COTE DE TEXAS: Advice From an Expert on Color

Advice From an Expert on Color


One of my favorite bloggers is Maria Killam who writes “Colour Me Happy.”  Maria is a color expert who hails from Canada, hence her spelling of color with a “u!”  Whenever I get an email from a reader questioning what color should she paint her front door to go with her brick, or something to that effect, I refer her to Maria, because I know her answer will be correct. 

Colour Me Happy is a like a textbook of what to do and what not to do when decorating your house.  She deals with all aspects of design, not just paint colors, but paint is her expertise.  Last year Maria put together a selection of her fifty favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors and had them painted on very large 11”x14” sample boards.  I have her kit and find it so helpful to use with clients.  The large boards really give you a sense of what the color is going to look like when painted on the walls, and when you tape the boards up to look at them, you get a good sense of the undertones and how they will affect your space. 

Additionally, Maria has written an e-book entitled

The book explains how to choose one color over another and it explains the importance of undertones and why they matter so much when picking a paint color.  Maria has used her system for 10 years and in the book, she explains it in easy to understand terms for the novice.   The book can be downloaded as a PDF file, or to your Ipad or Kindle.
Recently, Maria revised her book and added a large question and answer section based on emails she received from readers.   To celebrate the newest edition of “How To Choose Paint Colors – It’s All in the Undertones”  Maria has written a guest blog post today about color and natural fiber rugs, such as seagrass.  

I hope you enjoy what Maria has written!!!   

Maria Killam from Colour Me Happy writes:

Recently a reader emailed me this question, 'Do you consider natural fiber rugs to be neutral?' I thought about the answer to this question for a while. At first I thought maybe they could be like most hardwood floors which I do consider to be fundamentally neutral unless you have some wild 'look at me' stain on them. Also sometimes a natural fiber rug looks like it almost blends into the hardwood depending on what colour it is. However, you can't generally take a wood flooring and break it down into three beige undertones like you can with a sisal or seagrass rug. After all, a natural fiber rug does not read like a multi-toned wood floor.  So that means that they cannot be considered neutral (maybe).


Take a look at these three images (above). The first one on the left has a green undertone. The one in the middle has a pink undertone and the one on the right clearly has a yellow/gold undertone. (Image source, one, two three)

Here's another stack of sisal and seagrass rugs in varying shades of yellow and green beige except for the one on the bottom which is more taupy brown.

Next I'll identify the undertones in the following interiors and you can judge for yourself whether you think they are neutral or not?

In this image, a blue area rug is layered on top of the seagrass rug so you could probably choose any undertone for the rug underneath although this one in the green/yellow family relates really well to the undertones in the fireplace stone.   Also the fireplace stone is visually the most important feature in the room as the furniture is all so quiet and neutral.  source

Here the walls have a green beige undertone and the jute area rug has a pink beige undertone. Notice that the drapes and the pattern in the charcoal coloured chairs also pick up the pink undertone in the rug.  source
Would it look as cohesive if the area rug was suddenly gold?


The Reese Witherspoon ranch that Joni blogged about here has a pink beige jute area rug, however you can see that the same undertone is repeated in the drapes, the tufted settee placed directly beside the drapery on the left as well as the damask toss pillows on the sofa.


Here the seagrass area rug reads pink beige in this interior combined with mostly yellow beige furniture and walls.


In this living room designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber the seagrass area rug appears to have a pinker undertone than the pattern in the sofas, the chairs and ottoman.  The room is so beautifully decorated and filled with so many interesting pieces to look at that the rug appears neutral here.

A space like a carpeted hallway without any furniture looks the best when you coordinate the colour with the walls like this one with the yellow beige sisal runner and yellow beige walls.

This chevron sisal rug has a green undertone and it's repeated in a very pale shade in the wall colour which looks like it could be a blue/green shade. Note that if the area rug was a yellow/gold beige or pink beige it would look odd if the neutral wall colour was not repeated.


In this living room decorated by Joni, she repeated the green beige of the seagrass on the walls and with all the brown and white slipcovered furniture.

(and in a note by Joni:  the ceiling will be stained in a week or two to a more grayish color, instead of the pink wood tones it is now.)


Here is Joni's family room with green beige seagrass and the same undertone is repeated in the wall colour and woven wood shades.


This interior which Joni compared to all others in her Top 10 Design Elements series, has yellow beige seagrass with all the white slipcovers. Notice that the accent pillows and fringe on the ottomans all pick up on the area rug with the same yellow/gold tones.

Bottom line, any item in a solid colour that is darker than white or cream is no longer neutral in most interiors. As soon as you're calling it beige or grey (neutral) instead of orange or blue (a colour) there's an undertone that you need to choose to work with or ignore if it works to do that.

JONI:  I have something to add to the discussion of textured rugs and color!  Of course!  When seagrass is new, or young, it is often very green.   As it ages, the green fades and it becomes more golden.  So, don’t get nervous if you buy a new seagrass and it looks really green.  One day soon, you will look at it, and will be much lighter and brighter.

Here are the 3 choices for downloading Maria’s book:


Maria’s book is the definitive book on how to choose paint colors.  It was written specifically for everyone who wants to pick the right paint colors for their home and increase their confidence when doing so.  Imagine after reading this book, you’ll be ready to…
Look at any home through new eyes,
develop a paint color plan and
pick the colors that will make your space sing.

Maria’s book cost $29.99, but for the next week, she has reduced the price to $19.99 for Cote de Texas readers.  When ordering, put TEXAS in the code to receive your discount.

Order HERE.

And to order Maria’s Color Boards – 50 large paint samples, go HERE:


A huge thanks to Maria for this lesson in color and textured rugs!!!  To read Maria’s blog, Colour Me Happy, go HERE.



Houston Interior designer Sally Wheat, whose beautiful living room is pictured above, is going to be hosting a sale on One King’s Lane!


Sally sells her vintage finds and furniture on her web site HERE and at Memorial Interiors and Antiques HERE.
Her One Kings Lane sale will be on Tuesday Jan. 22, 10:00 am CST.  Be sure to mark your calendars !!!


  1. Great Post! This is the best information to keep a house coordinated for decorators and homeowners!

  2. Awesome stuff Tim! It's been a while.. a couple years since I've seen your stuff.

  3. One of the tricky things about color is that the floor color will relect onto the ceiling thus affecting the ceiling color. The wall colors reflect onto each other so that light colors become lighter and darker colors become more saturated. On top of that, shiney surfaces such as seagrass, polished wood and fabrics with a luster such as silk pick up the colors from the walls, floors and ceilings. Undertones are most apparent when all the colors are fairly light.

    Ultimately, you must try your colors out in the space where they will be used. That is why using the biggest paint swatch, fabric sample and and flooring samples are critical. Sounds like the giant paint swatches from Maria will be an excellent resource for decorators!

    1. Charlotte, you are so right about color reflections off floors and shiny surfaces! I attended a wedding where the bridesmaids wore aqua/seafoam green dresses but as they walked down the aisle, the people on the inner ends of the pews could see their shoes were a steely gray. Afterward at the garden reception, their shoes were suddenly identical in color to their dresses - the satin had picked up the carpet hue of the chapel!

    2. We just completed a renovation on one of our rental homes. Ugh. My "Property Management" company had done a real number with the colors on the interior. The exterior is a peachy beige with a terra cotta patio that reflects a peachy color into the house when the windows or doors are open. Not really my favorite color but you just have to work with it. Several years ago the management company installed "renters beige carpet" and painted ALL the walls a semi-gloss white. The interior looked like a cheap motel. The reflection off of the brownish carpet made the ceilings look dirty in comparision to the walls. Even the carpet looked dirty compared to the walls. The Property Management company wanted me to pay them to paint the ceiling and replace the carpet because they were "dirty".

      My personal color preference is for golden tones, but they just did not work with the exterior or with the carpet. We painted the walls a muted, peachy beige("dirty" as Maria says)which made the ceiling look clean and the carpet look less dirty. (Brownish carpet is still ugly in my opinion.) The baseboards, doors and other mouldings are very nice but did not show up when everything was white, semigloss. Now the nice woodwork "pops".

      The house had had numerous showings but had stood unrented for nearly two a months. As proof of our success, the very day we painted the livingroom and entryhall, a famly came in, LOVED the house and rented it on the spot.

  4. Great timing on your post - I am shopping for a seagrass rugs. Thinking I would buy one online, I have been scared of what the actual color would be as its impossible to know by looking at the color on the screen. I always love to read Maria's blog as she is so informative about the tricky paint colors.

    1. A reputable seagrass/sisal dealer should be willing to mail you actual swatches before you commit to buying. I've now bought two this way...

  5. I've followed Maria's blog for sometime...a note...we were having lunch in this "Cheers" type lounge (VA) and the couple in the next booth were talking about..."Maria Killam" and color samples! I had to smile to myself and then ate my "She Crab" soup. franki

  6. Color is definitely the hardest thing to resolve in design work, I think--even harder than lighting. This is very good, Joni! It is a little more "academic" than some post, but very insightful. I think that when it comes to color, natural gifts separate the designers from the decorators. Some people have a more intuitive ability to work with and discern color and coordinate it than others.

    1. From a purely scientific standpoint, some people are more genetically predisposed to evaluate color than are others. The color receptors in our eyes are called "cones". Women tend to have more cones than men and thus are more perceptive to differences in color. Some individuals, no matter what sex, have a lot more cones than the average person. On the other end of the spectrum, some people lack certain types of cones and are thus color blind.

      We can refine the gifts we have through education, but no piece of paper from a design institute can overcome genetics!

  7. I like Maria site but I feel it has gone down in quality lately. Nothing against her, but Joni no one does a blog like you. The amount of effort and information you put into your site is mind blowing. I say you have the best blog on the web with Heather Clausen's (sp?) Habitually Chic at a close number two. Thanks for all you do.


    1. Not to diminish Joni's blog in any way and totally agree that she does an outstanding job. Maria's blog is totally different.
      Maria has been in the process of moving and renovating a new home and while she has not written as frequently as Joni, her posts nevertheless have been filled with pertinent information for readers who might have bought a home that they are renovating to their
      particular needs. I love Maria's blog and particularly her gracious attitude in sharing information and responding to her readers.
      Maria - rock on!!!

  8. Hi Joni, I needed this. I have been going with my instincts (not terrible) but have not been able to tell exactly what I was choosing and why. Thank you for this fantastic and important post on color (no "u").

  9. I purchased Maria's e-book last year before she revised it. The information is so valuable (even for a non-decorator) and is definitely worth the price. It is amazing how much more aware I am of undertones now. On a related note, Joni, can you educate us about natural fiber rugs (sisal vs. seagrass, etc.), the way you have educated us about window coverings? I have asthma and am discarding my wool rugs in case they are contributing to my symptoms. I still need something to cover my hardwood floors, but I'm concerned about keeping the natural fibers clean and whether my cat will think she just received a giant scratching post, or should I write to Miss Cote de Texas to ask that question?

  10. BUT: HELP!!! How will we know if the green seagrass will fade to golden, pink or green undertones???? How do we plan for that???? I'm more lost than I was before! PLEASE advise

    1. I don't understand this post either. I see what she is posting, but how do you know with the natural area rugs what they will fade to? Is there a rule of thumb? Jute goes with these colors, sisal with these colors, seagrass with these? This post answered the question that they are not neutral - but it does not help.

  11. Ditto on the asthma, plus allergies: Can you please tell us if people with asthma & allergies generally do better with seagrass (or other natural fibers), or if there are molds, and other things in the seagrass that generally make these conditions worse? It would be so helpful to know ahead of time instead of making the investment and finding out it exacerbates these health problems. I did not notice this problem addressed in your original, amazing post on seagrass. Thank you VERY much.

  12. I tried to order the book... no link "HERE"....????? LOVE this post LOVE her blog and yours Joni...everyday!


  13. Maria is an expensive blog habit. Every time I read a blog post, I need two gallons of paint. Seriously love this girl and her blog.
    So happy you featured Maria today. She has so much talent and the balls to go against the trends when she really love something - like her
    yellow sofa.

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  15. The subtleties of colour are one of the real joys in life.
    TIny, almost invisible, variations in light can change things so drastically.
    I often like to spend time in a room over several days before decided which colour, which depth, to use.
    Such a fun post, Joni!

  16. Maria's book is a must have for anyone with a design, decorating or (for me) staging business. Not only is her book expertly written and informative, it is a visual feast of lovely pictures. Invest $19.95 in this book! It is a valuable reference. You won't be disappointed!

  17. Joni, love your blog and particularly how you vet each person you feature. I'm shocked that you would encourage support of a self proclaimed "expert" like Maria. She has zero design education and has no business recommending anything to clients and wasting their money and ruining their homes. Her "color system" is nothing more than pointing out the obvious and is how manufacturers have always been displaying their varied product colors. She's trying to spin her language to make her information unique when in reality it's not. She makes erroneous recommendations to paying clients that don't know any better. As professionals, we have a responsibility to our clients and our industry peers. Maria started as what she called a "color designer" with her experience of working at a paint store to now calling herself an interior designer, yet she hired an interior designer to do her kitchen??? This unethical evolution online needs to stop because the general public is unaware of what a consultation with an actual designer entails - it's nothing that Maria provides with her go to white subway tiles. You should be warning the public instead of continuing the charade that is Maria Killam.

    1. Wow you are harsh. Maria is one of the most useful design persons I have ever encountered. She is full of common sense, no arrogance, and has managed to explain colour tones to many many folks who thought they understood before. If paint people have been explaining these " obvious" characteristics about colour - then most us us have missed it. - Marie makes it simple, obvious and she dishes out so much free advice that she truly is a gem. Of those who have taken her workshop ( I have not) many are professional designers and they understand that she is great.

    2. Anon. 10:58pm, "Charade" you say???? Please give us concrete examples of how Maria Killam's skills as a color consultant is a charade. I do agree with you that her information is not unique, however, not many people have the skill to read undertones in paint color. It takes working years with color to begin to see the various hues that a color can take on or even pick up when surrounded by other colors, fabric and sunlight. That Maria has chosen to be the eyes of someone conflicted over color choices is a perfectly reputable profession and should not be denigrated by you. You use the phrase "as professionals" so I am assuming that you are indicating to the great unwashed here that you are a design major and/or arts major and that gives you some leg up on someone who started a career in a paint store. Please the snobbery is nauseating. There are thousands of talented and successful designers who started out from the trunk of their car. Now please go back and finish your "paint by number" still life that you are charging your all too trusting client $3,500 for.

    3. If Maria's colour system where as obvious as you suggest, there wouldn't be so many tragic-looking combinations of colours in interiors we all encounter including those done by some accredited Interior Designers. It's true, it may not be as new or revolutionary as she suggests (I have always used undertones to guide my decisions and I studied colour theory in the 70s in conjunction with my Home Economics minor in Housing and Design)but her system has helped explain to many people why it works in a way they could understand - finally.

      As for having a hissy fit about people daring to offer advice because they don't have a degree in Interior Design, I would point out that there are a number of design stars (Sarah Richardson is just one example)who do beautiful work but do not have degrees from an Interior Design program. Sarah's degree was in Fine Art.

      I would also like to point out that although others sometimes refer to Maria as an interior designer, she does not. She also is the first person to admit she is not the person to consult if you're planning the layout of a new kitchen, so why wouldn't she consult someone with expertise in that department, especialy since that person was a former business partner. Many Interior Designers and designers of interiors consult other designers when working on their own spaces because they understand the importance of an additional objective set of eyes.

    4. I must say that I hired Maria to help me with color about 2 years ago for my kitchen renovation. She was awful. I sent her extensive photos, comments, and examples of what I was trying to achieve. She was not helpful, and did no more than the person at the paint store. She was arrogant, was over an hour late to our phone meeting--and gave me horrible advice. My kitchen has been featured in several publications, and is frequently pinned online--all using exactly what she told me not to do! She's not much more than smoke, mirrors and a scam. It was a several hundred dollar mistake, and an irritant to say the least. Buyer beware!

    5. Smoke, mirrors and scam is correct. I purchased the book and frankly should have asked for a refund. What a joke!!! I watched a few of her videos on youtube and as you say, Maria comes across as having a huge chip on her shoulder and out to prove she is the smartest chick on the block. There is nothing new in her pseudoscience of color. It's a matter of taking the time and effort to make your own samples when painting a room and studying those samples at different times of the day to see how light affects them. That isn't something Maria can do unless you want a house guest for 24 hours - not a good idea since she comes with baggage. Her seminars begin with "tell me the color of your sofa and I will tell you how old it is". Seriously people, what a dumb statement.

  18. I love to "study" color. I thought I knew a lot about color until I actually worked in a paint store and mixed paint! And we didn't have a state of the art machine either! It was sometimes shocking - a squirt of black in white - several maybe - and you still end up with a "white".
    So many times I am in offices, homes, etc... and there is this awful pinky medium beige - I really hate that color! I always think if they would of just looked further down the swatch! And the different kind of paints - flat, eggshell, semi-gloss...really affects the end color. I always prefer a flat. Certain colors can be difficult to get right - browns, reds - greens and blues are easier. Whitess are endless and can be so different - I just have a few go to whites by BM. Also, good paint is good paint - don't go too cheap. And always, always, plan on at least 2 coats, usually 3, to get it perfect. Really dark color - maybe 4 - seriously - especially around the edges. Seagrass, sisal - it does come in all different hues. Years ago I carpeted my entire upstairs in a sisal look wool carpet - best carpet I ever had (we have since moved)but when the guys came to install it, I became very nervous because in broad daylight, looking at it in the back of the truck, it looked so golden! After it was laid it was fine, just a warm, natural. I would have that same carpet again - wool sisal look and wool seagrass look in a carpet is a great option. Thanks for the post, Joni!

    1. Where does one find wool sisal look carpet?

    2. Hi, To get an idea of what wool sisal look carpet looks like, you can go to - and If you think you really want it, show this to your interior designer or take a print out to your local, reputable, "mom & pop" flooring and carpet store. Most good stores are more than happy to locate what you want - especially if they are going to do the installation. I also worked in a flooring store at one time and we did this sort of thing for customers on a regular basis. Also, many big name carpet manufacturers now offer a sisal look in a wall to wall carpet. Don't go to a bog box store like Lowe's or Home Depo - they get what they get and you just don't get any customer service - they will not research it and get you what you want. Support your local smaller flooring stores! Hope this helps!

    3. And one more thing - many dealers already carry Unique Carpets Ltd - very reputable company. Also, it is very easy for a carpet/flooring store to get what you want from almost any manufacturer - it is really just a phone call now days! And if for some reason they can't get it from one source there are many others they can get it from. Oh, the world of flooring...and don't even get me started on the world of tile!

    4. ok, after this I' done - but I must add - please don't ever order wall to wall carpet on your own. Always have a flooring expert (or a installation expert) at the store do it for you. Wall to wall carpet must be pieced and seamed at certain points and the carpet must all run the same way - then there is padding, what sort of installation is it, etc.. - you can't just flip it around. Actually it can be quite a headache to figure it all out - it begins with a floor plan. I have spent many hours at this work and it was quite the learning experience!

  19. Keep in mind about half(probably more!) of our "top interior designers" have no real degree in interior design or anything else for that matter. I personally can't tolerate snobby "designers" who seem to think a piece of paper represents their expertise and gives them the right to bash everyone else.

    Look, you either have it or you don't. And, all good designers study continually - all the time. I have seen good and bad in both design graduates and self taught designers. It is a age old issue. I would put myself up against any interior designer with a degree any day of the week - from the floorplans, antiques, art, contractors, resources, knowledge about materials, fabrics, sewing, painting, wallpaper, calculating materials and cost, roofing, windows - really, must we continue to debate this tired issue?

    1. " It is a age old issue. I would put myself up against any interior designer with a degree any day of the week - from the floorplans, antiques, art, contractors, resources, knowledge about materials, fabrics, sewing, painting, wallpaper, calculating materials and cost, roofing, windows - really, must we continue to debate this tired issue?"

      An old adage, Market. Self brag is half scandal. We would love to see your work and make our own evaluation.

      As to Maria, I agree with you that she is an outstanding business woman and color consultant. I believe it was only her kitchen that she hired someone to help with. As to her design work, what little I have seen of it on her blog is really good.

    2. "I believe it was only her kitchen that she hired someone to help with"

      Sounds like she knows her limitations!

  20. Oh, and one more important thing - the history of design. It is absolutely a must to study ( and is quite enjoyable) the history of design. And the famous landmark houses and buildings - all of this is open to anyone wanting to learn.

  21. Awesome post! And I love the blog:)
    Check out my blog:

  22. Joni, As usual, you are always the best. I echo the request for information on purchasing seagrass and other floor coverings. Also! I would LOVE it if you featured a blog on window shades and places to order them from high to low. I recently followed your advice on a chandelier and am very pleased with my affordable result. Thank you!

  23. So happy to see two of my very favorite designers, bloggers and teachers meshed together. I have thanked Maria a number of times for all the help, enthusiasm, and energy she has put into all of her work,.....and so today I say "Thank You" Joni, for all your posts and for all the knowledge you have willing shared with all of us these past few years.

  24. So excited! I just ordered and downloaded Maria's book! Thank you Joni and Maria for this wonderful offer!


  25. Joni I am very surprised that you endorsed this book. Maria Killam has no design credentials whatsoever. She is a self-taught decorator / stylist at best who specifies the same Benjamin Moore colors to unsuspecting long-distance clients ad nauseum. Think about it - colour is light - how can you possibly select a color without seeing the light of the room ?

    And to have the gall to paint up pieces of cardboard that she has painted with her favorite Benjamin Moore colours and then sell them for $300 is appalling. I briefly considered the Killam ebook, but the arrogant tone of her blog prevented me from pulling the trigger. A friend of mine has it and her advice to me was "save your money."

    You do have to give her props for business savvy - she has created quite the little empire for herself by proclaiming herself a color "expert" after working a few years in a paint store.

    1. @anon 10:23 PM: "Maria Killam has no design credentials whatsoever ..... blah, blah, blah". Personally I fail to see your point as she has never claimed to possess such credentials nor does she classify herself as an Interior Decorator. She refers to herself as a COLOUR EXPERT nothing more, nothing less.

      As for having any credentials, I hate to think what this world would be if those who are either in the industry of Interior Design, Furniture, Fashion, Perfume etc. etc. etc. (many of whom BTW have been very successful) be expected to ALL have degrees.
      Think about it! -Brenda-

    2. If you think it's ok for Maria to make design related recommendations with no knowledge base is blah blah blah then I must disagree. Advising people on what counter tops, flooring, tilework, furniture, lighting etc. requires knowledge aka an education - more than what you read online or in her case what her readers provide in their answers to her posts. It all costs much more money than a few cans of the wrong colour paint being recommended! THAT she has no business advising people on. Have you seen the photos of her "design" work? The scale and proportions are always off and people pay her monies for this...As for her not calling herself an interior designer, she clearly does state that she's not an interior designer when asked directly BUT she plays with her words because she offers "full design services" and her photos are all tagged "interior design by....". So you tell me, would the average person with no knowledge of the difference between choosing paint colours and doing design work, not think that she is an interior designer??? Really, she's playing with words to serve her own purpose. If she was concerned about being clear about only being the selfproclaimed supposed colour expert and not faking to know more than she does, she'd be the first person to correct anybody that calls her an interior designer and not offer "full design services" or label her pics "interior design by...". Bottom lilne is that she misrepresents herself as offering more than just paint colours without any knowledge base on the materials. Totally irresponsible and NOT ok!

    3. I am also surprised at the endorsement of this 'ebook'. 91 pages of oversized font and a re-hash of blog posts. Hardly worth $30.00. Along with Joni, and another person of generous nature, Tobi Fairley also promoted this book. Based on Killam's own blog comments, even with Fairley's push, sales overall remained flat. It has been price slashed off and on since its release. The information is not unique or anything new. The book just plain isn't good. The Interior Design topic is a whole other misrepresentation by Killam.
      To the above poster quote,"She refers to herself as a COLOUR EXPERT nothing more, nothing less." That statement is highly inaccurate. Killam offers this on her website;
      "If you are seeking full design services including,
      furniture selection, window treatments, overall finishing and accessory placement,
      please contact us at 604.490.6251 or email
      to discuss your requirements prior to the consultation."
      She publicly promotes herself on HOUZZ as,
      Contact:Maria Killam
      Type:Interior Designers
      North Vancouver, British Columbia,
      Canada, V7R 4H9
      She also regularly, answers questions on HOUZZ regarding Interior Design. That practise is in direct contravention to a post she made on her blog recently titled 'FREE Advice Will Sabatoge Your Expensive Renovation.' Hipocrasy at its finest. Referred to as a charade, I see it more of a sham.
      I just downloaded Benjamin Moore's Color Library app and opened an account with Maxwell Fabrics. Call me, I'm an 'Expert'.

    4. Interesting note of late. Clearly Maria knows that she's misrepresenting herself because after reading my post above about labeling her photos "interior design by..." she's taken the description off! Now it says "Interior by...." Would someone that is being open and honest about their skill set do that? I think not. Thank you Maria. You forgot one image though....

    5. @anon 11:28 am (2:56 pm)
      @anon 2:44 pm
      Re your comments; as authorities seemingly in the field of Interior Design, Literary Theory, Marketing and Psychology I wish to thank you both for enlightening me. ALL points were taken.
      Also, even though your attempt of Ethic Policing is somewhat comforting; prior to all your derogatory statements re the subject at hand I do feel that your time would have been better spent researching the actual definition of the words that I have included in my footnote.
      Wishing both of you a beautiful day! ☺ -Brenda-
      - Design is creativity with strategy -


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  27. I'll start by saying people who drop turd opinions anonymously and then slither away are lame. I have not read Maria's book. I have read her blog posts.

    Maria has a point of view. She's put it out there. She owns what she says and stands behind it as her philosophy on color.

    Whether you agree with her or not, you should respect the fact that she's articulated an opinion and has put her name on it. Which is a whole helluva lot more than the weasely anonymous posters can say for themselves. I'm a veteran of design/paint forums and should know by now that if I read a post by "anonymous" I'm gonna feel like I need a shower to get it off me.

    Been at this color thing a long time. Various jobs involving color but color has always been a part of how I made a paycheck. Can tell you if you think Maria is a charade, there's worse. Far, far worse. Maria is transparent and has assigned value to her knowledge. That's not a charade and there's nothing wrong with what she's doing.

    So, lay off Maria. Let her be and mind your business. She has a right to create her own color journey, explore, experiment, develop and grow just like the rest of us. Those with degrees and alleged education are no more qualified or entitled to color than anyone else.

    Time for that shower.

  28. I post anonymously and have taken up for Maria in this discussion. Since anonymous posters so annoy you and you wish not to have the stench
    of their opinions lingering in your space, I will furnish you the soap for that shower of yours. It sounds like only lye soap and a couple
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  29. Not necessarily all anonymous posters. Just the few who dole out harsh opinion from the anonymous margins of blogosphere.

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  31. Really? How much are you paying Maria or Joni, for that matter to subscribe to their blogs? I love them both and subscribe to them both. Thanks to both ladies, I have a lot to read before my day starts. Love both blogs and will continue to learn from each. Thanks so much for all you do!!

  32. I love Maria's ebook! It has been so helpful to finally understand and be able to articulate what it is about the colors in my house that are bugging me. I feel more confident now when I'm shopping for new items that I'm bringing home a coordinating undertone! Thank you, Maria!!

  33. Oh my gosh, you read my mind!! I have been wondering this very thing (sisal rugs and how they affect paint color). So glad to read this and found it very helpful. xoxo

  34. since you are an expert with colors, I would like to ask if what color for window shades would be most likely suitable for homes?

  35. Joni, where can I find a green beige seagrass rug like the one you used to decorate the room in the photo above? The ones I've seen all seem to be a yellow golden color. And if they are going to change color, how do I know which one to pick to stay green beige? Please help!!

    Thank you!

  36. I think it also depends on the natural light in a room and the time of day. I think anything light coloured and without pattern is neutral. Confusingly, also think oriental rugs are neutral.

  37. Haters, turn your computers off right this minute, when I see that Joni or Maria post a new blog, I feel like its christmas-it is like a great gift to open up the beautiful pics that took them hours to sort through and find, what a treat to get for free everyday, I read Marias blog for years, learned an incredible amount and saved myself an unbelievable amount of money and aggravation when I redid our kitchen, by just following her advise-I was done updating our house, but I bought her ebook as a thank you for sharing all of her knowledge -people are so jealous if someone becomes more successful than them, don't be mad at designers that work their tails off for clients, be mad that you didn't invent a rubber band,velcro,etc- Opinions are like a__holes-everyone has one! Grow Up!

    1. Kathi123, sorry to hear that you don't recognize a fluke when you see one. That's okay. We all make mistakes. Maria is a self professed color consultant, and I am a self professed nuclear physicist - get the picture. Any great girl friend could have most likely helped you pick your colors. Seeing undertones is not science, unless you want to be taken by the likes of Maria Killam. Glad to know your project turned out well. Most likely Maria had little to do with it, but hey she made a little money. Some A___holes are more obvious than others.

    2. "Kathi123 says: I redid our kitchen, by just following her advise-I was done updating our house, but I bought her ebook as a thank you for sharing all of her knowledge "

      What a great idea to buy her book, even if you are done now -- to thank Maria for all the free advice and hand holding!

  38. Please please please explain how to know if your Seagrass is going to turn golden. Or where you get a green beige one that will stay green beige? Pretty please?


  39. The viscious poster above seems to be on a vengeance to snuff out her competition, spitting her bile around the online design community. Very unprofessional and immature to say the least! Someone here needs to take out the trash.

    It would be a shame to have everyone brainwashed by the Arts Department. There are many original designers who have a great eye and talent but no degree. Likewise, there are many degree'd designers without either or a lick of common sense. Just about anyone can get through a college program. That piece of paper does not equate to talent or even know-how.

    I don't know how you can be a fraudulent color consultant. It's art. Of course, you can't please everyone or know everything.

    Maria's huge success says it all! Go girl!!! You are hitting a home run for a reaon!

  40. "Kathi123 says: I redid our kitchen, by just following her advise-I was done updating our house, but I bought her ebook as a thank you for sharing all of her knowledge "

    What a great idea to buy her book, even if you are done now -- to thank Maria for all the free advice and hand holding!

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