COTE DE TEXAS: A New Fabric Line!!!

A New Fabric Line!!!


When Schuyler Samperton first burst on the interior design scene – she was known for her inventive use of textiles and textures – she mixed different fabrics, new and vintage, in a way that when blended together with textures, she created a look that was entirely her own.


Over the years, as her popularity grew, Samperton has remained true to her aesthetic.   Her interiors are warm and inviting, casual, and totally unique.    Recently, when Samperton announced she was designing her own line of fabrics, it came as no surprise – it’s a natural fit and progression for someone as talented as Schuyler is.  


The “Schuyler Samperton Textiles” fabrics are hand screened in Switzerland on beautiful linen that comes from Ireland.   Samperton says the line was inspired by her own personal collection of textiles that she has amassed over a lifetime – things such as antique Japanese kimonos, remnants of English chintz, vintage Suzanis – and more, all which served as a visual influence when she started to think about designing her own line.


More inspiration came from her family.  Her fashionable mother was known for her Indian-style headscarves and this became the starting-off point of the collection – as an homage to her mother.   Not to be left out – her father always wore a pocket square, another look which Schuyler incorporated when designing her fabrics. 


Before sitting down to draw the patterns, Samperton delved into the history of Indian textiles - and all those disparate images consolidated into what ultimately became “Schuyler Samperton Textiles.” 

She strove to create fabrics that are saturated with color, yet still easily blend together.  The colors are a bit more modern for today, but are steeped in historical design – such as a vivid blue and white in a nod to Delft.  There is an olive green, and a pink and purple inspired by the Ottomans.  The fabrics all work together, and will add an exotic and handcrafted quality to any interior.   The collection has that unique joie de vie that Samperton is known for.


Here is a vignette using Schuyler Samperton Textiles – showing how they all easily mix together.  The fabric on the chairs, Caledonia, is my favorite in the line – it comes in five different colorways.



Caledonia in blue and white – gorgeous!!!


Here is Caledonia in warm blues and pinks, in the Peony colorway.


Caledonia’s colorways, five choices.


This vignette shows different patterns in the blue and white colorway. 


Here is Celandine in Azure – I love this fabric!!!


Here it is -  Celandine – used on the headboard.   I love Celandine mixed with the mint walls.  On the bed is another fabric called Overlea in Marine.



And in another colorway, Celandine in Sangria.  Love!



Cordoba on the chair with Nellcote on the wall.  Nellcote is a great fabric for large expanses, such as sofas or duvets.


Nellcote on the wall.  Caledonia in Imperial on the chair.  The pillow is made up in Pendleton Stripe in Black Currant.



Doshi in Aubergine, a beautiful soft lilac color. 


Here is Doshi in the muted Fern green.


Here are several different fabrics in the purple colorway – mixed together.  There is Doshi, Pendleton, and the paisley Cordoba.


Here, Schuyler shows the fabulous designer Carolina Irving her new fabric line. 

OK.   Their tops are just too cute!!



And here designer Richard Keith Langham looks at my very favorite fabric in the line – the blue and green Caledonia in Grasshopper.  It is just gorgeous!!  Love how his outfit matches Grasshopper perfectly!!!

  I am so ready to design a room around this fabric!!!


The “Schuyler Samperton Textiles” collection is now available at Hollywood at Home HERE.

In Austin, the fabrics will soon be available at JAMES, and at their new location in the Dallas Showroom.

For more information, see Schuyler Samperton Textiles HERE.

A huge thank you to Schuyler for sharing her beautiful fabrics with us!  Congratulations and best wishes to a fabulous future!!!







1.  I am obsessed with beautiful linens – monogrammed.  They are especially beautiful in blue and white!!  HERE. 


2.  Today, I am obsessed with this wallpaper.  In blue and pink, red, taupe, and more.  The cutest!!!  HERE.

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  1. Gorgeous textiles! If anybody makes pillows out of these I'll be first in line!

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  3. Love that Caledonia in Grasshopper too!! I would love to see you do a room in that-- please share with us if you do. Love these textiles they are so vibrant and gorgeous.

  4. These fabrics are stunning! Thank you for sharing them. Now I'm craving...

  5. Oh, this SO SPEAKS MY language!!! Just gorgeous combinations...I'd frame any one of them and pillows, OMG!!! franki

  6. A bit too boho for me but I can see others like it so the line should do well.

  7. I am so excited about this line is right up my alley! I need to try that candle so many have recommended it!!

  8. Wow, it looks gorgeous. She did a really great job!!

  9. Your fabric research reminded my of my resent search of hotels in NYC near Central Park other than our usual ones..The Ritz Carleton, Plaza, or Four Seasons and thought of you when I saw the Whitby. I knew immediately it was a British chain. What do you think of the decor?

    1. The Kemps are so original. I love their hotels, but I don't think they are sophisticated. Just nice and fun and new. And totally new and inventive and creative, incredibly so.

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  11. Indienne style has been utilized by the English ever since they traded tea with India. These are very traditional and vibrant, however I would like to see more of a variation in scale in the patterns. My favorite is the one with the indigo and burgundy roses.

  12. Time for her to do a book! Gorgeous photos!

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