COTE DE TEXAS: Surprise! It’s A New Segreto!!

Surprise! It’s A New Segreto!!


I am THRILLED to introduce Leslie Sinclair’s newest book – “Segreto Style!!”

Leslie is the owner of Segreto Finishes, the Houston based company that specializes in custom paint finishes for walls, cabinetry,  floors – and furniture.  Just a few years ago, Leslie branched out and wrote her first book,  “Segreto Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors,” which has been my favorite design  book.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that book when looking for inspiration.



Leslie’s First Book Cover




And, here is the cover of Leslie’s newest book:  “Segreto Style”   The cover shows the beautiful hand painted finish on the cabinetry – this paint technique is a trademark of Segreto Finishes.


After the huge success of her first book, Leslie set out to write her second one entitled – “Segreto Style” and I have to say it’s even better than the first.  The houses shown are a bit more varied this time out.  Besides the Houston Look, there are many other design styles such as – Georgian, Modern, French, Romantic, Spanish Revival, Louisiana Inspiration, Nantucket Style – and more.  There is also a nice variety of interior designers and builders to match the different styles.   Throughout the book you will find many examples of Segreto finishes that add more to interiors than almost anything.  I still attest that Leslie’s interior stucco finish is the diamond on the ring, the icing on the cake, the hub cap on the tire.   OK, maybe not the hub cap!! 

The book is HUGE.  It’s large and thick and heavy.  It’s full - loaded with large images after larger images.  Lately for some reason I’m noticing that design books are shrinking.   Some of the newer books are tiny. But, not this one.  It will take you weeks to get through it all.   Weeks.  And I promise you will love every minute of it.  Here are a just a few images from Segreto Style:



This modern entry has the surprise of a green velvet tufted sofa in the stair hall by Munger Interiors.



Sarah West designed this guest cottage which is used both for company and for entertaining.



Richard Coleman designed this dining room using beautiful Gracie wallpaper.  So pretty!



I love this family room by Ellie Bale with antique doors and light blue fabrics.



In this bar, Segreto Finishes copied the homeowners’ favorite wine label and painted it under the sink:   Cote de Beaune!!  Love that name!!



A young girl’s hideaway, named after her friend that passed away.  Leslie’s company painted the floor in the large pattern.  Love this French styled sitting room.




Here are the details.  The book will be coming out this November 1.  You can pre-order it now.  I would suggest you get your order in as soon as possible – it’s going to be a popular item. 

First – here is a list of places and events where you can go and get your book signed and meet Leslie.  She’s so sweet – if you have never met her, try to come out!  You will love her!!!   These are dates in Houston – more dates elsewhere will be added soon.   HERE.

Second – here is a list of stores around the country where you will be able to purchase the book after November 1.  HERE.

Third – here is where you can preorder your book now.   When you order you will have to put down where you heard about the book, so just say Cote de Texas in that space.  ORDER HERE.


You can also still purchase her first book AND you will see on the order form that Leslie has a THIRD book coming out next year called “Segreto Vignettes.”    Can’t wait!   Leslie is amazing.  Three books.  Wow!!




  1. Dear Joni,
    Thank you so much for featuring my friend Leslie and her new book. Her finishes are so luxe, so elegant; I know everyone will fall in love with her and her new book!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Wow!! Fabulous preview! This looks like a very beautiful and inspiring book. Leslie is a huge talent, and she writes beautifully. I love her blog!!

  3. What a fun surprise this morning!!! Thank you so much for featuring my new book Segreto Style! such a labor of love for me and a tribute to all the talented builders designers and architects, who i had so much fun collaborating with!! xo to you sweet Joni!! hugs, Leslie

  4. Thank you for the sneak peak, it's GORGEOUS! Looking forward to it's arrival in November! xx Rié

  5. Adore Leslie - her work is truly art. Her passion shines clearly in not only her books but in her beautiful smile. Thank you Joni for the heads up on this must have book.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous new book! I have been looking for door hardware exactly like the knob featured on the cover! Any ideas what company it comes from? Thank you!

  7. how exciting + those are great books.

  8. What a gorgeous sneak peek! Congratulations to Leslie for her book!
    A. Tyner Antiques

  9. Joni, Congrats to Leslie on her second book. I love the first book and can't wait to get this new one.

  10. Joni.

    If you wrote a book - I would buy it!



  11. I am so very excited about this book! One night years ago, I was perusing Pinterest when I saw this unbelievable kitchen. Upon further review, it had been
    posted by Cote de Texas. I immediately jumped to the Cote de Texas blog and my love of design changed from that moment on. Not only did I find Joni Webb's wonderful
    blog, but also ordered Segreto Secrets. If you could see my copy of this book, you would know that it has become a huge source of inspiration. My copy is literally falling
    apart. I have sticky notes all over the place and have tried to use many of the ideas from the book in my own, new home. If you love design, then these books are a must!
    I have pre-ordered my copy and can't wait until the day it arrives at my front door. Thanks to Joni for sharing such a treasure. Between Joni's blog and Leslie's book I can truly say I have learned so much and been inspired by many of the fantastic photographs. It is amazing that these two ladies are willing to share so much of their talent with us.
    blog as well.

  12. Leslie is such an incredible talent- I cannot wait to get my copy!

  13. Looking forward to her new book... her work is beautiful!

  14. Me too! I can't wait!

    Years ago; I bought Keith Irvine's book (he wrote himself) I think.."Keith Irvine's a life in decorating"; It is still my favorite......(I love many new ones) I took my copy to the Pacific Design Center and stood in line for him to sign it.....(talk about "sticky notes?? everywhere! those colored tags....I had written all over that book......(my mother told me not to!! HA! are you kidding??? I LEARN!!!!) He took one look at my book....(I was afraid he would be offended at that second....I had not thought of it before); he looked up at me; tears in his eyes.....honestly....and said.....:

    "OMIGOD !!!! You got so much from it!!!"

    And I said...."I have been a decorator for a long time...this book has just extended everything I believe....I adore it!"

    He said....."I CAN TELL!!"

    A peak experience of my life!

    He adored old finishes just like Leslie creates!