to treasure!

  67. I made my my husband take me to the first showing of "Eclipse" yesterday. You would not believe how many toddlers, babies and four-year-olds were in the theater crying, talking or running around. I was so irratated! Who brings their young child to a PG-13 movie?

    Anyway, hubby didn't like the ending but, I enjoyed it because I know what is to come in the next movie. :-)

  68. Of all the people, Joni, I am shocked to read this about you.

    Glad I'm not the only one.

    My 16 yr old sister usually camps out for the Midnight showing with me, but couldn't make it this year so my 10 yr son went with me. I ended up sitting in line with girls I had met waiting for Twilight. They taught me how to play BS that night and I taught them how to Rummy this time.

    I heard of all the hype from my sister (the poor thing started with reading Twilight when it came out and suffered the agony of waiting as each book was released). I read all 4 books (then Midnight Sun) in 3 days. I only had to wait 2 months to see Twilight and have seen it perhaps 60 times since.

    I'm annoyed though, since Twilight they haven't made Rob look very hot. It's bothersome. I thought the acting and direction was 100 times better this time around.

    Can't wait for Breaking Dawn!

  69. Happy to read that I'm not alone in getting totally immersed in the vampire saga. So much more enjoyable than King or Rice books. Your post was too funny. What a diverse girl you are! LOL Peggy

  70. Debra@Oreillers.comJuly 1, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    I am so laughing at this post, how cute are you? While I’m still resisting the twilight saga I do have a few obsessions of my own, don’t we all? I mean what’s the point of getting up each day without our dreams and fantasies…but to a point. And I loved Paul too, ah daydreams! Give me Sean Connery or George Clooney any day and I’ll show you obsession….lol. Thank you for sharing with us Joni, you’re too cute!

  71. I too have a SICK obsession with Edward Cullen.
    Last night I went to see Eclipse known that my boyfriend wouldn't stand a chance with my heart for atleast a week afterwards.
    Bless his heart....when I got home he said "Spoiler alert, I'm still not Rpatz." He knows his nickname and knows that I dream of waking up in Edward Cullen's freezing arms.
    I will stop myself now.....this could get intense before I know it.

  72. Oh, my goodness: 72 responses. Joni, I think that you touched on something. Although I will never be a "twihard"--sharing your insanity with Elizabeth for her last summer of truly "being home" is such an amazing gift. What fun to play together on the same level--almost like the tea parties I had with my daughter when she was 6. I think I love your secret addiction.

  73. "Something's Gotta Give" and "Twilight". It does not get much better!

    How do we contact you by email without leaving our address in the comment box?

  74. I totally relate and I'm 60! I haven't read the books but loved the movie so much, which surprised me a little bit. Although, I love Harry Potter too so maybe there are some of us who never truly leave or teen-years!

  75. I have resisted reading the books until 3 days ago...but then I (sadly) finished the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo trilogy (unbelievably engrossing and great books)and had nothing new to read so I grabbed Twilight from my teenage son's room and read it. And then I had to go grab the 2nd book out of his room...this morning I had JUST ordered the last 2 books from Amazon AND the dvds, when I clicked on your blog and I cracked up...You are so funny and I appreciate your confession. Absolutely love Cote de Texas.

  76. Love your picture at the premier! :D

    For the first time, I now want to read the books and see the movies.

    I have been Team Edward all the way though!

  77. I can totally relate to this addiction...this 51 year old couldn't put the books down. friends look at my like I've lost my mind. ;-)

  78. I am 45 years old and this movie/sage has knocked me off my feet! My husband thinks I am nuts!!! I have got to admit Robert Pattinson has a lot to do with this obsession. Hollywood has not had someone like him in decades!!!! The man is smoking hot and depicts what a great romp in the sack should be - sorry not trying to be vulgar, just a comment among us women!!!!

  79. Too funny. You're definitely not alone in your obsession! I read the books last year and couldn't put them down. Loved them all except "Breaking Dawn," which kind of lost me with the baby and Jacob imprinting on her, etc. It'll be interesting to see how they write all of those scenes in the movie.

    P.S. Just have to thank you, Joni, because your blog was my #1 referrer for June. Thanks for all the traffic you sent my way--I appreciate it!! :)

  80. Loving your mom and loving that you are sharing this with your daughter. We do all need passions to make us "dance around the kitchen" and have fun. enjoy yours. chrissi

  81. Loving your mom and loving that you are sharing this with your daughter. We do all need passions to make us "dance around the kitchen" and have fun. enjoy yours. chrissi

  82. Loved this Joni! You had me in stitches! I have a confession too: I am fascinated with the whole vampire thing. It started with "Interview With A Vampire" by Anne Rice. I was hooked. Then on to "The Vampire Lestat." Then the Sookie Stackhouse books which I'm afraid are a little risque--which became the inspiration for HBO's True Blood. These are naughty vampires, not like the Twilight vampires.
    I love the Twilight Saga books too. What is it about the whole subject matter. My husband Gary doesn't get it at all! But I too share this with my daughter Ashley.

  83. What a hoot... great post. I read the books (borrowed from my daughter) and really enjoyed the story line...but the actual scripting of the books .. the verbage .. too drawn out in places and too vague in others..but certainly easy to read.

    Anyway - just popped over here to tell you thank you for referring Dianne to my blog. We have been chatting quite a bit about our hubbies - comparing notes on their illnesses. Really helps to have someone to talk to who has walked the path...

  84. It's hot in Texas isn't it? Summer is the perfect time to do things like become addicted to Twilight. I think it is healthy to have interests like this :) when you don't you just age and your mind goes. Did you ever watch Dark Shadows back in the day?

  85. Joni,

    You are just too funny! Yes, I am a 38-year-old who enjoys twilight as well. As another poster stated, my intellectual side was chastising myself while the hopelessly romantic teenager side was swooning and remembering what my first love was like. I devoured all 4 books over the Christmas holidays last year. Don't be too hard on yourself :)

  86. Anything you can do with your daughter that she WANTS to do with you is ACES in my book!!!! I love that you have this great relationship with her! You will both cherish these memories! I have not read the books or seen the movies. XO, Pinky

  87. I've never seen in one place so many ladies in dire need of a man.

  88. OMG, me too....I'm a secret Twilight, Rob Pattinson fan...only my daughter knows! ( She's Team Jacob). It's so tortured, goofy and romantic in the best puppy love sense.

  89. Joni,
    I am with you and I don't even have the excuse of a teenage daughter. I have 3 teenage boys who could care less about Twilight. One day, after all the hype, I just got so curious I skimmed the book in Borders and it was like a vampire bit me. I had to read it. The rest is history....... all the best, Lynn
    PS: I will be 49 in Aug.

  90. Oh I love you even more now Joni! I'm with you and will be seeing it with my daughter too. So glad I have her as an excuse to drool openly and not look all pervy. Will hopefully be in the theater this weekend with bells on. I can't wait.

  91. You're right it is embarrassing, but we all have something or someone that makes us go "ohhhhhhhhhhhh" when we run across it/him/her.

    I'd hate to be so detached or "above it all" that nothing affected me in a visceral sense anymore. More power to you, Joni.

  92. I too, am a twifan... It sucked me in when I saw my two teenage daughters reading... GET THIS READING... a book. I had to read it for myself and loved it. Can't wait to see Eclipse.

  93. I haven't wanted to admit that these are on my summer reading list because I know that I'll be addicted. Loved the post. I may start reading them this weekend!

  94. I wondered where you'd disappeared to!?! I'm glad you've allowed yourself a little ...err... bloodletting, shall we say?

  95. You crack me up! I did the same all 4 books in 6 days, watched the move 498 times. that pic on the cell is actually me. hilarious! xo

  96. Joni, I love your style. My girlfriends and I watched the first movie on New year's Day. The guys were busy with football. What great entertainment. Unrequited love is such a chick thing. Do they ever worship us enough? No . . . But we can dream.

  97. This is a design blog, right? Could we get back to business and not give in to your childish fetishes. Grown up, Joni. Your readers are not interested in outings with your pet puppy.

  98. It is said "confession is good for the soul" so........

    I must confess as my loyalty lies with Stephen King as a fiction writer, there is no Twilight in my future.

    Cute, cute post Joni! -Brenda-

  99. Joni..

    You are tooooo funny. A twihard? I have not had the least bit interest in this series. Guess I missed out. I do have to say the current movie does intrigue a bit...may have to go to the movie one afternoon.

    Everyone needs some vice! You go Girl!


  100. Your blog is amazing. I love twilight light. I one their diehard fans. I am lucky that I found your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  101. Hysterical! I am yet to read tbe books or see the movie. My husband is a vampire fiend ...the Anne Rice kind.

  102. Read all the books seen both the movies and plan to see the 3rd. But I am not a crazy person like

  103. This is my first time reading your blog. After I comment on this post, I'll be sure to read the others! My passions are decorating and reading, so I'm a happy camper with your blog! I also happen to be an English teacher and I can tell you that the Twilight books have captured my attention not only because I personally find them enchanting, but they have encouraged so many reluctant teen readers to read! Because of these books teens are finding passion in books again. Whatever it takes, I say!

    I have two sons who sat through Twilight and New Moon with me and have politely opted out of Eclipse. My dear husband has promised me dinner and a movie Monday night. He is a dear to take me, but I really think he likes them too! (He loves the soundtracks, so that might be his "in"!)

    Have a great day!

  104. Joni,
    You are so much fun! Thank you for keeping us young and up to date!

    Julie in Fort Worth

  105. Joni, you are so much fun. :-) I haven't looked at these books yet, but you're the third smart, stylish, grown woman who has gushed about them. Hey Lola is a jewelry artist who does cool repurposed vintage things and her writing style is outrageously funny; here's her blog post about her guilty addiction to Twilight:

  106. Saw the movie yesterday, and throughout I wondered - 'team Edward or team Jacob'? In the end, I decided team Edward. There is something about the luxe life that the Cullins represents that appeals to me.

  107. I personally know a lot of women, grown women with grown children who are in love with the Twilight series. I saw the first movie, and haven't read the books. I'm a mom of a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old so when I sit to try & read I'm either disturbed by one of the children (husband included) or I fall asleep. However, I admittedly have a mad crush on Rob Pattinson. Don't feel too ashamed. There are many other women in your Twilight boat.

  108. awww your mum did you wake up for nothing... I remember once getting to the school of my then 12 year old daughter telling the headmaster I forgot she had to go to the dentist... so I picked her out of the class and told her we had to go to the dentist .. she was like No way and I way hell yeah.. we then came outside and I told her i arranged we could be as the only persons at the rehearsals of a big show with Savage Garden in it It was fun and yes this was for real!!!

    I did not know about this movie (not to sure if we have it here( but I love vampires !!! well the movies haha.. I am off to my sunday evening Vmpire diaries in a minute or so ;)

  109. Joni, you are so freaking funny! Actually my (new) wife and I were going to catch the movie this morning because we were embarrassed to show up at the cinema with all the teenaged girls. But we didn't make it and will have to try again tomorrow.

    So, the real reason I popped over was to mention that on my last blog update I referenced you as one of my sources of inspiration for the project on the blog post. Just wanted to say thanks because you ARE a huge source of inspiration for me and many others too, I dare say.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Here's the blog post link.


  110. Ugh. I hate the Twilight stuff....but I absolutely love your sense of humor and your blog!!!!!!!

  111. I tried. I really, really did. I read all four books, have seen both movies on dvd; they have all the hooks I should love (romance, brooding, hot guys...); but I just can't get into them. One of my best friends is a Twi-mom, and she knows better than to talk to me about it, cause my tongue starts bleeding from biting so hard. :lol: Even the guys in the movies, R Pat just doesn't do it for me, and the other kid, all I can see is the little kid from Cheaper by the Dozen, and I just can't do it. :p

    But, all that said, I have my own vices that I am not nervy enough to confess in this public forum, so I say more power to you! :D

  112. This is SO funny. I was talking to my hubs about the Twilight phenomenon and he had never even HEARD of it or any of the actors!!! I have not read the books but all of my friends have and many are Twi-Moms. I am kind of afraid to start because I think I will follow very closely in your footsteps and I am sure my 13 y old son will tease me:)

  113. Read it awhile ago and LOVED IT...I was turned on to this by my daughter and was instantly HOOKED....

    I also must confess I LOVED Harry Potter too !!!

    FYI Just read a great book called The Help !!!


    Hope you had a nice 4th Joni :)

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  114. OMG!!! I too am addicted! I wonder if there's a Twilight rehab for pitiful middle-aged women? Who would have ever thunk it?

  115. Joni, NOW I know why you have not answered my question regarding ordering white Ikea slipcoverd sofas versus slipcovering my own; you are immersed in Twilight!! The best part of your obsession is that you are sharing it with your daughter. You two will remember, talk about, and laugh about this time in your lives forever.
    I have not read the books. My daughters are in their 30's and have not subcomed to the saga. They were however, along with my niece, great fans of the Harry Potter series, and I saw those movies. Guess we are just not the vampire type! LOL! But I really did enjoy your confession! And I can just picture you, curled up on a chair or sofa in your beautiful home, reading the Twlight books while Mr. Slipper socks just shakes his head! LOL : )

    But speaking of MY obsession and love, Sir Paul, I still have the one inch square piece of a sheet that Paul was suppose to have slept on in a hotel in Chicago, which I ordered through the mail! Yes, 62 years old, and I still have the piece of sheet my music heart throb was supposed to have slept on!! We all have our secret obsessions! And they all aren't design related! LOL!!

    Love you,
    Anne N.

  116. Anne: email me again about slipcovers!!!

    WOW = so many comments!!!!!! thank you all ~~~!! I'm laughing at all of them. so many twihards out there.

  117. Do you know what type of wood/stain she used for her floors? I love that look against light cabinets!

  118. Just like Harry Potter, I decided to read Twilight to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Hook. Line. Sinker. Got me.

    When the movie came out, my sweet husband went with me to the movie since it was my turn to pick. Little did I know I was creating a "monster". He has now read all the books multiple times over. We finally saw Eclipse on Sunday.

    And we have the dubious distinction of being labeled "Twi-Parents" by our adult son. He'll just have to learn to live with the shame. The parents aren't for turning.

    Oh, and I think Eclipse was the best one yet in the movie series.

  119. every body's looking at me laughing out loud. have to post anon, since I go the the twi-movies with my sons, have no doughters. team jacob all the way.

  120. You are too funny - I actually loved the books (loved as in read all 4 of them in an embarassingly short period of time). But then I saw twilight and was so disappointing that I never saw new moon - I'll be renting it this week and then plan on checking out eclipse - everyone keeps insisting on the following movies being so much better than the first - I'm just a sucker for a love story I supposed - especially one as intense as this!

  121. OMG, Joni, you crack me up! This is a great post :-)

  122. I just saw the Twilight movie for the FIRST time...and I am in love LOL
    Your post was so great and I agree with you...however is there a support group for us LOL

  123. Oh, Joni,
    How could you? I have successfully avoided Twilight. UNTIL YOUR POST! My children are in AWE of how focused I have been READING THE WHOLE SERIES in the LAST FIVE DAYS!

    Is that a Dirty floor? Sorry, darling I can't see it over the book? Dinnner? Hmmm, what can we microwave? Oh, you need some clean laundry? Maybe there's something in the dryer you can wear. Thank goodness the kids were in camp this week so I could just have at it! I am thanking you and cursing you at the same time! And, with a smug smile, I realize that I can now watch ALL the movies!

    Keep up the great resources (both design and fiction)!
    - Mae

  124. I love, LOVE your blog (I'm a design student). Hearing your confession makes me love it MORE!

    I was the same as you are. I got hooked purely by a fluke. When there was only discussion of the first movie being made, I found Twilight. I had the flu, and read all 3(at the time) books in four days. I had a lonnnnnng wait for Breaking Dawn. Honestly, I wondered if I had lost my mind. I felt dazed after I finished the firstone. *laugh*

    I consider myself a FanFic afficionado. I have them bookmarked by category, and I have become really picky. Get in touch if you would like some recs. :)

  125. I would love to hear what your FanFic recommendations are...I'm a newbie when it comes to FanFic but am definitely a TwiHard :)

    I couldn't find your email address, so hopefully you see my comment!


  126. I am catching up reading all my favorite design blogs...had a busy few weeks...LOVED that you have a secret indulgence spurred by a daughter...mine got hooked then had friends who were just as addicted as her Mama...shocking! I got tired of the crying babies and rude teenage boys at the AMC, so now we only take in our Twilight flicks at the Alamo Drafthouse...with lovely food and wine/beer...I met my husband at 13, married at 19, and still feel butterflies after 30 years of marriage to my "dream guy"...too bad he plays online war games and watches the History channel! Haha!! I'm sure Heathcliff is golfing while Cathy is reading "Romeo and Juliet"...we all long for the rush of first love...soooo cool of you to Twihard, too!!!!

  127. I absolutely LOVED this post. I'm 38 years old and I could not put one of these books down! So glad you wrote this because I have been a bit embarrassed how obsessed I got over them. It is nice to know I am not the only one. I did look on Fanfic and it was overwhelming. I would love it if you could please share with me some of your favorite stories.

    Thanks so much!


  128. Hey,
    Like you, I'm also a Twihard.haha. Well there are so many of us, eh. My bf even ask me why I'm into it, "it's just for the hopeless romantic," he further said. hehe. Well I'm a hopeless romantic and he knows it. :)
    BTW, thanks for sharing the love it.

    Cathy@cheap digitizing

  129. This is a pretty funny article, thanks for brightening up my day a little bit. Even though it is a Thursday, it has felt like a Monday for some reason, so I really needed a pick me up. Keep it up, it seems like it made a lot of other people happy as well.


  130. So a few weeks ago I searched for something to watch on TV and one of the movie channels had Breaking Dawn so I decided to just take a peek for a few minutes, ended up recording so I could watch the whole movie. Now I am hooked and reading the books as fast as I can and watching Twilight ( the first) every chance I get. I am a fifty something Mom of a fourteen year old daughter who just rolls her eyes at me ! Joni, Thank you so much for your posts!