The latest Veranda features a renovation project done by one-half of the talented New Orleans duo, Holden and Dupuy. Known as the “Two Anns” – Ann Holden and Ann Dupuy have been creating fabulous interiors together and separately since 1976. They design interiors in the beautiful, classic NOLA style, but they also create designs that lean to the more contemporary. Mostly, their interiors are a mix of the two – classic with a touch of contemporary, which many times is highlighted by the art work used in the project.

If you are a reader of Veranda, or once – Southern Accents - you are probably well aware of Holden and Dupuy. Their work has been published many times over the years. Today, the two Anns mostly work solo on their projects. In 2010, Ann Holden was honored when she was named to Architectural Digest’s Top 100.

I’ve been a huge fan of both Anns since I first saw their work, but, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Ann Holden is the daughter of the great interior designer Gerrie Bremermann, and her influence is definitely seen in Ann’s designs. Being such a fan, I was thrilled when Veranda asked me to present some of the images that are in the new January issue. But first, let’s take a look back at Holden and Dupuy!


An early image which shows the mixture of old New Orleans and new. Trendy slipcovers hide antique fabric on priceless chairs. An antique French desk sits underneath a classic painting – but the focal point is the contemporary portrait.


Another famous image from the two Anns shows antiques mixed with contemporary chairs and fabric. Curtains by Mary Tait are a trademark.


This dining room shows again, the mix of new and old, with bold curtains.


Fabulous chairs and table – mixed with antique rug and, again, bold curtains.


A red lacquered powder room with a slipcover chair and painted console. Just beautiful.


This vignette shows a more classic New Orleans styled chest with Fortuny lampshades and a gorgeous mirror.


Ann Holden designed this house in Austin, Texas, using portieres to frame the entrance to the living room. Villa Savoi Embroidery produced the curtains. HERE.


Holden and Dupuy did work in Houston too – here, the living room with the coral colored silk curtains and contemporary day bed mixed with antiques.


The Houston dining room is so beautiful with handpainted wallpaper and a gorgeous chandelier.


But, the Houston powder room is the show stopper. Grisaille mural and rough edged marble vanity is mixed with a Venetian mirror. Sooo pretty!!!


The esteemed architect Ken Tate built this sprawling estate near New Orleans. When it came time to redecorate it, Ann Holden was chosen. This spread was featured in Architectural Digest in 2010:


The main entry way, with limestone floors and arched French doors.


The grand living room has twin chandeliers and two main seating areas. Off to the left is the library.


Close up of the living room – Villa Savoi did the embroidered curtains in this house too. I love those sconces.


Behind the living room is this eating area.


The family room is bathed in yellows and creams.


The main dining room has Gracie hand painted wallpaper. So pretty! Gorgeous chandelier. This dining room is a favorite on Pinterest.


A closeup of the antique French buffet with contemporary styled gilt lamps.


The music room has matching trumeaus that flank the French fireplace. Notice the beautiful beamed ceiling.


The music room is a mix of velvet covered contemporary styled chairs and traditional sofas. Love the suzani covered chair.


Holden updated this paneled dining room with contemporary light fixtures mixed with damask curtains.


The paneled library off the main living room.


The entry hall leading to the master bedroom.


The master bedroom is calm with ivories and aquas. Beautiful French mantel.


On Holden and Dupuy’s web site is this pretty house. This project, recently completed, shows a shift from their usual golds and creams to a more white palette. Here the entry hall with the Fortuny light fixture is between the living room and dining room.


The entry hall with antique console and chair, mixed with contemporary art work – a Holden and Dupuy trademark.


The living room has twin white slipcovered sofas with a large leather tufted ottoman.


The dining room is so dramatic with the dark walls and curtains with white linings pulled back. Gorgeous chandelier!!! Love this room!


Off the living room is the library with the contemporary table mixed with antique chairs and banquette and grisaille mural. LOVE!!!!


Finally, here is a sneak peek at Ann Holden’s newest project in this month’s Veranda. The house, built in 1884, is on famous St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. To start the process, first the 3,000 sq. ft. house was stripped back to its beginnings – all former restorations and additions were removed. Once that was accomplished, a new, seamless 4,500 sq. ft. addition was added to the back. From the front façade, there is no hint of the addition in the back.


The ceiling in the entry hall is original – and it’s fabulous! The wood floors were stripped, but picking a floor for the addition wasn’t easy. The antique lantern came from Chateau Domingue.


The dining room is in the original part of the house. Gorgeous antique table and chandelier. The ceiling is original and was stripped of its stain.


The new part of the house with steel windows.


My favorite picture in the photoshoot. The breakfast room – love how it looks like it’s in a glass box! Beadboard ceiling. Love the chandelier and the size of the prints – wonderful!


And finally, the library, painted dark gray. Another favorite! There are plenty more pictures in the magazine, I only picked my favorites to show here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Holden and Dupuy and Ann Holden’s latest project!! The new Veranda will be on the newstands on December 24th.

There’s another good blog story on Ann Holden HERE at the Vintage Mulberry.



The Peak of TRES Chic is doing a series called Designer Diaries and she interviewed me for her blog! To read the story, please visit her blog HERE. A huge thank you to Sam for featuring Cote de Texas.


  1. My two favorite rooms are from their "gold and creme" period - 2 years ago? The aqua and creme entry hall that leads to the creme master bedroom with aqua drapes are both elegant and very liveable. Love the way the aqua walls in the hall serve as a frame for the vista into the bedroom. One room - the hall - mostly aqua with a few touches of creme. The other room - the bedroom - with the colors reversed. Magnifique!

    1. P.S. I REALLY miss Southern Accents. Veranda is lovely and I am a subscriber, but somehow, the homes in Southern Accents seemed so much more attainable.

  2. I have always loved this design team and save every magazine in which they are featured. Thanks for the heads up on this, Joni. I adore the ceiling in the foyer and the steel windows in the addition. I can see why that breakfast room shot is your favorite. It's fabulous. Can't wait to read this and will head out to get a copy of "Veranda". Thanks again!

  3. Oh, and I'm heading over right now to see your interview! :-)

  4. Absolutely stunning images. The work of this team proves that real talent doesn't have to rely on trends to complete a design, but timeless
    elements that will inspire and be beautiful for years to come. What outstanding talent.

  5. This sneak peek was a treat. The setting of the breakfast room is amazing. Wishing you all the best in 2013! Michele

  6. It just doesn't get any better than this. Honestly, words are'nt sufficient.... Perfection. franki

  7. having a decor blog and reading many decor blogs, it's harder to find spaces that inspire. these are real exceptions. all beautiful; especially the library/dining space - perhaps one spot that pulls off with ease that wonderful, hard-to-accomplish mix that we all long for.

    joni, your blog is the exception, too, always full of the best images and so well researched and written. constantly amazed with your content and that it's FREE to your readers.

    here's one gal who appreciates all you do for us decor nuts. happiest of holidays, joni...donna

  8. Hi, Joni -
    Fabulous feature on Holden and Dupuy! I have admired and loved their work for many years. Thanks for this Veranda preview.....gorgeous house! Those ceilings are amazing. And I love the mix of old and new. What a beautiful, beautiful home. Congrats on your feature at tres chic....will check out!
    Happy Holidays,

  9. I grew up going to NOLA,it was our NY, since it was three hours away from home. I have been a fan of Holden & Dupuy for a long time + a subscriber to Veranda. Thanks for the pictures. They are stunning!

  10. I've been in what I think is that actual lacquered powder room and it is lovely. You feel like you could just stay a while--but that would be weird. How did they solve the greenhouse effect in the glass breakfast box? Does the room have its own AC unit?

  11. Joni stunning design work by these two fabulous designer.. The curtains are showstoppers that crown the rooms!
    That amazing ceiling, and yes the artwork! Your fave room is mine as well!

    Love & Hugs
    Art by Karena

  12. We live in the same development as the house you featured just outside of New Orleans. The house is the centerpiece of our section of the development. It is one of only two houses on the street - the other house belongs to the owners' daughter. (The couple bought every other lot on the street to ensure a pretty drive up to the house.) It is a beautiful house and I've always wondered how it was decorated. I was not disappointed!

  13. Stunning! I have pinned some of their work and never knew who to give credit to! I miss Southern Accents so much. Loved the Peak of Chic interview!

  14. Beautiful work. with a large budget... Anyone has the potential to become a great designer.

  15. What beautiful work! Another wonderful post, Joni! I have to say, refreshing to see beautiful wood furniture in much of her work.
    And what an honor to be asked by Veranda to host this sneak-peak! Congratulations!

    p.s. Just have to add, I'm surprised that Veranda didn't ask you to give credit to the photographer and stylist? I know it's impossible to always do that, given the depth of your posts . . . but in this case, appropriate, I think.

  16. Lovely post. I'm staggered at the New Orleans home and can't wait for that issue of Veranda. Wow.

  17. I really like the design work of the two Anns. I may be out of it, but prefer their earlier work to this latest house in the upcoming issue of Veranda.

  18. Joni, thank you so very much for the huge mention in your blog! I loved doing that post….the two Ann's are phenomenal and I love getting to be in New Orleans so much now thanks to my daughter! You are amazing and this post is very amazing! Thank you and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  19. Joni, this is another great article but mostly I want to write to THANK YOU for entertaining me with marvelous detailed stories and slpendid images all year round. Looking forward to another year of CdT.
    Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2013.

  20. Any possibility of finding out the manufacturer/pattern name of the Ikat fabric on the chair to the right in the music room that is partially shown? I would appreciate it. You can email me at Thanks, Lisa

  21. Love love your blog! Avid follower and I just added you to my blogs blog role. Stop by sometime.

  22. This is amazing - I was just thinking about Holden and Dupuy last week and wondering why we hadn't see any of their work for awhile. And now we have this gorgeous article about an Ann Holden interior! I first became aware of their work via much-missed Southern Accents. They were always among my favourite designers. I love both their old and their new work.

    I'm so glad Veranda picked you to preview these pictures!

    Happy holidays, Joni!

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  24. Thank you so much for introducing me to these designers. Their work is fabulous.

    Don't know what to make of the Veranda house, though. When I read your intro about stripping the house back to its beginnings, removing all the renovations/additions, I was expecting a better, more respectful restoration of the place. I wasn't expecting a completely different house tacked on behind. The original house is "charming and full of character". The new addition is "stunning and impressive". Both are beautiful in their own right, but (in my humble opinion) don't belong together. I think the architect has done the original house a disservice, and the owners should have found an empty lot to build on if the addition was the style that they preferred. I'm not saying that one cannot "modernize" certain elements when adapting old homes to contemporary needs (i.e. slightly larger rooms, different layouts compared to how people lived in the past), but this addition has strayed too far from the original. It just looks/feels wrong.

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  26. Thanks for showing that house (the last one) I LOVE the idea of an addition added with the steel windows! I will have to show the hubby for future references :)

  27. Wow - did not know that she is Gerri Bremerman's daughter!! She is one of my alltime favorites & that house was the best feature in this issue of Veranda.
    I see you're still on top of it Joni!
    Best, Lana

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  29. Nice to see REAL decorators in New Orleans. (Sorry Val, but Walmart-lamp "revamps" don't cut it.)

  30. Joni, the plugin called Akismet does a great job of keeping out spam commenters like you are starting to get.

    dear friend of mine ...

    you are loved ...


    always inspired and delighted here

  32. I love all the bright colors in the home. I have next year is even better for you then this year. Happy new year love.

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  34. In agreement with Anonymous (December 27, 2012 11:41 am). Bremermann, Holden & Dupuy represent the true essence of good NOLA design. Val's pairing Wal-Mart snowflake placemats with antique Limoges dinner plates was disservice to tablescape design.

  35. Joni, I was waiting and waiting to see this post because I always enjoy going to your SIL's ranch ans seeing what you do there, and I love your presents you did this year. Very chic.

    I thoroughly enjoyed touring the White House and hearing your commentary. And yes, I do think this year's decroations are dull. My favorites from the ones you showed were overseen by Laura Bush, and I particularly loved the snow scenes. That one of the man with the grand piano is just breathtaking. I loved her idea of creating all the little versions of the homes of the various presidents. And I think the gingerbread house you showed us tops a lot of the ones made by the White House chefs. I always, though, enjoyed Laura Bush's White House tours because they were informative, and I think she was as excited as a child to see what everyone came up with in terms of the decor, particularly the gingerbread. I love a sparkly, fun Christmas with all the trimmings, and I think I have done every sort of tree out there. This year, I decorated for children (who will be big before we know it). Had a wonderful time with our godchildren celebrating the day after Christmas and the day after that. It went on for DAYS. We took a carriage ride with NINE, count them NINE, of us crammed in like sardines. That poor horse!!! We had dinner out (thank goodness!), and we didn't get out of the restaurant until 10:30 that night!!! So we opened our gifts the next morning and just had a blast. We all needed it..

    Before I forget, the portrait of Coolidge's wife is just gorgeous. Love her red dress and her dog, too. I do genealogy research, and on one line, I am related to Coolidge, Taft, and FDR. Oh, and Dick Cheney, too. Maybe I better duck the tomatoes on that one. LOL ;-) And I think that Charlotte Moss would be a good choice for the White House designer. Maybe Charlotte and Mario Buatta. He and Mark Hampton did Blair House, and it think it worked for many years. He would add some warmth to the rooms, although he is a bit more unrestrained, and Charlotte Moss would add the restraint yet interest. I like his ability to "paint" rooms with decor, and I like her uncanny eye.

    Okay, that's it from this popsickle stand. Wishing you, Ben, and Elisabeth your very best New Year to date and sending you much, much love. Thank you for another year of wonderful design ideas, educated commentary, and friendship. You're the best, Joni.



  36. I tried to post again on the other post, but my IPAD won't load all the comments you got. LOL

    Just wanted to say that I didn't catch the fact that they had the military families do one of the trees this year, and I think that is a wonderful idea. Oh, and I wish people would actually "read" your comments before they sound off. I get exactly what you are saying about the regular decor AND the holiday decor. It appears that a lot of us got what you were trying to say, even some of the anons. While others of the anons were like "sounding brass.". That "sounding brass" scripture verse makes absolute sense to me after reading some of the rather outspoken commentary. Someone needs to take a chill pill. As a person who enjoys Christmas and celebrates it and as a card-carrying member of the DAR who loves the White House, I thoroughly enjoyed your commentary and the accompanying pictures. A lot of work went into that post, and I appreciate you taking the time to do such a well thought out post for us, particularly during this busy holiday season. Thank you, Joni. Well done..

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