COTE DE TEXAS: Best Prices For Furniture AND Milieu Magazine

Best Prices For Furniture AND Milieu Magazine

I wanted to take a minute of your time to introduce a Sponsor – Best Prices For Furniture.
 They have been a sponsor for a while – but after talking with them, I realized I had never explained to you what they actually do.  So, countrymen, lend me your ears & eyes for a moment! 

Today – decorating without a designer is common.  The internet, catalogues, stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, blogs, and magazines – have turned the design business completely around. No longer are homeowners forced to only shop at design centers with decorators. 
But, the problem with not hiring a designer remains getting discounts that only designers receive.
 And that’s where Best Prices For Furniture steps in.  While some people go to North Carolina to shop for those  discounts – it’s not exactly an easy way to buy furniture in this instant internet age.

 Best Prices For Furniture offers you an easy way to get quotes from different dealers – and then compare prices – all without leaving your chair.

 When you log onto Best Prices for Furniture’s web site – you choose which furniture store you want to peruse.  From there – you can request a price quote and a tear sheet.   If you have questions – their staff are there to help you with measurements, colors, fabrics or whatever question you might have.

Once you make your decision on what you are interested in buying – the individual dealer then passes on their discount to you and provides white-glove, in-home delivery.  No more needing to have furniture first shipped to a receiver, making you pay double delivery charges. 
And Best Prices for Furniture has partnered with wonderful companies.  So many are my favorites – and I suppose yours too.
 The discounts are steep – from 30 to over 60 percent.  And time is money – factor in the time saved by shopping at home – it’s a win win.

There are over 100 dealers that have partnered with Best Prices.  I picked out a few companies to show you the range of choices you get when you work with Best Prices.

Here are my favorites:
imageArtistica has a wide range of merchandise – but I really love their young look – the tufted sofa, the white and gold tables!

 Bassett Furniture:
 Bassett is an old company – known for price friendly furniture.  I was really excited to see how hip their web site was!
For instance -  I love this look of the high contrast of black and white – with the soothing pink.  Too cute!
 I adore the chevron upholstery in this dining room – and the black wicker host chairs.
 What a darling guest room – this is Bassett???  Seriously?
 Sophisticated in trendy gray – with even trendier green.

Bausman Furniture:
 Bausman hired famous designers to decorate interiors with their furniture. 

Decorative Crafts:image
 Decorative Crafts has wonderful handpainted, accent pieces – like screens.
  image And mirrors.

Four Hands:
 Four Hands – Straight off the pages of Elle Décor. 
Oly Studio:
 Oly Studio?!  Wow!  A personal favorite for years.  Love this sofa and coffee table.
 Oly Studio has set the trends for years now.

 These French beds with black leather – to die for!  Love those faux zebra benches too.   They would be so great in a family room – in front of the fireplace.

 Palecek is another favorite.  I love their accessories and chairs – which always add great texture.  The great Jeffrey Alan Marks designed a line for them, above.

Ralph Lauren:
Ralph Lauren – what can I say?   The best!

Visual Comfort:
 Visual Comfort is THE lighting source for all designers.  Here’s your chance to get merchandise at a discounted priced.

Thomas and Gray
Love this zebra bench!

 I would buy this today for a client – if I had one who needed it! 

To go to Best Prices for Furniture – go HERE.

 The new spring issue of Milieu Magazine is now out on the stands - gorgeous cover, as usual.  But this bedroom really is particularly beautiful.
 The cover story shown above – a house in Istanbul – is the highlight of this issue.  The house is fabulous!!!
 Another beautiful story – is this house in Australia.

 And my personal favorite is this house – in Austin, designed by Ann Dupuy.  It’s a beauty as one would only expect from Dupuy.

As always, Milieu continues to be a first class magazine.   Each issue has been a jewel.
To order – go HERE!


  1. Oh my God, that Ann Dupuy house - that's exactly my style!

  2. Joni what a great source for home furnishings, checking them out and Milieu this month looks like a treasure!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Hi - I tried finding the sofa in the Artistica ad but after visiting their website, it looks as if they don't make sofas. Just thought you should know. thanks

  4. Just beautiful. Does Ralph Lauren ever mess up? Oh my! Gorgeous company. I will escape.....

  5. Love Milieu!! The two Anns are no longer together, right? Love her work!!

  6. Thanks for the post Joni~ just wanted to share that about 8 years ago I wanted a French Country dining table for my family room and I had priced it all over Los Angeles finding it to be more than I wanted to spend. Then one day I found this website called, you guessed it, "Best Prices for Furniture". Now the name made me think twice but I got a price anyway. It turned out the table and chairs were way cheaper from them, and that was including a $450 shipping charge! At that time, they still did the shipping to a receiver, but even so, I still saved something like $1500! I was a little nervous spending so much from some on-line company because at that time there were no blogs and the internet design world is not what it is today, however, my table and chairs arrived safe and sound. I had laughed a little at their name, but they were very helpful and timely (table came a couple weeks EARLY, when does that ever happen?!) I highly recommend them!!


  7. Gorgeous photos, as usual Joni! I'll definitely be checking out "Best Prices for Furniture"!

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  9. Joni, So glad you are pointing your readers to Best Prices for Furniture. I have used them for all my furniture purchases over the past five years or so and have always been 100% pleased and have saved loads of money. Just today I received a call from one of the furniture stores they work with that the Hickory Chair pieces I ordered for our home office/study have arrived in their store and will be delivered next week -- hooray! I have purchased everything from replacement Lane Venture wicker outdoor furniture cushions to a Hickory Chair sofa, upholstered chairs, a console, a coffee table, a desk chair, and chest (new furniture for at least 3 different rooms in my home). I am getting ready to order a few additional pieces for my study and my first stop will be Best Prices for Furniture. Why wouldn't you want to save literally thousands on your furniture purchase? (Yes, literally thousands -- my Hickory Chair living room sofa was quoted at over $1,500 more from my local furniture shop vs. Best Prices for Furniture!). (Full disclosure, the website owner is my brother-in-law, but that hasn't stopped me from recommending the site to everyone I know who is in the market for quality furniture.)

  10. Wanted to add that using a designer does not preclude you from also taking advantage of Best Prices for Furniture's great pricing. The designer I work with knows that I am not going to overpay for my furniture, so she selects the new furniture pieces, provides me with the manufacturer, style number, and fabric (if applicable), and I type that info. into the website and get multiple quotes and purchase the pieces directly. I obviously still pay the designer for her design time, and use her for wall coverings, window treatments, accessories, floor covering, some lighting, etc.

  11. So frustrated! I cannot find an issue of Milieu in the whole The Woodlands area. Not a copy to be found. Found them before....not sure what has happened. Really wanted to get my hands on it!!

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  15. Joni,

    I wondered if you had previously ordered furniture from this company for yourself or any of your clients design projects? I am interested in purchasing from them but don't know much about the company so I am a little nervous about pulling the trigger on the purchase even though their prices are VERY competitive.

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