Over the years, many of us bloggers have developed working relationships with certain decor companies.  It’s only natural, as we are always writing about lamps and sofas, paints and wallpapers.    One of the companies that I’ve been connected with is Aidan Gray – the decor and furniture merchandiser.   For some reason, the owner, Randal Weeks, and I just clicked when he realized that I was obsessed with the product that he designs.   

We formed a professional friendship over our love of French decor.  Later, Aidan Gray became an advertiser on Cote de Texas and then,  I was beyond thrilled when Randal designed a new sconce and named it after me:

The Joni:

The two lights version HERE 

And the three lights “Joni” version, HERE 

It’s so great to be immortalized, especially when the product is so beautiful!!


For years Aidan Gray was known for its French styled furniture, lighting and accessories – many with chippy, hand painted, and white-washed finishes.   Lately, in a sign of the times and an appreciation of millenniums and their aesthetic, Aidan Gray has launched a more modern look.

But, while the new looks are popular, the painted finishes remain in great demand and they actually look great when the two aesthetics are mixed together.  

One of Aidan Gray’s most successful lines is their lighting division:  lamps, chandeliers, and sconces.

And this is where the new giveaway comes in.

We are calling the new giveaway: 


or better known as Hashtag #AGwithanedge 








Some of these 15 are actually PAIRS, as in PAIRS of lamps or PAIRS of sconces. 

The story behind the giveaway is a little long, so I am breaking it up into two parts.

Today, is the introduction:


HASHTAG #AGwithanedge

Over the years, I have hosted a few notable giveaways and one of the best and most popular ever was the “Aidan Gray Catalogue Giveaway.” 

When the time came for Randal Weeks to photograph the newest catalogue for Aidan Gray, he came up with an idea.  Usually, the catalogue was staged and photographed at the Week’s own beautiful house:


Randal and his wife had bought this house and then totally renovated it. Here, steel doors were added at both ends of the Entry Hall, and a large skylight was installed in the ceiling.   The house would be staged with the newest A/G merchandise and then it was professionally photographed for each A/G catalogue.

All the rooms, including the Living Room, were styled with Aidan Gray merchandise and then photographed.   This is my favorite room!!!  I love the way Randal styled this room!



Even the remodeled kitchen was photographed for the catalogues.  After the renovation, it now has two marble topped islands along with metal shelves. 


In the master bedroom, an Aidan Gray bench and chaise were used in this photograph, along with sconces and lamps.

And the pool house was also used as a setting for the catalogues.  Each year, Randal would fill it up with the latest pieces from the Aidan Gray line and then it would be photographed.

And so, when the time came to design the newest catalogue, Randal had a lightbulb go off in his head.  Why not do something completely different instead of using his own house for the newest catalogue?

And, so the Cote de Texas giveaway was born.

Randal and I got together and came up with the contest.  We would have Cote de Texas readers submit photographs of their own house in hopes of winning the contest.  The three winners would then have their house photographed by Aidan Gray for the new catalogue.

Needless to say, the giveaway was a huge hit and over 60 people sent in photographs of their house, hoping to be a winner.

I had the most fun – looking at all the photos!!!   I narrowed down the submissions and then let Randal and his wife be the final judges.  They picked three houses and he set up appointments to photograph their houses.

Here is the story of the winners of the Home Styling giveaway HERE.

Before the photos were taken, Randal drew up preliminary plans for each room:

For this winner who submitted the photo of her entry hall, Randal drew up a plan incorporating Aidan Gray merchandise.  And, below is the entry hall, styled and photographed by Randal Weeks for the new A/G catalogue:


I loved this photo!   Randal took a pretty entry hall and turned it into an even prettier room!!!  I loved the orange pillows, the orange trim, and the orange in the rug and flowers.



This family room was picked by Randal Weeks for the catalogue.  He initially planned to photograph it with French inspired A/G merchandise, but that all changed:

Here, the final photograph showed that Randal used A/G’s new modern line of chairs, along with the French bench.  A/G sconces and lamps were also used. 


This dining room was a blank slate.  The homeowner told Randal Weeks that she had always dreamed of having the room faux painted.  She was shocked when Randal showed up the next day with Leslie of Segreto Finishes who brought along her crew from Houston to paint the dining room! 

And, here is the finished dining room as photographed for the catalogue.  The walls were painted by Segreto and the room was filled with A/G furniture.  An A/G chandelier and sconces were used, along with furniture and accessories.  This was my favorite winner in the catalogue giveaway!  I loved this room!!


Another view of the dining room with this vignette accessorized with A/G urns and sconces and furniture.

In the same house, Randal Weeks also photographed their kitchen for the catalogue, adding A/G bar stools, chandelier and accessories.

And, in the same house, this BEFORE photograph shows the lucky winner’s family room before it was also painted by Segreto Finishes!

I love the final look with the A/G benches, chairs, table, and accessories. 

And here’s a close up of the bookshelves – and the paint treatment done by Segreto.  She was such a lucky homeowner!!

There were many more rooms in different houses that were photographed for that catalogue giveaway.  It remains one of my most favorite contests ever.

After the contest was over, I wrote another story showing all the final rooms that were photographed.  And then, for the next few months – I shared photographs from some of the houses that were runners-up.

All in all it was a really fun giveaway that the readers enjoyed almost as much as me!!

Which brings me to today and our new giveaway “Aidan Gray With An Edge”

I was so excited to hear from Randal Weeks a few weeks ago with a new idea for another giveaway contest.

It all starts with this house:

A while ago, the Weeks purchased this beautiful, but run-down, Tudor house in High Point, North Carolina.  The plans were to totally renovate it and then fill it with Aidan Gray furniture, thereby creating a nice home-away-from-home for all the times that the Weeks and their friends spend at the High Point market. 

And here is the newly restored facade of the Tudor house today, with a beautiful blanket of snow and new gray paint.

The house is completed now and filled with Aidan Gray furniture.   Of course, Randal had it photographed to show all the amazing changes in the house and how all the Aidan Gray pieces made it look  that much better.

In the next few days – I will show you these before and after photographs of the house.  

And then we will ask you, the reader, to submit a photograph of a room or vignette in your own house – and explain how you would use an Aidan Gray light fixture to upgrade that vignette.

Hopefully, you will get inspiration from Randal’s new High Point house OR you might have your own ideas!!

After you put together your inspiration photo – you will put it on Instagram with the Hashtag


The contest will be fun because all the entries will be on Instagram and everyone will be able to see them all!!

Here is my own entry in the contest showing my entry hall with an Aidan Gray chandelier that would make the area look much better.  I used the Pic-Stitch app to make this photograph. 

We will have instructions on how to create your own inspiration photo on the next story.

So…stay tuned for Part II of the new Aidan Gray Giveaway story.


HASHTAG #AGwithanedge


  1. I loved seeing the transformation of the homes styled with AG products. Your first picture with the dark blue room inspired me to paint a room dark and install a french door but alas I got transferred with my job and never did it. Ditto for dark kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately I am in a rental home (for the first time since 1991) but I can dream of how I would make it my own and fill it with sumptuous AG fixtures and furniture. Thank you Joni and AG for this fantastic giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend. Sarah

  2. What amazing photos! I love, love the renovations. Just a simple change of paint or the style of chair can open up a room. I think, think, that the entry picture with the orange is my favorite. But a close second is the photo with the bookcase with the gothic arches. They installed or painted/used mercury glass. It's gorgeous. My townhouse is and Eichler mid-century modern styled home. But I'll have to come up with some type of entry. This sounds like a great giveaway! Thanks, Joni for another great post!

  3. I cannot wait for it to start... you made my Friday! Love ❤️ your blog

  4. Let the contest begin! Hopefully I can get my inspiration going before the next post!

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  6. Oh my. I'm pretty intimidated by this because of many things in my home that are dated, but I think I will join in the fun!

    1. DO NOT be intimidated! The entire reason for the giveaway is to make your home more beautiful with the help of Aidan Gray products!!!!! That is the issue. Randal and Sally will be judging those who they think will be most helped, or are the most creative with their use of a new A/G fixture. This should be FUN!!!! No worries about our houses.

  7. I'm buying a house in Scottsdale that really needs updating
    Can I send photos of it to enter?
    Kris in Seattle and Scottsdale

  8. Joni, you are such a huge inspiration! I too adore Aidan Gray products and sell them in my wee little shop The Velvet Pug Antiques & Interiors in East Tennessee. Thank you for showcasing this wonderful company, and for continuing to produce what I believe is THE most comprehensive and educational design blog out there! Susan in beautiful, historic Norris, TN

  9. Now I know why I have Pinned photos of that gorgeous living room so many times... This is such a fun idea for a giveway. Thanks as always for the great inspiration.

  10. Get me the smelling salts because I'm swooning!!! First off, the Tudor House transformation. Take a bow A.G.! What a stunner. Now, I need to decide upon a room to focus on. They all could benefit. What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you.

  11. Someone please wake me when this "gray phase" is over. I'm sick of so much gray!

    1. Sherry 8:33
      I know, right, huh? I like gray but now it's getting so boring. You can really tell that people are just a bunch of sheep with no imagination of their own, and perhaps even a fear of sorts, to go outside of the current declared fashionable color of décor. Sheeple Peeple with no thought process of their own who must have the same thing all the other Sheeple have...ha!

    2. I have never loved grey; except in certain places. I do love the way that Tudor house looks!!! It is a huge improvement!!!

  12. Waiting on baited breath for your next post!! Come on Joni!!!

  13. My favorite is how the outside of the house went from 1970's to now! Totally love the transformation.

    1. HUGE improvement! That house with that gross orangish-brown trim white stucco, and reddish brown brick ; is now cohesive and lovely. You can see the lovely brickwork patterns. But 70's? Looks more like 30's to me! It doesn't matter; it is a gorgeous makeover that I hope will inspire people! I especially love the way the steel and the center leaded windows now show up! Really really good!!!
      Very educational!

  14. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful giveaway! I dreamed of one day entering my home all those years ago, but alas it was brown brown brown. Now, I can think of several rooms I would love to have an Aidan Gray chandelier!!!

  15. Will Instagram be the only way to participate in this giveaway?