COTE DE TEXAS: A Gift To You From The Highboy & CdT In the News!

A Gift To You From The Highboy & CdT In the News!


I want to introduce a new sponsor to Cote de Texas readers – The Highboy Antiques Simplified



The Highboy is an online antique and fine art shop – an internet marketplace where curated antique and art dealers sell their wares.   The Highboy is the brainchild of Douglas and Olga Granda-Scott who comes from a family of well known and highly respected antique dealers.  Having been brought up in the business, Olga now lends her young and fresh eye when choosing dealers for The Highboy.

The – “Antiques Simplified” says it all.  It’s highly user-friendly – you can search for what you are looking for, using tight specifics or more general terms.  In addition – The Highboy gathers items in design groups - such as mirrors or lighting – for quick searches. 

Their weekly emails are also helpful – arrays of items are shown – put together in such a way to create an entire room’s décor like this mid century dining room:




They group newly arrived items together – for easy perusal:



And I love this the best – they have designers choose their favorite items on The Highboy – such as Kerry Howard here:




This was particularly fun – shopping The Highboy to recreate Brooke Shields fabulous NYC apartment decorated by India Hick’s partner:



And, there is their blog – The Weekly – with fabulous stories about antiques and décor.



If you are a designer – be sure to join The Highboy’s Designers Club for trade prices and early access to sales HERE.  In addition – there is the Concierge Service that will help you find specific items for specific jobs – before they are even offered on web site. 



Now, in conjunction with The Highboy’s sponsorship – they are offering a wonderful discount for each Cote de Texas reader!

First – please register on The Highboy at

Next – ALL READERS will receive $100 off your first purchase that totals $200 and more!!!!!!


Did you read that correctly?

$100 off your first purchase of $200 or more!!!!

Yes, you did!

To receive your discount – use this promotional code when checking out:



*NOTE:  Promotional Code is valid on total purchases of $200.00 or more.  Promotional code may not be combined with other offers.


I hope you are as excited about this discount as I am!!   OK – I’m off to go shopping at The Highboy right now. 

A huge thank you to all the folks at The Highboy!!!

To shop The Highboy, go HERE.

To read their blog “The Weekly” – go HERE.





And in other news, “Houston House and Home” magazine, February, was gracious enough to feature an article that I wrote about 2015 Trends!  Much thanks to Editor Susan Fox!



To read the article online go HERE

And to see the entire magazine go – HERE.  Page 40 for my article.  And go to page 70 to read the Olivine shop dog Izzie’s page with his recipes and other doggie tidbits!  Olivine is, of course, the cute décor shop in Rice Village HERE and HERE.







  1. I love High Boy! What a great concept!

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  2. Joni, Congratulations on the magazine article! I will definitely read it later on tonight. I have never heard of The High Boy, so I will check that out, too. The discount they are offering is so generous!

  3. Joni, Congratulations on the magazine article! I will definitely read it later on tonight. I have never heard of The High Boy, so I will check that out, too. The discount they are offering is so generous!

  4. Congratulations on the magazine feature Joni!
    I adore the HighBoy and will also be featuring them very soon!
    Have a great weekend!
    The Arts by Karena New Feature

  5. congratulations, Joni + Highboy will be one of my favorites + loved the articles.

  6. Great post and I will look for my house & Home issues. They fly off the shelf here in Sugar Land. I'll have to pick one up in the city. Congratulations!

  7. Well, hotdiggetydog! I have been reading your blog for years, and now I can finally contribute something. One of the dealers selling their interesting pieces through the HighBoy is Arsenal Designed in Charleston, South Carolina. It's a shop owned by Sarah and Colby Broadwater whom I had the pleasure of meeting once or twice. If you ever want to do a post about a hip young couple in the design world, give them a try. Google them y'all!!

    1. that sounds wonderful!

      I just hope your blog continues the way it was with all that information! I detested the last house.....however I adored your descriptions of it!

      It is actually the most hideous house I have ever seen on your blog! (sorry!!!) It just is against everything I believe in!! I adore your blog; however; and we can "agree to disagree"!!!



    2. hhahaha. you hated it that much?????? ot sure which one you meant - the movie house or Lisa in Beverly hills house? I think you mean that one?

  8. Irs - thanks! I'll look into them! thanks!

    1. Colby might have some real war stories to tell and Sarah is just gorgeous!

  9. You’ve made some good points there. It’s a good idea! Please visit