COTE DE TEXAS: Dreaming on a Snowy Day

Dreaming on a Snowy Day



So, if you are anywhere in the world except for California or Florida, you are probably snowed in today.  Enough of winter!  This has been a really cold one for Texas and I’m ready for summer and sunshine and beaches.   Last week I showed apartments to rent while in Paris, but really, wouldn’t you whether rent a house in Provence and pretend you are Vicki Archer?   I know I would!  Here is an assortment of houses to rent.  There seems to be more cuter houses available than apartments.  I could have shown about 50 great houses today.   I tried to pick a variety of houses there were large and small, and with views and no views so you could pick what you really would want in a rental.  Enjoy!




This villa, available HERE, Bastide Lavande, is surrounded by lavender fields.  The mas is so pretty – who cares what it looks like inside? 



Actually, the inside is nice:  tiled floors, seagrass, and antique country French antiques!   I love the dining room and how it opens to the outside through true French doors.



Gorgeous fireplace and mirror!  Notice the cute side table on the right.  I wish I owned a hundred of those tables!




The view outside the living room looks over the acreage, 20 acres around the house and over 1,000 around the estate.


 00001319 (1)

Outside the house is a large graveled terrace that overlooks the estate.



And a large swimming pool, surrounded by stone walls.




Six bedrooms and five bathrooms.   Notice the French doors and the hardware. 








Another cute bathroom.



This house has it all.  A large property, views, old fashioned house, and pretty interiors.





L’Ambiance HERE is located within walking distance to the town of Goult and is considered a townhouse.



The property is on 1 1/2 acres and has a beautiful garden with fountains and a swimming pool.




The swimming pool is set into a stone wall.



The house is filled with beautiful antiques inside and out.




The 17th century farmhouse is a rarity in the town with its acreage.



The beautiful wood door opens up to the house. 



The house is stunningly decorated, one of the best ones I saw.  I just know an American owns this house!  I love the silk pillows, the painting, the tea table, and the fireplace!





Limestone floors and stucco walls.  The mantel is gorgeous.



Authentically French!



You can see into the dining room here.  Such pretty antique tables.



The kitchen is every bit as pretty as the rest of the house. 



Precious!  I love the wood carvings over the beds.  The house is small with only 3 bedrooms and baths.  Notice the gorgeous night stand.




Another bedroom, perfectly furnished.  Darling chair.  Notice the small niche next to the bed.



Each bedroom has a small sitting area.




The master bedroom is so pretty with its fireplace and painting and sconces.  The bathroom is through the arched door.



The master bathroom.  I love all the wood cuttings in the house.  I just love the way this house is decorated.



Great bathtub!




Another sitting room.  Cute child’s chair.





The wine cellar.



Another view of the swimming pool.   I think I might have to pick this house to rent.  I’m more into the interiors than the location and I love the way this is decorated!  But, this one is basically a town house and not out in the country with sweeping views.  Does that matter to you?







The next mas, Les Vignes, is located within walking distance from the medieval town of Goult, seen here on the property, through the clouds.



The stone house is small with just 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and is reasonably priced. 




The graveled terrace sits next to the arched French doors that once probably led into the barn.



The terrace, looking the other direction towards the pool.




The swimming pool is set within stone walls.



Notice the charming stone pool house.



Inside the house, the living room is charming and cozy.




The kitchen is adorable with all the skirts in lieu of cabinet doors.



 Another view of the kitchen shows the pantry and the arched ceiling.




Notice the large column on the left that holds up the ceiling.




There is a mix of French antiques throughout the house.





One of the four bedrooms, in white and linen.



The remodeled bath – love the window!



Another bedroom with antique iron bed.



The grounds are so charming and beautiful.




Les Lignes would be perfect for a small family – I really like this one too.  It’s got views and a cute interior, yet close to a town.







Villa Le Relais  is in the Luberon Village, located HERE, and has 4 new bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and a new kitchen.



   Here, the living room/dining room.   Notice how the walls are painted two colors to simulate wainscoting.



The dining area with antique buffet.



Looking up at the second floor balcony.




Beautiful arched windows.



The table set for dinner.







The newly built kitchen. 



You can see the living/dining room through the doorway in the kitchen. 




The terrace runs from the kitchen to the living room. 



Typical French checked fabric and limestone floor.



Another bedroom, the faux wainscot is painted throughout the house.




A typical tiled bathroom.





Villa Le Relais overlooks the terrace and the swimming pool.




The terrace next to the swimming pool past the stone wall.



The swimming pool.  Small, nice furniture, with views, but in some photos it seems like the neighbors are close by.







Mas des Pierres HERE near Avignon has five bedrooms and five baths.   Here, the traditional gravel terrace sits next to the converted barn door.





This 17th century farm has been recently remodeled. 



Overlooking the grounds.



This house is furnished with antiques.  Unfortunately, many of the pictures were too small to show here.




The large living room and dining room in one space.



A corner of the living room/dining room.




The kitchen is so wonderful and authentic!




One of the bedrooms.  All the bedrooms are charming, decorated in typical Provincial style.




One of the bathrooms, traditional, not contemporary.




The terrace at Mas des Pierres.  The house is traditional with antiques, five bedrooms, and with a nice property and view.    Do you want something more modern or traditional?








Bastide Vallat HERE is located in Luberon Provence.



The 7 bedroom and 7 bathroom mas has recently been completely redone.   It is very large and luxurious and very expensive to rent.






There is a “garden kitchen” and an outside eating area.



The furnishings are modern and there are very few, if any, antiques.  The bar area sits behind the sofa.




The bar area.  The remodeling is first rate.   There are beautiful wood French doors throughout and the floors are limestone.



The stone walls were kept exposed.



The kitchen is amazing – set within the stone wall arches.



All of the bedrooms have sitting areas.   This one is huge!



In this bedroom, the sitting area is behind the bed.



A designer obviously was hired to completely furnish the mas.  All the rooms flow together in a cohesive design.



Notice the charming small windows set into the stone walls on the right.



The bathrooms are all luxurious.



Each is fitted out with robes and towel warmers.  



This spa bathroom with a steam room and massage tables is located next to the gym.



Of course there is a wine cellar!



A private sunbathing terrace.




Of all the houses, this one is most decorated and extravagant.  It is also the most contemporary.  Would you rather rent a smaller, more charming mas or a larger, more contemporary one like this with all the bells and whistles?  




Fleurs de Provence HERE in Alpinnes Provence is the largest house and the most expensive.   It has 10 bedrooms and 9 baths.




The grounds are large and beautifully landscaped especially during lavender blooming season.



There is also a tennis court, seen in the upper left corner. 





The terrace overlooks the grounds and has its own fireplace.



The mas has been completely renovated.  It has a mixture of antiques and traditional furniture.



Despite its size and cost, the interiors are not dressy.



The breakfast room is the most charming one in the house.



There is a completely fitted out kitchen.



The stairs.




A large bedroom.   The furnishings seem lacking when comparing the property and the landscaping.





Another bedroom. 






All the bathrooms are tiled like this.



Fleurs de Provence is a beautiful house and its grounds are wonderful, but the furnishings seem ordinary.  Would that be important to you?  Would you rather have the grounds or the furniture or both?  






La Belle de Crillon HERE literally hangs off the cliff overlooking the town of Crillon le Brave.



It has six bedrooms and six baths.  There are incredible views from each room in the house.




The house is four stories, but there is an elevator inside!






The views are incredible from this mas.   The swimming pool is at the bottom level.





Completely remodeled and refurbished, the house is elegant and somewhat dressy.




Stone floors and stucco walls, the house is professionally designed.




The large dining room has beautifully painted walls.



What a range!!



The tiled floors are beautiful. 



Another bedroom with tiled floors.



Charming bathroom with footed tub. 




Every salon and bedroom share this view of the countryside.   This house almost has it all, the size, the elegance, the view, the furnishings – but there is no large property.   Would that be important when choosing a house to rent?  Would you care if there was only a small area outside to sit and enjoy the sweeping views?


To view more beautiful houses and pick your own dream rental, these two companies have a large selection:




And this reminder about the Urban Market next weekend - don’t forget they are at a new location!!!!!   Check out their website to read where it is:





finally, my sister just sent me this hysterical You Tube video about our huge “snow day” in Houston!   It would be funny if it wasn’t so true, every word of it!!!!



  1. I just adore your posts! Thank you.

  2. Joni~
    You had me at no. 2
    then again at no.4 & no. 5.....

    then the snow fell, I lost my focus and had to back again! Lovely and to look at and imagine being transported there right now, would be a glorious thing! Stay warm.....


  3. Wow - that was torturous reading on a cold and dreary day. I wish I liked winter a little more than I do. Summer has my heart. So does France!

  4. All of the images bring me right back to our trip to Provence in the fall. It always amazes me how monochromatic the french decor is but with the heavy dark furniture and the eye-popping fireplaces, everything just pulls together so simply and elegantly. No, I wouldn't mind at all having an intimate seating area outdoors but with sweeping views of the Luberon.

  5. All of the images bring me right back to our trip to Provence in the fall. It always amazes me how monochromatic the french decor is but with the heavy dark furniture and the eye-popping fireplaces, everything just pulls together so simply and elegantly. No, I wouldn't mind at all having an intimate seating area outdoors but with sweeping views of the Luberon.

  6. Omg. I want to go NOW! I agree with you....townhouse wins just because of the perfect interiors...... I would spend my vacation just moving around the beautiful spaces inside. Ok, maybe I would eventually make it outside. Maybe.


    I SWORE I was done "travelling"... I T*H*O*U*G*H*T we'd enjoyed ENOUGH of life's wonderful experiences, then GREET (Belgian Pearls) makes me relive the beauty of Belgium every day, and TODAY, oh TODAY Y*O*U show us THESE?!?!?!?! What the ____are you DOING to us?!?!?!?

    Seriously tho, I'll take the smaller, more rustic places of all, if I may!!! The stone walls n' walkways n' faaaabulously welcoming furnishings n' the gardens n' VIEWS n' "simple living" n' welllll, I just want it A*L*L!!! (And/but I'll bet everyone ELSE does too!)...

    The more "updated/refurbished/contemporary" feeling places did not necessarily "speak" to me, but EVERYTHING ELSE sure did/does!!!

    Gotta go greet hubby after his round of golf, and beg n' plead to visit one or more of these! How FUN if we could take slong ALL of both our "immediate" family!!!!! (Yeah, and my last name is Rockefeller~ Ha!)...


    Linda in AZ *

    P.S. This HAS to be your BEST POSTING E*V*E*R!!!! XO

  8. I would most happily vacation in any of them! Now, back to studying each photo more thoroughly to see what I might have beautiful.

  9. *** Just watched the video from yer Sis~~~ CUTE!!!! We're like that here in Tucson, AZ, too!!! ***

  10. Oh my you know it. Lounging by the pool sounds so good right now. A glass of wine, a good book. A large spray of lavender! Dreaming of France..........

    Art by Karena

  11. I love No. 2. I don't need sweeping views...I have them even though they are covered in heavy snow right now. It's the beautiful interiors of House No. 2 that won my heart.

  12. Beautiful post, the French do everything the best, even swimming pools!

    It is 42 degrees Celsius in Sydney today - I'm melting and wish I could romp naked in some snow - can't wait for winter.

  13. Homes simply don't get any better than that :)

  14. I'm so in love. This winter has just drained me.

  15. Was falling in love with number one but THEN I #2 and it stopped me in my tracks..A LOVE!! Perfection...proof that beautiful things can come in smallilsh gorgeous! Great post.

    Please visit me, doing my first ever giveaway and its a major one!
    Thanks..always a treat to come here!

  16. I go for the cozier smaller homes.. but twist my arm... I could go to any of these. Great inexpensive way to travel! xo

  17. I want rooms/homes like them all. I can't decide which one I like best!

    Great inspirations. Thank you for posting these.

  18. Hi Joni,
    I don't mind the snow so much as long as I get to travel a little during the winter..and southern France would be on my itinerary for sure..just looking at these pics, you can feel the warmth of the surrounding climate...beautiful images....

  19. Joni,
    Alright, you twisted my arm. I'll relent and go with you to France if you promise we can stay in House #2.

  20. I was all set to take house number two. Until I saw that fabulous kitchen in house number five.

    I've forgotten what it feels like to be warm.

  21. #2 is the one I would rent and it that were not available I would take #3!! Fun post to dreamm with!!! Would you believe I have all the windows open and it is actually a warm breeze coming in. This weather is the craziest thing I have ever seen. Next week we will probably get a storm and go totally the opposite of this weeks weather, just crazy. Keep warm, and safe. I am purging away, working on a playroom re-do in my house!! Having lots of fun!!! Happy weekend,Kathysue

  22. Greetings from Northern California, 72 degrees but windy. These posts are my very favorite, Provence is my ideal. My sister and our husbands took a trip to France a couple of years ago. A few days in Paris and then the TGV (fast train) to Avignon. We rented a house (small but very charming) in St. Remy de Provence through a company called At Home in France. I still pretend that it is my house, I just haven't been back for a while!
    House #2 would more than satisfy me. The terrace would be enough. No view so it could be recreated almost anywhere. The pool would be divine on a hot day and the view and being in the town are a rare combination. It must be owned by Americans because it looked more comfortable than most. I want it now!

  23. House #5 would be my choice, it has more of an authentic French feel to me although house #6 is freaking amazing, it would be like staying at a world class spa! I wonder if they give you the keys to the wine cellar? We’ll be needing those..;)

    I laughed at that you tube piece…wrap your pipes? Too funny! Your temps would feel like springtime to us after so many below zero days. It’s icing here right now and your bean boots wouldn’t work out there now nothing does trust me.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  24. You have been shopping the town!
    It is actually warm and sunny in Provence today. You sold me on house #6. of course modern (that is my style after all) and extravagantly expensive.

    I am off to paris next week for one day, then one day in Provence to work and a couple of days with my parents...will be nice to leave the snow and cold behind. Have been house hunting in the South but the Euro back up to $1.40!! Will be checking out the lovely village of Grasse where my cousins are trying to convince me to move to. If all else fails, there is always Florida to warmup our cold bones.

  25. Joni, I'm dying. What an exquisite post. I used to think I wanted to come back in my next life as the cat of a rich cat-loving American but now I am positive I want to be an extremely rich (and naturally thin) French woman. Damn the French. They are so perfect.

    There is nothing to complain about in any of those homes. I love house #2, the one you said must be owned by an American. I like a fireplace you can walk into. And those carvings. I need one of those sister.

    And I love all the soft colours, and their simple thin iron curtain rods and the limestone and the pea gravel and the lavender. When I was 30, I took a trip alone to the south of France and visited Aix and Arles and Avignon, etc. and stayed at lovely b&b's that remind me of some of these places. Heavenly. There was lavender everywhere and wine and sunshine. Just what I needed after a cold, snowy day!

    And I even loved the modern house. I am sooo into that mocha brown colour with white right now.

    And that Houston video was hilarious. 37F is considered a nice winter day here. : )

    xo Terri

  26. The house which looks like it belongs to Americans is decorated to perfection with very high end accessories.It would be interesting to see the house "rental ready" - i.e. away go the silk pillows, artwork, fur throws, crystal, silver, antique fragments, potted orchids,tiny soaps, anything personal and breakable or "pocket size". Accidents happen - and one of a kind antique accessories are rarely left out for guests to admire. The insurance is too high or unobtainable. I have a home near St. Tropez and have never "rented it out" because I like my lovely things around me and I would have to lock them away and have separate crystal, china, etc. for paying guests.It's the practicality of exposing irreplaceable items (some times our favorite pieces are not the most expensive ones - just unique to us) Some of these homes ARE rental ready - you can tell the difference. It would be interesting to see photos of the house upon arrival for a rental period as opposed to the ad readiness.

  27. anon - great great comment. you are right. i'm sure house #2 puts all the cute stuff away. but still - those trumeaus over the bed - i'm surprised no one has made off with those! i guess the caliber of people who can afford to rent these houses wouldnt steal. but you are right, i would love to see how it looks rental ready and i would LOVE to know whose house it is???!!!!!! anyone know? can i come visit in st. tropez?

  28. Let's see.....8 beautiful homes. Shall we stay a week or two at each??? I think my summer is all planned out. Hee hee

  29. Thank you for the mental vacation! After being home 4 days with 3 kids out of school due to the weather and a husband with the flu I really needed I've been scouring the internet for other distractions and came across another web magazine called It's a design and fashion mix. There is an article called Modern Makeover, Sally Wheat's Transformation of a Houston Family Home (page 140) that I thought you may be interested in.
    I can't thank you enough for the countless hours of pleasure and inspiration your blog has brought to me!

  30. We will not rent to those whom we do not know for the same reason; fear of loss. But less all the "stuff" the house loses its soul and is like a hotel. The solution is to host friends only. The carry costs are low and the risk of loss too high.

  31. OMG!! House #2!! They'd have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me out of that house!.....And I'm not even a little kidding *winks* Vanna

  32. Nice job...for the longest time I looked over these photos and could not decide which one I would choose. I don't usually have such a hard time. I am ready to make a plan to travel to Europe this year!
    I am blaming you and this post.

  33. Another great post Joni! They seem to get better and better. After your magnificent Pam Pierce post I didn't expect to view anything equally as appealing quite so soon. My dream is to go to Provence- - some day!! While all the homes are so very nice, house #2 sure speaks to me. I will keep going back and look it over and over and over. It's homey, elegant, whimsical, inviting all at once. Spectacular french style! Thank you again. You are terrific!


  34. All beautiful - I would take any!! I think the most perfect vacation would be to stay a week at one of the fabulous Paris apartments and then go to Provence for a sunny stay at one of these magnificent rentals. You and I were thinking along the same lines- I did a piece last week about renovating houses in Provence last week!!

  35. You are killing me with these gorgeous tours Joni! It has to be house #2! I loved the outside of #3 but the interior of #2 is divine! I did like the kitchen with the vaulted stone ceilings~amazing.

  36. Saved 4 pics for my contractor. Wonder which clients will be getting those ideas???? Too fun.

    And, ta da, my decorator just designed countertops exactly like one of your pics. Rolled metal with nails.

    Loved the YouTube video......especially about finding the coat in the attic used several years ago on vacation....

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  37. I think I love oatmeal with steamed apples, a bowl of latte and thou! I'm all bundled-up here in wintry Savannah (it's 40 degrees here this morning!)and could not be happier. Beautiful post this morning.You do us all a great service. Thanks a million!

  38. All of them are spectacular. But #5 is my choice. Love everything about that one. That kitchen is amazing.

  39. I fell in love with #2 - the rest just took me to a heavenly place! By the end I just told my husband that I don't have time for a trip with my work schedule but if there is a decent airfare sale, I may take a long weekend trip and it's Joni's fault! Of course, he is scratching his head asking who is Joni? What are you talking about? I just love blogging and husbands when they are in the same room together!

  40. How can you pick? We are totally snowed in here in Boston and I would LOVE to be lying by any of those pools in the sunshine! Best, Kate

  41. Just had a design gasm...thanks for taking the time to share those with us Joni...I will take 5 and 6 please :)


  42. Joni, these are just great! We bicycled through Provence and stayed in charming places, but none quite this fab. The sun in out today in Fort Worth!

  43. Excellent choices, Miss Joni !

    I've kept a file of villas in Provence forever , and therefore, realize that your options are actually quite rare. It's always amazed me at how difficult it is to find that magic combination of beautiful interiors
    AND beautiful gardens AND perfect location. You've done it !!


  44. Such beautiful properties Joni...thank you for the link....Happy Sunday to you and stay warm....xv

  45. Joni, the townhouse is owned by a couple that lives in New York!they also live a bit in London.....used to live in France and loved the way of life, their French neighbors, and after some years of living there,came up with the idea to rent their house and some others in the area.

  46. Joni..first thank you sooo much for your "celebrity visit" to my blog!! So exciting!
    Second, I send a lot of your posts to my mom who always loves the visual you know how i can find the one you did also in France, about the Parisian apts. that were for rent?
    I wanted to send her that, know she'd love it. Thanks! Loved this post sooo much!

  47. Joni - my family stayed at the house in Goult, Provence a couple of years ago. It is absolutely beautiful and you are right - it is owned by a designer from New Orleans. Her name is Alix Rico and her design firm is Interiors by Alix Rico & Patricia Brinson. We hope to return to "Le Tresor" in Goult or their other home in Rousillon. beautiful post, BTW

  48. I love the post, the pictures look stunning! Beautiful house! I wish I live there.

  49. I have to laugh at that hilarious you tube video because I live in the south also and it's about how we feel with cold temps! We got about 6 inches of snow in January and the state was practically closed down for over a week! We had no trash service or mail and sparse shelves at the grocery stores! More is predicted this Thursday. Help! I will remember this video though. Too funny!!

  50. Gorgeous houses, funny video- Love that the pipe is wrapped in the "New Blue" At least you're all staying fashionable under freeze :)

  51. The limestone! The tile! The beams! Oh the French, how I do adore. Love these homes, what stunning homes.

  52. Ok maybe I am wrong about the owners........but I have an email into the company asking them what country the owners are from.....probably the weirdest email they have ever gotten. Will be back here with answer if they get back to me!

  53. I love the Houston Weather video short. I wonder what would happen if you guys (or Los Angeles) got 6" of snow? And yes, I would love to pretend that I was Vicki Archer!! Thanks for the great post.

  54. Hello, my lovely Joni!

    I hope the weather got better there and I must say that we're having a crazy winter this year here in Canada. We already had countless storms and couldn't be able to open my door to our patio if I wanted to. Our benches on our garden disappeared, we simply cannot see them anymore, they're completely covered with snow!

    Seeing these houses made me love houses even more! I always thought I lived in a very beautiful place, but after seeing these pictures I am not so sure anymore! :-)

    If I could (let's try to win the lottery this week?) I would spend at least a week in each one of them. Wouldn't be a dream? Oh.. imagine all the great moments!

    Thank you for making me forget I'm in the middle of this cold, cold winter! ;-)

    Have a very blessed week, Joni.

    Btw, thank you again for your support!

    Please, drop by to see my newest post about "Well Designed Kitchens", ok?


    Luciane at

    Post of the week: Well Designed Kitchens.

  55. Joni, Your patience and focus to scan and download this many images never ceases to amaze me. A very lucky thing for all of us that you possess such passion for what you do. These homes are amazing. There's just nothing like the real thing. Thanks for sharing. Mona

  56. Hi Joni,
    I hope all is well despite of the weather situation.

    It's pretty much the same here in Stockholm, isic streets making us skate forward not liftng our shoes from the ground unless wearing spikes and watching out for icicles falling from the roofs.

    I just got back from sunny warm winter California and if my bags were still unpacked Provence would have been a divine retreat. A good thing is the return of the Northern daylight, but still a long way 'til the end of this extreme winter.

    Au revoir,

  57. It's #2 for me without a doubt! I could live there forever! Thanks, Joni!

    Karen T.

  58. nice design....

  59. Wonderful pictures and links. Thank you - am definitely keeping these on file.

    In stark contrast to the frosty weather in the Northern part of the wold we are experiencing a heat wave. Temperatures hit 111F on the weekend and I could only dream of Winter..

    Stay warm or jump on a plane to Australia.. :)

    x Charlotta

  60. Thanks for transporting me to another place - what a dream to live like that! I think I would spend a lot of time on those patios sipping wine, taking in the view.....

  61. All of those properties are absolutely stunning! Great blog post- I'm sure we all wish we were enjoy a sunny day in Provence right now instead of the dreadful weather all of the U.S. has been experiencing lately. You know the end is near when there's snow in Houston (!!).

    Here’s another idea for a get away to Provence: Trips with HHFA staying at the beautiful Luberon property Les Murets! Here's the link to info about the trips Info about the property can be found at We can take 7-8 ladies at a time, and we always come back with newfound friends and memories we'll cherish for a lifetime!

    Best wishes,
    Ann & Meg
    Huff Harrington Fine Art Ltd

  62. OK the Paris Apts had me these fabulous houses. Great post! Come over to my blog having my first give away. Snow in Houston is soooo funny.

  63. Loved the video at the end. We're in Chicago and so yes, Houston - ha ha ha ha ha. No, that's not cold.

  64. House number 3 is my fav. Please, please consider doing a similar post about rentals in Italy! The You Tube video is hilarious. I was stuck in my house with two wild boys for 8 days in Atlanta. Having grown up in the NE, I was shocked that the city just completely shut down. Thanks for another awesome post!

  65. That's it! Time for me to return to Provence! I can't stand it another second!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Now to decide where to stay! ooh la la!

    Happy Monday,

  66. joni, this is tough. when i spied door number two i fell in love. then three, five. all of them.

    sorry this looks wonky. keys sticking. i'll be gone for some time while this computer is being serviced. i see there will be much to revisit.



  67. BeachCountry is correct. House #2 is (or was) owned and decorated by New Orleans designer Alex Rico. Her townhouse in France as well as her home in New Orleans are featured in one of BettyLou Phillips books (the one with the purple cover.)

    I worked with a designer on my own home that was raised in Alex Rico's design circle and she is also an amazing talent but so low key.

    I'd have to pick house #2 for my vacation as well since I absolutely love Mrs. Rico's style.

    Thank you for your wonderful Blog!


  68. this is FABULOUS!! i have long dreamed of travelling to provence. i'm going to be daydreaming of these houses for weeks!

  69. Wonderful blog!^^
    HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss :D

    Glamour Marmalade

  70. I am totally in love with House #3!!!

  71. I absolutely love these pictures. The arched stone kitchen is my absolute favorite, but they all leave you with wistful thoughts of travel. Thank you!

    -xoxo Noe ADELLA AVENUE

  72. These are all so fabulous. I'd pick #3 for the gardens and views alone, but the rest is wonderful, too. I think #2, though gorgeous, is maybe too "done" - showing its American influence, perhaps? And I adore the kitchens in #3 and #5 with their skirts instead of lower cabinet doors. Authentic and adorable. Thanks for this mini-vacation. Sigh.

  73. Any of them will be fine with me. When can we go? Beautiful, inspiring post, as always Joni. laurie

  74. What a dream to stay in any one of these lovely homes. But No. 2 is my favorite. So enjoyed this blog and dreaming. Thanks.

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    Our administrative team has a team backed by the site Engineers, supervisors. All the site supervisors/engineers are well conversant with the systems adopted and devised by us for a systematic approach to the project with various milestones at different levels of work. This gives us a total control on the project.

    " We design a theme home with crafted acsthetics
    and carefully planned concepts based on value and historical groundings "


  76. SO many of these images went straight to my inspiration file. I especially loved the house that you thought was owned by an American. I agree! Most of the houses I stayed in or visited in France were very similar to the others you showed, although I also really loved the modern furnishings juxtaposed with the centuries old architecture. I saved reading this until I could linger over it, and I am so glad that I did.

  77. OMG. Those bedrooms are so luxurious. I like the one with huge sitting area. I've been dreaming to have a spacious bedroom and bathtubs. A walk in shower will be great, too! Hehe! I love both traditional and modern. But antique interiors remind me of seniors. I wish I can buy a house for my mom and grandma soon!

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